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Is This Real Life lyrics

Browse for Is This Real Life song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Is This Real Life lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Is This Real Life.

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Saosin - Is this real? lyrics

if we..sink or swim! Is it real, the choices that we make (is ... it real) The smiles that we fake (is ... it real) I know it hurts but is it real The choices that we

Hall Lisa - Is this real lyrics

this feeling walked out of shape ... And I know, yes I know, but is this real? And I know, yes I ... know, but is this real? Feeling inconstant could ... to blood to bone to love Twisted. And I know, yes I know

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Real life lyrics

wish that life was like it is in the movies 'Cause the ... hero always gets his way No matter how hard it ... the end he's got a smile on his face But when they threw me

Ja Rule - Real life fantasy lyrics

life Real life fantasy Fantasy Real life Real life fantasy I'm a ... bad habbits Get high go to prison and evade taxes This is ... not what I envisioned when I started rapping

Plumb - Real life fairytale lyrics

out, I felt dead And I realized you make me live And ... a love people dream about A real life fairytale I thought ... my eye and I was home And I realized that this was love I see

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Is this love? lyrics

know (yeah) [Chorus] Is this love Cause I gotta know, is this real Girl I gotta know, is ... give them up My playing days is over I gotta hang it up I

Lincoln Brewster - Real life lyrics

home somehow And it was real life And it was real good ... understood And there was real pain There were real tears ... all those years It was real life Oh it was real life I

Trip Lee - Real life music lyrics

Eh, they say hind sight is 20/20, well they right it's ... on the coat tail of Christ who designed me Keep me off ... a group of brothers like the Isleys We came to spit it for

Simple Minds - Real life lyrics

in to JFK in the land of his dreams Street life's the ... only life they take a walk in the park ... a ring on her hand He said listen babe we gotta take what's

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Real life lyrics

'em this boy was made for loving Tell ... 'em this heart doesn't stay to one I ... to push them away That's real life, oh oh oh Real life, ... ooh Mama talking that real life, oh oh oh That real life, real life, real life, real life

Girls Aloud - Real life lyrics

baby this is real life You wanna get your mind on ... get out the station Cos baby this is real life You wanna get ... a tourniquet I'll take my life back please I liked it

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Real life lyrics

up this morning, blues around my head ... No need to be afraid It's real life It's real Went up ... Why must we be alone It's real life It's real Woke up this morning blues around my head

Living Colour - This is the life lyrics

another life You might have been a genius ... In another life You might have been a star ... In another life Your face might have been ... perfect In another life You'd drive a better car

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Real life lyrics

thousand square miles, on this planet Fresh outta New York ... in DC Blaze had a shorty in his lab gettin' weed for free ... war Numerous cats, niggas is uterus Who this, claimin'

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Real life lyrics

says that the world is a broken mess It's always on ... me in my eye Can we live in real life, real life? Oh hey ... me in my eye? Can we live in real life, real life? Prays on

Barbie - Real life lyrics

a bird in a cage I want a real life I just wanna feel like ... And If I can only make one wish I just wanna live a real life A real life Inside your

B. J. Thomas - Real life blues lyrics

to somewhere Wherever that is And this oughta teach 'em to ... It was a genuine case of the real life blues Some disappointed ... Lilly The homecoming queen This oughta teach them to mess

Evermore - Real life lyrics

to the real life Welcome to the real life ... I've come to realise it's no game No one is the ... There's so much more to life Than meets the eye At

Highland Glory - Real life lyrics

can´t go far The force in me is not that strong Can´t ... believe this is real life See there´s a power in me ... You can´t set it free There is no chance for my real life

Skye Sweetnam - Real life lyrics

a bird in a cage I want a real life I just wanna feel life ... and If i can only make one wish I just wanna live a real life Real life Inside your

Dominici - The real life lyrics

black it gives way The next is the real life, anyway This ... world is but a stop on the journey ... way I can only pray The next is the real life, anyway

Louden Swain - Real life lyrics

cares Everybody listens when they're scared ... Makin' their lists Makin' a fist without you ... straight It's a date It's a real life These are big shoes

Wet Wet Wet lyricsWet Wet Wet - Real life lyrics

She makes me feel like I'm in real life She makes me feel that ... there is nothing wrong She makes me ... want to be in real life In my mind, reality’s out

Elbow lyricsElbow - Real life (angel) lyrics

The peace that you'll feel's Real life Go straight to the ... Get hold of the night that rises in your blood Focus on ... The peace that you'll feel's Real life Angel Angel Angel

Mutya Buena - This is not real love (feat. george michael) lyrics

Don't kiss me, darling I want you to ... heart, Yes I know your heart is always on the run George: ... Baby you know that my flesh is weak You know I simply

Jennylee - Real life lyrics

What to used to be so easy Is now easier, is now easier Is ... What to used to be so easy Is not easier, it's not easier ... You tumble, dry and half fast life You make me cry You make me

Left For Wolves - Real life lyrics

not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found...

Cat Power - Real life lyrics

a preacher, he want to be sinister I met a kid, he want to ... nothing's wrong [Hook:] Real life is ordinary Sometimes ... get away with an unordinary life I met a teacher, he want

Joydrop - This is not real lyrics

faces line up To star in this over rated dream Or so it ... seems This is not real, will not last, does not feel ... Like the touch of a glorious life This is the worst kind of

Motion City Soundtrack - This is for real lyrics

one thing you should know This is for real, this time I mean ... one thing you should know This is for real, this time I mean ... you keep it Don't let go This is the best thing that I've

Real Life - Real life - send me an angel (1983) lyrics

My defenses are down A kiss or a frown I can't survive ... now Empty dreams can only disappoint In a room behind your

Rootkit - Real love (feat. danyka nedeau) lyrics

times seems so absurd But is this real love, baby? Real love ... real love Is this real love, real love? I know ... I can show you what you're missing, babe I know you're

Ryan Leslie - Is it real love? lyrics

where have you been? (all my life?) Baby I've missed you in ... t hide) All I can do know is hope it lasts Yeah cuz ... Tell me something? Is it real love? You might be

Confide - Real life lyrics

I'm so alive. Then why is a lifeless snake around my neck. ... my scheme. But I won't let this bring me down. They want to ... my scheme. But I won't let this bring me down. They want to

Eternal 2 - This love is for real lyrics

one I need tonight And I wish upon a star (Don't you know ... I'm not like all the rest I really care for you baby And a ... Hold tight (hold tight) This love is for real Tonight

All Caps - Real or not real lyrics

this real or is this not real I cant tell how I'm ... But I can't handle all of this When I'm with you I ... kill you Peeta stop they've really messed you up I have this

Rick Astley - Is this really love lyrics

cry Nobody knows when she is telling lies I just want to ... Tell me if your love for me is real Is this really love Is this the real thing Is this really love Can it be the right

Lil' B - Life or death lyrics

Intro] Yeah we got to this part of the... you feel me This project, this mixtape man, ... Based Jam This real life... ticket, you got one chance ... you need? I never been selfish People prey on the weak

Puff Daddy - Is this the end (part two) lyrics

feat. Twista) [Cheri] This is a story about two riders One ... s from Chicago And the other is from New York [Twista] Now ... Thought it was the end Wish every motherf***er's in like

John Hiatt - This secret life lyrics

To multiply and divide This hideous thing, this human ... kind With something else on his mind I was going to bed ... ] When I awoke I was living this secret life Complete with a

Nia Peeples - Is this really love? lyrics

running thru' my head Is it real Is this the way it feels ... you can pull us through This all depends on you Chorus ... Is this really love Is this the way that I'm supposed to

Rbd - This is love lyrics

How simple it can be For this love For this sweetest love ... know Who you love Who you really love Is it this real or is it a game? It's only love

B Friends - Life is this fairytale lyrics

A satin bow electric blue Isn’t it something just like a ... neon heels That’s how good this feels Change the colors, ... change the lines Life’s whatever you design Choose

Diana Ross - Is this what feeling gets? (dorothy's theme) lyrics

Feeling? Swear to God this is more than I can deal with ... I can't stand not knowing Is this what feeling gets A ... he looked inside of me? If this is just a dream How come I

Joan Armatrading - This charming life lyrics

When you're gone all I do is to think of you I live ... and love with you This charming life I live and ... love with you This charming life You know you came into

Coolio - Is this me? lyrics

high off that head The hos is looking good so we try to ... you who these 16 bosses be This really ain't me no more ... t let me go I can't escape this life That they got me

Shane Dawson - This chrismas life lyrics

life was like a Christmas movie, I wouldn't have a ... Making angels in the snow Kissing under mistletoe And ... have a smile But baby, life isn't that easy Sometimes it

Coldworld - This empty life lyrics

one ever survived, in this empty life This pleasure is ... with a star You have not realy lived, your life has no goal ... nothing, Makes you cry... this empty life Suffering, to

Frank Morey - This ol life seems to be taking forever lyrics

ol' life seems to be taking forever ... ll be waitin' For all my life, I've been followed by Satan ... He's a mean old goat, but he is overrated Don't believe

Colony House - This beautiful life lyrics

are we doing here? What is the meaning of it all? To ... fall in love, to make a life that's calm and stable Or ... world am I looking for? What is the peace that I can find? This longing for, I can't ignore

Suede lyricsSuede - This hollywood life lyrics

a chance of a dance in a surreal world She said, "come ... rescue, rescue me from this Hollywood life come rescue, ... rescue me from this Hollywood life" She

Joanna Pacitti - This crazy life lyrics

sister a few months old Died in ... illusion Defensive all your life Wish I could make it all a ... I know that you can take it Wish I could explain it It's

59 Times The Pain - Is this it? lyrics

worth giving a try Living a life with such intensity always ... things only tend to bore me This can't be f***in' it Life ... time for rest keep it up A vision of things about to achieve

Celtibeerian - This simple life lyrics

About our love for this way of live, a simple life ... the morning breeze All I see is that green meadow Work all ... 'til the sun goes down In this land where I learnt this

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Life's lessons lyrics

.. I listen, and still I haven't heard ... Tell me what is the word And if I ever heard ... losin time and space Life's lessons So you think you ... of what we've become Will we realize we all share one fate Or is this another life's lesson...

Mest - Is this the end? (at the age of 17) lyrics

apart or has it already and is my life falling apart because ... I'm not ready to live in this world all alone I'm not a ... man just a boy going through life the best the best that I can

Astrovamps - This is the macabre life lyrics

make up with enough for two This is the macabre life (3x) ... the after death line A dark life lived well has nothing to do

Puff Daddy - Is this the end lyrics

feat. Ginuwine, Twista) [Intro/Chorus: Ginuwine] ... happen when I was much older Wish it would've happened then (Is this the end?) [Verse One: ... maintin, because the future is untold till the static

The Downtown Fiction - Is this the end lyrics

night And when everything is wrong I just listen to your ... To change another day of your life Is this the end Is this ... out Before it even begins? Is this the end Or has our time

Creed - Is this the end? lyrics

for all time The world is at war leaving all fault ... behind So Is this the end for us my friend? So ... Is this the end for us my friend? ... to remind us of man and his fight When two worlds

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