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Is The Same God lyrics

Browse for Is The Same God song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Is The Same God lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Is The Same God.

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Agathocles - The aim is the same lyrics

divisions between movements who ... are fighting for the same change divide and conquer, is the game the way the capitalists are playing the game we ... should stick, stick together 'cause the aim is the same

Paul Baloche - The same love lyrics

choose the humble and raise them high You choose the weak ... and make them strong You heal our ... And give us life Ref: The same love that set the ... captives free The same love that opened eyes to see

Jon Bellion - He is the same lyrics

living in his dad's house, 24 years old He ... stay home No, he never took the fast route Now the plaque’s ... on deck But they still make him take the ... trash out Keep his ass in check Same kids

One Ok Rock - The same as... lyrics

hibi just the same old thing nani ga kakete ... tarinai ka kidzukanai furishite temo i can’t run away ... tsuyogari ni shika narazu the shape of love is the same as

Real Friends - Maybe this place is the same... lyrics

this place is the same and we're just changing. ... Maybe this place is the same and we're just changing

Grand Funk Railroad - Nothing is the same lyrics

I never had no idea. Listen to me if you want to know ... was looking for, I never had the time. And now that time has ... feeling 'bout eighteen, it's then when I began to see. No

Planet Funk - Nothing is the same lyrics

i never had no idea. Listen to me if you want to know ... was looking for, i never had the time. And now that time has ... feeling 'bout eighteen, it's then when i began to see. No

Illogicist - The same old collision lyrics

me You try to find a non-existent proof To condemn and ... prosecute the way I face the dark without being overcome ... from my own life This is the same old collision Between

Innerpartysystem - Everyone is the same lyrics

were Nobody sees you when the lights are off Nobody sees ... you when the mirror talks, they have everything They have ... I'm sinking more in this familiar hole A little

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

you know best Pull close the ones that leave you alone ... to hear Compliments yea the messages is coming clear ... love a funny thing? I knew there was something wrong I was

Jen Foster - This is me lyrics

and I have come this far Guess it's time I tell ... wanted to bring shame on this family Cause you asked me ... not to But if this God to whom you pray Is the same

Element Eighty - The same lyrics

am the second one, the reproduction I am born form ... you We are the same, one blood through the veins ... attached to you Identity is lost in me I cannot see Its

Vinnie Paz lyricsVinnie Paz - God bless lyrics

Pazzie Y'all motherf***ers beat me in a dream ... can't out-maneuver me I'm in the peak position I'm the ... everything you perceive as wisdom I build with O.G. God

Exodus - The atrocity exhibition lyrics

glorious frailty of the human mind Leads us to ... deceive the mother of mankind Nature is our ... teaches us that only death is guaranteed If there was a

Impaled Nazarene - The maggot crusher lyrics

woe to the lamb of god These are your last days Feel the burning hatred, feel the pain ... Your destruction is imminent Resistance is ... futile, you die I am the Maggot Crusher You shall

Dark Moor - The city of peace lyrics

resounds the river with bright foams of ... silver and the wind's an aromatic stroke ... s living in peace, and God's giving his blessed grace ... to the peaceful folks In the Middle Ages in its last

Sarah Brightman - The same thing to you lyrics

you I'm a sinner. Not in the worst way. I'll do the same ... song on my guitar. Show you the words so you can follow me so ... far. Wanna go further? I'll go the same way with

Jamie Cullum - The same things lyrics

you say sounds like a lie The fog that greets the man As ... old as time began Is no more clearer now I think ... even less somehow The bottle green of the water on the streets It's climbing higher

Estelle - The same lyrics

bullshit They look good together They fit ... well wherever They're so real it's un-found They're a kind of couple We gave ... double Trying to match what they found Well if they're

Ferry Bryan - The same old blues lyrics

made Way across town It's the same old story Tell me where ... does it end? Yes, I heard the news It's the same old blues ... I took a lot of time And let the telephone ring It's the same

Gary Moore - The same way lyrics

s my honey bee She feels the same way about me She feels the same way about me She feels the same way Wake up in the ... till I'm dead She feels the same way about me She feels the same way about me She feels the same way Don't want no other woman I could nev

Fleshless - The pain is a domain lyrics

taking your body beyond the border of suffering out from ... reality going with you thru the life till death Inhuman ... mind brain must explode The Pain is Domain Suffering,

The Flobots - Same thing lyrics

Shoot shootin Water guns at the audience while you’re scootin ... Your gluteus max due to the fact that I'm tootin' On the ... you that I'm rootin' For the other team in the culture

September - Same old song lyrics

na-na-na All I wanna hear is the same old song I say, ... nothin' to hide Get rid of the pride And this is my dream ... what I like I want it all of the time (Yea, all I wanna

Alan Parsons Project - The same old sun lyrics

me what to do Now the light in my life is gone from ... me Is it always the same Is the night never ending Tell me ... what to do All the hopes and the dreams went wrong for me There's a smile on my face But i

Architecture In Hesinki - The same old innocence lyrics

can catch me on the street, shaking out my legs ... Our new neighbours with the same old innocence Walking, ... I'm your stone Cease the aching in your bones And

Chris De Burgh - The same sun lyrics

I have you on my mind, Even the wind is calling your name, ... I feel that you are near, Whispering words from over the sea ... I will be here; And like the same sun that's rising on the

Etta James - The same rope lyrics

her company i believe that the...(same rope) that pulls ... you (up up) I said the (same rope) that pulls you (up up ... I believe the same rope that pull you up sure

Flame - The 6th day (feat. chris lee) lyrics

Chorus: Chris Lee] We were made to know ... meant to behold You And praise Your holy name In your ... us, represent our creator On the sixth day We were made to

Art Garfunkel - The same old tears on a new background lyrics

s The Same Old Tears On A New Background ... It hurts too much to laugh these days. I'm all right, yes, ... m all right, all right. It's the same old song with a new

Haggard - The observer lyrics

obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with ... has intended us to forgo their use" So all the stars Will guide us on our

Hordak - The last european wolves lyrics

the light baths the light for the last time And the sunset ... turns everything red The dust of the dusk draws a ... shape Running down the hills again Allied of the

Klaxons - The same space lyrics

To prevent my eyes from surprise When we wish for the same ... things many see signs Some others find When we're together ... Collective arrival We share the same space We feel the same

Chantal Kreviazuk - God made me lyrics

what I say to be true This is the way God made me No ... m jealous, no invitations to the ball This is the way God ... made me This is the way God made me No self-esteem,

Nonpoint - The same lyrics

havent changed Youre still the same The words that you ... never approve of The way that you call out my name ... The lies that you tell to protect ... me The same Playing in your little games

Opeth - The moor lyrics

alike since I was here Bathed in deep fog, blurring my ... trail Snuffing the first morning rays Weary ... I prosper or fall, Drain the past The lapse of the

Roy Orbison - The same street lyrics

still live on the same street, that we lived on. The same old street, where ... little more. It won't be the same street anymore, since ... you've gone. It won't be the same street anymore.

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - The same old you lyrics

fast food But out on the street you were nobody's fool ... Baby, way down deep it's the same old you Way down deep ... you ain't hiding the truth Just for a minute you

Rumer - The same old tears on a new background lyrics

s the same old tears on a new background ... It hurts too much to laugh these days. But I'm alright, yes ... m alright, I'm alright. It's the same old song with a new

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The same person lyrics

just can't see We're in this collectively You think that ... freedom is A drastic severance From ... for new bargains We're not the same person We're not the same person (Don't even wanna know

Birdy - The same lyrics

like I care But no asset is worth all the time Spent listening and laughing To dramas ... Can’t find any depth to these minds Purity lost in ... And you think I should be the same? Don’t assume I will

Celkilt - The same old frown lyrics

mad Always wearing down the same old frown the same old frown ... again All theses times I needed your ... help You said it was the wrong time You said « Not this time » You always shut me

Diana Ross - The same love that made me laugh lyrics

love is like a chunk of gold Hard to ... and it hurts so much Well then why must the same love That ... I don't want to live Well then why must the same love That

Lucie Silvas - The same side lyrics

day to be feeling like this Don't you think about ... anything that might make you miss That ray of light, ... a blue sky, get you out of the dark Cause you've been going

Michael W. Smith - The same power lyrics

is power in His name For the stone has rolled away ... bow down before Jesus Christ, our risen Lord Jesus Christ, our risen Lord Mighty ... high King forever, Jesus Christ Crowned in glory, raised to

Alltheniko - The arenas god lyrics

holding the gladiator's flame Turning ... I'm going too higher Led by the hate Straight to the edge ... in line Blazing for glory, the sound of the fight The

B. B. King - The same love that made me laugh lyrics

love is like a a chunk of gold Hard ... much Well and why... Must the same love that made me laugh ... live Well and why... Must the same love that made me laugh.

Capsize - The same pain lyrics

noon trying to forget about the time lost on you you were ... took so as long as it’s the same pain tear me to pieces ... it to be if you’d died, then I would die too always

Enigma - The same parents lyrics

all had the same parents Many million years ... hunger, with no war? At the beginning we all had One mother and one father That's where ... experience) We all had the same parents Many million years

Murphy Lee - Same ol' dirty lyrics

7 to 8, a little nigga with his head straight Never got to ... to bed late Grew up with the older dudes, do what your brother do It's just so he happen ... rapper slash educator Kept these boys dedicated mama like we

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The reflecting god lyrics

world is an ashtray We burn and coil ... like cigarettes The more you cry your ashes turn ... to mud It's the nature of the leeches, The virgin's ... of your life My world is unaffected, there is an exit

Ruslana - The same star lyrics

make a sound We can climb this mountainside We can cross the sea 'Cos all I am is you ... And ail you are is me Wherever you are I ... am with you 'Cos we wish on the same star 'Cos I can feel

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The same thrill lyrics

And it will be alright listen!" When I came out ... of school They said: "Which way you ... wanna go?" But there was no way strong enough

Zendaya Coleman - The same heart (feat. bella thorne) lyrics

see the spotlight in my dreams, I ... all leards of a different feather, where they were together ... you and I am I I wanna rule the world, you wanna wake it up,

Bethany Dillon - Holy is the lord lyrics

and lift up our hands For the joy of the Lord is our ... now How great, how awesome is He And together we sing ... Holy is the Lord, God almighty The earth is filled

Boyfriend - The same sky lyrics

mui te ire ba ii Any worry is nothing, Let‘s take a good ... time kitto Any worry is nothing, Let‘s take a good ... we‘re all right, ‘Cos wind is big chance Set me free!

Broadway - The same thing we do everyday pinky lyrics

We're facing the same day over and over You're ... your fears? What happened to the world that moved so fast? The people in it had to abandon their pasts just to keep up with

Phil Collins - The same moon lyrics

comes and I look across the room, I see you're gone. As ... your hand I can see, see I'm the only one. Well, your clothes ... and your bags are packed but the bed's still warm where you

Freygolo - The same song lyrics

again I put this record on There's nothing better for me ... That to listen to these stupid songs The years 've ... s really changed It's always the same song in my head It's the same song in my ears Music is here for so many years Why

Prince - The same december lyrics

was this ball with a line straight ... down the middle One side was black ... and the other one white And they both understood so little ... That they spent their whole lives tryin' 2 tell

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