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Lich King - Intro + act of war lyrics

... + Faceless, dissenters in an ambulating swarm Boiling from the cloud of us andthem Hateful, assassins hurling thunder in the storm Driven by the differences in men Men War is on, but never final The casualties survive Lines are drawn, int

Elton John lyricsElton John - Act of war lyrics

ain't no battle honey, this ain't no fight How come you take it so hard when I stay out all night If I take a drink, is that against the law And if I have a good time, do you call that an act of war Well you better believe it boy, this house is your home I didn't build it up for

Fear Factory - Act of god lyrics

my eyes stagnation surrounds Blood that life beaten and bound An act of mercy, a scene pain There is no difference It's all in your name This act of god Lights of fate brighten my eyes Fires of hate scourge through the sky Lost in your darkness, burned by your flame F

Pro-pain - Act of god lyrics

believe that we've deceived our sons - they feel betrayed how can we repent to save ourselves and face the day rise up above the ash do you see the wrath? can you feel the reign? lie on a bed of nails. paying for your sins. can you take

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Intro + prophet of idiocy lyrics

the lable wants us to do another record, here we go Come on man, we're gonna start another record like this, dude? All right, all right, let's go! + The preacher speaks his idiocy in the name of prophecy submit to me to be allowed into the ministry he

Panima - Act of change lyrics

begin to understand so it's time to push for forth and fight like we have before And with that said we'll raise our hands we'll do all that we came for lets try to reach out for this This calls for a act of change something to stand for Like the emptiness of w

Shadows Fall - Act of contrition lyrics

the cold hands upon me Recollection of my betrayal My betrayal! It is not the pain inside yourself That tears the deepest wounds I drift along suspended in shadows Cold memories escape the haze With sobriety comes recollection It is not the pain inside yourself Th

Prince - Act of god lyrics

fat banker sold a house today Sold in auction wants the family out the way Kick them on the street, cause he couldn't pay the tax Call it an act of God I Get a million dollars people hear me sang Gotta give the banker half of everythang Didn’t the f

Obsession - Act of god lyrics

with blinding desire Your darkest secrets are mine I'm, adding fuel to the fire Your own death warrant you've signed Eating your soul away A victim within Living another day Crying out in Pain An Act, Of God, Your Fate Is sealed, you can't erase An A

Dark Angel - Act of contrition lyrics

are easily spent, twisted and forever bent. When fixations are not returned the lines are so quickly obscured. When I am haunted by your vision, I will cause you pain. At me you spit your derision, you are my obsession. You are repelled by my ex

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Act of faith (with michael mcdonald) lyrics

as we know there will be dawn That we'll see the morning sun We should trust that thru the night Our love will still shine on Sometimes we get too comfortable With things the way they are What we both would ask of love Might seem a bit too far So far away - fr

Poltergeist - Act of violence lyrics

the streets, there's your life The only place you rule Here you're a king No one else can be You know the rules of this game And you know it is all true The strong survives And the weak will die There's no one else harder than you There's none as

Amaranthe - Act of desperation lyrics

bitter revelation Is a product of ambition No matter what you say I'm a stranger to submission But what I see before me Is a element of passion In my recognition Is the fallout of compassion Taken life for granted Never struggle just to find Illusions bei

Dispatched - Act of resurrection lyrics

are laying in your grave And can't respire And you know you're gonna die In a place of fire Soon your soul is gone And I can tell That soon you're dead You're gonna die in hell Use your act of resurrection If you really wanna survive Use your act of resurrec

Eternal Oath - Act of fate lyrics

harsh end descanted by hollow tears Cornered within this insumountable moment It seems that I have deserved this lack of desire Dereliction towards the inner cluster of depravity Though i tried to prevent this slender Persection to the bitter e

Hypnosia - Act of lunacy lyrics

and brutality i see through the eyes of insanity Dual instincts of perversity which i cannot escape from Twisted and deformed nightmares materialized in flesh Abnormal revel in pain labyrinth of mind Suffering in agony this night it happened again Dist

Aborted - Act of supremacy lyrics

the knife penetrate your body My urge to kill rises My bloodlust desecrates your cadaver Feed my hunger Cranial tissue exposed to the bone Adrenaline pumping Bloodshed... Erotic - Masturbating as I dissect vital organs Necroerotic – my endless bloodfetishis

Besatt - Intro triumph of antichrist lyrics

prenpotens Lucifer, juvante Satan, Belzebub, Leviathan, Elimi,atque Astaroth, allisque, hodie habemus acceptum pactum, foederis Urbani Granadieri qui nobis est. Et huic pollicemur amorem mulierum, florem virginium, decus monacharum, honores, volupatates et opres, Fornicabit

Crystal Lake - Intro / river of truth lyrics

truth test the world. With truth test yourself. The rhythm of our lives and the beating of our hearts become our

Destillery - Act of providence lyrics

haze surrounds my soul Trap-doors open I fall Beyond redemption I know Feel the time, I feel it's time Then I will take the black of a crow My heart doesn't beat understands the sorrow Feel the waste of time Act of providence, rayless, waste of time For

N2u - Intro (because of you lyrics

where the one to keep my tears from falling down, by telling me I could go on when all hope is gone and so I sing to you this song... yes I do. like watering flowing from the heart into the soul, you were the one that toke my heart and mended all the broken peices when I

Bright Eyes - Act of contrition lyrics

air was all dust, a night so untamed The ground opened up And swallowed all of the rain And it swallowed you too, into distance unknown As they sat down for dinner, they waited for you to get home Yeah, they set a place for you So don't believe everything that yo

Dominus - Act of organic plastic lyrics

into the bones Wicked flesh in need to tame its sorrow chip Before all human emotions turn to nothing The act of organic plastic is taking in to subvert the human flesh To a numb product of evil itself So burn me, replace me to plastic pain So burn

Enthroned - Intro (prophecies of pagan fire) lyrics

.. instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental..

Hacride - Act of god lyrics

believe in this fake reality so you can go and destroy. Men organize wars and slaughters. But I will be in front of you. Nothing can... Nothing can calm me. You do not deserve to live. Only your blood relieves me. I know it's inside of you. I know it's

Mortician - Intro / defiler of the dead lyrics

Corpses Pile Mummified, Mother Lies Skull Soup Bowls Nipple Belts Hearts In Pans Eyes In Cans Masks Of Skin Cunts On Strings Strung Up Corpse Guts Spilled

Mystik - Intro + reflections of the dying lyrics

... + He said through the laughter Does it even really matter Is the pain worth the price that we pay Like the changing seasons There is never a reason And the future is just a day away If we live throguh tommorow Is it time that we borrow A

Rammalah - Act of faith lyrics

the dark I can't remember your face but I can feel them snakes behind my eyes. You'd probably pick up all of your shit and split if you had any idea what's in my mind. Oh, I need a favor, hon'. I need a mercy done. I guess I'm counting on your light. I know

Samael - Of war lyrics

- the force of the weak that tricks oneself but fools no one Power - the force that absorbs without being overwhelmed War the deeper scar of history War the sanctification of tragedy Peace – as crown of war is glory built upon misery Terror – in a dead end

Fogalord - Of war and resurrection lyrics

"...and so it began... after a while of breathtaking silence the ultimate battle that could decide the sort of the war and of the entire world raged on... but when their forces started to fade against the immortal fire-power of the enemi

Necrophobic - Act of rebellion lyrics

the twilight hour at the dusk of my life I face the reaper's smile I leave all fear as I cross the gates and begin my journey down I found myself anaesthetic to dwell forever in sin But slowly I awoke to feel my hatred burn within I have sailed my ship on a se

Dream Theater - Act of faythe lyrics

never knew they spent their days in rags While I enjoy the life they'll never have Yet deep within their eyes Hope still survives And they don't seem to think this world's so bad Even as they gather in the square They know that a better life exists out t

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Act of contrition lyrics

Whispered:] For thou art the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever and ever. Amen. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy... [Spoken:] Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee And

Doom Syndicate - Of war and love lyrics

thoughts of those who will be killed their smell of blood quenches my inner thirst can't reach to the feelings I have inside hatred is the only thing left of mine heartless human being I have become getting even is the only way of mine separation from myself separati

I Declare War - Intro lyrics

Instrumental) I Declare

Dan Bull - Gears of war epic rap lyrics

ACT I] Emergence day emergency, thunder sounded And a hundred thousand locust rose up from underground The invasion managed to create a manic state of panic They did damage and it made a devestated planet Today was savage, the latest in a spate of clashes Between invader

Holy Moses - We are at war lyrics

has been an act of war declared to the world by terrorists I can't sit at home and watch TV anger and sadness rules my heart (what) kind of justice must be done all the death and pain now it has to begin with us the f***in' bastards have to die we ar

Lich King - Cheesy metal intro + attack of the wrath of .. lyrics

quot;And lo, the Lich King grows to power... He smote his enemies and sat, cackling upon a ruling chair of human bone... But, he was not satisfied... He saw the kingdoms on the horizon and was angered... He leveled his sword, and a new maelstrom was begun... T

Ghost Brigade - Divine act of lunacy lyrics

it helps you, you can always run away And if it makes you feel any better You can tear yourself apart But in the end you will stand alone And your shadow stares back at you You wish for the end of the world And for sure you will have it all But when you look at the last sunset

Negligence - War machine lyrics

suits can't cover lies, fall in line don't question why. They deliver doubtful charm, promises that shouldn't harm. On and on they count their dead, but there's adead end straight ahead. War of greed that should be right, this is really not my fight! You should see the

Dream Theater - Prophets of war lyrics

burns deep down inside of me, We have ourselves to blame. Not questioning, accepted as the truth. Debate this fight it's just cause The facts do not support theirs To liberate a people And rid them of tyrant rule Is it time to make a change? Are we close

Omnia - Intro lyrics

all the world has gone to sleep The hunters to the forest creep From out 'the wild wood comes the call: "The hunt is life... the hunt is all ..." An ancient forest beckons me To run skyclad amongst the trees My lusty spear, it cannot wait T

Skyclad - If i die laughing, it'll be an act of god lyrics

s revelation reveals - divine comedy (and more), please welcome your four hosts - death, famine, pestilence and war. You say that we are all Gods' children, can you please explain - how any father could inflict his children so much pain. I'm sure he finds it funny - but I fail

Dying Fetus - In times of war lyrics

t look back, nothing's left but the blood-red text on the planet Earth's epitaph: Here they lie, the human race. They f***ed themselves, and laid Earth waste. Blind to the fact that the bomb was coming down, their sanity was sold for a beggar's hand-out.” What they got is what

Qwel - Art of war lyrics

f/ Robust (verse 1)(Robust) Let's count the Christians and cry It's past mathematical how religions divide Now lets act practical Please use fractions in...

Jedi Mind Tricks - On the eve of war lyrics

Intro: Vinnie Paz] Yeah... Vinnie Paz, baby Yeah... yeah... yeah [Verse 1 - Vinnie Paz] This is raw, all across the board, Liquid Sword Chamber If it's coming from my jaw, then it's pure anger Heavy metal rap, with a four four banger We can settle that, let the mic cord hang y

Foy Vance lyricsFoy Vance - Indiscriminate act of kindness lyrics

came from the cold, wet Dropped her luggage bags, looked the concierge in the eye Said "I need a room for the night But I don't got no money, would you take payment in kind?" He said "It's alright I got a room here, you c

Jason Gray - With every act of love lyrics

at the stoplight He can't be bothered by the heart cry Written on the cardboard in her hand But when she looks him in the eye His heart is broken open wide And he feels the hand of God reach out through him As Heaven touches earth Oh - we bring the Kingdom come Oh - w

Nox Eterna - A romantic act of tragedy lyrics

lies a naked body covered by the veil of mist The nature omission – evidences in black lines Violence – there’s blood on the floor Lovers and sinners together Hear the cry – see the agony a dying soul Cry will not help – suffocated by the blood Atrophied by the pain forgotten by t

Dilated Peoples - War lyrics

Iriscience] War is life and war is death War's a vaccum but war's a breath And war is a war that can never be won But war is the way Johnny got his gun War, it brings students out in a rally War's something that I see too much in Cali War with black, and war with

Hadouken - Declaration of war lyrics

walking wounded on the ground But I will stand here tall Well I will stand here tall If you want war with me If you want war with me If you want war with me, then bring on the beef If you want war with me If you want war then you´ve gotta war. You tried to rip me

Oceano - War (edwin starr cover) lyrics

huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, milos darren sam War huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all milos darren sam War, huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me milos darren sam Oh, war, I despis

Barque Of Dante - Intro lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrument...

Bastille - An act of kindness lyrics

act of kindness Is what you showed to me None more than I can take Oh, none more than I can take Kindness is what you showed to me It holds me 'till I ache Overflow and start to break Oh I, got a feeling this will shake me down Oh I'm kind of hopi

Caught In The Act - Caught in the act of love lyrics

i guess i've only known you Two days or so now But i sure know that Lady i want to hold you For the rest of all time Because i realised Bridge: Just sitting here with you Holding your hand i'm in paradise Lost in your wonderland Refrain: On a moonlit

Death Of An Era - Intro lyrics

men tell no tales, So sink their ships, And burn their sails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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