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Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Independent women, pt. 2 lyrics

you think about a girl like me? Buy my own car and spend my own money Only ring your celly when I'm feeling lonely When it's all over please get up and leave Please don't call me baby Cause I'll call you Don't mean to hurt you feelings, got a

Destiny's Child lyricsDestiny's Child - Independent women, pt. 1 lyrics

Liu... with my girl, Drew... Cameron D. and Destiny Charlie's Angels, Come on Uh uh uh Question: Tell me what you think about me I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings Only ring your cell-y when I'm feelin lonely When it's all over please get up and leave

2pm - Madness (independent women pt.Ⅲ / 2012 - miss.. lyrics

eomneun jeonhwagieda ‘Love you, love you’ (igeon anya) geotdaga neol darmeun saramman bomyeon ‘Love you, love you’ stop it, niga gan gieok, jakku jiwo naega wae irae, wae irae I’m making a fool of myself aju orae geollil geot gata ajik neon yeogi isseo neomu manh

Thomas Anders - Independent girl lyrics

girl Independent girl A limousine in the night Drives away out of sight The Girl inside stole my pride Run away with my whole life Don't expect she'll turn around Think about what she left behind It is time to know what is going on She turned my world around Sh

Salt´n Pepa - Independent lyrics

duty call, the leader Pep come hard Try to dis my girl Salt, up goes my guard Still feminine, feminine still, yes But then next pump a hundred weight bench press So what it mean, Pep? I'm not impressed Cuz I wear the pants, and you wear the dress Punk, you'

Freak Kitchen - Independent way of life lyrics

so alternative I am so independent This is the way to live The independent way of life I’m so alternative I am so independent This is the way to live The independent way of life The independent way of life I’m twenty-five or so At least I was twelve years ago Despis

Chris Norman - Independent girl lyrics

she's walking down the street And hoping that she'll meet a millionaire And she's good enough to eat From her toes up to the flowers in her hair She never stops to wonder where she's going to With looks like hers she does just what she wants to do

Sacred Reich - Independent lyrics

my lips I don't care what you say I might listen but I'll do it my own way Don't you see It don't mean nothing to me when all's said and done I'll stand on my two feet Let me be I live by my own rules Independent, independence Can't you se

Buono! - Independent girl ~ dokuritsu joshi de aru tam.. lyrics

wo samashite yo Sonna namida wo nagasaseta no wa dare nante Anata no koto wo aishiteitara Kitto hidoi koto dekinai hazu deshou Okashii yo Kizukanai uchi hito ni furimawasarechatte Fuku no shimi toka kami no iro made dareka no iinari ni natteru Koi wa moumoku tte iu yo Bad M

Joe Nichols - Independent girl lyrics

can hear that rag top Humming down the blacktop Anytime night or day Well, she keeps her motor running And her tops down sunning The girl's sure got a way. I said the wind blows through her hair Well, she ain't gotta care In this old weary world Well, I guess you could

Midnight Scream - Independent (sacred reich cover) lyrics

my lips, I don't care what you say I might listen but I'll do it my own way Don't you see it don't mean nothing to me When all's said and done, I'll stand on my two feet Let me be I live by my own rules Independent, independence Can't you see it's my right to

Royce Da 5'9" - Independent's day lyrics

yeah Well it's the uhh, uhh, abbrevia-ated letter Associated with meta-metapho-phores and cheddar cheddar The C.O.D., the P.O.P. The "cash on delivery" at the "point of purchase" - don't I be workin? Heaven and hel

Matenrou Opera - Independent lyrics

Makkuro na karada kara koe wo dase (cry dis sorrow and pain) INDEPENDENT Waga te ni tsukamu no wa juujuun na sekai (cry dis sorrow and pain) INDEPENDENT You shall know of our pain Nikushimi wo kate ni shite houfuku wo Hakidase dorodoro na haran

Itchy Poopzkid - Independent lyrics

time we look at you we see your failure peaking nothing clear is coming through just your decisions keeping huge disaster right in front time for you to blame us we're the ones blowing up the bomb but now it's time for change 'coz independent we will be the kids on top of y

D - Independent queen lyrics

anata wa watashi no nani wo mite ite ? Uso wo kenjou suru kurai nara sagarinasai Saa watashi no ashimoto ni hizamazuki nasai Iwareru ga mama no taikutsu na shimobe ne Hetsura ukotodeshika (Yes, certainly) watashi ni chikazukenai no ? (Just a

Roadrunner United - Independent (voice of the voiceless) lyrics

are you to put us down? Who are you to cut us down? Who are you to point finger? Who are you to criticize? We who are with sacrifice We who are with blood and fire We who are from the beginning We who are ‘til the end Independent - Voice o

Scarlet - Independent lovesong lyrics

could say this was an independent lovesong It's nothing like to us what love meant to them But that's not to say the love we have isn't big or that strong I'm doing it a different way I'm doing it a different way You might say this is another boring lovesong To be together and f

Chastain - Women are wicked lyrics

think you know me Well you don't know me at all Let me tell you Why do you treat me like I'm dumb When I'm the one who makes you come Over and over, fill me up I'm so empty, it's what you want it seems You can laugh at me But I'll have the final word, you s

Foreigner - Women lyrics

behind bars Women in fast cars Women in distress Women with no dress Women in aeroplanes Women who play games Women in uniform See that woman with her clothes torn Women who satisfy Women you can't buy Like women in magazines And women in a limousine Women who

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - Women in uniform (women in uniform singl) lyrics

hairdo, 45 on the hip Patrolwoman Saunders, don't you give her no whip Took me to the station for a breathtest then back to the bedroom for some house-arrest Women in uniform, sometimes they look so cold Women in uniform, but, Oh! They feel so warm Coming back to Lon

Baccara - Women to women lyrics

and I We love the same guy Don't it make you sad Don't it make you cry You and I Asked you to choose Someone must win And one of us has to loose Women to women Women to women to man Oh tell me something Something I don't understand Once in the lifetime Someone like h

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Women lyrics

we ooh Ooh wee ooh In the beginning God made the land Then He made the water and creatures, then He made man He was born with a passion, love and hate A restless spirit with a need for a mate But there was somethin' that was missin', somethin' lost So he came with

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Women on top lyrics

t know her name, Or where she comes from Animal untamed, Beating on her tom-tom Whoa she got rhythm, Baby got style A body to die for, With a dangerous smile You want Krakatoa, You want it done right Set the bed on fire all night? You need... Women On Top Women On Top W

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Women lyrics

love women, I think they're great They're a solace to the world in a terrible state They're a blessing to the eyes, a balm to soul What a nightmare to have no women in the world I love women I love women I love women We all love women I used to look at women in the magaz

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Women lie men lie (ft. ya gotti) lyrics

Chorus] Women Lie, Men Lie Women Lie, Men Lie Women Lie, Men Lie Numbers don’t lie! (x 6) [Yo Gotti] Ay, step up in the party and them bad b-tches be on me, I be sippin’ on Patrone, when Im jumpin’ out ferrari’s, i be rocking Gucci sometimes Louie, Im retarded,

Shide Boss - Women ft. zack knight lyrics

every girl in the place right now Trying to find a girl I could take right now (x2) I love Women All around the globe show me where you at I love Women If we get close there’s no holding back Poori duniya jithe vi jawan Har paase tainu hi pawa

Ayumi Hamasaki - Independent lyrics

koto nai sasai na dekigoto ni Mata boku wa obieteru Sore wo kakusou to shite wa Tsuyogaru KUSE hakki suru Kimi wa to nari ni yorisoi WAKE no wakaranu koto wo hanashiteru Bukiyou ni demo nan toka Hagemasou to shiteru Kitto bokura kou shite

Lonestar - Women rule the world lyrics

Dean Sams/Brett James) I guess just about everything I've ever done I've been tryin' to impress or get close to one of 'em Seems like I was about thirteen Bobbi Jo Guthrie was the pumpkin queen That night I realized for the very first time Women rule the world The way they talk

The Guess Who - Women lyrics

women light a fire in me Bolder women seem to tire of me Older women put desire in me But without 'em to hold, where would this poor man be? Crazy women make a fool of me Ruthless women seem so cruel to me And painted women actin' cool with me But without 'em to hold, where wou

Janis Joplin - Women is losers lyrics

is losers Women is losers, oh Say honey women is losers. Well, I know you must try, Lord, And everywhere Men almost seem to end up on top. Oh, if they told you they want you Say come around by your door. Whoa I say now, if they don’t desert you,

Pixies lyricsPixies - Women of war lyrics

I want you And your soft army green Your natural legs And your militant cuisine I know you are at war But if you need some love Be my soldier lover And I'll be your peaceful dove Now here comes the ammo He sound so machismo So be my soldier lover And I'll be yo

Saigon - Women are the new dogs (feat. jovan dais) lyrics

girl They true what they say is Yeah look like The table's done turn I mean by the looks of things It might safe to say That women are the new dog to [?] [Hook:] She's mine even though she's yours You ain't' the only one breaking the all It don't seem right but that's how we m

Bonnie Raitt - Women be wise lyrics

be wise, keep your mouth shut, don't advertise your man Don't sit around gossiping, explaining what your good man really can do Some women nowadays, Lord they ain't no good They will laugh in your face, Then try to steal your man from you Women be wise, keep your mout

Lucero (band) - Women & work lyrics

it's one shot of women, one shot of work One shot's sweeter but both can hurt Just let it go, kid just let it go Feels alright for being so wrong Don't look back cause it wont last long Just let it go, kid just let it go Raise up your glass, lets make a t

David Byrne - Women vs. men lyrics

had psychic defenses He had animal dreams They moved closer together He said “Lets make a deal” Does not the law forbid it? It’s a treacherous act We all must suffer We all must do our part No one knows how it started And God knows how it’ll end The fightin’

The Cribs - Women's needs lyrics

a radius of a thousand miles I find it strange no one makes me smile you should understand you still have to try when we're all the same I was almost right and evening comes and I feel no different sorry my friend I just can't do nothing

Veronica Petrucci - Women of faith lyrics

was just a young, teenage girl when the Father appeared to her He said you’ll bear a child and He will save the world And we shall call Him Savior Sarah was getting on in her years She thought there was no hope for her But God said, don’t

Willie Nelson - Women who love too much lyrics

thinks if she just holds on he will get it back together On his good days he's a good man and he fills up all her dreams On his bad days he's the devil and it's hell to stand beside him But she thinks if she will love him life will be what once it seemed Women who love too much

Ian Hunter - Women's intuition lyrics

the haze the mirror cries-hits you right between the eyes You don't know-but you got the judas in you babe You can't trust You can't deliver Always whinin' you were sold down the river I gave you-the best years of-your miserable life Where did you go wro

Lisa Maffia - Women of the world lyrics

ve seen alotta women from all around the world different situations all different kinds of girls no matter who you are and no matter were you live keep your head up you gotta think possitive i know life feels like a struggle some times multiple s

Rusted Root - Women got my money lyrics

Come pay the body, come pay the body come and make the body pay) Me, I'm lookin' for an old pickup truck one that won't leave me stranded a lot Just to have that old point of view of you Women got my money come on leave your island girl (Come pay the body,

Lucky Dube - Women lyrics

Verse 1:] Long ago today; when a man had a final word in the house oh oh Now a day; women want to be men themselves oh oh A man said one word she said four words A man said five words she said anger word If we done watch out we gone to be destroy by these women Going down t

Jim O'rourke - Women of the world lyrics

16x) Women of the world take over 'Cause if you don't the world will come to an end And it won't take

Morcheeba - Women lose weight lyrics

a surpriser Open your eyes, A Woman advisor The name of this entertainement is Women lose weight Our first years of mariage everything was just great But after two kids And a weight gain factor The fact is Now she's completely unattractive Look

Belle & Sebastian - Women's realm lyrics

don't care whether you hear this I don't care if I'm alone here singing songs to myself There's nobody else around, around Meet you up at the Indian part of the town The town's shut down, the people left with their bags Their kids so there's not a sound a sound But I must

Crass - Women lyrics

is womens money. We pay with our bodies. There is no purity in our love. No beauty. Just bribery. It's all the f***ing same. We make soldiers with our submission. Wars with our isolation. F*** is womens money. We pay with our bodies. There no purity in mot

Deap Vally - Women of intention lyrics

got me in hot water up to my neck You got me in the corner just to see what I can take If you really want to try me, you ain't seen nothing yet I split you up the centre like a You secretly suspect that I don't really got it Go back to your desk and have

Minus The Bear - Women we haven't met yet lyrics

the bay's a pane of glass Let's break it Our bodies ache to swim So let's swim We're drunk enough to dull the cold Let's take off all the clothes, let's go Your feet kick slow At slow motion Head back, eyes closed You slip under for a second You touch my leg and pul

Mortal Sin - Women in leather lyrics

in metal rules the night Her body's in command Driven by lust, a bestial sight Crushed cities of the land Perverted mind, can't be tame Smell leather in the air Gleaming studs, hell's the blame We all know who cares Teasing our minds, this isn't for real

Pentatonix lyricsPentatonix - Hey momma / hit the road jack (pentatonix / p.. lyrics

my gentlemen,let me see you My independent women,let me see you All my gentlemen,let me see you My independent women,let me see you Hey momma,I don't want no drama But the way you look be makin' me smile Hey baby,I know you are a lady May I move your dress girl I'm

Ne-yo - Ne-yo - miss independent lyrics

its something about just something about the way she moves I cant figure it out, there's something about her (about her) Say ooh theres something about, Kinda women that want you but dont need you Hey, i cant figure it out, there's something about her Cuz she

Choppa - Choppa style lyrics

mon C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon OOOOOWWWWW! what she want (ugh) what she want She want (repeat) OOOOOWWWWW! oh yeah! OOOOOWWWWW!! oh yeah! OOOOOWWWWW!! oh yeah! OOOOOWWWWW!! oh yeah! [HOOK:] Who they want?? Choppa Style Chop Chop Choppa Style Cho

Lil' Keke - Body rock wit me lyrics

Lil' Keke:] Body rock or start rocking, if you rocking it now Tell the DJ start mixing, if he chopping it now Look at me, I'm so fresh so clean Digital TV screen, got me lighting up the scene Look at me, I'm steady running with G's Rolling on them 21's, 22's an

Lil' Keke - What it do lyrics

Intro] Rep your hood, (do what) Rep your hood (do what), rep your hood For my G's and my thugs, my niggaz rep your hood (do what) Rep your hood (do what), rep your hood For my G's and my thugs, my niggaz rep your hood (do what) Rep your hood (do what),

Miss A - I don't need a man lyrics

is for all the independent ladies Let’s go naneun namja eobsi jal sara geureoni jasini eobseu myeon nae gyeote ojireul ma naneun hamburo nal an para waenya myeon nan I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (What?) I don’t need a man I don’t

Ne-yo - Miss independent lyrics

yeah yeah, Yeah, yeah yeah, Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Ooh, is something about, Just something about the way she moves, I can't figure it out, Is something about her, (Say!) Ooh, is something about, Kind of woman that wants you but don't need you, (

Choppa - Bonus track 1 lyrics

Choppa] While you walking I'm running, while you shooting I'm chopping Got me confused with them dudes, but who is you to be knocking Now I be marching like a soldier, and my army right behind me On that Westbank is where a nigga, might find me F***ing with me boy, you gon get

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Miss independent lyrics

independent Miss self sufficient Miss keep your distance mmmmm Miss unafraid Miss out my way Miss don't let a man interfere, no Miss on her own Miss almost grown Miss never let a man help her off her throne So, by keeping her heart protected Sh

Maluma lyricsMaluma - Miss independent lyrics

Intro] Y yo soy Maluma, iah Ella se monta en un viaje Rumbo a la luna Cuando escucha reggaeton Y suena su canción, uh-yeah Sus movimientos son salvajes Como ella ninguna Cuando escucha reggaeton Y suena mi canción, uh-yeah [Coro] Hoy van a tomar

Fleur East - Lady marmalade lyrics

sisters, go sisters, soul sisters, flow sisters Hey sisters, go sisters, soul sisters, go sisters He met Marmalade down IN old Moulin Rouge Struttin’ her stuff on the street She said, “Hello, hey Jo, you wanna give it a go?” Oh! uh huh Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya dada Giuch

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