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Children Of Bodom - If you want peace... prepare for war lyrics

aint even really what you wanna ... be 5 feet under seeing your humanity The ... too devide The opertunaty of being apart!! Soon be ... there, the moon in the sky tonight We're burning on a purified Smash your

Dragonforce - Prepare for war lyrics

bow down surrender Witnessing our demise and the sins of ... see from under? Dark reign of our defenders Endlessly ... torturing the souls without stand

Hatebreed - Prepare for war lyrics

unscarred. Yet unhealed before a bleeding cross. Thrown into the ash. Crumbling. ... become but a mere seed again. And I'll prophesize the end. ... to fight. There is no fear in my heart. No cause worthy of

Dying Fetus - In times of war lyrics

t look back, nothing's left but the blood-red ... and laid Earth waste. Blind to the fact that the bomb ... was coming down, their sanity was sold ... got is what they made, the final act of this tragedy ends

Annika Ljungberg - In times of sorrow lyrics

landing-lights under skies of grief It takes time to get ... by on you own No tears of joy in the final play Curtains down by the sound of the rain But, sometimes I turn and

Shadows Fall - War lyrics

Race Superior And another inferior Is finally and ... abandoned There will be…. War! In the East War in the ... West War! Up North And in the South Prepare for war!

Chumbawamba - Times of crisis lyrics

has an estimated lifespan of another four billion years, ... but in 1983 there were two false ... alarms of impending nuclear war every three days. Say that ... as false alarms. I said in 1983 there were two false

Harmony - In search of lyrics

a life can feel like a living hell A fight where you can ... Saved by the bell I had nothing left to give I struggled ... You were always there In my search of solid ground

Asrai - In front of me lyrics

front of me, just for a while to ever see A reaching voice beyond my mind Your ... words go down my spine All my questions are asking ... We died tonight Enclosed in the dark Wandering ourselves

Kris Herman - In need of angels lyrics

ya and lets, all doubts behind it's you and me alive ... loud F***, the neighbors forget the walls it's you, ... me to the light take me out of sight couse i'm in need of

Intense (uk) - War of angels lyrics

speaks, truth the final prophecy That spells the ... end for you and me They seek ... vengeance from all of us Their glory now soaked in ... brethren now still The war in heaven escalates For mankind

A Band Of Orcs - Prepare for domination lyrics

raise your fist Gore-stained axe cry out for blood ... the flames, smelt the ore, Forging weapons for brutal war ... Whipping the slaves, flogging the grunts, Get them in line, send them to die No use for prayer, only for war Your

Brocas Helm - Prepare for battle lyrics

Your dragon's fire is dying A blood red wind is crying Demon armies Fill the sky ... Kings and Princes In you power Make laws to keep ... us chained Deaf and dumb Now look,

Havok - Prepare for attack lyrics

can't let it go Fighting, buting, taking over Crusing the powers that be Let ... know Let 'em know we're coming back Lock and load Prepare ... for Attack Striking with deadly force Taking

Prozak - Prepare for the worst lyrics

gotta, hope for the best, prepare for the worst It's never ... over 'til you're rollin' all alone inside that hearse ... them doors I know sometimes your mental state will try to

Rage - Times of darkness lyrics

the fires, smoking guns, Death is all around. ... been through hell, Had that war in their eyes. Total ... darkness, no more tears, End of all we've known. Reign of

The Blackout - Prepare for a wound lyrics

we got tonight We're falling down whoa oh This isn't ... the last Tonight that I'm coming for you, girl! This isn't ... the word and we will start again I won't let go! It's nothing to lose but all to gain

Blackguard - In time lyrics

time for war and a time for peace There’s a time to laugh and ... to build up Will the fear of change make you go hide? ... to whole world hear Everything in your heart, and all that

Antithesis - Times of trial lyrics

you wake up in the morning Can you tell me what you ... see A gentle flowing river Or a stormy troubled ... sea In this life you will find Tests and trials and

Folkearth - Guardian of the bridge lyrics

bridge Between the realms Of gods and mortal men, Stand ... eye the far Horizon wherein only thou can see – Look for ... the end of days, Look for the coming Of dreaded

Pain Of Salvation - Water lyrics

at surface can be measured in meters per second, the ... will more likely be measured in meters per year! Contamination of the ground water ... causes severe damage for a very long time. Despite

Tim Minchin - Peace anthem for palestine lyrics

It seems it's been that way forever So if you don't eat

Cheap Trick - Times of our lives lyrics

t decide Where the story begins or it dies On the way back ... from your heart to mine Where time passes by I can ... why The truth is I lied Times of our lives Times of our

Anti-flag - Anatomy of your enemy lyrics

create an enemy and start a war: Listen closely because we ... will all see this weapon used in our lives. It can be used on ... a society of the most ignorant to the most

Gregorian - Moment of peace lyrics

Mm Mm Mm Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah In moment of peace Ah Ah Ah ... can hide, We are the sunshine, Rest your Soul here, ... And you'll find, We are the energy, We

Gregorian - Moment of peace (christmas version) lyrics

Mm Mm Mm Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah In moment of peace Ah Ah Ah ... Come now, come by our side, Into a place where you can hide, ... We are the sunshine, Rest your Soul here, And

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - War for war lyrics

fast out of the sunset, Devils and ... advance, Thunder and lightning and honour, The army of ... Each man looks to the fore, Death is the life we are ... living, Hungry for battle and war, War for War,

Negative - In memorian(immortal peace) lyrics

seasons change their face rain like the tears winds got ... your voice whispering my name Landing shadows ... come around telling me the same old story with

In Vain - Times of yore lyrics

have crossed the plains of opulence And sent ... serenity And left the origin behind The decades are passing by Times of yore I've ... seen enough Forlorn the gifts of life

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - In search of the peace of mind lyrics

I´m alone I´m feeling blue Dreaming a ... dream of a world that´s lovely and ... true Faintly the dream of a true and ... turn Faintly the dream of a true and

Paul Anka - Times of your life lyrics

morning, yesterday You wake up and ... And suddenly it's hard to find The memories you left behind Remember, do you remember? ... and the tears The shadows of misty yesteryears The good times and the bad you've seen And

Dog Eat Dog - In time lyrics

live just for today, now is not yesterday ... tomorrow's another day in live. I heard that growth ... goes, variety's the spice of life. My life, We're not

Enslaved - In times lyrics

no end Around and further Into the distance In times ... beauty Outside the realm of thoughts Within the reach of ... certain dreams Spun from golden ... leaves of black holes And ancient

Overdeth - Times of light lyrics

on this planet In this magic Universe In the ... middle of nowhere On this planet ... body perish I recall ancient times When Dragons flew the sky ... Times of light So far from the dark

Gen Rosso - Hopes of peace lyrics

tua città batte nella notte intorno a te, sembra una ... un'alba di serenità. Semina la pace e tu vedrai che la ... tua speranza rivivrà; spine tra le mani piangerai, ma

Neurosis - Times of grace lyrics

see this knowledge denied out of mind to deny - until I say - ... us alive sight as I speak - inside us born cherished and ... driven the secrets of stars hide within the grey

Mavis Staples - In times like these lyrics

on And right what's wrong In times like these We need to ... find a way To make a better day ... my feet on the ground turning 'round Come what may ... to lean on someone now In times like these There's no one

Insania (swe) - Times of glory lyrics

I'm thinking of the life that we have lived, ... I realize that times are gone. When words were ... life has begun. Cause deep inside our hearts, a feeling is

Clannad - In search of a heart lyrics

heart of mine won't keep Or believe in ... moss on a stone This heart of mine won't beat It just ... itself away These parting times won't break me Deserted times stop running -backwards- Ar

Michael Kiske - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide, help me ... through In the night I call your name! ... You're the light in times of shame The songs I sing, all ... my love I bring to you! I always try to

Savage Messiah - In absence of liberty lyrics

allegiance sheltering weak minds Breed complacency to ... subjugate life Brainwashed puppets to spur the ... machine A black tomorrow is the ... False preconceptions destroying identity To take authority

Sengir - Times of change lyrics

we ever made it through I think we were losing track of ... time by reaching eachother's mind but what I ... found is the old world tumbling down In this time of

Mirah - Of pressure lyrics

earthquake Is making The house shake The house ... The earthquake Is making The house shake The house ... I don't know What to do In times of Disaster Solid

Fire From The Gods - In spite of doubt lyrics

shots can you take at me before I give you the reaction ... you’re looking for? How many times do you think you can push and pull and ... put me through the back and forth? Glory hallelujah. I’ve

Ozma - In search of 1988 lyrics

i don't want to remember Warp me back at 88 if only for ... And when it spells out roisin's name i'll swear it wasn't ... take me back to 1987 I'm in search of days When times

Abandoned - In search of sanity lyrics

secret kept inside my head Another ... A symbiotic creature feeding my mind Slowly killing me ... At first it haunted me in my dreams And visited me at ... Leave me alone - try to find my peacу ща minв I can't

Hazen Street - In memory of lyrics

much today My memories of you are so vague But I will ... say, I feel you're watching over me now I hope that I ... I remember how you cared for me. I was only three, Still

Dom Kennedy - In memory of lyrics

like this Make top plays of the week like this And it ain't just rap boy, I speak like ... this I'm heavy as a muthaf***in Jeep like this And I'm comin

Madball lyricsMadball - In memory of... lyrics

He had a family who cared for him That was a selfish thing that he did Life comes ... down hard on you sometimes You gotta deal with it, ... I know he had a lot on his mind Wish I could talk to him

My Ticket Home - In regret lyrics

times of need we seem to find ourselves alone Maybe the ... Is gone, and then you'll finally see exactly how it feels ... To lose everything we had I can't believe I

Helloween lyricsHelloween - In the night lyrics

the night I'm calling you! Be my guide help me ... through! In the night I call your name ... You're the light in times of shame! The songs I sing ... All my love I bring to you! I always try to

Minecraft - In search of diamonds (minecraft / music vide.. lyrics

up this morning on the beach, Started walking, it's my regular routine. I ... was on the search for some diamonds, Let me tell ... a castle with a view, fields of bamboo, guy from Kung Fu, a

Onslaught - In search of sanity lyrics

by this madness In search of something lost to me Life ... has no meaning In a place that has no heart to ... bleed Through walls of glass I stare With a silence

Greg Lake - For those who dare lyrics

held as a standard, for those who dare. In a world ... full of madness are those who care. ... Silence draws no applause for the blood that stains their ... causes, but there's freedom for those who dare. Villified

Joe Nichols - In spite of myself lyrics

I stay out too late And times I forget to call It's true I ... might argue at the drop of a hat Or make a big deal out ... of nothing at all I'm not much for

Say Anything - In defense of the genre lyrics

small fry (small fry) crime of the century, know what it ... be so hate me, but I am in your heart I am in your ... heart pulling it apart all those magazines and stifled teens whose

Danger Silent - In spite of appearance ft. ian woodgate lyrics

Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu Ve videu...

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - In slavery of illusions lyrics

s filling Your veins and Embracing All your ... feelings Mirage Enslaving Your reason It is ... Like a cancer It's destroying All your senses You think That this life Is

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