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In The Twilight Thoughts Keep Crashing Into You lyrics

Browse for In The Twilight Thoughts Keep Crashing Into You song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed In The Twilight Thoughts Keep Crashing Into You lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to In The Twilight Thoughts Keep Crashing Into You.

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A Canorous Quintet - In the twilight of fear lyrics

is fear and sadness claiming my heart like a black hand ... accept this day I want back the dream, unreality in it's ... grasp I am free onlu in it's domain can I live now

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Lost in the twilight hall lyrics

my last breath the mirror calls my name it's ... showing me the way into the dark the bridge appears I ... jump into the dark side and hear the ... back [Kai:] I see planets dying [Hansi:] I fall into the

Fabolous - Into you lyrics

yeah) I can't really explain it I'm so into you now I ... be more than a friend to you now When they ask, I ... mention my babygirl in the interviews now And I don't bring the problems from the 90s

Pitiful Reign - In the pit lyrics

minds, controlling you, In the pit there’s only one thing going through your mind Total ... where havoc reigns Smashing up the f***er that comes flying into you Peace treaties,

Dark Moor - Mist in the twilight lyrics

Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental

Dreamtale - Dancing in the twilight lyrics

blue or white And wherever the winds were breezing Clouds ... of black were falling down And rain that was ... freezing When the lightning struck The moonlight was

Holy Moses - Seasons in the twilight lyrics

a spiritual dance All things are dead in our brains ... Splattered red in our sky of dreams The blood ... is dripping in your soul When twilights ... falls All times are ending here on earth Replaced by the others empty existence The

Anubis Gate - In the comfort of darkness lyrics

In the twilight gloaming
 I glimpsed your silhouette ... In the shroud of midnight 
I heard you call my name
 In the ... cold light of dawn 
I felt your warmth beside me
 And your

Opeth - The twilight is my robe lyrics

you I whisper The wildest dreams In the ... of night Shrouded in crystals Through a frosty ... dusk Souls of the fullmoon awaits Their ... ablaze We are all bending Our tired leaves over your

The Mission - Keep it in the family lyrics

secrets that lie behind closed doors everyone of us ... has something to hide family ties blood ... comes as love whose side are you on? Just shut your mouth and

Anadel - In the water lyrics

hold your every breath but life is ... for the living in the water oh.. You feel that you should run but where are you ... to hide in the water oh.. Against the

Sirrah - In the final moment lyrics

s the world I chose to lay down in ... s my place of last relief In its red burning towels ... Salvation from foul deeds The shelter that I crave for The ... for It will protect me from your revenge [Chorus:]

Fade - In the end lyrics

comes a point Where everybody Gets ... tested by their Fate in reality One chance one time ... t let this go I've been waiting For far too long Before

Girls Under Glass - In the darkness lyrics

the darkness, I keep you warm In the coldest winter, ... I take you in my arms I feel your warm skin and I smell your breath ... Before the dawn is coming up, I love you to death In the darkness, I'm with you

Nina Simone - In the dark lyrics

the dark It's just you and I Not a sound There's ... not one sigh Just the beat of my poor heart In the ... dark Now, in the dark, in the dark I get such a thrill

Shaman's Harvest - In the end lyrics

the end, could you say you won with certainty. Or did ... time, drag you through the mud with gravity. All I know ... you never get the feelin' that it is over. In the end

The Who lyricsThe Who - In the city lyrics

along Into the city Where the girls are pretty And you can ... t go wrong Take your time No need to hurry Don ... it won't take long Well you can surf in the city You can

Faydee - In the dark lyrics

more more I'm gonna make you fall In the dark you can ... me up lift me higher than the sky Turn me on switch off ... all the lights In the dark In the dark In the dark Light

House Of Lords - In the light lyrics

better keep on runnin' From the mess you made You can't lie ... it away It´s your way or no way, baby Go on ... trigger It's judgment day You're gonna pay There's no time

Hutchinson Eric - In the first place lyrics

what it was gonna take Would you have gotten started in the ... first place All these commitments you make they keep on adding up Because you got ... addicted from the first taste Ooooh Nobody

Jurassic 5 - In the flesh lyrics

Chorus: repeat 2X] It's the J-U-R-A Capital S another S ... I-C 5 MC's in the flesh Bound to catch wreck ... Hit the deck Cause we'll pop the ... trunk Plus the tape on your cassette I'm from the

Ledisi - In the morning lyrics

Whisper:] I need you, I need you In the morning Will you ... be there in the morning To love me Love me Love ... I don't know what it is about your love And what you've got

Dondria - In the morning lyrics

J. Cole:] Baby you summertime fine, I let you ... get on top, I be the underline I'm trying to get beside you ... like the number 9, dime You fine as hell, I guess I met you

Blue Öyster Cult - In the presence of another world lyrics

the presence of another world You guess the things ... unguessed In the fullness of another world There is no emptiness In the ... promise of another world A dreadful knowledge

Sebastian Bach - The most powerful man in the world lyrics

I could love you all I would be the most ... powerful man in the world And if I could conquer ... Where love's concerned There are no rules If I could ... With a match I easily would Then to begin again I would be the most powerful man in the

Blutengel - In the distance lyrics

m walking on an endless road Everything's so far away I left my ... memories behind I hold myself here on ... this planet Everything's so dark So cold and

Bourbon Crow - In the mood for a drinking song lyrics

ever have a day, when things didn´t go your way No ... matter how hard you try you couldn´t catch a break ... Today´s my day when everything is wrong And I´m just in the mood for a drinking song

Pharaoh - In the violet fire lyrics

envision Angels protect you from sin In your heart there ... s a key to the prison within In the violet fire Wash ... away your fears Let it shine forever Holy light for the

Black Tide - In the mirror lyrics

hey Do you miss the life we once had? Everything ... Hey, hey Take a good look in the mirror Ask the questions ... that you fear When it's over will the emptiness consume us Is there closure or is there something more Hey, hey Pictured

Cristal Y Acero - In the darkness of the night lyrics

the darkness of the night you can smell blood in the air there is no place you can hide ... cause the evil is everywhere REPEAT ... In the lonely heart of streets the

Journey - In the morning day lyrics

s got the blues In the morning day, yeah If you find the ... answer And you wonder Let's find a way I ... want to give you happiness Just like the sun gives

Lemon Jelly - In the bath lyrics

do you do? What do you do in the bath? Oh, what do you do, in ... the bath? Oh, what do you do, in the bath? What do you ... do, in the bath

The Lumineers - In the light lyrics

but I just can't let it go The idea's gone but I just can't ... yesterdays Save it for all you had in your eyes, I have gone ... away Fate dealt you a tricky hand, Now you're

Melvins - In the rain lyrics

don't like you Not a little thing about you There's a flower all around ... you In the rain Images of peace And now your pretty face Things that

The Rapture - In the grace of your love lyrics

the grace of your love You don't turn me away In the ... grace of your love There is no other way In the ... grace of your love Every day when I wake ... up In the grace of your love In the grace of your

Aiden - In the end lyrics

the wall came tumbling down Were you there to save ... me? The cemetery gates, cemetery ... I'm still alive Be still the voice inside my head Plan 9, ... walk among the dead I'm insane In the eyes of

Harry Belafonte - In the name of love lyrics

lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that ... cry without shame? How can you please me then torture And ... tease me and do it in the name of love? Don't you

Bullet - In the heat lyrics

on Riding to full with nothing to gain Afraid of darkness, ... Go go shape up, got something down You pushed me up one ... Pull that trunk right down the wind ‘Cause we’re back to

Dire Straits - In the gallery lyrics

and free upon a horse And a fine coalminer for the NCB that ... A fallen angel and Jesus on the cross A skating ballerina you should have seen her do the

Exlibris - In the darkest hour lyrics

t you see the star that is glowing? See you're trying to hide now Don't you see the day that is dawning? ... Still your eyes don't want to see the ... light Don't you see the eyes that are crying? As they see you fading Don't you

Gretchen - In the mean time lyrics

and on, you always knew just what to say ... You tried to take me I tried to ... look the other way But your words kept changing Till your lies became your truth In the meantime, we go on and on and

Harem Scarem - In the end lyrics

Nice to see ya please don't mind me I think I'm sneakin' up ... behind me To tell myself I'm ... better off this way You think we could be good together

Hurricane - In the fire lyrics

empty lies Have led me to the real you Every time you ... tried to take your disguise You could never see it through ... It's time to find your way up Before we hit the

Katatonia - In the white (urban dub mix) lyrics

you in or are you out The words are stones in my mouth ... Hush little baby don't you cry Truth comes down ... Strikes me in the eye Turning season within

Nescafex - In the deepest night lyrics

in the streets In the deepest night Nobody can ... hear the teardrops Falling on the ground The lamps ... are shining bright In the deepest night The only thing

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - In the cold light of morning lyrics

cold light of morning while Everyone is yawning You're high In the cold light of ... morning The party gets boring You're high As your skin ... action goodbye Forget past indiscretions And stolen

Ragenheart - In the name of god lyrics

say you're a sinner in your life They say they'll lead you to the light They say they ... will guide your human soul And wipe away the sorrow that you saw But no

Sadus - In the end lyrics

alone Open my eyes to see the light - Cry out for help but ... no one's there Morning life - Craving light - Take in all - Watch me grow In the ... end - There's no end - In the end - Life begins One more

The Who lyricsThe Who - In the ether lyrics

the ether I hang suspended I wait ... for you And I know you're near In this high heaven ... I'm dizzy with love But you never appear In the gloom of

Bird York - In the deep lyrics

you had all the answers to rest your heart ... upon. But something happens, don´t see it coming, now you can´t stop yourself. Now you´re out there

Bloodbound - In the name of metal lyrics

say I’m evil you say I suck My hair’s too ... I don’t give a f*** I’m doing nothing out of control My ... wrong I don’t care at all You say I’m ditry I smell like

Dj Tiesto - In the dark lyrics

it seems like the world around's just breaking ... And it feels like there's no one else around you ... And it's quiet there's a silence in the darkness ... And it sounds like the carnival is over As you

Fefe Dobson - In the kissah lyrics

gave it all just for you And you needed help for ... what you threw And you think that you would remember ... Paved your way When you thought You only remembered

The Dogma - In the name of rock lyrics

I was born I took the blame I'm the cause of my ... parent's pain The black sheep of the family ... When they insisted that I go to school My ... And she always said "You're just wasting your time

Dusty Springfield - In the land of make believe lyrics

the land of make believe You're mine tonight Although you ... are far away In the land of make believe I'm ... holding you tight The silver moon is shining above

Fabolous - In the morning lyrics

you autumn time cool But they don't see your beauty f*** ... all them blind fools Body so mean that it ... s border line cruel Work 8 to 3, then ... from 4 to 9 school Dominican girl who knows more than

Gregorian - In the morning lyrics

the morning when the moon is at it's rest, you ... will find me at the time I love the best watching rainbows play on sunlight; ... water iced from cold nights, in the morning. 'Tis the morning of my life. In the

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - In the end lyrics

town's too small You run around like you do Taking things Just don’t belong to ... you. Picture yourself inside a room now Imagine the ... freedom that you‘ll lose Well, baby, It all

Mono Inc. - In the end lyrics

gone so was it all right for you or was it all wrong I ... couldn’t feel you in here I couldn’t feel you in ... here in the end Do you feel freed now now that it’s

Chris Norman - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night when you know it ain’t right But you ... do what you want to do. You do what you feel but no one ... can feel like you In the summertime city ain’t it a

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