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Jim Lea - The smile of elvis lyrics

ready? If I could smile the smile of Elvis Then I could smile into your arms If I could smile the smile of Elvis I could ... blow mans into your charm If I could smile the smile of Elvis Then I

Schiller - The smile lyrics

is a smile a smile upon your face i wonder ... why you're full of grace there was a time my feeling was ... i wanna hide hide in your embrace..

Asia - The smile has left your eyes lyrics

saw you standing hand in hand And now you come to me the solitary man And I know what ... is that made us live Such ordinary lives The where to go the ... see No one could sympathize The Smile Has Left Your Eyes The

John Paul Jones - The smile of your shadow lyrics

(Instrumental *John Paul Jones - bass guitar, double bass, keyboards, guitars, electric mandola, Kyma. *Pete Thomas - drums, percussion. *Paul Leary - lead guitar. *Tr...

Alistair Griffin - In your smile lyrics

in the wind, Floating on the magic, Listen as she sings, ... She's beautiful, Innocence begins, It's happy ... as it's tragic, Never even sinned, So beautiful, Don't

Martin Gore - Smile in the crowd lyrics

from your actions forced by the violence that always ... you I want your special smile a smile in this crowd I ... want your special smile a smile in this crowd You burnt

Sarah Brightman - The smile lyrics

is a smile A smile upon your face I wonder why ... Why you're full of grace There was a time My feeling was ... replaced I wanna hide Hide in your embrace..

Pay Money To My Pain - In the blink of an eyes lyrics

find myself inside of you It's very sweet ... to me I never knew this kinda feeling I cried ... unconsciously If we stay together I will make you smile and

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The smile of the sun lyrics

paralyzed Everybody is waiting for the one Everyone will ... freeze to death alone The smile of the sun Was stolen - ... someone Has taken away The heart of all day The smile

Beyond Twilight - The awakening part ii - the smile lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not ...

Jodeci - In the meanwhile lyrics

Yeah, I like it [Jo-Jo] In the mirror [DeVante] Can ... you pose in the mirror baby, get sticky ... [Jo-Jo] I don't have to be the only one But we can still

Orange Blue - The smile lyrics

time I just want you to be mine every day is friday since the day that you crossed my way ... and a part of you is always in that smile that's in my face

Burden Of A Day - The smile that kills lyrics

glad you’re here Let’s make the most of the time we share ... I’m still here Dancing so long Singing my song ... Wearing so well A smile that kills The glamour that

Despised Icon - In the arms of perdition lyrics

an ocean of discontent Carrying an everlasting smile with insouciance Cultivating this ... disconnection with every single interaction You won't ... lure me any further I've been drinking too much

Emery - The smile, the face lyrics

was never going to fall But the smile, the face has sealed my ... an addict of it all I was blind for another taste The ... breath You rehearsed your lines with rhythmic details They

Oliver Onions - In the middle of all that trouble again lyrics

round running around Round, round running ... around Hidden down the long long road upon my roller ... skates Hidden where the sun don't stop to shine You

Architects - In the desert lyrics

cause Even if it kills us The temperature is rising But ... lungs will not collapse Here in the desert There’s nothing ... to run from Nothing to hide from So lets rock the casbah Take it by the scruff

Flowing Tears - The carnage people lyrics

my arms All night - shaking down the smile I hide All ... night - happiness when words collide War ... gone War is over and gone There' no god, there's no god on

Foxygen - In the darkness lyrics

maybe late at night there's an elegant land in the ... darkness Oh maybe in the mind it's a hell of a time in the darkness Maybe in space there's an alien race I wouldn't

Galneryus - In the cage lyrics

light is passing by I raise my hands The ... unknown voice is calling me now In the softly light, ... I'm looking back Please find me out Give me your smile The unknown voice is calling me

Lee Ryan - In the morning lyrics

i watch you while you're sleeping So amazed at how pretty you ... wonder what it is you're dreaming sometimes Where your mind ... Is it me that makes you smile when your dreaming Or could

Rush - In the end lyrics

I know, I know, I know Oh, the feeling grows I see, I see, ... can take me, you can make me smile in the end Well, I can do ... Chorus Well, I can shine like you shine It doesn't

Dead Can Dance - In the wake of adversity lyrics

Patrice don't cry they've no reason to harm you at ... all They don't realise that the angels surround you with ... light They don't understand their narrow ways defeat them

Rush - In the mood lyrics

now, baby Well, I like your smile Won't you come and talk to ... while? Well, you're makin' me crazy The way you roll them eyes Won't you come and sit

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - In the summer of his years lyrics

of his years he would always smile; He would laugh ev'ry day if ... he was here to stay. For the summer of his years. In the daylight of his dreams he

Helmet - In the meantime lyrics

tone suits you so give it a smile if i could hold your feet ... help never taught to look in i'm too concerned with my ... is cow fertilized come down in a feed town strength to minimize hold it... in the

Oasis lyricsOasis - The girl in the dirty shirt lyrics

so bold that I just say something Come and make me my day The clouds around your soul Don ... t gather there for nothing But I can chase them all ... for to feel happy Or shining for the rest of the world

Animal Collective - In the flowers lyrics

a dancer Who was high in a field From her movement ... home Couldn't stop that sprinning force I felt envy ... Everything around seemed to giggle glee ... a flower and I cared Saw the dancer Who gets wild to the

First Arsch - In the name of love lyrics

lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that ... shame? How can you please me then torture And tease me and do ... it in the name of love? Don't you know

Obscurant - In the end lyrics

life has faded away, only the cold flesh I feel, like the ... eyes staring at me. I know it's coming, ... emptiness of living, like the feelings that used to be.

Alexander Arthur (june) - In the middle of it all lyrics

once was a happy house And the two of us we were so happy ... As I recall But now the rain falls around it And loneliness surrounds it And I I'm in ... and say I wonder what made the girl that way the girl doesn

Harry Belafonte - In the name of love lyrics

lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that ... How can you please me then torture And tease me and do ... it in the name of love? Don't you

Entombed - In the flesh lyrics

a heard the size of my head Got an angel ... on my back The leftovers of my face Is a ... leaden mask of death Drink my coffee black I sing with ... a voice full of scorn Behind my bony mask of face They

George Jones - In the shadow of a lie lyrics

lead a rich rewarding life, a wife, a home, a car ... But generally you can find me down in some dim lit bar ... I hold all the pleasures of the world, this fact I can't deny

Shaman - In the dark lyrics

down my mind Here in the dark Is not a first time ... that i fight my heart Akin to joy Turning into defeat ... I try to breath even knowing I can’t My faith, your

Aimee Allen - In the sun lyrics

want to live in my TV Where everyone is so ... happy I wanna color me pink Smile at everything Believe in ... love so much It makes me sing la la, la la, la la la

Javier Colon - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

cool summer night - I was hanging with my friends - you were ... hanging with your friends and That ... s when I noticed your smile - unbelievable - was inconceivable how I could ever

Jojo - In the dark lyrics

ain't the first or last time We'll ... at night To let our fates intertwine Casually I'd rather ... This don't need to be defined And I know that it's

Leighton Meester - The stand in (feat. check in the dark) lyrics

an angel night before light They come from Kentucky oh well. ... thought that? She had a smile it was so genuinely kind ... you feel like you're sipping on some fine red vine.

Novembers Doom - In the absence of grace lyrics

from this Hell, Carried by the wings of shadows pain Why ... Fallen so far away from the light, Courage will no longer ... I stand here all alone, Waiting for you to see my need I

Fancy - In the rain again lyrics

your life Can you see the wrong from right Can you ... Love has lost and found Many smiles And many frowns But I find ... you When the rain Comes falling down What can I do When

David Gilmour - The girl in the yellow dress lyrics

mesmerizes with a smile Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon That girl in the ... t smoke, but he takes one nonetheless It helps to keep his ... motives true, the girl was blue What else is the poor boy supposed to do

Janel Meilani Parrish - In the eye abides the heart lyrics

the eye abides the heart. Every pure and tender ... feeling, All emotions worth revealing, Through the eyes their ... impart. Words are often clothed in guile; For the lips with

All Time Low - The beach lyrics

from my street And I'm dying in this summer heat I hope ... like hell you're waiting, waiting Everybody's living like they're crazy in love I'm a

Anouk - In the sand lyrics

cried When dark clouds block the sunlight And it's raining in ... So little time to try To find out 'bout the feeling That ... s deep inside of you And keeps the

The Dogma - In the name of rock lyrics

I was born I took the blame I'm the cause of my ... parent's pain The black sheep of the family ... When they insisted that I go to school My ... said "You're just wasting your time When do you think

Ensoph - In the flesh lyrics

ray of Light Freezing flame in the mirror ... Absolute purity in the most cruel joke Absolute innocence in the serpent’s word ... What I say The dream I make Nothing is real

First Aid Kit - In the hearts of men lyrics

the hearts of men In the arms of mothers In the parts ... we play to convince others We know what we're doing ... We're doing it right May have written ... books on the subject But then you may still be surprised

Jets To Brazil - In the summer's when you really know lyrics

repast and i'm sweet nothings come hell i'm your lover ... man your friend your fair weather it's a world stopped ... your birth place chalk white wincing pretty in it summer

Pm Dawn - In the presence of mirrors lyrics

that’s dope...) In the presence of mirrors I come ... face to face with you In the presence of mirrors I come ... face to face with you In the presence of mirrors I come

Caliban - In the eye of the storm lyrics

eyes. Subdued light. Hand in hand. In the eye of the ... storm [x2] everything is flowing and discharging into us. My ... open. Lava flow. Eyes close in the eye of the storm the

Dave Edmunds - In the land of the few lyrics

me again what you told me before There were so many things I'm not ... all I know Were you trying to tell me I'll have to go ... I can laugh, I can cry And they'll never ask me why In the

Taylor Dayne - In the darkness lyrics

Yeah, at least I went through the motions I was always laughin' What was left of my ... life was compromised And my smile undisguised Then I met you

Daze - In the middle of the night lyrics

calling, I hear you calling Calling, calling, I hear ... you calling, calling me Ref: In the middle of ... I hear you call my name Since you came into my life it's

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the black lyrics

honey, Let me see you smile, Don't be look at me funny, ... a better style, See me coming, Don't look the other way, ... Don't start running, You stole my heart away,

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the name of tragedy lyrics

were you ever safe little brother, Do you see the sense of the evidence, are you still part ... of the struggle, Did you bang your ... funky, Lay back and dream, in the death machine, pity you

Rattle Bucket - In the name of god lyrics

back everything you’ve done to my heart ... Take back everything you’ve done I had a ... so much fun and stupid things we’ve done I’ve never ... you’re gone I can’t forgive The reason that changed everything I can’t forgive That you

Sigh - In the mind of a lunatic lyrics

man is searching for a girl to get him ... through the night And with a smile he gets a lady for he knows ... his price is right Off they go into an alley it's just

John Fogerty - In the garden lyrics

the garden of the moon In the garden of the sun In the ... temple of the ages There sits the ancient one With ... a smile on his face And a twinkle in his eye Got a secret in his heart He's got a plan

Circle Takes The Square - In the nervous light of sunday lyrics

invoke the artists of this tragically ... fated tapestry, blistered fingers are tending their loom. ... She collects the strands to braid into life. ... Logging the weft of an ageless, woven infinity, countless raw fibers are

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