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In The Secret In The Quiet lyrics

Browse for In The Secret In The Quiet song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed In The Secret In The Quiet lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to In The Secret In The Quiet.

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Signum Regis - The secret of the sea lyrics

I gaze upon the blue sea All those pleasant ... visions haunt me All the old romantic legends, all my ... dreams They keep coming back to me Like the waves

Esoteric - The secret of the secret lyrics

Ponder Eternity Longing For The Keys Of Time To ... Wrap Me In Their Infinite Knowledge The Incongruous Symphony Crashes ... Through The Waves Of My Thoughts I

A Heartwell Ending - The secret 'between the sheets' lyrics

maybe not so maybe not like the first time, So much like ... scream my name, Believe me the pain subsides when it rains ... outside I swear there screaming from the words that you said

The Afters - The secret parade lyrics

it's right where you'll find us Don't try to bruise us ... me a stranger, we're your brothers and sisters Try to refuse ... gone today We're a part of the secret parade Here tomorrow,

Emery - The secret lyrics

hardly wait to see you again to feel your hands ... covering me til the storm is done what seemed ... to be the end was not the end at all when i hear the rain should i be afraid

Ivory Tower - Secret in me lyrics

leave the ashes of my brutal Past won ... fulfill my future life Deep inside I need to run away from ... Lying, hiding, betraying Crying, denying, pretending Life

Ian Gillan - Secret of the dance lyrics

saw her in the gloom As she moved across the room The animal was burning in her eye She took him by the ... her He wouldn't be the one to satisfy Got to wait

The Divine Comedy - The secret garden lyrics

little to do I furnish my mind with pictures of you Fading ... name Replaced by your face in a big golden frame Take ... me inside you— There I will find you Quietly sleeping;

Haste The Day - The oracle lyrics

My ears hear no sound. Folding between the skin and bone. ... We will hear and know. Folding back our ears and slow grows ... our heart searching for, searching for. Searching for the sound. The secret in

Anguish Force - The puppet in the garret lyrics

guys! What are you doing tonight? I have a nice idea ... In an ordinary day Only for game We ... were on the last floor of the school In the evening Five

Battleroar - The tower of the elephant lyrics

darkness falls on the city of the thieves and starlight kisses ... the golden domes He walks the streets of Arenjun Through the shadows of the Maul Beyond the temples of richness filled

Necromantia - The serpent and the pentagram lyrics

symbolism of chaos And the serpent crawling in dark ... paths In the mirrored chateau of the Worm ... Daimonia dance in pentagrams And a Sumerian ... wizard's chanting Mental spellbinding

Richard Smallwood - I want to know you (in the secret) lyrics

the secret, in the quiet place In the stillness You ... are there In the secret, In the quiet hour I wait, only for ... to know You more I am reaching for the highest goal That I

24k - The secret love lyrics

nuneul matchujyo Manhi tteollineun gaseum chameul su eomneun ... useum Ginjang soge neukkin neoui budeureoum An ... deouk deo gatgo sipeo jineun mam Eorin aicheoreom

Jim Reeves - The shifting whispering sands lyrics

discovered the valley of the shifting whispering sands ... While prospecting for gold in one of our western states. I ... saw the silent windmills, the crumbling water tanks The

Sarah Brightman - The secret still remains lyrics

s a secret about your love That always ... keeps me thinking of How we ease each others' ... pain Only when I feel you near ... on my heart But I am not calling for any redemption And the secret still remains And I

Kassidy - The betrayal lyrics

oh oh oh oh. Gonna sell the secret, in exchange for lies, ... One person's gaining, from a blank demise, Blind ... words are quiet, but can take it all, We

Sash! - The secret lyrics

s a secret 'bout your love That always ... keeps me thinking of how we ease each others ... pain Only when I feel you near ... on my heart but I am not calling for any redemption And the secret still remains And I

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The secret life of arabia lyrics

secret life of Arabia Secret secrets never seen Secret secrets ... ever green I was running at the speed of life ... Through morning's thoughts and fantasies Then I saw your eyes at the

Shedaisy - The secret of christmas lyrics

at the happy people Christmas is in ... the air Well I know the secret of Christmas A secret I'm ... willing to share/ Ohhh yeah, oh ... yeah yeah yeah It's not the glow you feel When snow

Faith Hill - The secret of life lyrics

of guys sittin' around drinkin' Down at the Starlight Bar ... "You know I've been thinking" Other one says, ... welcome to it It's just workin' and drinkin' and dreams Ad

Chava Alberstein - The secret garden lyrics

Veyom echad k'sheyitgaleh hapetach hasodi, vadai nis'mach ve'az nivrach lagan habil'adi. Vesham nichyeh, mah she'omrim shirim shel erev chag, vehistoriah te...

Eric Burdon - The secret lyrics

I watched you walk down to the bayou's edge And gently lay ... your body down Your secret was my secret And it was all ... it Keep it to myself and the power that I felt But

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - Secret life lyrics

and me A cloaked entity within A virtual reality ... and organised To me it's plain to see The hand that's been ... busy Weaving fantasy It's so hard to ... And often we are blind But if truth were an ocean

Brian Eno - The secret place lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Brian Eno - The secret place (av) lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Jeans Boys [Джинсовые мальчики] - Секрет "the secret" lyrics

1 Небо как решето Я под старым зонтом Разбужу дождь кленовым ключом И не видит никто Столько разных цветов. День похожий раскрашу тайком Никому не раскрою секрета Это...

Morgana Lefay - The secret doctrine lyrics

the secret doctrine I have read From the ... has sprung And that the hord of evil is not dead And ... places I have read And secret paths to heaven and hell

Nightmare (fra) - Secret rules (beati paoli) lyrics

hide behind a veil The mighty code of silence I ... ride a masquerade To the sign of the cross, you dance ... I feel the fire for the glory of our society (In nomine dei paoli) I'm the keeper of

The Automatic - Secret police lyrics

your skin, Is a victory, A ... revolution, of hearts and minds. When does a movement ... When your spies with their smiling eyes call in the secret police. Call in the secret

Nancy Sinatra - The last of the secret agents lyrics

from Disney Land But he's the last of the secret agents ... s my man He's an underwhelming kind of sleuth He thinks ... James Bond is some kind of suit He's farther back

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - In my secret life lyrics

my secret life In my secret life In my secret life In ... my secret life I saw you this morning. You were moving so fast. ... seem to loosen my grip On the past. And I miss you so much

Dragonheart - Secret cathedral lyrics

one follows me I just let they follow me They will ... discover the secret The secret, my secret Their ruin lives in my underworld Under the ... ground And far away from the sun The profane cathedral

Malignant Tumour - The secret source lyrics

is some strange thing Thinking about is really odd But who ... has the same drink Can feel the same as God Early in the ... morning Especially if you are drunk

Reba Mcentire - The secret of giving lyrics

struggle and pray for a lifeline Just needing someone To ... show us the way To you, the glass might seem half empty ... to have faith [chorus] If there's just one secret to living

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - In my secret life lyrics

saw you this morning, You were moving so fast. ... t seem to loosen my grip, On the past. And I miss you so much ... There's no one in sight. And we're still making love, In my secret life.

Dashboard Confessional - The secret's in the telling lyrics

With only subtle turns The things we feel alone for one ... another There is a secret that we keep I won't sleep ... sleep Because tonight may be the last chance we'll be given

Lacuna Coil - The secret lyrics

a silver sky, his blood is in my hands (in my hands) I ... he's died But now I'm feeling so strange I know You'd ... better believe That everything you do You can't understand

Manic Depression - The secret dreams lyrics

have seen the secret dreams I have lost my mind, ... I've seen the eternity In my sleep i'm searching for a ... way to find I can control every step of ... my life I have seen the secret dreams Of those who know

Night Ranger - The secret of my success lyrics

of it, I, hold the word in the palm of my hand, Run a comb ... could seem like a dream out the door, With everyday people, ... face down on the floor. I always said I

Palace - Secret signs lyrics

made by man Chemtrails in the sky Clouds of doom bring ... poisoned rain A monster warhorse, the ... Comes straight out of hell The world is standing close to the end Hear the sound of death

Quincy Jones - The secret garden lyrics

me your secret I don't just want to know ... About any secret of yours I wanna know about ... One special secret (oh) Because tonight I ... want you To learn all about the Secrets in your garden I

Quincy Jones - The secret garden (sweet seduction sweet) lyrics

me your secret I don't wanna know about just ... any secret I wanna know about that ... special secret {Oh} Because tonight I want ... you to learn all about the secrets In your garden I wanna read

Scissor Sisters - The secret life of letters lyrics

is the full speed of language When there is nothing to say What's in the air There must be something there But it's not in ... service today Sometimes the neighbors complain The phone

Ian Anderson - The secret language of birds lyrics

sparkling wine is all but empty. Too late ... for trains and no taxis. I know the ... feeling. Seems all too contrived. There was no master plan but the ... must stay with me and learn the secret language of birds.

Eternal Oath - The secret flame lyrics

forgotten worlds, hand in hand Floating on our ... decided to stand Behind this sophisticated outer ... desires forever attempting To reach fullfillness, ... pleasures unawakened In disguise of dreams, in your

Age Of Heaven - The secret lyrics

when only flowers grew on the meadow Behind a peaceful ... hill at the end of the field Every day we met under ... played like children do Dancing over lush grass We weren't

The Dead Brothers - The power a secret holds lyrics

knows more vanish shows In the darkness at the forest A ... spirit browse Do you know the power of secret homes ..

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - The take over the breaks over lyrics

t. And I'll always be waiting in the back room. I'm boring but overcompensate with ... Headlines and flash, flash, flash ... about me. Wouldn't you rather be a widow than a divorcee?

Pennywise - The secret lyrics

children I've got a secret one that they don't want me ... this little message it's the only way you can stay outta ... hell don't ask your parents they ain't gonna tell you cause

The Secret Sisters - The one i love is gone lyrics

you Oh, I love you, my darling But I'll try and let you be ... Goodbye, it's the last You'll hear of me ... a bluebird High on a mountain side And the little bird

Of Montreal - The secret ocean lyrics

and its coast Spills out into the room And it made me think Of how you float away To ... another distant room Embracing the unknown And I wonder ... what You're doing there today Because I'm always

Seventh Wonder - The secret lyrics

him up A fallen lie I find I'm looking back to Days ... forever My time is now The gold You seek to gather Is ... mine to own The secret Still living Has fallen into foreign hands Deciding

Across Silent Hearts - The secret (they called me mozart, but i f***.. lyrics

your part In this play I won't forget I ... keep my patience Wait till the day to start agression ... you'd keep you mouth shut The earthquake will remind you

The Arockalypse - The chainsaw buffét lyrics

got your invitation a family dinner, and ... and it´s all we can eat The steaks ala carte mama makes ... from the heart And my pa´s such a ... for gore Jammed eyes, bleeding herbs Banquet dining is

Oceans Red - The secret window lyrics

me alone and set the poet free You're only blood ... bones You look like a coffin to me (Lies, that's what ... re made of) And my voice is the one that you're afraid of

Rhapsody Of Fire - The pride of the tyrant lyrics

into the fire I will have my sword He ... won one fight but not the total war Hurricanes will ... wipe out the dynasty of Kron The chains of steel can't hold the holy storm Sunshine is

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