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All Good Things - In the nick of time lyrics

s contagious I fought the feeling but I'm done Trying ... to fight this There's no use, its in my blood ... your face Obligated Righting all of their mistakes I

Ac Dc - Nick of time lyrics

track, wrong line First train to run on time Bad blood, ... bad news Long rope, got nothing to lose Mad bull seeing red ... Coming at me, happy when I'm dead

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Nick of time lyrics

track, wrong line First train to run on time Bad blood, ... bad news Long rope, got nothing to lose Mad bull seeing red ... Coming at me, happy when I'm dead

Bonnie Raitt - Nick of time lyrics

I ------- A friend of mine she cries at night, and she ... Calls me on the phone Sees babies everywhere ... she goes and she Wants one of her own. She's waited long

Allen-lande - In the hands of time lyrics

on to my dream Winter is coming to me If there’s a mountain ... I must climb it and that’s the way it must be Day after ... day holding on Night after night out of

Hardline - In the hands of time lyrics

every moment holding on to a dream Staring at an ... come to me And I wonder will the light ever shine on me If it ... s a mountain I must climb then that's the way it must be

Marauder - In the middle of time lyrics

time we live, A point of eternity The only breath we ... have, A drop into the ocean We say we fight, against the evil We're fooling ... ourselves, believe in a lie. Lok in a mirror,

Common - Just in the nick of rhyme lyrics

stickup So throw your hands in the air and say hell yeah I ... tyson, plus I'm fresh-er than the prince of bel air And I ... blossom, in colour is how I'm living see

Darkthrone - The claws of time lyrics

in the Claws of Time Bone Hard Deathsane ... By Angels Beneath the Cruust, Shredding Moans ... Pretenders of Sorrow Elder Perserverance ... Learns Fakers of Deathyearns Killed by

Lord Of The Lost - The sands of time lyrics

my name As if you say it for the last time The last time in ... God he will not hear Cause in our time he's nowhere near ... when we die I am waiting for salvation We can leave

Axenstar - The sands of time lyrics

a time when the world has gone completely ... powermad We find the way to paradise written in the sands of time Waking up to ... another day, with a strong will to

Eruption ( Slovenia ) - The sands of time lyrics

are all caught in the sands of time No one can ever escape ... Whatever we do the end is the same We die we are turned ... born we start to die Such is the nature of time They say it

Exmortus - Left to die in the paradox of time lyrics

creeps in slowly Humanity is lost Time is ripped to shreds Unrelenting horrors Senses hurled and ... tossed Hanging by a thread Careening ... through the vortex Your mind is torn apart A universe

Lin -the End Of Corruption World- - Lost in the mist of time lyrics

s in the window ? My silhouette Watch be ... lost in thought. Write, on window misted over. You, ... message for you, please. The world where you weakens and

Pandora - The sands of time lyrics

walk in silence Below a rainy sky I find my self in a ... 'Cause I've been trying hard to make you speak In ... a monolouge since you're out of reach We're dyin' flames of yesterday I hope you'll find

Avian - The depths of time lyrics

in the grand universe Reside the ones that control it all ... Across the millions they ate the first To witness what ... becomes of our world Light years away

Redemption - The fullness of time iii: release lyrics

here surrounded By the pieces of my life Would it ... die Dreams piled high On the back of this broken man Is ... Born to fall? Or to rise again? So much pain and

After All - The great divide lyrics

it up, don't be afraid of what you're doing now Make ... it all worthwile this time Centre all the attention ... that was given to You alone in a world divine With a grin

Cheyenne Kimball - The day has come lyrics

ve been down inside waiting around It really makes you ... tired letting another year passing by us by Time ... why, don't know why So weak in my head, you hold me back, I

Mcdonnell Charlie - In the absence of christmas lyrics

in the living room, staring at the decorations Feels so ... out of place in this house Sucking on a toffee apple, munching on some ... pumpkin pie Seems so out of place in his mouth Such incongruous cuisine, he eats a

Danger Silent - In and out of time lyrics

looks like we don't know anything about this track! Can you

Hevilan - The end of time lyrics

End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe ... End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe ... End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe

And One - The consequence of time lyrics

re going grey, we're going frail Like the walls The ... walls around us pictures of the past The telephone that ... never rings The postman he never brings The

Chronology - The eye of time lyrics

The time the ages – they're waiting for me Like a ... like pages – and I will read them all They'll show the ... and regret are all behind me now Don't want me to

Decrepit Birth - The quickening of time lyrics

voids of space within the pockets of time Countless ... spheres of resistance... coincide Recreated within the ... five planes Reflect the image of each other And the endless planes beyond

Sandra lyricsSandra - The wheel of time lyrics

say, my laughter wasn't real Time to cry 'bout you inside And ... I don't know where I'll find you But I feel inside of me ... Something's around, it showed me love

Emmure - The philosophy of time travel lyrics

awaken to another day (She's nameless, she's ... faceless) The beating of my heart serves as a clock ... (Watching our loved ones decay as we ... slowly die unloved) Ticking closer towards my death These words I've shared These things I've felt They are meaningless Life is meaningless

Dean Martin - The test of time lyrics

I know the kiss we share Is sweet ... compare But will it stand the test of time The lovely glow ... that's in your eyes The music in your sighs Oh will they stand the test of time Time changes mountains time

John Frusciante - The battle of time lyrics

may be far at all I've got these clothes to deceive me I've ... s bigger I've got a man on the side You'll see my lie ... can die You've got a mountain beneath you You're always

Hittman - The test of time lyrics

t burn your bridges down again You'll have no way to get ... back home The long and endless road is far ... behind you And hearts of ice they melt alone The hidden

Lisa Germano - In the land of fairies lyrics

Who was that stupid ogre Messing with my head? Somebody ... joker It was only me Thinking I was dead Don’t have time ... to be here That’s the place for me Don’t have time

Redemption - The fullness of time ii: despair lyrics

Alone with your betrayal There's no way to feel secure ... Anymore Broken Crushed in soul and spirit With no way ... to set things right again CHORUS Gone You have

Argus - The hands of time are bleeding lyrics

hands of time are bleeding Drawing the hours from me ... this world from me For these forlorn eyes wish not to ... see Blind My Eyes Blind My Heart Dreams that once

Chemical Vocation - The test of time lyrics

a picture with your mind, frame me off for further ... thoughts of past and youth. The city ... before, like that I was something more. Well, give it a try

Dropkick Murphys - In the streets of boston lyrics

I'm a streetwise man. Going nowhere with my life. Careening toward an early death, a ... streetwise man; On the corner every night chorus: ... impact, why don't you brace - the end is coming, no time for

Helion Prime - The ocean of time lyrics

your story could change If time didn't limit your life to one ... would you visit if you held the key Imagine the greatness of all you would see Traveling in time isn't out of our

Naomi King - The matter of time lyrics

I fell in love too fast Maybe I've ... lost my mind, (hey, hey-yeah) Maybe this ... won't last Maybe I'm running out of time, (hey, hey-yeah) ... just felt my whole world changing And then when I held you

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The vampyre of time and memory lyrics

me home 'Cause I'm all alone in this crowd Who are you to me ... sure anymore Where's this going to? Can I follow through? ... right? I feel no love Ain't no confusion here, it is as

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - The hands of time lyrics

time is running It's running so fast that you don't ... notice years are passing by And you're growing ... to all your dreams? Did they become true at all? We

Colton Dixon - In and out of time lyrics

is waiting He's always pulling me And present's worth saving But the past is haunting me ... I wanna live out of time But I know it could run out ... out on me I wanna love out of time Wanna turn it around

Redemption - The fullness of time i: rage lyrics

down by the persons that I trusted ... Robbed of dignity and left for dead I ... feel unmeasurable anger building in me Emptiness and rage ... begin to burn inside my head Once I was a

Scelerata - The spell of time lyrics

a life time Could be shorter than a ... moment Longer than a sigh The measure of a dream Beyond infinity Against the spell of ... cannot hide You're a slave of fortune You want glory and

Armory - The eyes of time lyrics

are you now? Why can't I find? Are you the essence of ... change in my mind? Doesn't life feel ... prearranged, Destined to make me choose? But I ... believe I will to be Seeing through the eyes of time

Avalanch - In the name of god lyrics

Have you ever felt my pain? Have you ever felt this ... heart of mine? Have you ever seen ... is your god? Who is your father? Who is your lord? Who is

Freak Kitchen - The smell of time lyrics

try and try No matter what Minutes still fly by We try so ... hard Ain't worth a dime There's no escape From the smell ... of time Smell of time Bingo, baby, you just won a Prius

Jamie Christopherson - The stains of time lyrics

away the anger Here I stand beneath ... The warm and soothing rain The droplets falling Gently down ... on the terrain Wash away the sorrow All the stains of time But there’s no memory It’s

Marshall Law - The sands of time lyrics

colLide Walls of light divide Travelling ... through thr astral plane The vortex opens wide Judgement ... fear Sentence passed before the crime Youe end is drawing

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - In the blink of an eye lyrics

Long before I learned to breathe Sometimes I feel disappointed By the way I spend my time ... How can I further Your kingdom When I'm so wrapped up in ... mine In a Blink of an eye that is when I'll be

Score In Sight - The sense of time lyrics

without dreams That´s the stuff I was used to Just ... like that was everything And I couldn´t escape ... world I wanted to do something great But instead of

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - In the arms of sleep lyrics

come to this lonely heart There are some things I'll live ... I steal a kiss from her sleeping shadow moves Cause I'll ... I need someone to ease my mind But sometimes a someone is

Aeternus - The essence of the elder lyrics

the dismay of the world behind traveling in the essence of ... chaos time and matter dissolving about me a journey beyond ... pulses with a thousand years of existence standing proud

Bloodbound - In the dead of night lyrics

so mighty and strong Now time will tell the story Carved ... by wind and the rain There is no fame or glory Now there is only pain Kill the ... betrayed your blood Save the unholy cross Waste the son

Cece Winans - The test of time lyrics

name I hold your fate I am the one who created you I own the world Yes, it's all mine So ... If you just rest and trust in me Always remember that I am

69 Chambers - The collapse of time and space lyrics

t love, love at first sight In dark chambers that night The ... twin offspring of a mating Between beast and daughter ... Of a decayed family What use

Coheed And Cambria - In the flame of error lyrics

hate everything I am becoming. This change is torture There is never enough to give ... take, and this I wage When the ground parts from below Will ... it feel so? How can I gain from another when the other

F.o.b. - In the name of the good we spread evil lyrics


Nocturnal Depression - In the arms of fog lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fou...

Redemption - The fullness of time iv: transcendence lyrics

The smoke has finally cleared And I can see the wreckage of my past that lies ... to me And I have learned the Truth behind the lies and the lies behind the truth

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