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Nightmares - In the mouth of madness (ft. tyler carter) lyrics

can see the light even though I can't ... my world will change Standing on the edge of the world I ... can see everything from across the distance ... Never finding anything but a lie Then I realized I

Sacred Steel - In the mouth of madness lyrics

is the new Bible Wretched Sanctity ... Gather the Disciples Madness reigns supreme Take heed, the new Religion Spreading like ... Disease The Hunter now the Victim The Elder Ones break

Overload - In the mind of a slayer lyrics

me to slaughter I just love the blood and the pain I’m an ... artist for the insane I slice cut eat brain ... blood flow eyeball I tear the bodies to pieces I possess the flesh that I slice As I cut

Sigh - In the mind of a lunatic lyrics

man is searching for a girl to get him ... through the night And with a smile he ... he knows his price is right Off they go into an alley it's ... just around the bend But one's not coming

Madness - Madness (is all in the mind) lyrics

a lot to say You'll never find me in a hurry Because I ... m crazy But I'm not that way inclined I know what I know and ... I'll happily show That madness is all in the mind Twenty

Nightmare (fra) - The spiral of madness lyrics

away in the brain, spiral... Madnes... I ... never know when the need is calling Another pile ... face, it's time to leave again Stand at the door, it's a ... new beginning Just another state, that you can't

Anaal Nathrakh - Terror in the mind of god lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Anathema - In the name of the father lyrics

Dream:] In the world of my subconscious, a realm of the unknown a vision is carved ... by the almighty hand The agony of a thousand souls ... life itself released unto the lord by his command. My

Orchid - The mouths of madness lyrics

in shadows down Searching for your prey Spiders of ... deception weave Spiraling in shadows down Searching for ... your prey Spiders of deception weave The web in

Asgard ( Ita ) - The seal of madness lyrics

was a rainy night Thunders lit the sky ... The streets were desert The electric trembling light I ... couldn’t hear the footsteps behind And when I ... back it was just too late There was a figure, half man and

G.b.h. - The seed of madness lyrics

your head's exploding and your vision blurred, the teasing torture when anger is ... spurred. When the bats in your belfry won't let you ... sleep, incessant insomnia or does it go more deep

Mercenary - In a river of madness lyrics

can't take it Is there ever an end for me? Once ... sane, driven to madness Once alive, now so numb ... like nails upon blackboards The way you scream at me Was there ever a time I loved you?

Julie Laughs Nomore - In the ashes of the midnight sun lyrics

quot;It's when the day erase the night and the light will last ... forever, the evil seek its shelter inside the dark dwell of a human heart. ... Twisting the mind with desire and a never-ending hunger. In the ashes of the midnight sun your soul will

Ragnarok - The beast of madness lyrics

My flame is burning! It's burning higher Look into my demon eyes. Watch me ... Faces so cold as ice! I am the face of madness and pleasure ... I am the face of death and terror "Say

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - In the arms of love lyrics

feel your heartache I see the trace of the tears you have ... cried The silent sound of the hurt left unspoken You were ... have someone to hold you In the arms of love, heaven´s

K.d. Lang - The mind of love lyrics

to myself Causing great concern for my health ... Where is your head I’m trying hard to escape This ... will arrive soon And cure these self induced wounds Why

Dream Theater - In the presence of enemies pt 1 lyrics

saw a white light Shining there before me Walking to it I ... waited for the end A final vision Promising salvation ... still wait for your God And the symbol of your faith? I

Root - In the heart of darkness lyrics

of hate are weaving With roots of spite and ... evil. Coursing mass of matter Lento changing color ... What will be spawned in following while? What will

Gama Bomb - In the court of general zod lyrics

sadistic aplomb Moon villainess rules by his side A brute ... force of evil serves in mute pride With lofty ideas, ... dictator from space Using his lasers, the past he'll

Anachronaeon - The darkness in the corner of my eyes lyrics

is something in my head I see glimpses of it ... it has grown stronger forbidding me to feel at ease It ... faces on every reflecting surface Sometimes it

Madness - In the middle of the night lyrics

man George, newsagent on the corner, Not very rich, but ... tunes as he saunters down the street, Springs in his legs ... and elastic in his feet. But in the

Dream Theater - In the presence of enemies pt 2 lyrics

tired pilgrim Into the circle We have been waiting ... Everyone's gathered for your arrival All the ... bleed for us I've been waiting for you, Weary preacher man

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The mind of a grimes lyrics

down ready to end it all. Coming this far can't be a nothing. ... Flirting with death everyday, but we ... this blood makes. Digging the graves for the Valleydale saints. Farewell comes when your

Martin Garrix lyricsMartin Garrix - In the name of love ft. bebe rexha lyrics

hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would you ... walk in? Would you let me do it first ... Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead

Juno Reactor - Mind of the free lyrics

the middle of nowhere Gravity no longer ... or asleep I hear a voice calling Follow me In the mind of the free Follow

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - In the name of love (feat. martin garrix) lyrics

hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would you ... walk in? Would you let me do it first ... Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - In the name of love (feat. martin garrix) lyrics

hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would you ... walk in? Would you let me do it first ... Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead

Miracle Of Sound - The mind of the bat (batman song) lyrics

that Does anyone really know the mind of the Bat? I live the ... shadows, I work in the shade A cape and a mask, a ... Can you tell me I'm not insane? Sometimes I get this

The Beach Boys - In the back of my mind lyrics

m blessed with everything A world to which a man can ... cling So happy times when I break ... out in tears In the back of my mind I still have my fears ... I make her happy just living so plain In the back of my mind I'm 'fraid it's gonna change

The Rembrandts - In the back of your mind lyrics

me, but this I somehow knew There'd come a day she'd leave me ... lonely, as I was sure the sky is blue By the time I ... woke the mornin', she was already up and gone

Shai Hulud - In the mind and marrow lyrics

puncture the skin and fracture the bone, The ... present pain insists we are mortal. Brother, ... a hammer to the knees disarms even the ... humanity. A sentient form of heart and bone, Of warmth

Balflare - In the end of journey lyrics

memory is gone Absorbed in the white wall My memory return ... Falling down from the above My mind is chained ... With the ancient fighter My mind is free From the future

Cales - In the landscape of mind lyrics

life is a flight across the azure skies I'm soaring in ... elation And swooping into the blood-red sunset Not to lose ... my strength In the landscape of my Mind I roam Throught the

Darkwater - In the blink of an eye lyrics

winter, ice and snow One last ... breath then leave forever Once more she ... A dream she knows well A feeling of sorrow just won't leave ... away He leaves his home in anger and dismay He leaves

Chumbawamba - In the thick of it lyrics

twenty-three Some pieces of my mind I can be so happy ... just lying down Back to the brown, looking up at the ... clear summer's night i can think wow! Well, i don't even

Darkane - In the absence of pain lyrics

through the nervous system Your body ... does not respond Failing neural connections ... Communications with the outside world Living in the absence of pain Never feeling a thing No way to sense injuries sustained Trapped within this shell Shattered mind,

Roadside Story - In the eye of the wind lyrics

man mind full of great ideas You're gonna ... change the world It's written in the ... stars Feels like nothing could ever stop you "I ... what I do and I never give in" Being one of them

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - In the arms of sleep lyrics

come to this lonely heart There are some things I'll live ... I steal a kiss from her sleeping shadow moves Cause I'll ... me I need someone to ease my mind But sometimes a someone is

Behemoth - In the garden of dispersion lyrics

ye hill where ye sun behind horizon hides there is ... nothing except our breaths and ... crux of events and some crux ov our ... on ye hill where shadow wings fell wind rose ye to song

Blindside - In the air of the truth lyrics

m waiting for You Until you give my ... spirit wings I'm waiting for You Until winter breaks ... into spring In the air of truth I held up my bruised ... heal it For my soul to breathe only before thee Let me

Marauder - In the middle of time lyrics

time we live, A point of eternity The only breath we ... have, A drop into the ocean We say we fight, against the evil We're fooling ... ourselves, believe in a lie. Lok in a mirror,

The Perishers - In the blink of an eye lyrics

I tell you to leave it all behind Didn´t I tell you to let it ... slip your mind Didn´t I tell you to let it ... I know love can turn to hate in the blink of an eye Another

Setherial - In the still of a northern fullmoon lyrics

night, growes of north; my dark abode All ... sences set to mind as moonlight lits the snow ... At one with the night of nocturnal existence the ... stars; my as hate inside me grows I've walked the earth, I've seen the stars

Bloodbound - In the dead of night lyrics

strong Now time will tell the story Carved by wind and the rain There is no fame or ... glory Now there is only pain Kill the one Who ... betrayed your blood Save the unholy cross Waste the son

Fleshcrawl - In the dead of night lyrics

over bodies - One by one They got sliced - By this bastard ... son Helpless victim of an unreal horror mind In one ... second takes you to the other side Is it just a dream -

Allen-lande - In the hands of time lyrics

on to my dream Winter is coming to me If there’s a mountain ... I must climb it and that’s the way it must be Day after ... day holding on Night after night out of

Andromeda ( Swe ) - In the deepest of waters lyrics

the depths I saw something beckoning me An ugly shape ... deep down in the sea In the corner of my eye, an inner ... world so blind But I know, yes I know; it

Black Messiah - In the name of ancient gods lyrics

an eye, my ravens, On mankind and on my precious world ... is broken Human race forgot their roots Prophets came from ... southern realms With words full of

Burning Point - In the fires of my self-made hell lyrics

my limitations I'm a friend of pain I'm afraid your ... expectations Will drive me insane Crawlspace of a ... different kind Deep in the heart of a twisted mind I

Dead Infection - In the name of gore lyrics

your empty soul apart, in the name of the holy gore. ... existence gives belief for the dead, uncertain step without ... a chance of life, rips your f***ing

Dreariness - In the deep of your eyes lyrics

in the deep of your eyes I see a sad ... goodbye? Will thousands of my prays defeat one of my ... fears? In my nightmares, in my dreams, in my mind ... plough through a glimmer of hope This cold and new day

Seventh Wonder - In the blink of an eye lyrics

before my eyes No light In darkest night My mind it ... Dreams of those who fall asleep This ... You why You have cast me into night Neverending distant

First Arsch - In the name of love lyrics

lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that ... shame? How can you please me then torture And tease me and do ... it in the name of love? Don't you know how to

Orphanage - In the garden of eden lyrics

a land of milk and honey You've been there in your dreams but it ... exists There is no shame, only love and ... And lust will be satisfied in ecstasy Flowers fill the

Slayer - In the name of god lyrics

Music & Lyrics: King) I want to Invite you ... To myself Saturate you Infest you Betray you ... For my lies... Lies Lies in the name of God [Lead: King] I take you I play you

Anubis Gate - In the comfort of darkness lyrics

In the twilight gloaming
 I glimpsed your silhouette ... In the shroud of midnight 
I heard you call my ... name
 In the first cold light of dawn 

Harry Belafonte - In the name of love lyrics

lives and grows without rain? What brings a smile that ... How can you please me then torture And tease me and do ... it in the name of love? Don't you know how

Brown Brigade - In the mouth of baddness lyrics

anums deep in trainfare, alond the path to ... forged with blues to serve their , Charges of peace not ... warfare. Into The Mouth he goes. You've got ... to know In to The mouth of badd(d)ness he goes Those

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - In the eye of the sun lyrics

the eye of the sun, before the world had begun Taking it ... easy, I was having some fun Loafin' and a jokin', it was all energy No ... such thing as you and or me No time,

Galadriel - In the garden of lost shades lyrics

on the crying engraved name Hot like my ... memories Black stone down in my pain Dev in eyes of my ... tears Blood on flowers of deads Lost shades are sleeping in the dark There's no wind in my face Cemetery's the

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