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Clutch - The great outdoors! lyrics

All You Lasses In Parnassus Swallowing Swords, ... Shooting Out Fire At Us Heathen Hordes, I Was Thinking ... Something Before I Began, But Then ... Of My Hands. Now I Do My Drinking From Bamboo Straws,

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The great outdoors! lyrics

Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text.Neobsahuje text....

3 Inches Of Blood - The great hall of feasting lyrics

the day breaks and the battle hour approaches Many ... cries will echo through the hills Be not afraid your ... sacrifice is not in vain The God's reward for dying with

Hammerfall - The fire burns forever lyrics

burn… Danced with the devil Now your soul is ... bruised and scarred There ain't no pride and dignity Weaving down the rust paved ... you'd be immortalized The moral of your story, what

Crescent Shield - The great devoid lyrics

masses are following something that they can not see...but ... once did believe...but no more Scream you'll hear no ... answers Incantations give no cause Pray

Pierce The Veil - Tangled in the great escape (feat. jason butl.. lyrics

is good, we close our eyes They all accept the lie So ... what you want outside Brother, promise you won't leave me ... I know you're tortured within Your eyes look hungry again

Demonical - The great praise lyrics

of a monumental collapse Going down The touch of a smothering spirit touches no one no more Existence The path of the ... wretched exposed The final high A sparking dance

Killswitch Engage - The great deceit lyrics

the outcry, raise the signal of distress. We are ... compromised They have silenced our dissent. ... hate of deceit How many more will die before we realize the truth has been disguised?

Pantera - The great southern trendkill lyrics

s wearing on my mind, I'm speaking all my ... You rob a dead mans grave, Then flaunt it like you did ... If I hit bottom and everythings gone In the great

Charlie Winston - The great conversation lyrics

Abend, Herr Beethoven With these words I’ve interwoven inspiration from Moonlight Since you parted much has changed ... but your melodies remain Like flamingos in full

Iamx - The great shipwreck of life lyrics

Play with me, You can make the love and I'll make the money, ... Stay with me, Shut out the world, live underneath the ... you just be pretty. To the brave and the petrified, We

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - The great white ocean lyrics

with me my mama when I dive in the ocean of death I will ... with me my sister when I dive in the great white ocean We ... must try, try to find a way that we can see See

Holding Onto Hope - Your path was in the great waters lyrics

the waters saw you oh God. The depths trembled. The clouds ... poured out water. The skies sent out a sound. ... Arrows flashed abroad. The voice of your thunder was in the whirlwind. Lightning lit up

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The great below lyrics

at the sea Will she come? Is there hope for me After all is ... said and done Anything at any price All of this ... for you All the spoils of a wasted life All

Clutch - Walking in the great shining path of monster .. lyrics

I Crashed A Cadillac Through The Gates Of Hell And Returned ... Hang Like A Hex On A Barn Grind The Guardrail Like A Nail On ... A File Above And Beyond The Hole Nine Yards Well I

Mighty Oaks - The great northwest lyrics

my love you found me at the right time My heart was lost ... to you at the first sight On the seaside ... Oh we found our way In the great northwest Yeah we lost our

Iron Mask - Forever in the dark lyrics

oho-oho-oho Do you believe in heaven Deliverance and ... forgiveness The christening holy water (Is) freezing ... when saviours falter Forever in the dark, forever in a

Slough Feg - The great ice wars lyrics

have warned the villagers in the silent smokes they breathe ... Shadows of their nemesis abounding in the ... Forgotten and forlorn South winds bind and blow us through The ravaged steppes they've torn

Dream Evil - In the night lyrics

through the ashes to fight for the ... legions of hell Blinded by madness in fire and ... and I need it to live Need the steel. It's the key to the ... it to lead Never kneel. I'm the only king you'll need IN THE NIGHT. Bounded by leather IN THE NIGHT. Su

Seven Kingdoms - The king in the north lyrics

eldest son of the Starks Rides now to a wedding day Against the tugging of ... his heart To fulfill the oath he had betrayed For the North For this war For his

Alan Parsons Project - In the real world lyrics

more compromise I won't be making One more easy way out I won ... t be taking So many chances don't come ... eyes are made of ice One more cheating hand I won't be shaking One more substitute I won

Protoje - In the streets (interlude) lyrics

all I hear Is children playing in the streets Watch them ... playing in the streets And they at peace and they are free ... If they can see it then why can't we I see them

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - The great forever lyrics

pleased with what you're diggin' I'm just busy livin' my ... Sources say but where ya gettin' it Don't create the truth ... strange to you What you think it don't mean nothing at all

Dala - The great escape lyrics

was a paperback I’d skip the boring chapters, but life ... work like that and this is the morning after. Will I, ... love you forever? Will I, no matter the weather? I, I’m not a pretender

Allen-lande - The great divide lyrics

I feel alone The days turn to nights, so cold ... I cry your name Tonight again The flame The great divide ... My heart is breaking in two The great divide Before the fall

Breaking Benjamin - The great divide lyrics

me all through the night I am the last light ... fading Leave all the lost souls behind Show me the silence breaking And when ... I will be right here waiting And when your dreams return

Nocturnal Graves - The great adversary lyrics

of justice will come crushing down At the dawn of iron ... nemesis It is I, Satan, the Dragon I Look within into the endless Abyss Seeking the ... keys to the Gates To open them is to ascend as a God of the

Kamelot (usa) - The great pandemonium lyrics

silent shore I spoke to God The sun is down Assemble the great pandemonium War One more ... down by the brook of Babylon One more ... down in accordance with my fate One

Myriads - The day of wrath lyrics

shadows we fall into the great beyond Lost in the veil of ... souls to become darkness in light Floating in a whirl of ... evil betrayal Dolo malo Sinking rapidly into eternity

Band Of Horses - The great salt lake lyrics

of the boat was painted wrecking ball There was country ... music playing but he don’t like it all There was whiskey bottle spilling ... of salt Well look out back there was a note on the door it

Celtibeerian - The great feast lyrics

Hey! Hey! The feast needs our biggest table ... All the drink that we are able Lots of ... to hire And hunted meat by the bonfire Wanna drink beer? ... Wanna eat meat? What a great feast! Wanna drink some wine

Funeral For A Friend - The great wide open lyrics

from the bridges, Like a bird perched ... on a branch, I'm wilting like a tree, That will ... gun held high, Where does the crow fly, Soul soldier with ... you follow it home, For the road that we walk has no more miles left to talk, Stories

Impending Doom - The great fear lyrics

cause I can feel him breathing Over the horizon comes hell ... arms wide open As I embrace the apocalypse This is what you ... as fear He’s here… This is The Great Fear! (Chorus) I

Bane Of Winterstorm - The black wind of morthion lyrics

“I have come for your kingdom You will fall to your ... knees in agony as your sons are ... our land From Ravenhall their legions came Take your ... blade, we will stand My brother; Haldir of the North

Dead Kennedys - The great wall lyrics

Wall of China It's so big it's seen from ... outer space Put there to keep starving neighbors ... Locked outside the gates What's changed ... today? Empires hoard more than they need And peasants

Evil Masquerade - The final goodbye lyrics

how the time flies by Why did we ... waste it acting shy Stay with me as I shed ... It breaks my heart cause the end is near Goodbye blue sky ... Goodbye friends Ain't that a shame When tears

Gloria Gaynor - The luckiest girl in the world lyrics

I got you, honey I must be the luckiest girl in the world ... touch you, honey I must be the luckiest girl in the world ... Like a happy ending in a picture show, yeah You're the one who takes me where I

Moloko - Forever more lyrics

if I drown in this sea of devotion Just a ... oceans Feel it furious The fire burns on Let there be ... love Everlasting And it will live eternally ... we receive without ever asking? I’m just curious Got to

Alex Goot - The great vendetta lyrics

been searching for longer than they’ve ... [been force feeding their advertisement to those] ... are scared of life and- how theirs will turn out and this

Forgive Durden - The great affair is to move lyrics

lands. I'll pump through these Twisted blood streams To ... apart. I'm a newborn taking my first steps. Eyes ... bloated like beach balls, They'll surely pop. Pop! All

Bal-sagoth - The dreamer in the catacombs of ur lyrics

dream. We had not heeded the warnings of the ancients, and ... now we would pay the price... here, within the ... catacombs of Ur. Lost within the lightless catacombs of Ur

Janick Thibault - The great escape (boys like girls) lyrics

plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its ... goodbye But we got one more night Lets get drunk and ... Forget yesterday Well make the great escape We wont hear a

Emmy Rossum - The great divide lyrics

across the great divide See the war behind your eyes Finally ... slow, the racing clock Try so hard to make ... it stop Are you listening Are you listening Are you

Amasic - The great escape - boys like girls lyrics

plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its ... goodbye But we got one more night Lets get drunk and ... Forget yesterday Well make the great escape We wont hear a

Anata - The great juggler lyrics

to be admired But in the eyes of others, another clown ... Spending and spoiling his energy Forever lost in ... reverie Joined the circus at seventeen For many

Boys Like Girls - The great escape lyrics

plastic hearts All are belongings in shopping carts Its ... goodbye But we got one more night Lets get drunk and ... Forget yesterday Well make the great escape We wont hear a

Mandy Capristo - The great divide lyrics

.till about .... And everything..with this is meant to be ... Let´s take this ride And together we facingthe world Doin´things nobody tell them before

The 69 Eyes - Forever more lyrics

a while ever since The wildest of the winds Been ... whispering About you again Been a while ever since The wildest of winds Started ... whispering About you again Feel my heartbeat Like

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - The great escape lyrics

SEOHYUN: Choukou de sura minoga sazu ni konasu The great ... de TAEYEON: issho nara shinpai nai tte, HYOYEON, SEOHYUN: ... sou shinjite TAEYEON: hanshou suru

Omnium Gatherum - The great liberation lyrics

to one Understanding Two to be come Its never ... ending A PART OF THE SEEING Is within forever AND NEVER ... Bits of us are falling like fecies AND THEY ARE A

Artillery - The great lyrics

Into Satans armpit I will crawl ... to seek my vengeance The ressurection of his evil ... world The sailor lost at sea, look for the sun and moon to guide me I

Billy Joel - The great wall of china lyrics

It's yours to keep cause opinions are free Nobody knows ... about the trouble I've seen Nobody's ... much and takes too long to find out too late Some words are

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The great event lyrics

ś going to happen very soon. The great event which will end the horro. Wchich will end the ... sorrow. Nex Tuesday, when the sun goes down, I will play the Moonlight Sonata backwards.

Dionysus - Forever more lyrics

I'm down and out without the strength to carry on The sun ... done Will I ever see you again, just one last time? Anyhow ... I cannot feel any peace of mind All around the world the

Domain - The great rebellion lyrics

m spending my days, they rush like a stream with a ... out like hell people spreading ideas like they're under a ... spell and as I'm understanding, just what it is, theyre

Dreamscape - The violet flame forever lyrics

on Faces in the distance Change will come ... Hear it whisper Waiting for the gifts Healing your ... Study on… And catch the wisdom More than light More than sight Cause we’re the

The Dubliners - The last of the great whales lyrics

torn from me And I am bleeding My heart it has been rent ... And I am crying All the beauty around me fades And I ... am screaming I am the last of the great whales And

Elvis Costello - The great unknown lyrics

Danny Boy for a ride From the arms of his bride to be ... Threw him into the murky waters By the dog ... biscuit factory Quick dry the tears and stifle cheers As

Eye Empire - The great deceiver lyrics

You feel me Under your skin You feel me Can You Feel Me ... Now... ? You are the great deceiver And I'm a believer ... (The hopeless one) The one and only You are a great

Flame - The great deception lyrics

ception... ception... See the king and the queen, they were ... under bosses Ruling everything, their dominion was ... (Now let every creeping thing) except for God himself And

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