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In The Dead Of Night Coming To Get lyrics

Browse for In The Dead Of Night Coming To Get song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed In The Dead Of Night Coming To Get lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to In The Dead Of Night Coming To Get.

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Aglarond - In the dead of night lyrics

Here in Dead of Night, I See your Shadow, Walking Through Gloomy Halls, I ... you Disappear. Stand Here in Dead of Night, I see your ... Shadow, Walking Through Deepest Night, I

Krokus - In the dead of night lyrics

you hear the call from the darker side, you shiver ... is up, even though you're too young to die Slippin' away, ... down a hole, you're praying for forgiveness Confessing

Deadnight - In the dead of night lyrics

of the dawn, open up their eyes Morbid human hunt, it ... shall begin tonight Exterminate the weak, kill everyone ... done, no man will be alive In the dead of night the fires

Bloodbound - In the dead of night lyrics

see your shadow crawl Back to where you belong You saved ... strong Now time will tell the story Carved by wind and the rain There is no fame or ... glory Now there is only pain Kill the one Who

Fleshcrawl - In the dead of night lyrics

over bodies - One by one They got sliced - By this bastard ... son Helpless victim of an unreal horror mind In one ... second takes you to the other side Is it just a dream -

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The dead of night lyrics

re the horniest boys With the corniest ploys Who take the ... easiest girls To our sleaziest worlds With ... our lecherous plans In our treacherous hands You'd

Ian Gillan - Dead of night lyrics

we went to the door I was asking for more So she reached out ... and turned off the light Then her daddy called To mind the lecherous lout Who was a ... monster in the dead of night So I went away home Feeling

Born From Pain - Dead of night lyrics

loose in the dead of night Broken silence ends Found ... long lost salvation In a last act of despair ... delight Salvation - at the end embraced by light

Hey Marseilles - Dead of night lyrics

ve been walking in the dead of night Looking down, looking ... right The morning's rays and I'll be all right ... I've been sailing on a dozen seas Searching

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - In the hue of night lyrics

night falls, the unveilment of sublime visions behold. What ... verity conceives its mold in the hue of night. Upon ... ashen wings in pallid gloomy light your

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - In the late of night lyrics

was for life I did not think that I Would hear you say ... And I always heard you led another life I doubted every time ... I guess my love was blind Cause in my eyes Love was

Inkubus Sukkubus - Dead of the night lyrics

can´t fight the hunger, it drags you to ... destruction You´re lost in the madness; a slave to your evil ... Found again in the darkness; and damned to the

Erasure lyricsErasure - Dead of night lyrics

ve been off beaten tracks You've been ... dried up Hung out on the run around And you took all the light Out of my eyes and my ... How do you see yourself in the darkness? How do you see

Lordi - The children of the night lyrics

hid them under the floor; for they being here made me sore And ... on that day I felt kinda hazy Now they still gotta ... be there, ´cos there not going anywhere Whith severed

Nightshade - Dead of night lyrics

can be no hope in your heart Spectre of death ... your heels Here now he calls to you Let me take your life ... and you'll never die There is no reason to fear I

Phantom ( Usa ) - Dead of night lyrics

to scream the words run dry At times it ... seems the world has dies There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Darkness devours the ... your hair so now you're running scared You hide your eyes

Queen - The march of the black queen lyrics

aah You've never seen nothing like it no never in your ... life. Like going up to heaven and then coming back ... me tell you all about it (If the world will so allow it) Ooh

Laibach - In the army now lyrics

vacation in a foreign land Uncle Sam ... does the best he can You're in the army now You're in the ... now Now you remember what the draft-man said Nothing to do

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - In the army now (status quo cover) lyrics

vacation in a foreign land Uncle Sam ... does the best he can You‘re in the army now Oh, oh, you‘re in the army now Now you ... remember what the draftman said: "Nothing

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - In the army now lyrics

vacation in a foreign land Uncle Sam ... does the best he can You're in the army now Oh, oh, you're in the army now Now you ... remember what the draft-man said Nothing to do

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The shade in the shadow lyrics

Deris) You're reaching out in the dead of night ... Searching for my hand Your know I'm there in the waste of shadows I ... m your pain and friend I hear your

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In the heat of the moment lyrics

nah nah nah nah nah nah They tell me you've touched the ... face of God . At the sound of a rope cracking on your neck. ... They tell me you never give it up

Phantom ( Usa ) - The pleasure of pain lyrics

the dead of night I hear the whispered cry of the tale - they softly sing of the suffering Beware the hunger Shining in their eyes Love in vein - the pleasure of pain Lacey curtains wave To the wind in vain In slow motion silently I'm

Elbow lyricsElbow - The blanket of night lyrics

cup of the boat Heaving chest of the sea Carry both ... Carry her, carry me From the place we were born To the ... land of the free Carry both of us Carry her, carry me The ocean That bears us from our

Deicide - In the minds of evil lyrics

obsession in a world of betray Taunted into silence ... and the bury the rage Deep depression ... darkness fed pull the tigger count the dead ... Contradict of faith out to devastate Crazed disposition

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - The battle of evermore lyrics

of Light took her bow, And then she turned to go, The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom ... And walked the night alone. Oh, dance in the ... dark of night, Sing to the morning light. The dark

Miia - In the light of love lyrics

to ride The one journey I'm already there I'm magnetized It's pullin' me Like God to a prayer ... My fire burns across the endless sky I raise my hands

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Dead of the night lyrics

as I sit on my own, I still think I can hear you I can't ... stand all this being alone, I just gotta be near ... you I don't know if you're coming back, sometimes I could

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - The line lyrics

But a dirty black cloud coming out of the blue I was wrong ... right I'm a blood moon born in the dead of night Break my ... All I ever wanted was a body to share Heart's gone cold

Beneath The Sky - Respect for the dead lyrics

re coming to get you Barbara!!! Como esta, ... Bitches!!! We're here to spread disease, Get you in ... you can. Do not look back, They march in numbers, As they

Boyinaband - Dead fast rap lyrics

here - In the dead of night I’m thinking one of us will ... die here Looking dead frightened Better not fight ... ‘cause I bet You knew from the beginning You’d be getting

Chvrches - The mother we share lyrics

as far, as we’re ever gonna get Until you realize, that you ... should go-o-oh I’m in misery where you can seem as ... old as your omens And the mother we share will never keep

Mudvayne - The end of all things to come lyrics

over with, F*** all the flags, the greed, the world ... leaders Run for the fence We're coming, We're ... killing, We're changing the faces Believe in yourself

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - In the age of the consecrated vampire we all .. lyrics

Intro] Think for yourself and question ... 1] Well, I've been stepping on the Devil's tail With my ... platform boots I'm ready to rail Got my chipped tooth

Anita Lane - The fullness of his coming lyrics

boots are snapping twigs He's got big boots on ... I can hear the earth he's crushing He's got ... big boots on It's the fullness of his coming Splitting up the concrete The earth

Professor Green - Coming to get me lyrics

re coming to get me, coming to get me, Coming to get me, coming to get me Coming to get me Coming to get me, coming to get me Coming to get me, coming to get me.

Lakeman Seth - The white hare lyrics

heard her in the valley, I heard her in the dead of night. The warning of a ... white hare Her eyes burning bright. Careful you don ... catch her Or give her right of way. For she will look upon

Dream Evil - Heavy metal in the night lyrics

m gonna fight, in the Metal night My guardian angel is my ... sword I hear the call, I see the light I'm gonna give my life ... for my lord The quest is long and the end is

Sacred Blood - The warrior's scion lyrics

2400 years ago, there ruled a warrior in the kingdom of Macedon cold and hard ... like the Northlands of Hellas from whence he was ... spawned. The sun was setting on the splendor of Athens in

Allstar Weekend - The weekend lyrics

I'd run with lions in the dead of night Wouldn't it be ... nice To Saturdays and Sundays? ... I know I've got this weekend to live I'm gonna get my freak

Dead Kennedys - Cesspools in eden lyrics

is bubbling Beneath your dreamhome ... Buried there years before Kid runs in ... crying From playing in the garden "Mommy, I burned ... hands!" "What's making our eyes so itchy?"

Dream Theater - In the presence of enemies pt 2 lyrics

tired pilgrim Into the circle We have been waiting ... Everyone's gathered for your arrival All the ... bleed for us I've been waiting for you, Weary preacher man

Dropkick Murphys - In the streets of boston lyrics

I'm a streetwise man. Going nowhere with my life. Careening toward an early death, a ... streetwise man; On the corner every night chorus: ... impact, why don't you brace - the end is coming, no time for

Sally Oldfield - In the presence of the spring lyrics

Light is on the land, no star is awake The ... dew is on my hand and the moon on the lake. Silent is the still night, no bird I can ... hear, But in the scent of the southern breeze, I know the

Skinny Puppy - Dead of winter lyrics

it all sorted?" Never in fear Follow round Redder ... roar flare Lock 'em in sight I'm sore in a ... place Ooh, you're frightened of reality Insomnia stands by

Anti-flag - The weathermen know which way the wind blows lyrics

2, 3 - in the dead of night 1, 2, 3 - the weather seems ... 1, 2, 3, 4 - declaration of war The days of rage and nights of peace You wanna find us, ... this is where we sleep In every commune, barracks, town

As Autumn Calls - The demons therein lyrics

thought I slew them all But they surround me In the dead of night Whispering their intentions ... Into my weakening ears So dark and so cruel They bring me down Oh, they bring me down I find them hiding deep In the morning light

In The Valley Below - Peaches lyrics

ve been working on my knees baby it's ... from me baby that's just fine You can say its free baby ... that's alright Working on a feeling Breaking down the ceiling Digging up a deep

Lordi - The dead are the family lyrics

s getting too kinky I cannot breathe Fingernails are burning in this ... helluva heat The brain can't realize what eyes keep ... telling palms are wet the tongue is swelling Paint the

Blackmore's Night - The other side lyrics

you be a message? I can see the spirits start to rise Trail of sparkle in the dead of night ... From afar, from the other side Fading laughter in the ever after I remember when the time ran out Night was falling, shadows were crawling You

Burning Shadows - To ruin & divide: the witchmark lyrics

in the dead of night The sanctuary my guiding light ... Streets are dead, the air is black Archpriest in ... for the attack Thirty score and ... Won’t undo this endless pain Witches in the Lord’s domain Never see the light again

Darzamat - In the flames of black art lyrics

into the blazing chamber I am reviewing ... myself in the flames of black art I can hear the plaintively singing of an unknown ... song of the night I am divina into the mirrors overfull

Haken - The mind's eye lyrics

your mask A place for us to hide From this penetrating ... pain of mortal life The beauty of it all Makes no ... sense to me With restraints on my curiosity When you

Mad Max - Voices in the night lyrics

is just another word You left me all alone in a different world Memories ... are chasing through my mind Emptiness tears me up inside My heart is broken in

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - The fight lyrics

is still and calm In the dead of night Right before for the fight Clouds are gathering ... for the storm Destiny decides who will live or die ... I've been waiting for this moment It's time

Chumbawamba - The big issue lyrics

are those Spend the night Under bridges Over by the ... river Down in the park Through the winter ... But there’s a house That I know ... warm And no-one ever goes there Down where the priests

Savatage - The rumor lyrics

What's the reason For these scars that will never heal ... longer see Jesus What's the reason For this child that ... survive With all her dreams inside Could she mean nothing to thee And jesus please tell

The Citizens Of Halloween lyricsThe Citizens Of Halloween - This is halloween lyrics

and girls of every age Wouldn't you like to see something strange Come ... us and you will see This out town of Halloween This Is ... This is Halloween, Pumpkins scream in the dead of night,

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - The fight lyrics

is still and calm In the dead of night Right before for the fight Clouds are gathering ... for the storm Destiny decides who will live or die ... I've been waiting for this moment It's time

Artillery - The eternal war lyrics

came in from the ocean Tortured and killed all our men ... our women and burned down The world we had build up through ... the years There's no way out of this torment They killing us

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