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Him - Sweet pandemonium lyrics

so far away And the wait in vain So safe in the blinding ... light of love unchained In yesterday’s grave The ... set souls free Is buried within sweet pandemonium Concealed

Emmylou Harris - Sweet dreams of you lyrics

But I can make it trough In sweet dreams of you In the ... Did, it all comes true In sweet dreams of you In sweet ... dreams I see The way thing you to be When your love

Sleazy Roxxx - Sweet paradise lyrics

sittin‘ on the floor and I lose my mind I feel like a madman on the ... other side Are you killin‘ me just now? Last Night I ... And it’s OK Now I am livin‘ day to day And I am doin‘

Tim Buckley - Sweet surrender lyrics

Well I had to be a hunter again This little man had to try ... To make love feel new again 'Cause there's just a few things honey I'm not old enough

Probot - Sweet dreams lyrics

me into your sweet dreams Let me in Let me into your sweet dreams I'm ... watching you, go to sleep I'm watching you but you can't see me ... Dream on, sweet dreams Dream on, let me into

The Beloved - Sweet harmony lyrics

it right or wrong Try to find a place We can all belong? ... try All this time Spinning round and round Made the ... Right now Oh yeah In sweet harmony (4x) Time is running out Let there be no doubt

Jethro Tull - Sweet dream lyrics

ll hear me calling in your sweet dream can't hear your daddy ... s warning cry you're going back to be all the things ... you want to be while in sweet dreams you softly sigh

Entwine - In delight lyrics

midnight show Release your mind, enjoy the silence The ... sparkling lights within your mind tonight Sleep... Before ... your heart and soul Sleep... In your dreams you're on your

Erasure lyricsErasure - Sweet surrender lyrics

the miles of glory really nothing to me It's our love here, ... we are invisble again Imagine how it goes, I believe in sweet surrender And searching for

Cher Lloyd - Sweet despair lyrics

me what did you see in her Cuz I've been living in sweet despair I don't really know ... what's in the cards of life All I ... tonight Love was hidden within your smoke Blinding lights

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Unite (deluxe edition) lyrics

fire Keep me warm with your sweet loving two hearts beating ... As I prepare for life, to begin tonight I feel the blood ... As I prepare to fly, as we unite Chorus 1 We unite, we

Pnau lyricsPnau - Unite us lyrics

I'm still wide awake. Something's on my mind, I can't hide ... There's a sandy road down a single track, I left home again ... go on, I'll turn your lullaby into song Unite us, baby I

Oi Polloi - Unite and win! lyrics

Oi! Oi! Unite and win Stick together - Punx 'N' ... Skins! Oi! Oi! Oi! Unite Unite! Young and old, black and ... Oi! Oi! Oi! Unit eand win Stick together through

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu [きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ] - Unite unite lyrics

wa jishin ga nakute Hito to hanasu no ... mo nigate Kanpekina egao no ura ni Hora ... konpurekkusu kakushite Tarinakute mada tarinakute Min'na ... no buki o mitsukenakya Unite unite all original Darenimo

Chris Norman - Sweet caroline lyrics

it began I can't begin to knowin' But then I know ... it's growing strong Was in the spring And spring became ... d come along Hands, touchin' hands Reachin' out, touchin

Neuraxis - Unite lyrics

Condemned to a long awaiting Recalled through electric ... dementia Upon the calling, to confront... unite A ... static laughter is waiting Created through to process,

Black Veil Brides - Sweet blasphemy lyrics

the sacred order hymns of falling down You told the greatest ... stories of love and bleeding crowns But to the sick ... are strong Through strength in self we become Something

1gn (1 Girl Nation) - Unite lyrics

all about one hope, so let's unite No time for talkin' like (na ... na na na na) No time for actin' like (la la la la la la la) ... show the world tonight Let's unite Callin' all girls to rise

Deadiron - Unite lyrics

the scum The rich man who thinks he can rule your life ... see Cower no more, reclaiming dignity No ones afraid of ... you We stand tall, unite When no thunderbolt will

Angel Dust - Unite lyrics

but I believe there is something in my mind It's hard to ... - there's a sign of what's coming - we divide Keep us ... Don't silence our souls In this dread - ripped apart again You know my aim is for you

Danny Saucedo - Unite this heart lyrics

re afraid of me, I can see it in your eyes Is there a ... compromise? Stop this hurting, stop this burning Lay ... on me? Don't fall apart, unite this heart I'm so tired of

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - Unite the dead lyrics

Webster] Her flesh decaying she rises to see Lecherous ... ghouls with rotting erections Her breasts are ... lactating blood and pus An orgy of ... cadavers of lust Gray skinned bodies pulsate as one

Accuser - Unite / divide lyrics

You were on your knees Unite/ divide Be strong Respect/ ... despite Be wrong War begins It’s dog eat dog again New ... A fight you will not win You walk and fall You’d

Bars And Melody - Unite (live forever) lyrics

[Charlie:] I've been feeling kind of lonely without you ... you're not around When we unite together We shared the stars ... ocean There's no way I'm leaving here without you now

Future Leaders Of The World - Unite lyrics

grey Every life this day a single fraction of a-maze-ing ... Dreams I'd like to tell you In songs of paradise Well the ... right here But the oil's running dry So we'll laugh cry

Kottonmouth Kings - In the house lyrics

on come on come on We still in this Alright You know ... thier aint no party like a kottonmouth ... Party dont Stop Thier aint no need to fuss or fight ... all here as one everybody unite Because the Kottonmouth Kings is in the house tonight

Ayumi Hamasaki - Unite lyrics

Mou ni doto hagurete shimawanu you ni to... Kimi ni tsutaete okitai koto ga nee aru yo Tanoshii toki wa dare to demo wakachi aeru Dakedo tsuraku kanashii ...

Hc3 - Unite lyrics

gone – the flashbacks on my mind Ghosts of ancient times ... moving round and round and round ... your anger now, world is bleeding don´t you see United

Bloodbath - Unite in pain lyrics

of death Dignity's rotting away Fouling yourself into ... on the rails Nightmare unfolding entails Found in a heap ... marks your grave You died in pain Infested maggots eat

Empire Of The Sun - Concert pitch lyrics

I wish it was new Down in a new river I just want the ... fire In my heart above it And I ... you tonight [x2] I believe in this world that I created I

Astral Doors - In the name of rock lyrics

saw the writings on the wall right before my ... down the lane of make believe in the pouring rain I'm too ... forever I will rule this kingdom of pain Just a boy

Run Dmc - Unite all originals lyrics

every rapper alive that Rev invented the swag.. (Verse 2: ... Run): I'm in my pro models that I model ... I'm like a god when I'm rocking this mic We rule hip-hop

Antidote - Unite not fight lyrics

was supposed to play I went in had a lot of fun It was only ... began The moment I got in I could feel something was ... FIGHT! FIGHT! punks and skins FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! and no

Balflare - Unite lyrics

air And it pierces me The wind tells me that the White ... world’s ending Will come right away See ... forever The snow falls in spring The wind carries Scattering petals And new ones will

Belle Stars - Sweet memory lyrics

a memory, just a sweet, sweet memory Just a memory, just a sweet, sweet memory Just a memory, ... just a sweet, sweet memory Just a memory, just a sweet, sweet memory Just a memory,

Ohio Players - Sweet sticky thing lyrics

re so very hard to take You sweet sticky thing If I could slow ... like to try and change your mind You?re really not the one to ... blame You sweet sticky thing Sweet, sweet sticky thing Sweet, sweet sticky thing Sweet, sweet

Banaroo - Sweet sensation lyrics

sensation You're my sweet sensation Sweet sensation ... You're my sweet sensation You're my sweet ... summertime, say you’ll be mine come on baby and don’t be

Dream Evil - In the night lyrics

for the legions of hell Blinded by madness in fire and ... Never kneel. I'm the only king you'll need IN THE NIGHT ... Bounded by leather IN THE NIGHT. Surrounded by chains IN THE NIGHT. Metal

The Dubliners - Sweet thames flow softly lyrics

Beneath a big crane standin'. And all the love I felt ... her. It passed all understandin'. Took her sailin' on the ... river. Flow, sweet river, flow. Londontown was

The Gossip - Sweet baby lyrics

a sweet sweet baby Just a sweet sweet baby Just a sweet sweet baby What a sweet sweet baby ... do you want to hurt me? I'm king of the road Well you don't

Kiss - Sweet pain lyrics

me You want the same thing every day I'll teach you ... ll learn to love me and my sweet pain My love will drive ... you insane Sweet pain, my love will drive you insane And pain has got its

Mr. Vegas - Sweet jamaica lyrics

Shaggy- A said there's nothing like sweet sweet Jamaica ... want ah Blaze up the music inna dah side a dah bimma yah ... .oh..ooh I feel like jamming into the reggae beat Bubble

Queen - Sweet lady lyrics

You call me up and tear me up inside You've got me on a lead ... Ooh you bring me down you shout around ... Ooh you don't believe me Sweet lady sweet lady Sweet lady

Band Of Skulls - Sweet sour lyrics

about it? Now you're fighting for your corner Sayin' that ... a favor, shout about it Sweet sour Sweet sour Sweet sour ... Better than your riches Think about it I know what you've

Lou Bega - Sweet like cola lyrics

time. She tastes like cola sweet sweet sugar cola when I took ... sexy She tastes like cola sweet sweet sugar cola when I took ... because she tastes like cola sweet sweet sugar cola when I took

Electric Light Orchestra - Sweet talkin' woman lyrics

Sweet talkin' woman, where did you go?) ... I was searchin' (searchin') on a one-way street I was ... hopin' (hopin') for a chance to meet I was ... waitin' for the operator on the line

Erasure lyricsErasure - Sweet, sweet baby lyrics

at 0-3-5. You are my sweet, sweet baby. You are my sweet, sweet baby. You are my sweet, sweet baby. You are my.. ... to bridge. You are my sweet machine. You are my sweet

Eternal 2 - Sweet funky thing lyrics

re so You look so fine You look different You're ... so People are looking at you for sure People ain ... t lookin' at me So? Sweet funky thing (my sweet) Sweet funky thing Oh baby (my sweet) Cherry kisses on a summer's

Justin Guarini - Sweet time lyrics

once? Let's not do this again All I want is sweet time, ... some work To get it back to sweet time, babe You lost that ... went away But what about the sweet time, babe? What about the sweet time, babe? Know it feels

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Sweet talker lyrics

on my heart, it's a silly thing to start I can tell you ... So here we are, it's going down Such a sweet talker, ... turning me around You ain't gotta look like a movie

Kara - Sweet days (japanese version of with) lyrics

Days Sweet Days Sweet Days Sweet Days Sweet ... Days Sweet Days Sweet Days Sweet Days Sweet ... Days Sweet Days Sweet Days Sweet Days Sweet

The Kooks - Sweet emotion lyrics

s the woman that's on your mind She's woman who takes her ... s the woman that's on your mind She's woman who takes her ... time Yeah I feel the sweet emotion every time you are

Royz - Sweet baby lyrics

hey honey sweet baby 「hey hey honey sweet ... baby」 hey hey honey sweet baby 「hey hey honey...」 sweet baby Azayaka na risou ga ... dashite hey hey honey sweet baby 「hey hey honey sweet

Silent Siren - Sweet pop! lyrics

ni Akasugi hoppe no sunshine sarari to nabiku kami ... mitsumete yo Madamada tayorinai jumpin' motto motto ... mo gaarii na fuku kite Sweet pop, sweet pop, sweet pop!

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Sweet freedom lyrics

you lonely Do you like being free? And are you sure you ... Even if it's not with me Sweet sweet freedom Sweet sweet sweet Will the line between all

Angel Witch - Sweet danger lyrics

the edge When you're getting pushed off you´re thinking ... be the end You keep on falling, keep on falling till you ... awake Sweet danger, sweet danger Sweet danger, sweet

Jeff Beck - Sweet sweet surrender lyrics

shine on brightly Take away the ... oh so lightly Before the morning bright Oh yeah (Sweet sweet surrender) Sweet sweet ... Take a ride on a daydream Taking you no where It's all such

Brad - Sweet al george lyrics

love and trust a golden smokin victory and who knew what ... the future would bring and now i'm at the end of ... the line tryin' it all the time and you've

Dj Tiesto - Sweet misery lyrics

Tell me Can you feel me letting go? Slowly I’m scared to ... Fall into you But I want to ... so I let you set me free Into sweet misery Sweet misery

Gregorian - Sweet child of mine lyrics

smile that it seems to me Reminds me of childhood memories ... Where everything was as fresh as the bright ... break down and cry Oh, sweet child o' mine Oh, sweet love

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