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Drake lyricsDrake - In my feelings lyrics

Intro: Drake] Trap, TrapMoneyBenny This ... shit got me in my feelings Gotta be real with it, yup ... [Chorus: Drake] Kiki, do you love me Are ... you riding, say you'll never ever leave

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - In my feelings lyrics

you putting her on your thing? Oh my God, I'm gonna, it's ... And then he's gonna be suing me for slander [laughs] ... with you? Why you got me wasting time laying next to you?

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - In my feelings lyrics

m smoking while I'm runnin' on my treadmill But I'm ... cutting up roses Could it be that I ... for another loser I'm crying while I'm cummin' Making ... love while I'm making good money Sobbin' in my

Punk Goes... - In my head by mayday parade (jason derulo cov.. lyrics

s looking for love. Oh. Oh. Ain't that the reason you're at ... this club. Oh. Oh. You ain't gonna find it dancing with ... never known. I can see it going down, going down. In my

Disneymania - You'll be in my heart by drew seeley lyrics

stop your crying It will be alright Just ... take my hand Hold it tight I will ... small You seem so strong My arms will hold you Keep you ... t you cry Cause you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on

Disneymania - You'll be in my heart by teddy geiger lyrics

stop your crying It will be alright Just ... take my hand Hold it tight I will ... small You seem so strong My arms will hold you Keep you ... t you cry Cause you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on

Disneymania - You'll be in my heart by usher lyrics

stop your crying It will be all right Just ... take my hand Hold it tight I will ... so small You seem so strong My arms will hold you Keep you ... t you cry 'Cause you'll be in my heart Yes, you'll be in my heart From this day on Now

Drake lyricsDrake - In my bussines(feat gucci mane sean garrett) lyrics

Gucci Mane] I'm so f-cking dumb I wear diamonds on my ... thumbs, There's a diamond on my d-ck so theres a diamond on ... tongue, I can't feel you baby cos I romantically numb,

Avicii lyricsAvicii - My feelings for you (ft. sebastien drums) lyrics

[x17] My feelings for you have always been ... real My feelings for you have always been ... real My feelings for you have always been ... real I was so in love with you I could hardly

Dark Angels - My feelings lyrics

morning is like creeping darkness The feelings, I ... So don´t look like useless My poison is harmless I need ... I must confess one thing Sometimes I get raging So

Neil Finn - In my blood lyrics

sound bone collectors rustling leaves on their knees Many ... poets in this town Look high and low ... for feelings that come and go Sweeping ... the past out of their windows and doors Well I’m not

Nocturnal Depression - In my dreams lyrics

once again despair is kissing me With her cold ghostly ... lips My own destruction is leading me ... to my grave That I digged for ... many times And once again I'm becoming a spectral

12 Stones - In my head lyrics

m reaching out without a sound My ... pride falls to the floor again Inside my mind I search to find A place just to call my own ... Deep inside your eyes I am blinded by your love Still I run so far

Alter In Mind - In my head lyrics

into a ceiling Thirsty for some feeling ... Here comes the pain And depression again (Am I insane?) What is upside down? ... This world or me? I’m begging you To set me free So

Dead Celebrity Status - In my backyard lyrics

m like a Bat Out of Hell, being pulled by Black Stallions. ... Waiting for Metallica to make ... Stone Age, cage I'm fenced in Watching doves cry in this ... purple rain that I'm drenched in. I'm having a green day,

Noemi - In my dreams lyrics

the moon will always smile In my dreams, in my dreams And ... the sun will always rise In my dreams, in my dreams What ... So it seems, so it seems Think about your words to me In my dreams, so it seems Don't

Mors Principium Est - In my words lyrics

lyrics by Ville Viljanen and Jori ... comes a time when I feel my arm is broken the ink from my pen has ran out I take ... pen I start to from the beginning I start from the end I

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - My guitar lies bleeding in my arms lyrics

way that sounds I've been trying to find the meaning, so I ... can write it down Staring out the window, it's such a ... way I feel today I can't sing no song of hope, I got nothing to say Life is feeling kind

Body Count - In my head lyrics

when you leave your building... I love the little ... me. God I want you." Since the day you first laid eyes ... was no doubt you would be mine. You don't know me but I

Sirenia - In my darkest hours lyrics

hours I yearn for the light my life devours Winter’s at ... hand In search of a key, a door, an ... end Hear my voice, don’t quail inside the ... void nor fear the sound of winter winds around In my

Mattafix - In my life lyrics

yes, greetings. You see from you over my ... We look back pon history and find a mission. In my life. ... There are certain, Things that you don't know about

Remady - In my dreams lyrics

a world full of pain was nothing to rain I can bearly breathing down to find the way out I ... makes me feel alive I'm holding on, until my feelings are

Texas lyricsTexas - In my heart lyrics

which way to turn Between my feelings and my dreams I'm drowning in tennement oceans There is ... more than this I know that in my heart I feel like going

Mac Demarco - My house by the water lyrics

Arverne, New York Stop on by, I'll make you a cup of

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - In my remains lyrics

sifting through the wreckage, I can ... t concentrate, searching for a message, In the fear ... and pain, broken down and waiting, ... chance to feel alive. Now in my remains, Are promises

Nina Simone - In the evening by the moonlight lyrics

the evening by the moonlight When my mother ... had finished working We used to sit around the ... To have a little fun Then my daddy used to take his fiddle

Alesana - In her tomb by the sounding sea lyrics

I'm thinking we should maybe just run ... from here with no plan of coming back. We can stay away ... save your life, (it's happening again, it's happening again)

Exhumed - In my human slaughterhouse lyrics

- Matt Harvey, 1995] By night I return to the storage ... I unbolt the door, Making my way into this abatoir... Hot ... gust of flattus and methane, Inhaling the rotting fumes as I

Punk Goes... - My love by we came as romans (justin timberla.. lyrics

that could take your spot my love If I wrote you a ... Tell me would you?) Well baby, I've been around the world ... But I ain't seen myself another girl (Like you)

Satyricon - In the mist by the hills lyrics

the mist of the shadows by the river of the fogpalace ... great spears and a flag of dominion and hate Over the chasm ... to reflect... As days pass by and the light Is becoming

Atmosphere - My songs lyrics

Random guy singing] Throw your hands up in ... . [Verse 1: Slug] Sittin' on the steps, with ANT, that ... s my man Flippin' pig-russian, discussin' ... from the snakes And my sleeves know a couple of

Lm.c - In my dream - compilation cd by luna sea lyrics

akumu ni okasarete binetsu ni unasare Tsuki no

Rain Fell Within - In my dreams lyrics

in my dreams could a place like ... exist. All the flowers are in bloom eternally. See me,my ... reach for the sky. I'm dancing in the sunlight,and in the ... distance, the clouds pass me by...leaving me behind. But

Roxette lyricsRoxette - In my own way lyrics

Own Way I gathered a mountain An ocean of teardrops A ... castle of break-ups To hide myself in I’ve waited a ... lifetime For someone to find me For someone to reach me

Borat - In my country there is problem lyrics

transport down the well, So my country can be free. So my ... Then we have a big party. In my country there is problem, ... the jew down the well, So my country can be free. So my

Caliban - In my heart lyrics

heaviness of my heart seems a burden to me - ... like me ans so I have to join the wrong unmindful of ... for salvation - I am seized by desire but I have to keep

Forever The Day - In this moment (by johnny pacar) lyrics

t be late can you see me looking out Im at the window crying ... to you with open arms wanting to hold you close again can ... you see me smiling now dry the tears rolling

Dev - In my trunk lyrics

s in my trunk It's in my trunk I got that thump it's ... in my trunk It's in my tru- I got that thump it's in my trunk It's in my trunk ... I got that thump it's in my tru-tru-tru- [x2] It

James Morrison - In my dreams lyrics

you've gone Nothing seems to fit no more Nothing's as it was before ... a battle that I just can't win I know I won't see you again ... But I keep waiting for the night I close my

Scarface - In my time lyrics

Verse 1] It was a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely shining ... Figured it was gon rain today, so i'm in Sit around ... storms slacks off Look at my nightstand, and pick the

Dokken - In my dreams lyrics

love is strong, it still remains Toss and turn all night in the sheets I can't sleep ... don't know what it means In my dreams What can I say or

Ensiferum - In my sword i trust lyrics

men have crossed my way Promising peace or my ... steel can set us free Rise my brothers we are blessed by ... steel In my sword I trust Arm yourselves ... the truth shall be revealed In my sword I trust Tyrants and

Freak Morice - My moment by rebecca black lyrics

who said that I would be nothing Well, I'm about to prove ... not the only one who believes in something My one wish is ... to come true I'm not stopping for you No matter what you

Magnum - In my minds eye lyrics

money I don’t want fame I think that I might get lost I’m in no hurry I make no claim ... across I see your face In my mind’s eye Look back, no

Megadeth - In my darkest hour lyrics

hour grace did not shine on me. It feels so cold, ... for me. Did you ever think I get lonely ? did you ... ever think that I needed love ? did ... you ever think to stop thinking you're the only one that I

Punk Goes... - My michelle by afi (guns n' roses cover) lyrics

daddy works in porno Now that mommy's not ... She used to love her heroin But now she's underground ... do your coke for free Drivin' your friends crazy With

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - In my line of work lyrics

deserve everything Everything that you need And all that ... I'm rarely around Every train feels outbound I wish I ... is dark and frozen Night by night You're still in my mind Everything I must do Is

The Afters - In my eyes lyrics

walk in no one seems to notice like ... so clear to Me you're talking it feels like no one's ... listening you think you're not interesting but ... You're the colors showing through a world of black

Atmosphere - In my continental lyrics

my Continental Splinter off the mental When you ... best show Never accept anything less Elements of purpose ... I learn patience? Planted in the middle and outside of

Ceremonial Castings - In my madness mystique lyrics

. Has Taken Possession Over My Mind... Over My Body A ... Burden Of Flesh... Self Infliction Upon The Oceans... ... Of Madness Crazed By The Blood Of My Ruins This

Dead By April - In my arms lyrics

hard to let go, all that defines you You feel like you ... never be whole again We will find the way, to ... with me, stay with me! In my arms, you'll be fine, I never

Golden Earring - In my house lyrics

a-a-a-a-a In my house There is anything you ... need In my house yeah baby You don't have to wipe your ... feet In my house You will see that good ... times come In my house baby You will see here I belong

Alkaline Trio - In my stomach lyrics

this shadow, I shrink and it knows I can't move. ... It is making me cold. And it grows in my ... Kill the lights. Curtains cover closed blinds. Build ... will be no blood this time. In silence, I'm yours. Twice

Angeldark - In my dreams lyrics

Have you ever felt that rain? Water flowing through its ... veins I cry feeding its fate Inside your dreams ... alone with your fears Lost in memories you have just lived

Bronski Beat - In my dreams lyrics

start crying In my dreams Can't sleep at night ... No point in living No place to run, no place ... love to stay with me Close by your side Living in my ... love to stay with me Right by your side Living in my

Dj Antoine - In my dreams lyrics

light all the candles light by light Wanna light up the sky ... bright Want a flower to fall in love tonight Wanna breath in ... my live Wanna try to relieve my dreams comes true Yeah!

Lowkey - In my lifetime lyrics

I learnt life is suffering And happiness is one thing ... that money doesn't bring In my lifetime, our birth right is ... struggling It must have been, but no

Nancy Sinatra - In my room lyrics

like the last for I lived in the past In my room where ... dangerous game I keep pretending he's late And I sit and I ... whenever I cried All the day by the window the flowers he

David Crosby - In my dreams lyrics

at those dancers gliding around Seems if their feet ... ground Look at them smiling Like they knew one another ... see your face alone I'm hoping there's someone home I'd

Don Broco - In my world lyrics

on driving til' we smell the sea C'mon ... darling it's just you and me And ... The world if they play by all our rules So please, ... when we reach the coastline Let us dive right in

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