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Clan Of Xymox - In love we trust lyrics

soul I don't want these strings It's time to move on I ... my way Don't pick my brain It's just causing pain Inflating by the day In love we trust they say we must In

Astral Doors - In rock we trust lyrics

Mr devil, your songs were right Music for the ... I see angels fly A fire in the sky In rock we trust; in rock we trust Play loud; no ... one can break us In rock we trust; in rock we trust Rock hard;

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - In blood we trust lyrics

blood we trust! In blood we trust! In blood we trust - ... the souls of the dead For we will drink them tomorrow ... and bread red is the water we borrow Hail, hail,

Primal Fear - In metal we trust lyrics

metal we trust For metal we live In metal we trust Give ... castle The lights give me power You're all invited just ... This is our battle and metal we win In metal we trust For

Mistress - In disgust we trust lyrics

like a f***ing beast Leave the rest f***ed ... So immersive, the darkness skin and sweat Cause everyone ... see it light up like candles in their eyes Believe f***ing

Sabbat - In satan we trust lyrics

! Satan ! Searching from hell to hell Angel ! ... I've got a complete way We kiss the wings of Satan In ... answer to his calls We're signed on black bible

Addiction Crew - In a we trust lyrics

2 da top, from east 2 da west in A we trust and its all about ... what what we're doing fine, we're gonna burn the roof Side ... 2 da top, from east 2 da west in A we trust c'mon and get

Morta Skuld - In nothing we trust lyrics

is not over, no battle have we won beneath the layers of ... lies we live I suffer by my own ... hands but I am to blind to see behind closed doors ... the eternal cover up believe in me, for you have no other

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - In friends we trust lyrics

Anywhere and through anything you’d do. Revelation of a ... Friendship never ends if you trust in your tribe, Stay forever ... ready to Defend your mates in case they need you. One mind

Diablo - In sorrow we trust lyrics

still brave enough To say things straight without Hiding ... behind those cryptic words and ... man has now reached the point Of no return He's got nothing to lose, nothing to win He

Samael - In gold we trust lyrics

money rules the game it diminishes life It narrows ... perspective to a single line If it is too much it is not ... enough Whatever we earn, for more you still

In Vain ( Sp ) - In death we trust lyrics

our conquest must go back We chose to fight with honor, ... dark alliance, purify our minds She taught us how to ... ignore the bodies left behind Pre: Oh, fate in our

Manilla Road - In gein we trust lyrics

said the crop was going to be a good one, Alot of ... work to be done, Good old Gein goes to pay a visit to a ... re all alone, [Chorus] Gein, we trust in you, we trust in

Bejelit - In void we trust lyrics

my only reason of life Then in my family, I was looking for ... cradle was my woman, full of sins and desires (Desires) For ... my human love For my holy war Sacrifice

Hypnos - In blood we trust lyrics

dream, let the blood stream into my throat give me life, ... give me blood fill my veins, fill my heart fill me up ... [REF:] In blood we like to drown in blood

Crucified Barbara - In distortion we trust lyrics

fast, you're going down We are the superstars from Sheep ... Wicked sounds on the gasoline drums The Evil eye is watching you Strings of steel Forces

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - In dust we trust lyrics

Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ... ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental ♫ ... ♫ Instrumental ♫ ♫ Instrumental

Rufus - Chaka Khan - In love we grow lyrics

have flown Much faster than we know And still in love we ... us here Afraid of fear We've seen through tears That ... should have come And still in love we grow Like a baby

Fastkill - Kill fast + in thrash we trust lyrics

- Kill or be killed Chainsaw crunches like a killing ... machine Bombardment with outrage ... that nobody can stop Ripping vomit shreds raining blood ... We don't care about you We don't need fame We do what we trust No matter what Blowing off your ears Cutting your

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Money (in god we trust) lyrics

Our daily bread Only you we praise Almighty dollar ... s only treasure Money In God we trust And if I ... Our daily bread Only you we praise Almighty dollar

Clan Of Xymox - Love got lost lyrics

you to know The smell of love upon her skin The time to ... pick up all her things All emotions felt within ... blue is all you thought Flowers fade and so does love

Leo Sayer - We've got ourselves in love lyrics

were just friend's babe But love came on too strong We could ... not stop What we knew was wrong We meet in ... this hotel To hide from prying eyes Nobody knows About out

7 Year Bitch - In lust you trust lyrics

m still recoverin' from you whiplash love Hit ... like I was taken for a ride We never even got inside Hit ... and run So when in lust you trust You're gonna get left in the

Megadeth - Trust lyrics

in a dream Nothing is what it seems Searching ... Tears filled my eyes As we said our last goodbyes This ... scene replays Of you walking away My body aches from

Pegazus - We live to rock lyrics

years ago - Something was born Burning in us all ... We live it - Breathe it Fight, ... the stars alight It's pumping through the veins The power ... is insane Catch the metal train Feel it - Breathe it Raise

Sharissa - "in love with a thug" (feat. r. kelly) lyrics

Chorus] Sometimes I hate being in love wit’ a thug (Ladies ... I got something on my mind) Sometimes I hate being in love wit’ a thug (Oohh let me take

Army Of Lovers - We stand united lyrics

stand united Our fans are invited We stand united I feel ... so excited Behind every wheel Heroes of steel ... We know where to and how ... Together we stand We make our demands Ain't no

Brand Nubian - Love me or leave me alone lyrics

my ways (why's that?) Arguin' days after days after days ... Well I can dig it See I done ... a dog, God is who you're lookin' at Couldn'ta tooken that,

The Damned - In dulce decorum lyrics

mother how I will write this line When I know I'm counting ... and I'm scared I'm waiting and death's my friend To ... say in God we trust not for this Oh the death

Magnum - We all run lyrics

dreamt I saw the cities burning At the gates I saw the ... cry Now there'll be no turning And still I wonder why I ... I felt the hand of reason Coming slowly down, it passed me by

Megadeth - We the people lyrics

a lie The devil's henchmen, in suit and tie A sacred ... your Social Security We, the people face ... unconstitutional lies In greed we trust, in revolution

Dew-scented - In flames lyrics

your eyes were tearing A twilight through the ... nature Bleeding a "goodbye" I ... paradise upon the seas Is waving to end No more life, no

Creed - In america lyrics

in America We're slaves to be free Only in ... America we kill the unborn To make ends ... meet Only in America Sexuality is ... democracy Only in America we stamp our god "In

Elevation Worship - Walk in love lyrics

It was you It began to rise inside of me As you breathed in ... peace Hallelujah We were bought, we were bought with ... love So we walk, we walk in love You’re calling us out of

Amerie - Why don't we fall in love lyrics

many things I'm goin' through So much that I ... wanna do It startin' to become so clear to me ... Tomorrow ain't really what it seems So ... to act quickly, you and I We fall in love, so many reasons

Inkubus Sukkubus - Love eternal lyrics

fire of love Burn ever higher Love, fire ... of love Feed my desire Love, fire of love Born of my ... sighing You are my daylight You my ... yet to be You are my memory In war and raging sea You will

Inkubus Sukkubus - Love spell lyrics

of pure steel I pierce the skin With a wish it sinks within ... of your blood and the red of mine Its flesh shall stain as wine Our love is greater than we

N-sync - In love on christmas lyrics

bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way Jingle bells, ... Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way Jingle bells, ... Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way Jingle bells,

The Beautiful Girls - In love lyrics

swear these days go by too soon. ... my hand, I'll walk with you. we can pretend we'll never lose. ... holiday. come take my hand we'll walk away. we can pretend

Colbie Caillat - In love again lyrics

the day our lips touched in the rain Fire works through ... my veins into my heart Remember the ... night’s dancing under the sky I got lost in the moonlight. Found in

Chris Salvatore - Dance all night (falling in love) lyrics

night I'm gonna make you mine It's a feelin in the air I ... dance I'll be your partner in crime You got me on another ... catch fire I can't stop dancing Take me higher Feels so

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Lets fall in love lyrics

discover I have a feeling It's a feeling I'm concealing I don't know why It's just ... a mental Incindental, sentimental alibi ... for you Why go on stalling I'm falling, love is calling Why be shy Let's fall in

Deana Carter - We danced anyway lyrics

summer air was heavy and sweet You and I on a crowded ... I can see us there In a happy little foreign town ... far far away I remember you were laughing We were so in love, we were so in love And

Dream Evil - Love is blind lyrics

years Can I accept what’s going on? So many tears I’m going blind But love is blind ... And I’m loving you till the end of time ... But you wouldn’t share my love It’s a shame of the ???(road

Elton John lyricsElton John - We all fall in love sometimes lyrics

men say It looks like rain today It crackled on the ... down the sleepy subway trains For heavy eyes could hardly ... hold us Aching legs that often told us Its

Ivy - While were in love lyrics

we're in love we'll bleed each other dry. We ... ll hold each other close. We'll make each other cry. ... While we're in love we'll get what we deserve Until

David Gray - We could fall in love again tonight lyrics

But I just can’t help from thinking If I had you by my side ... That we could fall in love again tonight What kind of ... the distance Each time when we touch Been a lot of water

Jordan Pruitt - In love for a day lyrics

way, the way I do From a single day And both of us we ... knew we could not stay And yes I ... I would like to But at least we have the night I was in love for a day Love in a way Love, can't explain Why you went

Toby Keith - We were in love lyrics

I could invent a time machine, then maybe We'd both be ... seventeen Crusing in my first car, neckin like ... those Friday nights? We were a rock, ready to roll,

Lisa Maffia - In love lyrics

you (It's been) It's been goin on too long (I'm gonna) I'm ... table Can't hold back this love is so strong I can't carry ... on [Chorus] Let me explain how i feel It's a feeling so

Jimmy Nevis - In love with you lyrics

Verse 1:] I’m in love with you girl Only one in ... the world You got me trippin over your love The only thing that I’m thinking of It’s ... that thing that you do That keeps me

New York Dolls - Were all in love lyrics

re all in love! We're all in love! We're all in love! We're ... all in love! We all sleep in one great big bed People ... like to think we're seekin' a head Everything to them

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Teenager in love lyrics

time we have a quarrel, It almost ... 'Cos I'm so afraid, That we will have to part. Each ... Why must I be a teenager in love? One day I feel so happy,

Austin Jones - Sake of falling in love lyrics

spent way too much time Trying to figure out what's wrong ... or wait for someone to love me? We'll see I'm just ... searching for a time to say that I'm fine Without it being a lie Do

Barcelona - Fall in love lyrics

ve been on for a minute No more feeling alone We ... re trying hard not to bruise it I ... If forever's gonna last then we'd better find the same ... I've been gone for a minute I've been out on the road

Cider Sky - We are in love lyrics

say you spent your summer in the rain Driving up the ... I felt the same Cover me in grey until I saw you Just ... us It doesn't matter cause we are in, we are in love We

Debbie Harry - In love with love lyrics

love with love, in love with a passionate heart In love with love, in love even when we're apart In love with love, in love with a passionate heart

Harry Connick Jr. - We are in love lyrics

know you so well I can tell by the sound of ... your voice If you’re really in love with me And you are ... lie If I say to you ’baby, I love you’ Then baby, I love you

Ronan Keating - As long as we're in love lyrics

ll climb a mountain, we'll put a flag down We'll ... From sticks and stones, yeah, we'll build a fortress No one ... can touch us as long as we're in love We'll rule the

Palisades - Drunk in love (beyonce cover) lyrics

ve been drinking, I've been drinking I get filthy when that ... liquor get into me I've been thinking, I ... ve been thinking Why can't I keep my fingers ... na na Why can't I keep my fingers off you, baby? I want

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