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In Her Prime Body Looking Like An Hourglass lyrics

Browse for In Her Prime Body Looking Like An Hourglass song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed In Her Prime Body Looking Like An Hourglass lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to In Her Prime Body Looking Like An Hourglass.

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Darkest Horizon - The hourglass lyrics

will ever be the same There's a the dark corruption ... spreading Deep inside our vains "Downward is the ... said "We stay strong and survive" "Nothing

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Looking for an angel lyrics

it's easy It's meant to be Dream of the moment ... ll be with me 'Cause I wanna look down now I wanna get ... deeper Can you let me in? To show me places To be

New Kids On The Block - Looking like danger lyrics

my type of love, just when I find a girl That comes to club, ... trying to throw my world Upside ... be faithful When you look like that and your body's like

The Black Keys - In our prime lyrics

me down the drain, I disappear Like every ... honest thing I used to hear Like every ... lover hovers in my mind We made our mark when we ... were in our prime The house it burned, but

Dream Master - Looking for an angel lyrics

angels bow from heaven And their wings make you sigh ... look freezes even the fire And their brightness burns your ... soul Their beauty is flashing Like the light of the stars

The Glove - Like an animal lyrics

mile in the air that's where she lives her body looks so ... thin and pink and small dropping eggs from nervous shaking hands and swallowing her fingers

Bailey Madilyn - In these halls (graduation song) lyrics

are you gonna take away from here We spent 4 years growing ... up together And the time the it took felt like forever We spent 4 years racing to this day Now we're wishing that we hadn't Wished all

Silverstein - In the dark lyrics

your way in, It’ll spit you out. I ... can hold it in it’s a godsend. A heart like an hourglass on it’s end. ... sun ever comes back up? In the dark, in the dark, When

Foxes - In her arms lyrics

ve been dreaming over I've been dreaming ... half the lies You've been looking at me You've been looking at ... Lift your feet up off the burning ground You don't see it

Lyre Le Temps - Looking like this lyrics

I looking like this? Tell me, am I looking ... this? No not at all, you can't control, You think I’m ... but I’m not at all. Am I looking like this? Tell me, am I looking like this? In my world swing

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Looking for an answer lyrics

s an emptiness tonight A hole that wasn ... t there before And I keep reaching for the ... light But I can't find it anymore There's an emptiness ... tonight A heavy hand that pulls me down They say

Converge - In her shadow lyrics

is at the end chasing her own fading light running ... from her shadow in the name of living searched ... for worth in the lust of men paid in ... blood in different beds mistaking sex

The Dream - Playin in her hair lyrics

Intro:] Like, naw That's my girl, right ... This ain't my girl That's my baby ... That's my baby right there That's my baby right there ... That's my baby right there [Verse 1:] Before the

Emmylou Harris - Like an old fashioned waltz lyrics

green hue Warm summer days Like cool water falls Like music ... we hear Those things we’ll always hold dear Like an old fashioned waltz ... When the moonlight shines down On the hollywood

Josh Groban - In her eyes lyrics

my shadow She sees something more Believes there's a ... light in me She is sure And her truth makes me stronger Does ... realize I awake every morning With her strength by my

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - In her eyes lyrics

s got alot to say She keeps her feelings to herself But I ... know she's feeling more that way She don't ... Of love that never dies I can see her feelings In her eyes

Abraham Mateo - Like an animal lyrics

quot;Like An Animal" Te puedo oler se ... mi boca furtiva I feel Like an animal You make me feel like an animal Baby turn me up Like an animal You make me scream

Body Count - Body count's in the house lyrics

Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count. (YEAH ... MUTHA FUCKAAAAAA!) Body Count, Body Count. Body ... Count, Body Count. Body Count, Body Count. Body ... Count, Body Count, nigga! Body Count, Body Count. Body

Rufus - Like an animals lyrics

a hunt for you? No sound, of anything that I can do But I ... don't mind, I don't mind 'Cause there's nothing left ... time, the first time I'm calling out for you! Like an animal, I still got love for you

Muro - Looking like a killer lyrics

like a killer watching like a criminal. Confusion in ... my vision is burry I'm hanging on a string you want to ... hold it. I just can't seem to break the spell

Lucy Rose - Like an arrow lyrics

you comfort me I don't feel like myself lately Oh, won't you ... made by two We took our chance And we flew Like an arrow ... like an arrow We came to our sense

Minecraft - Like an enderman lyrics

an Enderman Enderman Watch you now, While you ... turn something into nothing, Look it's raining now, ... You better believe me sir I aint bluffing, Gonna creep you

Chemical Vocation - Like an infection lyrics

ve been waiting for a chance Been hoping some words can ... be erased But some are meant to stay As we grow up we ... You left me all alone And all of the things you said

Nok From The Future - Alone in the suburbs lyrics

m alone in the suburbs, you don't even ... don't really know, I'm alone in the suburbs (2x) My friends ... are chilling on the internet Smokin purp poppin ... hurts now, yea Oooh, suburban thots on their north face and

Atmosphere - In her music box lyrics

had a bad dream in the back seat Same one as ... as last week Surrounded by her favorite favorites Elmo, ... Barbie, her purple baby blanket And that little Matchbox

Evig Natt - In my darkest hour lyrics

darkness, must be better than this Living in hope, aching ... touch Will I ever feel again? Will I ever feel again? ... the darkest hour, my pain unveils My body feels like an empty shell Tears once

Scott Mckenzie - Like an old time movie lyrics

so groovy You do better mean You're like an old time ... get this low Don't you think that I can tell When you've ... When you tried to read my mind Cause this time you will find I'm gonna let you go Every

Alabama - She's got that look in her eyes lyrics

still got those pretty eyes Like she did in school The first ... Today I saw that look again On sale in summer square ... She looked so good in what she wore Somehow it don

Pursuit Of Happiness - In her dreams lyrics

as they prey She's wild, Satan's beautiful child And she ... giggles at the thought of being defiled In her dreams, her ... toes spike the air Her fingers running through long

Doro Pesch - Like an angel lyrics

had battles with the devil And it's left a scar ur two ... Whenever I'm with you Like an angel Are you an angel ... You have saved my heart And you play your part Like an

Social Distortion - Like an outlaw (for you) lyrics

I'd lie for you I'd kick and scream and do time for you ... I'd rob and steal and go without meals and ... this town For you-for you Like an outlaw I'd lurk in the

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Like an ocean lyrics

..ocean... In the darkness of nowhere There's nothing at all And I feel ... like I've been here too long Shadows and ... teardrops fading away And my heart is crying for love

Abba lyricsAbba - Like an angel passing through my room lyrics

awaited darkness falls Casting shadows on the walls In the ... twilight hour I am alone Sitting near the fireplace, dying ... embers warm my face In this peaceful solitude All

Alesana - In her tomb by the sounding sea lyrics

I'm thinking we should maybe just run ... away from here with no plan of coming back. We can stay ... away forever, our anguished love will be all we ... have and... I will save your life,

Elvis Costello - Like an angel passing through my room lyrics

awaited darkness falls casting shadows on the walls in the ... hour I am forlorn sitting near the fireplace dying ... embers warm my face In this peaceful solitude all

Ricchini Bill - Like an x-ray lyrics

re sleeping underneath the plastic trees ... cut Astroturf Memorized Lines Rehearse the Play See ... right through me Like an X-ray You're robbing a bank with a fake toy gun You're

Beseech - In her arms lyrics

I close my eyes I wait for her Please help me die, please ... end my tears Standing by the sea, watching her ... ragering waves Beautyful as she ... no one could ever be Praying for the rain, to wash me

Pentagram - In esîr like an eagle lyrics

of desperation Poor is the mind you have when used in ... calculation And worse the life you'll get ... It's hard to leave your chains of shining gold and artful

Agathocles - Like an ivy (poem) / suffocation lyrics

re lurking like an ivy for prey For victims you ... want to betray Eyes like roses to cover the thorns behind The sweetness of your ... appearance To cover the bitterness of

Basshunter - In her eyes lyrics

s A Saturday Night Nothing Will Go Wrong But If It ... Run It's A Saturday Night And I Hope You Believe My Heart ... Is Calling Your Name So Hear Me Out ... When I Say I Can See It In Her Eyes When She Turns To Me And Smiles Everything Feels So

Ex Deo - In her dark embrace lyrics

she sleeps in my arms She caresses the ... storm inside of me The thunder wakes ... the tyrant Unleash the beast inside of me She rules with a ... deadly grip Colossal and unmerciful Her majesty is

Gwar - In her fear lyrics

her fear in her fear in her fear You tried to walk away ... How far did you go And then you came back You ... By then you were on the bus In her fear in her fear in her

Hillsong United - Like an avalanche lyrics

God Laying Your majesty aside You ... reached out in love to show me life Lifted ... from darkness into light Oh King for a ... slave Trading Your righteousness for shame

Mighty Oaks - Like an eagle lyrics

I've been spending my days with my thumb in the ... air. People been telling me son well you ain't getting nowhere. Shuffle my feet ... purely out of despair. And now I'm moving to you this I

Converge - In her blood lyrics

are nothing more than dying royalty you are nothing ... more than a fading drama queen your spelling ... errors in love letters just stole your ... crown you are nothing more than late night fantasy you are

Chris Norman - In the heat of the night lyrics

the night when you know it ain’t right But you do what you ... want to do. You do what you feel ... but no one can feel like you In the summertime city ... ain’t it a pity There’s so much to tie you down

Eyes Set To Kill - Hourglass lyrics

m trapped in an hourglass, hands pressed on the walls I've ... got sand filling to the neck How much longer ... could I fall? Every grain is another day Everyday becomes another waste I'll never find

Shaggy - Body a shake lyrics

a, body a shake an' a, yea Body a, body a shake an' a, yea Body a, body a shake an' a, yea Body a, body a shake an' a, yea ... a know, say you a posses di whine Mek you fling it up, give

A Balladeer - Hourglass lyrics

saw you on the swings, you were looking at the ... sky. Turned around and told me, there's one reason ... the keeper of you're dreams, and the dreamer of you sake

A Band Of Bees - Hourglass lyrics

saw you on the swings, you were looking at the ... sky. Turned around and told me, there’s one reason ... the keeper of you’re dreams, and the dreamer of you sake

Mindy Gledhill - Hourglass lyrics

boy, when you speak I can’t help but kiss your cheeks ... I love the way you grab my hands And tell me all about your ... plans Rocket high, comets fly

Dominus - Final journey lyrics

my final journey A woman stood in glade In her hands ... she's holding an hourglass with Sand I held from the ... Burning Maid Now glitter her ashes Through your fingers And let it fall into the glass

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Like i do(feat. the-dream) lyrics

Jazze Pha] Ladies and gentlemen you have now ... tunned in to the very best (phizzal) T ... hair, cute face, big booty, thin waiste, breast so pretty they ... can't be real, (they is) that's

Mygrain - Trapped in an hourglass lyrics

the falling sky Raining through quicksands of time ... ground Womb of glass nurturing the faceless Deadweight and all so real Stuck in this ... Room of my thoughts collapsing Lights are shutting as

Allie X - Prime lyrics

illusion and se**** confusion In the ... Premature connections Always here say We are in the prime ... of our existence We are running blind with no resistance

Conjure One - Like ice lyrics

the sun was strong and shadows grew so long she ... stole her way into your empty heart and ... she moved like ice she oh oh oh oh she ... was cool and blue like ice no flaws on her and no

Diddy Dirty Money - Looking for love lyrics

with Dirty Money feat. Usher) She says she’s looking ... You know we have to do it again, right? All the girls in the ... said she undercover though and this is what she want

Ghost - Prime mover lyrics

cloak A secretive nun Bearing the old ones bastard son ... varucose phallos Obsessed and poised her Cast a veil of ... dusk upon the cloister Prime mover Maternal slave With

Ghost B.c. - Prime mover lyrics

cloak A secretive nun Bearing the old ones´ bastard son ... Varucose phallos Obsessed and poised her Cast a veil of ... dusk upon the cloister Prime mover Maternal slave With

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