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Lincoln Brewster - All the earth will sing your praises lyrics

took And You take our sins away O God You give And ... down You saved us through the cross Our hearts are changed ... You lived You died You said in three days You would rise

Charlie Hall - All the earth lyrics

Combes, Kendall; Bergman, Brian; Cormwell, ... Todd; Hall, Charlie; Hunt, William Barry ... Praise the Father who from Heaven came to me ... By the Savior in His mercy set me free Praise the Father who from Heaven came

Rush Of Fools - In all things lyrics

this darkness You came A shining light, a shining light Here ... for the world You made You gave Your ... life Who is like our God There's no one like You, God In all things You are good, You

John Dowland - Shout to jehovah, all the earth lyrics

to Jehovah, all the earth, Serve ye Jehovah with ... before him come with singing mirth Know that Jehovah he ... folk, and sheep of his feeding. O with confession enter ye

The Game - All the way gone lyrics

Game:] She leave her hair in the sink She leave her hair on the floor Her hair all over the ... She wear a scarf, Louis V the big sack It's a wrap, messing up her wrap, blowing out her

Hillsong United - The father's heart lyrics

1] When the walls close in around me Let Your glory ... light the darkness of my night When the suffering's all that I see ... and not by sight Upon the throne of sweet surrender I

Matt Redman - The promise of your cross lyrics

And written on my soul The promise of Your cross I have ... no other claim I have no other plea The promise of Your ... cross The hope for every heart Where

3 Feet Smaller - All the time lyrics

everything was sayd and done . When you ... hear songs. That remind you of the times you've ... with him. And when you think your losing everyone. Then ... i'll be there for you Everything went

Caravan - All the way lyrics

you I could forget it Believing out a lie Easy come, easy ... time had been Until you came into my life If I could do ... again I'd beg and borrow For a ... wouldn't change my life by a single day If I couldn't have

Mamushka Rebels - All the blank faces lyrics

rape. from a twist of destiny, grew a civilized grace. We ... we gritted our teeth. Now the battle is over, we can go to ... i'm still here, lost between the ages, of an ancient culture,

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - All the reasons lyrics

I find myself in trouble and I need someone to ... lean on I only have to call and you're right there by my ... side When I can't see all the reasons why you have to be so

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - Of all the gin joints in all the world lyrics

Cause you don't know who I really am Sometimes I just want ... s like to be you We're making out inside crashed cars We ... re sleeping through all our memories I used to

Maria Mena - All the love lyrics

can you call yourself a daughter? You ... must have got it from your mother. You’re blaming her for ... damage, I blamed you for mine- There must be something in the water You passed it

Grandaddy - Saddest vacant lot in all the world lyrics

s in the kitchen Crying by the oven It seems she really ... s so drunk he's Passed out in a Datsun That's parked out in the hot sun In the saddest ... vacant lot in all the world World World World

Rotersand - All in all lyrics

a sense in all the senses Get the feel of every ... feeling Rise and never fall again Striving for ... superior stances Hunting way across the fences Just

The Knack - (all in the) all in all lyrics

to believe i didn't have all i need i close my i close ... my eyes and i see the circle goes on and on the ... moment you are you are it's all in the all in all ending at the start it's all in the all in

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - All the right moves lyrics

the right friends In all the right places So yeah, we're ... going down They've got... All the right moves In all the ... right faces So yeah, we're going down Let's paint the

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - All the right moves (aol sessions) lyrics

s paint the picture of the perfect place They've got it ... better then when anyone's told you They ... ll be the Kings of Hearts and you are the ... Queen of Spades Then we'll fight for you like we

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - All the right moves (danger remix) lyrics

the right friends in all the right places So yeah, we're ... going down They've got all the right moves in all the right ... faces So yeah, we're going down Let's paint the

Example lyricsExample - All the wrong places lyrics

where we are But can you bring me to here again? I don't ... why we've come But something in me will never fear again ... Toe to toe We all stand tall Row by row All

Fat Joe - All i need lyrics

Talking: Fat Joe] Cool & Dre Who you ... trust me, haha [Tony Sunshine] La la la la la Oooooh ... [Chorus: Tony Sunshine] I don't care about nothing

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The day that the earth stalled lyrics

had no end? Those were the days my friend. But I’m not ... talking about that at all. Do you remember when you ... with a sickly parasitic pall? That was the day that the earth stalled. That was the day the earth stalled. That was the

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - She came in through the bathroom window lyrics

came in through the bathroom window Protected by a silver ... her thumb and wanders By the banks of her own lagoon ... t anybody see? Sunday's on the phone to Monday, Tuesday's

Future Of Forestry - The earth stood still lyrics

to-be. A simple trip far as they could see. The sky was ... clear and the hour serene. But did they ... know what the night would bring. Lonely hearts strung

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The earth dies screaming lyrics

warm dry wind is all that breaks the silence, The ... highways quiet scars across the land. People lie, eyes ... closed, no longer dreaming, The earth dies screaming. Like

Creature Feature - The meek shall inherit the earth lyrics

Deep Underground Unaware Of The Legions They Are Building ... Down There Then Comes The Sound, A Shrill Signal Loud ... Enough To Drown The Time Has Come Mother Nature's

Gungor - The earth is yours lyrics

voice it thunders The oaks start twisting The ... sounds with cedars breaking The waters see You and start their writhing From the depths a ... song is rising Now it’s rising from the ground Holy,

The Gathering - The earth is my witness lyrics

at her baby and she sighs The slight breathing pause that ... our eyes Her hands touch the round stomach And feel the ... kick The eyes that have seen so much

Lisa Germano - The earth lyrics

Enough Enough Enough How much Can I Accept Enough Remember me? I'm still around How much Can I Accept Enough...

Moving Mountains - The earth and the sun lyrics

face So I can see everything you are And everything you ... ve been to me Something you don't wanna be Something you don't wanna be You, ... you're like the sun And I am earth Together

Leeland - All over the earth lyrics

We want to see Your victory All over the earth All over the earth Your kingdom come Your will ... be done All over the earth All over the earth All glory in the highest All glory in the

I Fight Dragons - The geeks will inherit the earth lyrics

remember trying to talk to you in highschool ... But now we're older were playing by the new rules We lived ... 'Cause as time moves on We find we belong And then in the

Lion's Share - The day the earth caught fire lyrics


Manfred Mann - Earth hymn lyrics

of sound will take you Drifting down through your dreams In ... an endless stream Singing through the air On its wings of fiery silence The ... you hear it near? Song of all the earth Song of death and

Brian Mcknight - The day the earth stood still lyrics

was a king without a crown They hanged him on his throne And ... nailed him in the ground The prophet, he upon the tree, ... Sacrificed himself for the whole world to see He bled

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - All the weary mothers of the earth lyrics

the weary mothers of the earth will finally rest; We will ... take their babies in our arms, and do our best. ... When the sun is low upon the field, To love and music they will yield, And the weary

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The salt of the earth lyrics

s drink to the hard working people Let's drink to the ... of birth Raise your glass to the good and the evil Let's drink to the salt of the earth ... Say a prayer for the common foot soldier Spare a

Magica - The earth is young? lyrics

listen to the seers And you're crawling ... underneath The blanket of divine protection ... and trust. Yielding to your fears, Relinquishing the voice of reason You

Oi Polloi - The earth is our mother lyrics

can you buy or sell the sky? The warmth of the land ... The idea is strange to us. If ... we do not own the freshness of the air And the sparkle of the water How can

Abyssaria - All the dying on earth lyrics

who never feared the moonlight We who never fled ... from the rain All the dying on this earth All this pain ... since the birth I see - they are creeping They are dying

Air Supply - The earth is lyrics

s a man with the smallest of worlds in his hand ... as he tries to hang on Holding his world together There ... s a girl in the other half of the sky And she's wondering why

Blue System - The earth will move lyrics

feel the earth will move Feel the earth ... a great romancer I feel it in the groove Feel it in the ... groove Music is the greatest dancer Its only ... Seven faces of success Sending you an s.o.s. Oh, its a

The Agonist - The mass of the earth lyrics

I went far but got stuck there I picked up the pieces, I ... your vigilant soldier but the mass of the earth just ... on me How can truth be opinion? How can fact be right

Architects - Cracks in the earth lyrics

Japanese Bonus Track] In the bigger picture I've been painted out Cracks in the earth ... blacken the sea No canvas is reserved ... Look up close and try to see In every stroke lies past alone

Dot Hacker - The earth beneath lyrics

was wrong, the earth beneath our feet won't last ... . I want to apologise, by the power invested in you in a ... way I got wrong, By the power invested in your way I

Imperial Age - In the center of the earth lyrics

the pain of anguish and desire Touch the freezing flames of my black ... feel - only now it's fair! In the center of the Earth ... Where the fire of time remains Come and break my heart's

Local H - All the kids are right lyrics

we were great But now you think we're lame Since you saw the show last night You hoped ... Knock it up a knotch Rockin was nowhere in sight And it ... No one likes to feel like they've been had And it may be

Pj Harvey - The colour of the earth lyrics

was my dearest friend Fighting in the ANZAC trench Louis ... ran forward from the line I never saw him again ... Later in the dark I thought I heard ... Louis' voice Calling for his mother, then me

All Sons And Daughters - Oh our lord lyrics

will sing, sing, sing To my God, my King For all ... ! How majestic is Your name in all the Earth We behold the rising sun. The earth awakes ... for You, oh Lord We behold the breaking dawn. The light

Chevelle - In debt to earth lyrics

talks, full of remorse but the keeper tends to remain aloof ... They know what we'll lose, they know what they'll lose such ... unspeakable ruin, now that what will we do?

Fat Joe - All the way up ft. remy ma, french montana, i.. lyrics

can stop me, I'm all the way up All the way up I'm all the way up I'm all the way ... up Nothing can stop me, I'm all the way up Shorty what ... what you need? My niggas run the game, we ain't ever leavin'

Hillsong Worship - All the heavens lyrics

holy are You Lord The whole earth is filled with Your glory ... Let the nations rise to give Honor ... Your name Let Your face shine on us And the world will

10.000 Maniacs - The earth pressed flat lyrics

Francisco, first time o'er the ocean on a plane a billion ... circle slowly JFK, so much there to see inside of a week they came looking for something ... new try to press it flat inside of a few days Old Dominion Saturday, Arlington's

Barn Burner - The earth's crust lyrics

are no homes where the bombs laid in, open holes of ... bodies infected. You get your beauty ... and correct this before the stench of wretched ... reigns. Ever wonder how the war was won? Dividing lines

Color Me Badd - The earth, the sun, the rain lyrics

I was lost I could not see All the beauty and wonder There'd ... around me I was alone Dreaming of you Oh I could not imagine This dream coming true So ... much joy now And all that you touched You make me

Dawn Of Winter - All the gods you worship lyrics

am What do I live for No living soul can answer me I don't ... why I'm here I sure know nothing Isn't this life insanity ... Yeah This earth it must be hell A torture

Dayseeker - The earth will turn lyrics

to grey and that heart's growing tired and weak I shoveled the dirt and made a grave for you ... to sleep in Because you're dead to me so ... take your last breath From the second I awoke to the earth,

Entombed - The day, the earth lyrics

by my own kind don't understand the crime ... is this a punishment for being scared cause that's what I ... I stand here alone must be the saddest sight ever seen my

Hillsong Worship - I believe in you lyrics

unto us a Saviour came Amazing grace that takes the weight ... His name is hope for all the earth His name now and ... God with us And You shall be called Almighty God And

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