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The Kinks - In a foreign land lyrics

was a matter of fact that when I paid all my tax I ... held my world in the palm of my hand And all of my ... debts were causing me to defect To a land of

The Gossip - Love in a foreign place lyrics

put my make up on and Head for the other side of town ... from the night before Fading the countdown Outside a sea of people forming Walking after work this morning They

John Cougar Mellencamp - Hot night in a cold town lyrics

s out strolling, ambling slowly Washed in amber ... street lights A Mexican wind blows in Takin' ahold of Angelina's hair and her halo ... Motors runnin' muffling the sound Of street talk, a

Restless Heart - Big dreams in a small town lyrics

chorus) Big dreams in a small town Eighteen and glory bound Nothing here to tie us down Big dreams in a small town Rollin' ... down a dusty road in my daddy's Ford I wish that I could

Sam Hunt lyricsSam Hunt - Break up in a small town lyrics

knew I'd see her around I'd be at some party, ... she'd show up and I'd be walking out Or across some parking ... lot hiding behind her sister I'd look up, she

Miranda Lambert - Famous in a small town lyrics

say life is so much sweeter ... the telephoto lens of fame Around here you get just as ... much attention Cheerin' at the high school football game I dreamed of going to Nashville Put my money down and

Luke Bryan - Love in a college town lyrics

over there With my buddies drinkin’ beer If you need me, ... come and get me When you hear our song In a little while ... When you’re ready shoot me that smile That way I’ll know,

Tracy Lawrence - In a moment of weakness lyrics

knew she was lonely and I was alone A stranger in a strange town too far from home Her eyes ... blue as diamonds her hair black as coal I could feel her

Rudimental lyricsRudimental - Foreign world (feat. anne-marie) lyrics

just wanna see my look inside You just wanna talk to ... me and say what I like Baby hold on, take me on a ride ... promises, just get close like a dance Love just give it to

Lake Of Tears - A foreign road lyrics

road into shadows, on through haunted meadows A road so old, so dark, ... the trail where the damned walk As only darkness cares, I ... choose to wander here A time to evil be, as death awaits me ... A road dark,

Here I Come Falling - A ghost town for a graveyard lyrics

air's too cold to breathe tonight so let's just run ... away we'll tie our lungs ... together and hold our breath forever the witness has ... no eyes and you're too blind to see we'll never need to

Less Than Jake - History of a boring town lyrics

talked to this girl who used to ... live on my street after all these years you're here and ... you remember me She said her old boyfriend packed ... up and headed back east but she always knew someday he would go she just got a

The Ark - A virgin like you lyrics

have never been mean Never been as bad as it may ... have seemed I have never been vile Never been ... twisted or unkind Maybe I´m working too hard, Maybe I´m out ofmy mind Maybe

Laibach - In the army now lyrics

vacation in a foreign land Uncle Sam does the best he ... can You're in the army now You're in the army ... now Now you remember what the draft-man said Nothing

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - In the army now (status quo cover) lyrics

vacation in a foreign land Uncle Sam does the best he ... can You‘re in the army now Oh, oh, you‘re in the ... now Now you remember what the draftman said: &quot

Electric Light Orchestra - In old england town (boogie no. 2) lyrics

down, you can see them all Rising gaily to the top ... Keep on rising babe, you know you got a long ... drop You better cling 'cause it's the done thing.

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - In the army now lyrics

vacation in a foreign land Uncle Sam does the best he ... can You're in the army now Oh, oh, you're in the ... now Now you remember what the draft-man said Nothing

Mirah - In a sailboat lyrics

are in a sailboat and The wind is picking us up And putting us down In another town ... We are in a sailboat and This other town is still ... The storm has blown over It's over We are in a sailboat and There's

Darius Rucker - In a big way lyrics

see this world Through the windows of buses and planes Ever ... since they called my number I've been living in the fast lane Yeah it's a dream come true I'm a lucky man And I love this roll I'm on

Rucker Darius - In a big way lyrics

see this world Through the windows of buses and planes Ever ... since they called my number I've been living in the fast lane Yeah it's a dream come true I'm a lucky man And I love this roll I'm on

Helmet - In the meantime lyrics

tone suits you so give it a smile if i could hold your ... feet down get to know for awhile to make due is a ... promise hard to keep without help never

Connie Francis - In the summer of his years lyrics

young man rode with his head held high Under the Texas ... sun And no one guessed that a man so blessed Would ... would perished by the gun A shot rang out like a sudden

Evans Blue - In a red dress and alone lyrics

start it over From the beginning Let's play for keeps so I ... know you can never get the best of me ... Sometimes you have to (have to) And other times you ... serve Who ever saves you And brings you to your knees My

Kansas - Once in a lifetime lyrics

only it was raining out tonight Reflections on ... the sidewalks would take me back in time You told me when I ... left you standing there Someday I'd be sorry Well that day

Beck - In a cold ass fashion lyrics

like the eagle, fly like the eagle, fly Squeegee... ah we ... When we get down to the shrink-wrap on my grave You know ... nitty-gritty never looked so safe You get whipflash under

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - In a minute lyrics

in a minute, any work I got left to do, aw man I'm gonna quit it If the ... boss man wants me to stay any longer he can kiss it, ... goodbye 'Cause I gt a lot on my mind and I'm tryin'

Satsuki - In a lucid dreams lyrics

mo kooru you na yoru no kizami no naka Kokoro no kagi o nakushita mama Akanai tobira no ... mae de Hitori tsuki o nagameru Sonzai no ashiato wa kako ni tokekomi miushinau

Nana Mizuki - In a fix lyrics

no umi atemonaku chizu wo hirogete Asamoya ni tatazumi anata no keshiki ... ga toorisugiru Furikaereba itsumo yasashige na yokogao ... Aizu ga okurareteita no? Kono mama aenaku naru

Granian - In a shell lyrics

laugh, may smile, maybe someone will May feel it ... hurt sometimes but That's all that they want from me May tell you lies, maybe ... sometimes won't Hide behind this mask I'm told Is that

A.r. Kane - In a circle lyrics

else can I do? under hand and over my head It might be ... for you to me it's poison and I won't last long You're ... not wrong it last long then goes on and on

Abigor - A frozen soul in a wintershadow lyrics

are howling to honour the moon My heart ... belongs to the past I feel attraction for the night My mind to the ancient times I wander through the fields where

Acid Drinkers - In a black sail wrapped lyrics

did your wing take you??? You won't disappear ... on island... My eyes are turned to the east But I ... see the things on the west My ears are ... turned to the east But I hear the whispers of yours The

Joy Division - In a lonely place lyrics

the marble and stone, Love that was special for one, The waste in the fever I heat, How ... here with me now. Body that curls in and dies, And shares that awful daylight, Warm

New Order lyricsNew Order - In a lonely place lyrics

the marble and stone Love that was special for one The waste and the fever and hate ... with me now The body that kills and hides Matches an awful delight Warm like a dog

Rebecca St. James - In a moment lyrics

a moment, everyone falls silent To hear the ... mighty trumpet Split the easten sky Just imagine the ... King of all creation Riding through the heavens Returming for his bride Alleluja,

Slothrust - In a se**** way lyrics

can't help but look at you in a se**** way Where did you get ... that bod? Where did you get that ... face? You told me once You ... ve got such perfect teeth And you never even had braces

Bush lyricsBush - In a lonely place lyrics

A Lonely Place Caressing the marble and stone, Caressing the marble and stone, ... Love that is special form, Wasting the feeling I feel, How ... were here with me now. Boiling all curls and eyes, Past is

City Of The Weak - In a world of bottles & bedsores lyrics

I this much of a mess before or just seeing ... clearly? I used to be someone that they adored, but i've been ... slipping quickly Disappointed the best things in life aren't as solid as they seem

John Denver - In a grand way lyrics

the grand way she loves me The way she ... me close to rest with me And to know she is my life to ... me My empty days are done My runnin' days are ... run And for the first time I love

Fates Warning - In a word lyrics

were born to brave cold weather Stormy seas in search of ... treasure Light you wield must blind another Doomed to run ... How much more can I take? And how much more, 'till

Light This City - A guardian in a passerby lyrics

with me. He knows I'm watching as he passes. He is ... lust. He won't give me the satisfaction of glancing back my ... way. I can't seem to get enough of the

Mercenary - In a river of madness lyrics

can't take it Is there ever an end for me? Once sane, ... driven to madness Once alive, now so numb Your ... voice like nails upon blackboards The way you scream at me

Ride - In a different place lyrics

bubbles lying down waiting for the rain to fall Laughing at the people, wonder why ... they always rush, never slow down And we're smiling when we're ... sleeping And we're smiling when we're waking Even if

Bloodpit - In a furnace lyrics

I were dead tomorrow would you retain my ... remains? And if I were dead tomorrow I wouldn't regret anything Would you lay ... yourself down On our matrix together? - burn with me

Desaster - In a winter battle lyrics

okkulto11/94) ...where brave men stroke down their holy ... oppressors onward they ride to the land red ... are the swords in their hand black are their souls hate in their minds so they are

Emery - In a win,win situation lyrics

ve noticed your design Cause I'm not blind I'm like a ... cigarette Burning burning every night But there's no ash that falls There's only ... telephone calls in the afternoon Stretching through a

Epicland - In a time long ago lyrics

a time long ago, before the ancients gods had forsaken us, a great evil swept the land. ... For 10 long years the tyrant Malinor ruled from the ... western shores of Epicland, to the eastern province of

Haggard - In a fullmoon procession lyrics

the evening breaks The night awakes And ... the land is mournfully wrapped in silence Sorrow last ... And remains the past cause this will be my ending day

Kimaera - In a dying embrace lyrics

a perishing rose As graceful as dawn Stormed by depravity ... Ravished .. Left in demise Harken her threnody ... Chanting a lost elan Succumbed by scattered dreams Lost hopes and

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - In a station lyrics

I walked through the halls of a station Someone called your ... name In the street I heard children laughing They all ... sound the same One day could you ever know me Know

Gary Numan - In a dark place lyrics

calls me From a dark place And so I pray every ... night Something knows me It whispers my name And I'm losing my faith ... I can feel it breathing But it feels like something dead and cold I can feel

The Pandoras - In and out of my life (in a day) lyrics

and Out of My Life (In a Day) ...................... ..

Satellites - In a city lyrics

live in a city but I don't speak the language But everybody ... speaks mine Not the best environment ... for a paranoid mind I live in a city But I don't know the

Seven Witches - In a small child´s room lyrics

I have been so alone Afraid to close my eyes I´m waiting for the dawn Alone in my ... shadowed room Sitting here all by myself Morning will be ... here soon - morning will be here soon Chorus

Silverstein - In a place of solace lyrics

casket opened up A family gathers here. I may not have ... been What you wanted me to have been, for your first born. ... they mourn my life, or celebrate my death? Do they celebrate my death? This casket,

Aly And Aj - In a second lyrics

t know where you are Wish I just could be near ... you I would sail oceans To get a glimpse of how ... you feel You're all the things I'm looking For everything and so much more What I think You are just perfect Could

Annisokay - In a sweat of fear lyrics

my head I say your name slowly when I wake up you ... re gone I am dreaming in a sweat of fear just to know ... you were mine was enough one big leap in the

Avalon - In a different light lyrics

the weight of the world `Cause I believe This is here and it`s now, but it`s not my ... home There`s a hope beyond what my eyes can see And there`s ... a place that He`s preparing for me CHORUS: Nothing`s

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