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Anvil - Make it up to you lyrics

make me feels so right When you're around Maybe I've gone astray But you're the best I ... ve found Now I see things the way I really should ... The lesson's learned I've change my ways for good I'll make it all up to you Seemed

Julia Michaels lyricsJulia Michaels - Make it up to you lyrics

dum dum Da dum dum Da dum dum I know that I'd call but I never said when Always hold it over your head, ... everything we've been through I could ... be that tender stable girl that you want but I'm not So can I cut you some slack Get all that weight off your back

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - I'll make it up to you lyrics

your heart, took your hand Promised you all that I had Hoping that you understand ... I'm far from a perfect man 'Cause honey it's been a hard year It seems like we're

Bowling For Soup - Make this up to you lyrics

got lost inside my head again I guess I made quite a mess ... of the whole thing I've lost count of all the ways ... I've let you down Should've been around

Plain White T's - Make it up as you go lyrics

don't care where you're from if you're smart or you're dumb if you wanna be a bad guy or Mr. Right I don't care what you say I'mma go my ... own way you go yours and maybe we'll meet up someday Make it up (make it up) as you

Joe Purdy - Make it up lyrics

a train comes, I dont know what to do I'm leaving town, but ... I ain't leaving you When I get down, get these far away ... blues and I dont wanna go back home I could say I'm

Krystal Meyers - Up to you lyrics

gave me your hand so long ago But now our house is burning You're never home I feel sick looking at our picture frames I turned them down and ... turned you away I wanted to hear your words my whole life

Ricky Nelson - It's up to you lyrics

s up to you Because I've done everything I can I ... hope that you Will say that I'm your lovin' man Make up your mind And do what you're ... gonna do Well you know how I feel So I'm leaving it up to you

Rev Theory - Leaving it up to you lyrics

don't know why I'm so caught up in covering up the past. After all this time I, I ... thought I would be over you at last. But it kills me at night, I was hoping you'd give

Golden Earring - I'll make it all up to you lyrics

a painting by Van Gogh Saw a street covered with black ... snow The people move in a nervous stripe Of blues, red ... and yellow Read your letter for the seventh time

Damone - Up to you lyrics

are who's inside of my heart Made don't want to be apart. I would cry to see you ... go woah-woh Cause you are who's inside my heart I ... can be the one who goes I am strong in this you know woah

George  Ezra lyricsGeorge Ezra - Leaving it up to you lyrics

walk past the bleak walls of an architect's un-imagination ... Returning to the venue where we had that ... very first conversation To see you again, to be your friend, to hold you in my mind

Sinplus - Up to me lyrics

to me Up to me Turn it up Start it up Game is on Give it all For the fire For ... the fighters For desire For you and me Keep on ... living for the dream Living for the hope For the hope

Coco Lee - Can we talk about it lyrics

Verse 1:] Boy I know something ain't right between me and you It's plain to see I haven't ... spent enough time just with you Boy I feel so bad I wanna make it up to you Let's go

Absurd Minds - It's up to you lyrics

put aside the code of morals. we'll never learn from mistakes, we made. always we discover new genies in a bottle. ... from consequences we dissociate. our greatest dream is to

Pennywise - Its up to you lyrics

see things happening, they fall before my eyes, pretend I ... m blind like I could never see the heartache ... that's not mine, fills my head, can I just laugh away the

Ray J - It's up to you lyrics

hey hey aayyy hey hey hey aayyy Hey hey hey aayyy hey hey ... hey aayyy [Verse 1:] I got my money up up up up up ... Enough to fill your cup cup cup cup cup I promise to taste,

Eternal 2 - Up to you lyrics

s up to you It's up to you It's up to you It's up to you ... If you make it in time We can rock this party all ... night long Party people in line Waiting for the DJ to play a song It's up to you If you wanna party all night It's up to you We can ha

Boa (보아) - I did it for love (feat. sean garrett) lyrics

did it for love I did it for love I did it for love ... I did it for love No signs for me I saw your game ... but yet and still you got me You touched the

Silk - Back in my arms lyrics

Intro] ooh, oh Oh, I need you Baby, baby, I You used to ... say and naturally I would be saying sorry But I would never ... listen to you Now I'm paying for it Baby love, please

Lesley Roy - Make it back lyrics

was blinded by you I got lost in your eyes Too afraid to find you And too late to read the signs To read ... the signs I was young and foolish Didn't know how to

Take That lyricsTake That - Up lyrics

s writing on the wall Taking all day long to read it all Staring in the face of what's to ... come Coming down I've set the space for you Up, up Thought you wanted to be

Pretty Ricky - Leave it all up to you lyrics

It All Up To You Girl Am I hitting it tonight Ima Leave It All Up To You Girl You Gotta ... Break The Ice Leave It All Up To You Girl It's Gun Be Worth ... Those Nights Ima Leave It All Up To You Girl It's What You Wanna Do Lets Make Sex A Holiday Lets Celebrate All Night And

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - Make it up as we go lyrics

no don't need a label What we got is sexy If you like ... it, I love it You let me in, they told me to come back again You into me, I'm into you ... that's all that matters, it's beautiful You're so

Jo O'meara - You didn't know lyrics

Much For Talking But I Really Know I Must Say I Been ... Round Sleep Walking But You Woke Me Up Today And There Are Things That I Know I ... Should Remember But All I'm Sure Of Is What You Mean To

The Divine Comedy - Make it easy to yourself lyrics

you really love him and there's nothing that I can ... do Don't try to spare my feelings, just tell me that we're ... through And make it easy on yourself, 'cos breaking up is so

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Make the world go away lyrics

the world go away Get it off my shoulder Say the things we used to say And make ... the world, make it go away Do you remember when you ... loved me Before the world took you away Well if you do,

Skyline - It´s up to you lyrics

know we rule, playing so true respect all of you, ... take you all through make you feel good, that's what we do ... relax right now, this one's brand new you got to

Ben Kweller - Make it up lyrics

need a new direction to get me around. You don't have protection as you're coming ... down. Light my white candle keep me safe. It'll put ... that smile back on my face, ya. Have you made up your mind? It's the only way. Have you made it up? Have you made it up? I admire the time that you

New Edition - You don't have to worry lyrics

me up yo That's right New Edition (You don't have to worry) ... Chorus: I know that things ain't right Seems like all we do is fight And it's been on my mind You don't have to worry I'm

Rank 1 - It´s up to you lyrics

strength of your convictions keep the path long and ... true it's up to you you know what to do the clarity ... of pure thoughts ideas form in your mind it's up to you you know what to do turn the tides of time you know it is

Silk - I didn't mean to lyrics

yeah, yeah 1 - I didn't mean to break your heart I didn ... t mean to do you wrong I didn't mean to lie to you I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to ... I didn't mean to sex off on you I didn't mean

Echosmith - Up to you lyrics

you to come back to me Oh 'cause you wanted to, not 'cause you needed to You're all that I ... need Oh and I love you Yes I love you I wear my heart

Luna Sea - Up to you lyrics

kanjite tsuyoku dakishimete Kore kara hajimaru toki ... wo Mune ni daite yume ni egaite Hajimari no kane ga naru ... yo Aruki tsuzuketa sagashi tsuzuketa Yatto mitsuketa owari wa nai kedo Kimi wa dekiru hazu shinjitsu wo motomete

R. City - Make up (feat. chloe angelides) lyrics

give you everything you want But all you talk about is ... everything I don't Why you always talking slick? It's like I can't do nothing without ... getting lit Until I throw you on the bed Put it down, pull

Shura - Make it up lyrics

girl on the last train Small change in the universe, and ... she Speaks to herself out loud Nobody ever ... looks up at her And she says "I wonder what you're

Cheap Trick - It's up to you lyrics

people are very hard to shake awake Some things are hard to ... define Some lazy people've got haze on the ... brain No motivation vacations holidays You say you wanna change the world upside

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - It's true lyrics

a lover makes a mistake sometimes Like any other fall out and lose his mind And I'm ... sorry for the things I did For your teardrops over ... words I said Can you forgive me And open your heart

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Up 2 you lyrics

help it, and my aim never fails baby Somebody, somebody ... tell me, I don’t have a clue what to do when it comes ... to you Baby it’s so beautiful, every time I see you girl

Corroded - It's up to you lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Ben Haenow - Make it back to me lyrics

guess this isn't our time I guess this isn't our place I ... guess you made all the running, baby But I couldn't finish ... the race You've been trying to hide it And I've been missing the signs While you

Infinite ∞ - Up to you lyrics

nal bone doraseomyeo utne ibeonen hwaksilhan sign gata ... uyeonira chyeodo i jeongdo dwaeseumyeon hwaksineul jom gajyeodo doejana neoneun machi ... fantasy gata maeil aetaeumyeo ne gachireul nopyeo

Miss Li - You could have it lyrics

want you to know: I've got a hand full of troubles in my ... lounly, little, trouble soul. No, please don't go. But if you leave ... I understand, cause I'm not easy, yes I know! Yeaaaaaaaah!

Anna Tsuchiya - Up to you lyrics

Know every creature has soul A spread of endless blue clouds ... teaches you There are beginning & ending in all Don't ... lose yourself even when you are down I know you've been so

Eagle-eye Cherry - Up to you lyrics

is where it all went down Getting up with ... nothing to do Don't know what street I lived on And I'm ... not sure I ever knew Well it goes on I've got more to

Ektomorf - It's up to you lyrics

t take it anymore Can't take no more Feel stucked Feel ... the same Agony torture and hate F***ed up deep down Feels ... like there is not way out Pain in the soul Pain in the mind Bitter taste in the mouth

Juelz Santana - Make it work for you lyrics

Hook] Boy let me show ya how to make that crack How to spend ... that money how to make that back Girl let me show how to hit that strip How to get that

The Moody Blues - It´s up to you lyrics

the breeze between us calls, love comes and lingers into our lives, And the leaves ... begin to fall, you point your finger at me. I love you- I love you- In the sadness

The Black Keys - It's up to you now lyrics

wanted to love, but you didn't know how That's okay, it ... s up to you now It got so bad to where I wouldn't allow ... But no more, it's up to you now Let you go so you

John Denver - It’s up to you lyrics

can do whatever you want to do Wherever you want to go ... It's up to you And wouldn't it be fine ... Following your heart playing your own part You and me

Evil Conduct - It's up to you lyrics

day you read the morning paper Every night you watch the ... TV news Do you thing you're getting the whole picture? ... Do you think they're telling you the truth? I think it

Icon ( Usa ) - It's up to you lyrics

are the reason I still survive You keep believing I ... never lie Those late night parties They drag me to Can't ... think of leaving Without seeing you This song I'm singing

Indigo Girls - You left it up to me lyrics

I let you go I cursed myself with empty hands Strong enough to watch you walk but not enough ... to understand With spiteful eyes you burn for my grace I was trying to stand outside you were trying to save face You say that I don't care I don't care You can hope

Yuya Matsushita - Up to you lyrics

mo kanawanai hodo ni utsukushii Baby girl demo utsumuki kagen na sono hyoujou ni kakusu Your secret shinjitsu wo ore wa ... So I know everything about you sunao ni mitomereba ii sonna

Newton Faulkner - I took it out on you lyrics

all the people in the world I took it out on you Even after all the things you’ve done for ... me what a thing to do You won’t let me down don’t let

Sin - It's up to you lyrics

I'll find the way to get inside inside your head Way too frustrating I always have have to ask Cos when the party ... grips and I don't know what to do I'm afraid to ask what's

Linda Ronstadt - I'm leavin' it all up to you lyrics

m leaving it all up, up to you You decide what you're gonna ... do Now do you want my love Or are we through ... That's why I'm leaving it up to you You decide what you

Byron Cage - It is to you lyrics

Is To You It is to You I give the glory It is to You I give the praise For You have ... done so much for me and I will bless Your Holy Name It is to You Holy Father no one like You and I will bless Your Name

Black Flag - It's all up to you lyrics

myself in trouble really burst their bubble my head ... is going schizo i might embrace or kick you the nights are ... bright to dim me self-righteous attitudes won't amend

Love And Theft - It's up to you lyrics

now you got it made Got everybody fooled Got ... everything you want It's all about you No one's figured out ... That all your lies are true CHORUS: Hey, whatcha gonna do When the whole

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