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Immortal - Immortal - hordes of war lyrics

attack while death march in the sky Ride through the heavens with power The hammer of battle pound hard from above All doomed and damned in death's hour Armies' formations winged in death's sky Storming from the other side Apocalypse dawns at the fiery com

Immortal - Hordes to war lyrics

attack while death march in the sky Ride through the heavens with power The hammer of battle pound hard from above All doomed and damned in death's hour Armies' formations winged in death's sky Storming from the other side Apocalypse dawns at the fiery c

Kreator - Hordes of chaos lyrics

chaos haunting me Mirror of countless human tragedies Times of horror, constant lies Totalitarians autocracy's demise Fake peace a necrologue for the elite Brutality among the weak While children die for armageddon victory's breed This necrologue for the

Debauchery - Hordes of chaos lyrics

fight battles in the chaos waste Crushing and routing the enemy Battle for supremacy Slaughtering, hammering, polluting Hordes of chaos Hordes of chaos Hordes of chaos Hordes of chaos Marching to the south in mail clad ranks Searching for eternal butchery Armies on the way are

Månegarm - Hordes of hel lyrics

am the one My time has come I will lead the legions Trough the ice and snow With hunger and diseases Starvation and despair I’ll reign my kingdom of death I am the abandoned one Cast down to a land of pain With winds cold as ice Crippled and broken by the fall Bu

Fogalord - Of war and resurrection lyrics

"...and so it began... after a while of breathtaking silence the ultimate battle that could decide the sort of the war and of the entire world raged on... but when their forces started to fade against the immortal fire-power of the enemies somethin

God Dethroned - Hordes of lucifer lyrics

lead - Henri) Sinister fields Summon the weak Blinding their eyes Grinding the opposition Untamble hate Causing death Forks of fire Ripping the sight of tiranny Satan Master iver mortal christ Still having the upper hand Lucifer After thousands of y

Mystic Circle - Hordes of the underworld lyrics

the wings of darkness over bloody feasts of death All the hellish maniacs arise to kill the world They had made a promise that the satans regime is built The deamons are godless but on the same step like him They are serpants of Satan and they built a new regime

Samael - Of war lyrics

- the force of the weak that tricks oneself but fools no one Power - the force that absorbs without being overwhelmed War the deeper scar of history War the sanctification of tragedy Peace – as crown of war is glory built upon misery Terror – in a dead end finds its way out in

Doom Syndicate - Of war and love lyrics

thoughts of those who will be killed their smell of blood quenches my inner thirst can't reach to the feelings I have inside hatred is the only thing left of mine heartless human being I have become getting even is the only way of mine separation from myself

Immortal - Hypocrisy - valley of the damned lyrics

way of life Read between the lies Blind man preach to the dead The sacrifice in a holy battle No one will forget Limping through the ashes of the remains No soul was saved The great genocide Our fates are sustained In the valley of the damned The battle's on

Negligence - War machine lyrics

suits can't cover lies, fall in line don't question why. They deliver doubtful charm, promises that shouldn't harm. On and on they count their dead, but there's adead end straight ahead. War of greed that should be right, this is really not my fight!

Dungeon - The art of war lyrics

man he walks alone The power unto his own The ancient arts under command Stand fast, don't run away What was learned is now to betray I'll fight you, I'll kill you You've nowhere left to run Your life within my power Immortal forever The

Manowar - Gods of war lyrics

Down from the sky into the fight Clutched full of rage!! full of thunder and glory Swords in the wind crossing the sky Lords of doom bring an end to their story Today is the day we Die in the fight None shall remain.. till last one for n

Manowar - Gods of war - germany 2007 lyrics

obented me I ask thee raise thy hand we! the sons of Odin! await thy command Born under the sign of the hammer we stand and here we all may die! our blood on the ground the battle horns sound! Let thy Valkyries fly!! Down from the sky into the fight Clutched f

Ceremonial Castings - Unleashed hordes of fire steel lyrics

quot;Unleashed Hordes Of Fire And Steel Unite And Attack! Open The Gates Thy Legions Of Fire The Warlords Of Eternal Damnation Unleashed Hordes Of Fire And Steel Redemption For A Thousand Years The Prophecies Of Chaos Has Come Earth: A New Domain Of Flames Flesh Unde

Aeternus - Sons of war lyrics

the sky cracks open newborn fear descents hordes of death led by two sons of war born to conquer born to kill doing my deed phobos - deimos sons of war their bloo burns as fire darkened is their rage as their father they feed of the essence of war born to conq

Dan Bull - Gears of war epic rap lyrics

ACT I] Emergence day emergency, thunder sounded And a hundred thousand locust rose up from underground The invasion managed to create a manic state of panic They did damage and it made a devestated planet Today was savage, the latest in a spate of cl

Kristallnacht - The praise of war lyrics

War is a virtue that defines a responsible man From war depends hegemony or slavery thus our fate War follows a code of honour As waging it (in the name...

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Birds of war lyrics

priesthood is trembling the five knights of light has betrayed mankind Now known as the dark ones we strike down on earth with powers from hell We ride on the wind we ride through the sky like unholy birds of war we fly we bring agony a

Ill Bill - War is my destiny lyrics

Verse 1: Ill Bill] They killed my entire family Murdered and tortured, raped and pillaged I was only five and I was the only surviving witness My entire village burnt to the ground He wore a serpent in his crown Unhappily committed murder with a frown In an army

Hate - Dawn of war lyrics

am war! Watch me rise! Confrontation is a must! Empty of life, drunk with death, I feed the flame of Mars Turn your heart to stone, turn your blood to fire Where evil dwells Spare this flesh for burning Karma Chaos forming Reach out and touch the darkest void Lifele

Hirax - Unleash the dogs of war lyrics

of destruction, in for the kill Dismantle their enemies, at their will Hammer smash! Pounding nails! Invaders attack! Friends and foes! War gods have risen Armageddon has begun, wrath of evil, burns like the sun! [Chorus] Unleash the dogs of war Open the gates! Born in

Cobra ( Peru ) - Men of war lyrics

m getting mad I'm getting bored I wonder where is all the fun I wonder how we're gonna bring back The age of rock 'n roll I heard it's lost Those f***in' scums We're gonna show them loud hard rock We’re here to kick their ass 'till they explode

Hirax - Immortal legacy lyrics

is a place not so far from here Where the elders meet at the peak f the mountain top They practice the ritual til this day Travel from every corner of mother Earth Reign! Immortal Legacy Reign! To bring deceased back from the dead Levitate and b

Darkthrone - The hordes of nebulah lyrics

of (the) Flying Shadows Are in the Eyes of the Vast Uranus For these Eyes have seen The horses of the Universe fade away Oh, Father (the) Fog of Nebula Your faithful children have escaped The Walls of Eternity The Elders Curse- Like Snow of the Solstice of the Sun

Cradle Of Filth - Hammer of the witches lyrics

red dementias Familiar with their suckled hostess Unhinge her bridle scold A quest for misadventure Wrests her glare of buckled gnosis From bloodstained floor to holy centrefold Death is tensing to explode Inquisitioners sought her Scenting the bent in her veins Strip

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Immortal lyrics

lives, one fate I have to leave So you will follow me? That's how it's meant to be I reigned as God I'm monumental Soon I will arise With you by my side And we will radiate the skies He who will gaze our lights Will kill his mind, hi

Da Brat - Immortal beloved (outro) lyrics

And that's the story, no life no more, just loss Caught up in between the negative and positive force, Carmen Brown, sad tale of a life cut short, who Take the responsibility when the guns go off, on one Side you have Hill, he gotta live with the

Depths Of Hatred - Immortal lyrics

thoughts haunt me while I sleep, heinous reflections of vitality. The madness inside me growing in exasperation. A necessary evil, crucial surge of dismay. Losing sight of existence, the terror devours all aspiration. Deranged if indifferent, bottled up anger finding

Nightfear - Immortal lyrics

of years I have gazed through the star Aeons of power, with mightiness, my reign prevailed Immortal life to protect and preserve you mankind Behold the rage of the thunder arise Infinite power to rule all the universe The cosmic greatness dancing in the palm of

Dilated Peoples - War lyrics

Iriscience] War is life and war is death War's a vaccum but war's a breath And war is a war that can never be won But war is the way Johnny got his gun War, it brings students out in a rally War's something that I see too much in Cali War with black, and war wi

Hadouken - Declaration of war lyrics

walking wounded on the ground But I will stand here tall Well I will stand here tall If you want war with me If you want war with me If you want war with me, then bring on the beef If you want war with me If you want war then you´ve gotta war. You tried to rip me but I don

Oceano - War (edwin starr cover) lyrics

huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, milos darren sam War huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all milos darren sam War, huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me milos darren sam Oh, war, I despis

Edwin Starr - War lyrics

huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Uh-huh War, huh, yeah What is it good for Absolutely nothing Say it again, y'all War, huh, good God What is it good for Absolutely nothing Listen to me Ohhh, war, I despise Because it means destruct

Mad Max - War lyrics

is a true story The names have not been changed To protect the innocent There's nothing rearranged This is a true story The story of war When the war is over There's nothing like before Terrified, Crucified Petrified, with fear Terrified, Crucified War W

Ac Dc - Dogs of war lyrics

of war Dogs of war Dogs of war Dogs of war Dogs of war You've been a pattern man Let go, I guess you can Don't need to feel your touch Right underneath the lights Taking all you can Rich game it ain't in plans Feel the booths up on the gr

Death Dealer - War master lyrics

is gone and forsaken There's no hope you're sadly mistaken Battle plans a total disaster You won't ever defeat the warmaster Full retreat you're battered and beaten Piece of meat your army is bleeding One by one your forces die faster None dare oppose the warmaster I'm maki

Trip Lee - War lyrics

is war Like you ain't seen This winter's long It's cold and mean When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll happen When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll happen When life and death go to battle, ain't no tellin' what'll happen It's war tonight, it

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - War lyrics

logic of war seems to be if the belligerent can fight, he will fight. That leaders will not surrender until surrender is academic. How is a national leader to explain the sacrifice of so much for nothing? Well, relax I can explain, I don't want to die! War-huh What is it good for? Ab

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Dogs of war lyrics

of war Dogs of war Dogs of war Dogs of war Dogs of war You've been a pattern man Let go, I guess you can Don't need to feel your touch Right underneath the lights Taking all you can Rich game it ain't in plans Feel the booths up on the ground Ta

The Cranberries lyricsThe Cranberries - War child lyrics

will save the war child baby? Who controls the key? The web we weave is thick and sordid, Fine by me. At times of war we're all the losers, There's no victory. We shoot to kill and kill your lover, Fine by me. War child, victim of political pride. Plant the

Bathory - War lyrics

bells of war doth chime tonight and the heavens shake with fear The earth commot the sky is in flames the battle is ever near (Troops of Hell tonight they storm The walls they so despise Heaven's gates are closing in The night is filled w

Alesha Dixon - Tug of war lyrics

made you come to prom You want me then you don’t I cant figure it out Why can’t I let go My mind is torn in two This love is difficult I wanna live But I keep running back to you Don’t know if I should stay Walk away Or leave you babe You got me i

Fatal Smile - Eve of war lyrics

all the truth Divide them into lies Prizes for the ones they kill and justice has no eyes You’re trying to fight their cause By breakin’ all the laws We show no mercy son when evil’s on the run And I can’t live the shame Shadows that remain The cries heard b

Kataklysm - Face the face of war lyrics

time we went too far This time we opened the scars To feel destruction Inside this worlds addiction Last dance for the new generation Beloved ones, virgins of war Never seen the true colors of sufferance Forever, face the face of war Forev

Hunter - Mirror of war lyrics

at the mirror of war You can see your face One of billion toys in political case In the mirror of war... In the mirror of war... In the mirror of war you can see your face You can see your f***in' fate!!! In the mirror of war - Killing In

Bob Marley - War lyrics

life has taught me I would like to share with Those who want to learn... Until the philosophy which hold one race Superior and another inferior Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned Everywhere is war, me say war That until there are n

Oomph! - War lyrics

in the sky - another bullet for the head of a lie Dust in the sky - another bullet for the head of a lie Where is the sun? It is so far away The sun is gone - only you gotta stay Don't mind if their words are true Just do what they tell you to

Rage - The price of war lyrics

the world's gone mad compassion dies Soldiers killing for their thrills Making war just for the sake of war There's no future left than death Leave me be – misery Leave me be Weep with the children and starve with the prisoners Before you scream for

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - A lifetime of war lyrics

ways to view the world So similar at times Two ways to rule the world To justify their crimes By kings and queens Young men Are sent to die in war Their propanganda speaks Those words been heard before Two ways to view the world Brought Europe down i

Sodom - Into the skies of war lyrics

shadows on a greenish mud I'll cross the plains of dawn Foul stench and open wounds A baleful crushing storm Only creeping death contest For those who never lived Blood cannot bear reality Heaven is out of reach Into the skies of war Into the skies of war Into the sk

Celeste Buckingham - Gods of war lyrics

are blood and bones We are kingdom come Fight for all our souls this is a war this is a war We got fire Burning through our veins Sinners and saints this is a war this is a war We are we are the war cry and battle call We are we are we are The Gods of War The Gods of War

Crimson Glory - Angels of war lyrics

fly without fear Through the valley of shadows Waging our war against evil In your world We rule the heavens and earth From kingdoms of light We are the holy Holy angels of war Angels of war We are the holy angels of war Angels of war Gleami

Crown The Empire - Prisoners of war lyrics

I THE PRISONER? (War, war, war, war) I am a ghost, but only if you remember So save your prayers and promises for something better My hands are tied Stuck in this room forever I scream, but only echoes care to answer We waged our war but failed to find our hope We made our

Ill Niño - The art of war lyrics

the words that I would scream for you. Rise the world that I will rise for you. Hold position by submission and cause affliction. Love for you, one by one. This war has just begun. I'm not defenseless anymore, no more. You've built this wall to h

Keldian - God of war lyrics

of war, god of war God of war, god of war Beneath a veil of red An entire world is lying dead It's buried deep below Man must never know Man must never wake the sleeping god again Beneath the sands of mars Fell to rest at last, lost among the stars The dark spiritual cur

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Tug of war lyrics

s A Tug Of War What With One Thing And Another It's A Tug Of War We Expected More But With One Thing And Another We Were Trying To Outdo Each Other In A Tug Of War In Another World In Another World We Could Stand On Top Of The Mountain With Our Flag Unfurled In

Mean Streak - Declaration of war lyrics

for your life better hide where you can, Hear the drums of the war Head for the mountain and stick to your plan, Nothing's sacred no more When darkness falls and evil rise once more The sinner and the sacred is at war Declaration, of war, Declaration,

Sinead O'connor - War lyrics

the philosophy, Which holds one race superior And another inferior, Is finally and permanently Discredited and abandoned, Everywhere is war. Until there is no longer first class Or second class citizens of any nation. Until the color of a man's skin, Is of no more significance

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