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Haylie Duff - Diamond(ft.jump5) lyrics

.. (Yeah Yeah) Ohh...(Ohh) Ohh... Ohh... Everytime I turn the T.V. on See another pretty face on the screen Feels like I'm not good enough To be on the cover of a magazine turn around I look in the mirror And I wonder if I'll ever measure up All I want i

Serebro - Blood diamond (ft. yellow claw) lyrics

good to be true, imma prove 'em wrong. If you're a mistake, i will make some more. 'cause you got me going up, going down, going round. I love this game, yeah. I don't need liquor to wash away. You love my sins and I love the pain. 'cause you got me going m

Chipmunk - Diamond rings (ft.emeli sande) lyrics

rhyme rhyme, that's why I shine shine, And you can roll anyone of my shows, No lights in my bag no eye sight I gotta keep on ryhmin' man, So I keep on shinin' man I ain't gonna be a one hit wonder, I am forever, call me diamond man, I've been talkin' '

Laura Brehm - Diamond sky (ft. elliot berger) lyrics

with the wind we are free falling now no choice but to trust this as we go into the void we are standing staring into empty space asking all our questions answers we can’t chase is this all there is? is this all there is? I feel the wave of

Rick Ross - Ft. lil wayne & birdman - veteran's day lyrics

Verse 1 - Lil Wayne] I like my p**** a little wetter, my drinks a little colder My girls a little older with her hair past her shoulders Like my weed a little stronger, my money a lot longer If blooding ain’t right, then I couldn’t be a wronger I’m a bad motherf***er, be very af

Marie Digby - Diamond eyes lyrics

would lie to the world for just a moment with you Why should we care what they say, forget the shit that they do I'll wait for your call, I know exactly what to do Just ask the driver for the key to your room You open the door, I put my hands on you

Minecraft - "diamond" - minecraft parody of rebecca black.. lyrics

VERSE 1] 7am, waking up in the morning Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs Gotta make a pole, gotta get my fish on Fishin' all day, the sun is goin' Settin', further down, monsters are spawning Gotta get down to the minetracks Gotta catch my cart, I see my friends (My fr

Ryan Leslie - Diamond girl lyrics

they tried to put me in a box It's impossible R-Les (Oh yeah) And this time it's all or nothing (Set it real, oh yeah) Listen I'ma take you 10 rounds like a boxer baby Show you how I put down with rocks, my lady Promise you asking when I'm done for more I'ma switch it up a

College 11 - Diamond eyes lyrics

in the night When there's no light All of them come out to play Beautiful eyes Under disguise It will take you soul away If you don't know They live below Entering in all you dreams When you find out Then you will see They disapear magically Whoa You d

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Diamond ring lyrics

made love all day In our little hide away But I blew up our love nest By making one little request Diamond ring Diamond ring Don´t mean anything Diamond ring Diamond ring Should not mean a thing You could say I do Hide your negative reviews You love

Cruel Youth - Diamond days lyrics

Verse 1] Madness is my old friend We don't need fancy drinks and penthouse suites to run a riot And you, you just were just a fling A beautiful addition to the valley of my vices [Pre-Chorus] We're different people Adam and Eve, oh Dreaming

Izzy Bizu - Diamond lyrics

da, da! Ooh! Take me to the promise land Unleash me, why am I standing here Yeah I really do believe that There's more than just this universe, than you and me Back up in the corner She telling me, telling me Don't you cross the boarder She stopping me, blocking me

Jamie Lynn Spears - Diamond lyrics

yeeah e everytime I turn the Tv on see another pretty face on my scren feels like I'm not god enough to be on the cover of a magasine -turn around- I look in the mirror and I wonder if I ever make sure up all I want is someone to

Billy Talent - Diamond on a landmine lyrics

my face, Slammed the door, A dozen roses lay on the floor. I saw her friends, And I was told, She blocked my number from her cell phone. You said we, Were meant to be, Now this subsession is killing me. Until I have a heart attack, I'll keep o

C.n. Blue - Diamond girl lyrics

humchineun neon mameul humchineun neon diamond Juwil maehokhaneun ni momjit hwaryeohan geol Moreuneun cheok oemyeonhadeut neoreul humchigo sipeo Banjjak bichi naneun geol jinachil su eobseo neol You are my diamond girl Don’t worry no more Areu

Castro - Diamond dreams lyrics

go through streets, like we’re royal team with empty pockets and worn out jeans living our lives like we’re kings and queens we’re running wild on this diamond dreams i’ve got a fast car most days i don’t starv having our pensions just like new (?) and i’ve got dumb friends m

Joe Purdy - Diamond state lyrics

me back those summer days Winter’s making my old bones ache Ill return when the weathers changed Ill see you in the Diamond State again Well I got religion and the old north wind All the colours came, the colours went I swore to get right with my family and friends Gav

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Diamond in the rough lyrics

had a dollar in my pocket And dirt on my hands She was a rich man's daughter Who didn't give a damn She had all the boys talkin' With her fancy cat walkin' But it was me who took her home And gave her bed a good rockin' oh yeah Cause at the end of the day

Joseph Arthur - Diamond ring lyrics

ring, wear it on your hand It's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man Diamond ring, diamond ring Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring Red, red rose, brought it home to you Blood red rose, tells me that you're true Red, red rose, blood red rose Li

Benjamin Lasnier - Diamond lyrics

bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Find light in the beautiful sea I choose to be happy You and I, you and I We're like diamonds in the sky You're a shooting star I see A vision of ecstasy When you hold me, I'm alive We're like diamonds in

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Diamond heart lyrics

wild american Looking to be something Out of school go-go’n For a hundred or two Some asshole broke me in Wrecked all my innocence I’ll just keep go-go’n And this dance is on you One, five, ten, lay a million on me Before the end of this so

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Diamond road lyrics

with me the diamond road Tell me every story told Give me something of your soul That I can hold onto I want to wake up to the sound of waves Crashing on a brand new day Keep the memory of your face But wipe the pain away o When you're lonely (y

Helvetets Port - Diamond claw lyrics

an ancient world, or out of time A dream will slowly fade away Stride and fleet the stony ground on weary legs she rides She holds the one and only diamond claw The winner crest, a diamond paw Successor of the last in line the finest battle prize Promised to the master-at-

Kerli - Diamond hard lyrics

re rolling me in gravel, I'll leave without a scratch. You throwing rocks in my way, but I just won't react. The less I see the sun, The brighter I'll become. Outnumbered and outgunned, That's where I'm shining at. My skin is soft like velvet but m

Pat Benatar - Diamond field lyrics

the top of the hill You can see all the lights of the diamond field The treasure buried in plain sight Where one mans loss is another mans gain And no one cares about anything, worth caring about Shall we go to the diamond field tonight Tightrope wal

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Diamond ring lyrics

ring, wear it on your hand It's gonna tell the world, I'm your only man Diamond ring, diamond ring Baby, you're my everything, diamond ring Red, red rose brought it home to you Blood red rose, tells me that you're true Red, red rose, blood-red rose

Neil Diamond - Diamond girls lyrics

town girl in a city of lights Sleeps all day, yeah, And she plays all night Takin' her turn on the merry-go-round Hearing her laugh but it's a lonely sound Bring her on up, take her on down Hearing you laugh babe, But it's a lonely sound Leaving it home, on

F(x) - Diamond lyrics

nan dandanhae swipge sangcheo anna ttokbaro bwa nunbusyeodo i tumyeonghan nae Mind naui simjangeun Diamond naui bonjireun Fire naui neungnyeogeun One Billion naui gachineun Diamond nalgaereul cheom balgyeonhan saecheoreom naragago sipeo Yea

Anthony Hamilton - Diamond in the rough lyrics

Babe Looking at you, I can tell, you’ve had hard times in your life Now its time for me, to make everything right I wanna shower you, with lovely thangs, help you smile again, I wanna get to know you, make it right, so you can breathe again

Patty Loveless - Diamond in my crown lyrics

each long day rolls by and falls behind me In the lonely night there's a peacefulness I've found Though I'm weary even then when I rise to start again There'll be a diamond, a diamond in my crown I have wasted all that life has laid before me I hav

Rebecca Ferguson - Diamond to stone lyrics

guessing, never learn my lessons, Always chasing after, what somebody else had stole, When you took your chances, I wasn’t burnt to ashes, And your broken promises have left you out in the cold, With each lie that you told, lie that you told, I learn a little m

Alan Walker lyricsAlan Walker - Diamond heart lyrics

sweet grief I know you'll be the death of me you're like the morning every ecstasy I came drowning in the night light sea hello, old friend he's the misery that knows no end so I'm doing everything I can to make try another love again I wish then I did not k

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Diamond dogs lyrics

they pulled you out of the oxygen tent You asked for the latest party With your silicone hump and your ten inch stump Dressed like a priest you was Todd Browning's freak you was Crawling down the alley on your hands and knee I'm sure you're not protected,

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Diamond joe lyrics

there's a man you'll hear about Most anywhere you go And his holdings are in Texas And his name is Diamond Joe. And he carries all his money In a diamond-studded jar He never took much trouble With the process of the law. I hired out to Diamond Joe, boys Did offer hi

Cydonia - Diamond dust lyrics

and shine over the sacred laws erase all memories of a life with no justice Where you have rode alone, leaving tears in our hearts Tell me friend have you find your smile? Your fatal enemy can't reach you again his anger... is lost in the past! Tell me what do you see bey

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Diamond lyrics

Tiffany] When the snow begins to fly, above the smoky, smoky sky, you came Along like a snowflake, and brightened up my day [Taeyeon] There is just one thing I need on this snowy winter day Call me a fool to love you, but I want nothing but you [Sooyoung] All

Millionaires - Diamond lane lyrics

and me, Diamond Lane, sparkling like champagne Never ride alone, car smells like cologne You and me, Diamond Lane, sparkling like champagne Never ride alone, hands free, iPhone You and me, Diamond Lane, sparkling my champagne I'll bring a boy home, from my show, backstage Batti

Seals & Crofts - Diamond girl lyrics

Girl you sure do shine Glad I found you glad you're mine Oh my love you're like a precious stone part of earth where heaven has rained on Makes no difference where you are Day or night time you're like a shinin' star And how could I shine without you when it's a

Set It Off - Diamond girl lyrics

o'clock and he ain't home, So many thoughts runnin’ through you, Then you found out he makes his rounds when you go out, Oh no… When love is a lie, We lock up inside with the walls up, I'm takin’ my time, To show you I'm not gonna hurt ya, That look i

Benjamin Kowalewicz - Diamond on a landmine lyrics

my face,slammed the door, a dozen roses lay on the floor I saw her friends and I was told, she blocked my number from her cell phone You said we were meant to be,now this obsession is killing me Until I have a heart attack,I'll keep on trying to win to back

Shinedown - Diamond eyes (boom-lay boom-lay boom) lyrics

am the shadow, and the smoke in your eyes, I am the ghost, that hides in the night Boom-Lay Boom-Lay BOOM! (x4) Wait, wait a minute take a step back You gotta think twice before you react So stay, stay a little while Because the promise I kept is the road to exile Hey!

Barcelona - Diamond and silver lyrics

we go back Or is it finally over Can we go back I wanna be here forever Can we go back I'll give you diamond and silver Can we go back Or is it finally over Don't treat me like I'm naive I understand what this is, what you mean I'm not your man, I'm

Circle Ii Circle - Diamond blade lyrics

in the distance From everything you see Afraid to hear the answers In the darkness of your deeds Promises delivered You don't intend to keep Lost in your reflection My troubles far too deep If you think The past is thrown away There's no hi

Corey Hart - Diamond cowboy lyrics

yea, yea no, no Hey listen mister, are you the diamond cowboy? You the golden hero we've been waitin' for? Hey listen mister; let me introduce you to The magic carpet trick for every troubadour We got the prophets weaving with the future We got the &qu

Evil Masquerade - Diamond dust lyrics

can see my breath in front of me Ice crystals floating in the air Creating non-symmetric frozen dreams Winter land all around me Freezing me old Riming my glee Winter land all that I see Oh no Too long since I brought the angels down Now I suffer far below

Kids In Glass Houses - Diamond days lyrics

feel your body shaking Lying next to mine Could be the devil talking Could be the holy wine Says we can do whatever Says we can lead the blind Cause the closest to alive You’ll feel this side of death Is knowing that you tried We’re screamin

Nightmare (fra) - Diamond crown lyrics

is coming for a prince to take the power his father the king has ceased to lead the prince is in love with the throne the king has left him the diamond crown and the queen feels jealousy, she's the dark face of reality look for the diamond crow

Ratt - Diamond time again lyrics

no! Here we go again You're like a rattle snake When all you do is take You're like an earth quake When all you do is shake Diamond time again You weren't so hard to find Diamond time again I'm gonna make you mine You got that love me tender

The Boomtown Rats - Diamond smiles lyrics

Traffic's wild tonight' Diamond smiles her cocktail smile. Tonight she's in heavy disquise. She looks at her wrist to clock the passing time. 'Weather's mild tonight' She wonders will her glamour survive, She wonders do they notice her eyes, And can they see she's going

Charlotte - Diamond busaiku lyrics

GOO! BUSAIKU TOBE TOBE! BUSAIKU (2x) juugyouchuu ni kagami mite HOPPETA wo yosete miru. "mou chotto!"x2 tte Diet ni hagemu hibi kokuhaku nante dekinai. bikou de kanojo hakken. "mou chotto!"x2 tte Private wo saguru hibi

Icon & The Black Roses - Diamond baby lyrics

s your favourite pleasure It's your love cuts me deep Like a razor or a diamond, baby It's late at night and I can't sleep Feeling the entwined streams of silver tears They're running down my cheek And I've never knowed such pain like the one you bring me all nigh

Jaheim - Diamond in da ruff lyrics

diamond Ohh diamond (diamond) Diamond in da ruff someone that you don't meet twice We left the Brickz for the 'Burbs turned Mo into Remy matching fur coats and Fendi from the bus to a Bentley coupe with a closet full of shoes yeah Than our smiles turned to frowns ups

Gun Barrel - Diamond bullets lyrics

souls Born for the road Hunting for revenge Light the fuse We're bullet proof We hit you hard as nails Been to hell To tell the tale Of fortune hate and pain Pierce your skull With rock&roll Set your city up in flames Oh bad to the bone Fate car

Ryan Leslie - Diamond girl (remix) lyrics

Intro: Ryan Leslie] Yeah! They tried to put me in the box! It's impossible! R. Les! (Oh Yeah!) And this time it's all or nothin (I said it's real! Ohhhhhh! Yeah!) Listen! [Verse 1: Ryan Leslie] I'm a take ya ten rounds like a boxer baby Show you how I put it d

Social Distortion - Diamond in the rough lyrics

I've been up, yeah And I've been down Been kicked around, yeah This god-forsaken town So many faults, so little time I've gotta find my piece of mind Peace of mind I was looking for something Anything at all Something to believe in Spray

Gutter Sirens - Diamond tear lyrics

you drop off to a deep sleep drop off under pressure of a gloomy day When you go ahead with virginal purity To recast the diamond tear You will find a Judas' kiss in it a renewed wounds' sign A crimson face of a malefactor who mocks Mocks at every lost day Welcome

Kat-tun - Diamond lyrics

atsui basho de butai ga ore-tachi wo matsu Bench kara todoku sign ni konna toki nigeru nante naize? Abuna sugiru to iwareru to hashiri dashite mitaku naru Black or white kimenai to kore ijou susumenai Ashita nante mienai kedo Yume wo yume de nakusu shunkan Tatakikome

Jump5 - Diamond lyrics

time I turn the TV on See another pretty face on the screen Feels like I'm not good enough To be on the cover of a magazine Turn around, I look I the mirror And I wonder if I'll ever measure up All I want is someone to make it clearer Am I ever gonna find th

Tim Mcgraw - Diamond rings and old barstools (with catheri.. lyrics

rings and old barstools One's for queens and one's for fools One's the future and one's the past One's forever and one won't last [Chorus:] It ain't like midnight and cigarette smoke It ain't like watered down whiskey and coke I guess some things just don't mix like yo

Joan Armatrading - Diamond lyrics

ll ride I'll ride I'll ride The seven seas I'll ride I'll ride I'll ride The seven seas I'll ride I'll ride I'll ride The seven seas For you I'll climb I'll climb I'll climb The highest peak I'll climb I'll climb I'll climb The highest peak I'll climb I'l

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