Im So Fly Up In The Clouds I Aint Coming Down Now And Days Everyones A Gangster lyrics

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77 Bombay Street - Up in the sky lyrics

in the sky, there is a village And the people there are ... blue, I believe it's true Up in the sky, people are happy They love to sing and there is no ... need for a king Up in the sky, nothing is insane Like a rocket driven plane you can fly above the rain Up in the sky

Black - Fly up to the moon lyrics

fly up to the moon Raising all of my money Can’t make it ... too soon I am sick of it down here Gonna fly up to the ... moon So this is how the world ends Not with a bang

Nb Ridaz - So fly lyrics

woo oh (you so fly lady) [chorus:] You look so ... fly, so cool Tell me girl can I talk to you I'm only in ... town for one night Let me know if you're down to ride So fly, so cool Tell me girl can I

Oasis lyricsOasis - Up in the sky lyrics

you! Up in the sky Learning to fly Tell me how high ... Do you think you'll go Before you start ... falling Hey you! Up in a tree You wanna be me Well

Mortimorband - Walks in the clouds lyrics

I was a little child When you looked after me ... When you gave me the love When you wiped my tears ... When you made a smile on my face When you changed my cry on

Bob Marley - So much trouble in the world lyrics

much trouble in the world So much trouble in the world ... Bless my eyes this morning Jah sun is on the rise once again The way earthly thin's are ... goin' Anything can happen. You see men sailing

Kevin Renick - Up in the air lyrics

m up in the air, Choices drifting by me everywhere And I ... can't find the one That would help me do the work I ... ve left undone, 'Cause I'm up in the air. I'm making some plans, Finding out there's

Bi Rain - Up in the club lyrics

bako dokidoki sasou kyou no ichiban dare darou DAIYA.RUBII ... ni SAFAIYA sou sa mitsume aeba kimi mo wakaru hazu sa ganjou na sono kagi akete ii kai ... hora tokete iku saa doudai? sukoshi zutsu hegashiteku

Hüsker Dü - Up in the air lyrics

away the hours, hear the footsteps of the past Walking up the stairs of time, knowing that I'm trapped Cold winds of indifference persuade a ... movement south Thinking that it's better there The warmer climes that we seek out

Art Garfunkel - Up in the world lyrics

ve come Up In The World, And it's all to your credit. You made something of your life Like you always said you would. ... But what ever happened to the girl I used to know and all

Down - In the thrall of it all lyrics

slow Cruel to himself and generous about it Cruel to the world (it's) not hard to spot ... it Can't give up Shut up On a tirade Off the top of ... his head So ripe becoming rotten He's hit the wailing

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Growin' up in the gutter ft. rittz lyrics

Verse 1 - Yelawolf] Once upon a time in an apartment home ... Lived a little girl with a heart of stone Cause part of her ... heart was partly gone Rarely seen and hardly known

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Up in the air lyrics

Lust Faith Dreams Oh oh oh oh oh, whoa oh ... oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh, whoa oh Oh oh oh oh oh I've ... been up in the air, out of my head, Stuck in a

E-type - Far up in the air lyrics

everything I do just make me feel the same I need ... to get away To somewhere far away I wonder, why is that I ... can't play the game And find another way To focus and take aim Going away to clear my mind I know I need it when I have to start again Going away,

Forsomeone - Up in the party lyrics

In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party Up In ... The Party Up In The Party Up In The Party You smile, I ... don't You ask, What's wrong? No more talkin dirty til 3 in the mornin So

Nightcore - Up in the air (30stm) lyrics

Lust Faith Dreams Oh oh oh oh oh, whoa oh ... oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh, whoa oh Oh oh oh oh oh I've ... been up in the air, out of my head, Stuck in a

Kenny Rogers - So little love in the world lyrics

rainy afternoon at Union Station As I sat alone and waited ... on my train I overheard a lover´s conversation Laced ... with desperation and pain. I heard a girl say when is your

Mark Owen - Head in the clouds lyrics

makes me sleep outside on the pavement, Spends my money, The lights are on but nobody's ... home, Now aint that funny, She likes to tell me ... when she's met some other A-Z, She's my sun, yeah the

A Firm Handshake - Clouds lyrics

fell down, down, down into this dark and lonely hole. There was no one there to care about me anymore. And I ... needed a way to climb and grab a hold. On the edge you

Flo Rida - In the ayer (feat. lyrics

hot damn , this is my jam Keep me partying till the A ... M Yall don't understand , make me throw my hands In the ayer , ay , ayer , ayer , ay , ayer (X2) Hey this is my jam Yall don't understand I'll

Zach Sobiech - Clouds lyrics

I fell down, down, down Into this dark and lonely hole There was no one there to care about me anymore And I needed a way to climb and grab a hold ... of the edge You were sitting there holding a rope And we’ll

Craig David lyricsCraig David - Hands up in the air lyrics

baby it's all about a party (it's all about a party) really ... wanna get really wanna get down tonight down tonight yeah c ... mon baby (c'mon baby) lemme see those hands up in the air yeah (hands up in the air yeah) lemme see ya

Kid Cudi - Up up and away lyrics

when the sun come up I'll be there to say what up In the morning brush my teeth Find that clip I been lookin For since last night I feel so caught up in the bud I float around in my

Hogland - The night (feat. johnning) lyrics

re burning with the sun, yeah We shine so bright Like all the stars combined, uh We ... own the night We're flying with the angels Dancing on the clouds The sun is going down

Alex Clare - Up all night lyrics

up in someone else's bed, is what i was waiting for oh ... my days what have i done, she saw me sneaking ... out the door what have i been waiting for, been waisting all my time watchin my

Lloyd Banks - Lloyd banks im so fly lyrics

Intro - Lloyd Banks] Yeah! Aye yo 50 They don't do it like us nigga Yeah! I'm so fly, I got money So that's good ... enough reason to buy the things I buy I'm so high, I'm on

Phora - The world lyrics

It’s crazy how cats are trading their respect for some likes ... Talking their shit on twitter but speak less in real life All these rapper with their egos always talking their shit And can never swallow their pride, so they can swallow a

Secondhand Serenade - Fly by lyrics

day I'd walk alone Every day I'd wait for your voice on the ... phone Every day I'd wish that I was not prone To walking the streets just like another ... clone Every day I wish that you would understand I am

Michael Franti & Spearhead - The sound of sunshine lyrics

two three, uh I wake up in the morning its six o'clock They ... say there may be rain but the sun is hot I wish I had some ... time just to kill today And I wish I had a dime for every bill I've got to pay Some days

Forever Ends Here - Head in the clouds lyrics

the street signs point the way Down roads you never knew And I'm singing to the soundtrack ... of A different side of you One star for your ... past Three stars for what's next Five stars when your

Murphy Lee - So x-treme lyrics

Intro: King Jacob] Ight, I am not a crook ..I'm a pimp ... Uh, Yeah Murphy Lee da Skool Boy Yo Proffesor where ... you at? [Hook: King Jacob & (The Proffesor)] Cause..

Mnek - In your clouds lyrics

s just gotten Grey Goose, baby what you saying? Took a ... booze, baby what you saying? (4x) I just want to be All up in your clouds And be so high up there That I can

Gothic Knights - Up from the ashes lyrics

of the darkness comes a new hope Shining bright like ... the sun You can feel when the force is flowing Through ... your veins so strong Held up high burns the torch of the faith Like the phoenix from ashes I rise Crashed to the

Firewater - Coming up from the underground lyrics

we got the orange, and you got the green (coming up ... from the underground) Firewater is down, if you know what I mean (coming up from the ... underground) Well you can shut us up, but you can’t

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Lost in the world lyrics

m up in the woods, I'm down on my mind, I'm building a ... still To slow down a time, (X2) I'm up in the ... woods, I'm down on my line, I'm building a city, Down the

Chipmunk - In the air lyrics

Keri Hilson - Chorus] In the air, in the air Put your lights up in the air In this ... moment, come together, Be as one without a care In the air, in the air Put your lights

Keri Hilson - In the air lyrics

Keri Hilson - Chorus] In the air, in the air Put your lights up in the air In this ... moment, come together, Be as one without a care In the air, in the air Put your lights

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Feet in the clouds lyrics

said I had my head in the clouds They directed, I suspected, ... disconnected, had in my way On the street I had my ... feet on the ground Stood corrected, well

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - So happy i could die lyrics

eh, eh-eh, yeha, yeha Eh-eh, eh-eh, aha, aha Eh ... eh, eh-eh, yeha, yeha Eh-eh, eh-eh, aha, aha I ... love that lavender blonde The way she moves, the way she walks I touch myself, can't get

Evertale - In the sign of the valiant warrior lyrics

upon a time, far beyond in a distant land So my story shall ... begin Darkness and chaos and an evil awakes From legends ... out of fairytales From days forgotten, days gone by

Julian Cope - A crack in the clouds lyrics

cold breeze climbs up the edge of a cloud And follows ... me to the river. I stand and sigh, weighed down with chains, They follow me in columns. ... They'll not see port, this north sea wind, and like the river I flow through. I die,

Kurt Carr - In the sanctuary lyrics

ft. Kurt Carr Singers] We lift our hands in ... the sanctuary We lift our hands to give You the glory We lift our hands to give You the ... praise And we will praise You for the rest of our days, Yes We will praise You

Labrinth - Up in flames (feat. devlin & tinchy stryder) lyrics

Labrinth:] And It's All Clear For The Day Yeah May The ... Best Man Walk Away Eh To The Strongest To The Bravest ... When The Roof Blows Up In Flames Eh And It's All Clear For

Beverly Craven - Castle in the clouds lyrics

can waste your time building barriers Spend your life trying ... to break them down again Like an island, in a sea that ... breathes revenge When we talk sometimes you’re a looking

Far As Hell - Another night in the clouds lyrics

parked on that dead end street You said that I ... m in for a treat Take a deep breath, nice and slow I ... should know better but oh...well... I ... m a creature of habit. Habits are hard to break You say you

Ro James - The ride lyrics

s go for a ride Drive me for one night baby ... Trust me you'll be fine Promise not to bite baby Cause I ... ve been waiting all this time Just to see your wildest side Something that would change my mind Forever, and ever

Milow - The loneliest girl in the world lyrics

loneliest girl in the world has a window She watches ... herself in the clouds and the stars But when she grows up ... she will never be lonely again The loneliest girl in the

Walter Becker - Down in the bottom lyrics

case you're wondering it's alive and well That little habit ... that you left with me Here in the suburbs where it's hard to ... tell If I got the bear or if the bear got me How did you know

Oasis lyricsOasis - The shock of the lightning lyrics

m over my heart's desire I feel cold, but i'm back in the fire Outta control but i'm tied up tight Come in, come out ... tonight Coming up in the early morning I feel love and the shock of the lightning I'll

Anita Baker - Caught up in the rapture lyrics

we met, I always knew I would feel that magic for you ... On my mind constantly In my arms is where you should be I love you here by me, baby ... You let my love fly free I want you in my life for all time

Lil Kim - In the air tonite lyrics

we gonna do right here is go back (go back) Way back (way back)- back into time (into time ... Chorus: [Phil Collins] I can feel it coming in the air tonight Oh Lord And I

Matt Pond Pa - In the aeroplane over the sea lyrics

a beautiful face I have found in this place That is circling all round the sun ... What a beautiful dream That could flash on the screen In a blink of an eye and be gone

Sides David - Linkin park: in the end piano cover coming so.. lyrics

thing I don’t know why It doesn’t even matter how hard ... you try Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme To explain in due time All I know time is a valuable thing Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings Watch it count down to the

Adrian Belew - The man in the moon lyrics

i stood in the night Out on the broken pier Me with my feet in the sea You with your face in the clouds, The man in the ... moon And as i heard your voice, Felt your laugh Flood across the broken pier I wanted to die right then and there You smiled down across t

Blackberry Smoke - Up in a smoke lyrics

town like a freight train running Staring at us like deer in ... the headlights Never thought you had another thing coming Did the ... same damn thing to them last night Everywhere we go,

Elvis Costello - The other end of the telescope lyrics

we agree that that just this once I'm gonna change my life Until it's just as tiny or ... Important as you like And in time we won't even recall that we spoke Words that turned

Horrorshow - Days past lyrics

for this day. Thankyou for days past. Thankyou for this day ... Thankyou for everyday to come They wandered over ... drugs and alcohol In the memory of What it really is

Ignitor - Castle in the clouds lyrics

the land of all is lost In the realm of insanity The Castle ... sprawls on her hill and stretches to the sky In lazy ... disregard Fear the Castle, flee her minions Fear the Castle, as she crouches in the clouds A thousand sightless eyes Survey her morbid realm Black asphalt tongue

L.a. Guns - Man in the moon lyrics

said I didn't want to cause you any misery It's got ... to be that I could never You said anywhere you go I'm coming with ... you And that's alright I think I like that I know you were

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