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3t - Tease me lyrics

can do it nice and slow Six o'clock it's ... getting dark And we're all alone So dim the ... lock the door Baby, come on Cause I've waited for

George Strait - You still get to me lyrics

feel the same way that I always have You ... still get to me, like you used to do I cant complain, ... dear, you make my life complete After ... all this time, honey, its still true I

Save Ferris - Im not crying for you lyrics

listen to me I've got something to say I have finally ... I'm wasting my life away You've made so many promises ... That's all you ever do So now tonight I'm

100 Demons - While you're praying lyrics

me jesus save me from this mind you gave me i ... self-control will soon betray me and when it's gone live in ... fear cuz nothing stops me it's not my fault won't take

Kelly Price - You should've told me lyrics

hour I wouldn't tuck you in and turn the nightlight out You ... would walk through the door and I wouldn't say hi I would ... walk out the door and wouldn't say bye-bye It's

Mando Diao - You got nothing on me lyrics

killers, all of your evil You got nothing on, you got ... nothing on me Fascists, warriors no ... matter what you'll say You don't understand, you don't ... understand me And you got, you got nothing on, you got

Sneaky Sound System - Tease me lyrics

She likes slow jam jams, and giving out the spunk Living ... class, go Babylon Marked men she loves them yeah. Sweet, ... hot and naughty to got to like the

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Tease me please me lyrics

known a lot of girls Livin' and lovin' It's hard to keep ... Many crazy nights Cruisin' and boozin' It's a wonder that I ... alive Never wasted any time Never missed a beat Total

A Day Away - Touch me, tease me lyrics

the bottle Oh, got drunk and made out with a model What ... It seems I'm stuck in game mode The settings are hit it ... and quit it, don't go home alone tonight Girl, you're

Anvil - Tease me please me lyrics

s getting late and I'm ready for you There's a message that's coming on through ... I'm all worked up no place to go They ... tell me babe your all talk, no show It's not

Lianne La Havas - Tease me lyrics

no So I pray for yesterday And I haven't slept a wink since ... I need So I think its best you stay away from me 'Cause I ... hate the way you tease me I am not lonely, I'm alright

The Peacocks - Work with you lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fou...

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Touch and go lyrics

Waking up, midnight November And just still in my bed It's ... kinda rough, cause since I met ya There's things we've ... So if I go for a little while longer When I'm home we can

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Touch and go lyrics

Waking up, midnight November And just still in my bed It's ... kinda rough, cause since I met ya There's things we've ... So if I go for a little while longer When I'm home we can

Montell Jordan - Crushin' lyrics

the flooor Ooh I know what you like [Verse 1] You got ... that feeling by that Look on your face You touch and tease me ... now I'm Ready to play My hands run up and down your Thighs

Busy Signal - Hold me lyrics

fah this ee? Who fah this? You see you! so you gwan eno ... Wine and hold me, love how you muscle control me Yuh think ... say you bad come near me Me, have the sitin fi you fear me Gal wine and squeeze me,

S Club 7 - I'll keep waiting lyrics

s been a long time girl, but I'll keep on ... waiting till that day when You come back on home to me Life ... s too short to live without you Where you are is where I

Adele lyricsAdele - You do something to me (feat paul weller) lyrics

do something to me Something deep inside Im hanging ... For a love i'll never find You do something wonderful Then ... my emotions That throws me back again Hanging on the

Lee Greenwood - Touch and go crazy lyrics

on my mind It's gettin' you in these arms of mine And ... once we touch baby don't you know It won't be touch and ... [Chorus:] It's gonna be touch and go crazy It's gonna be touch and go out of our minds They

Hatebreed - You're never alone lyrics

have nothing to live for You think you haven't the will to ... persist You have to search withinyourself ... All the work that you've done in vein Been

Blaze Bayley - While you were gone lyrics

did not hear I did not feel while you were gone My blood was ... cold, I was a stone You were my own, while you were ... gone Because you are my beating heart You are

Lisa Loeb - You don't know me lyrics

the door She's showing him off By making him talk She's putting his hand in his pocket It ... t say What she doesn't say You don't know me You don't know me at all You don't know me You

Red Circuit - You can sleep while you're dead lyrics

reasons - came to an end Distance, prayers ... that cures, voices inside You can sleep when you're dead ... mother - words are in vain You're hiding behind those

Sky Ferreira - Touch and go lyrics

and go. Touch and go. Touch and go. Touch and go. I've ... border line. Oh oh oh. Why you're wasting all your time? ... Thinking that you're mine? Now boy this ain

Melissa Etheridge - Touch and go lyrics

A customary kiss goodnight And it slips through your ... shoulders It reaches your heart and dies And the ... sadness is bound to kill me But I'm too far away to care

Casting Crowns - While you were sleeping lyrics

another silent night Above your deep and dreamless sleep A ... giant star lights up the sky And while you're lying in the ... the King has left His throne And is sleeping in a manger

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Im glad there is you lyrics

people I'm glad there is you In this world of over ... I'm so glad there is you I live to love, I love to ... live with you beside me This role so new, I'll

Phil Collins - You touch my heart lyrics

you reach in and you touch my heart Somehow you reach ... in, you touch my soul When I look at you, ... Eyes wide open, looking at me What can I offer you that you've never seen Just don't be

Montgomery Gentry - While you're still young lyrics

Collins, Jim; Martin, Tony; Mobley, ... Blowin' out spring break With your not right friends Wake up on ... the beach With new ink on your skin Do somethin' crazy and

The Hollies - Touch me lyrics

all my fantasies Until you came and liberated me And taught ... yea yea yea I needed you to know I'm more than just a ... one night stand And girl with your permission

Janis Joplin - Work me, lord lyrics

me Lord, work me Lord. Please don’t you leave ... I’ve looked everywhere And I can’t find me anybody to ... To feel my care. So ah work me Lord, whoa use me Lord,

Beverley Mitchell - You didn't kiss me lyrics

t turn out the light 'Cause you didn't kiss me No you didn't ... kiss me goodnight [Chorus:] What ... i've tried it all I promise you, I wouldn't call But the

Nailbomb - While you sleep, i destroy your world lyrics

the f*** up, take the pain You can never understand I'm the ... one, you rejected I'm the one, you ... wont forget While you sleep, I destroy your world

A Rocket To The Moon - Im afraid of losing you lyrics

speak for anyone but myself. You see darling there is nothing ... I can say that will save you anyways. I'll scream loud at ... of my lungs tonight, 'Cause you know you will always be my

David Byrne - You don't know me lyrics

re lookin at me but you don't know me I'm invisible ... eye I'm apart of ev'rything you're doin' 'm apart of you ... love songs I'm the part of you you can't control I'm the

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Im getting sentimental over you lyrics

I'd fall, but when I hear you call, I'm getting sentimental over you. Things you say ... and do just thrill me through and through, I'm getting sentimental over you. I thought I

Damnwells - While you can lyrics

out while you can It's on me Get out while you can Let ... it be You have always been here with me ... And I have always been here with you Get out while you can

Tracy Lawrence - While you sleep lyrics

don't say I love you quite enough I know Sometimes ... I go for days I'm ashamed to say The world moves so ... fast The words come so slow And I let those excuses get in my

Magazine - Touch and go lyrics

the corner of your eye I'm loitering with ... intent You can tell me to move on Cause all of my ... moneys spent You're not such a big girl ... Small world isn't it Ask me what I do Sometimes I stand

George Strait - Im never gonna let you go lyrics

s turn the lights down soft and low And watch the fire ... of a passing train Taking someones lover far away But in your arms is where I wanna stay ... the arms of a beautiful girl And now that I've found you I'm

The Cars - Touch and go lyrics

i need is what you've got all i'll tell is what ... you're not all you know is what you hear i get ... this way when yo come near [Chorus] then I know ... it's gone too far oh, oh, I touched your star and it felt so

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - While you see a chance lyrics

a clear blue morning until you see what can be alone in a ... cold day dawning, are you still free, can you be when ... some cold tomorrow finds you when some sad old dream

Rascal Flatts - While you loved me lyrics

life Don't be surprised if you're where it begins Girl, I'd ... line on every page To the memories we made, while you ... loved me [Chorus] I was born the

Iamx - You stick it in me lyrics

You stick it in me and go to her) (You stick it in me and go to her) (You stick it ... in me and go to her) (And then you touch me - life? ... question ...) (You stick it in me and go to her)

Kesha lyricsKesha - While you were sleeping lyrics

the place where I feel safe. And I cant recall, The beauty in ... seeds. Spreading inside of me, with every breath I breathe. ... While you were sleepin' I was wandering with the lonely people.

Heather Nova - Im no angel lyrics

you ready For me to be stronger I'm keeping ... My voice to a whisper Are you ready For me to surrender ... But I feel, like I could fly And maybe, maybe, there's no

M.o - You don't know me like that lyrics

face strong, high heels on You can look but don't touch, ... that's not on I kill your flow, everyone knows ... Yeah, everyone knows If you ain't talking business, don't

One Less Reason - Im not happy for you lyrics

baby, maybe you've been saved And you just ... don't know it And maybe, maybe you've been hurt ... And you're scared to show it But ... sometimes, does your pain become too much for you to bear? And sometimes, do you run away?

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - You don't see me lyrics

you don't wanna call it a home Is it better to be on your ... what to do How can I reach you I'm not even close to you? You don't see me How can I touch

Alkaline Trio - While you're waiting lyrics

in my head That's been cut and bled Dry as your bloodshot ... eyes And there's smoke in the air And ... our demise There are some who say That it's a-okay If

Bachman-turner Overdrive - You're gonna miss me lyrics

a time when you said you were mine, and how we'd go ... But now that's all gone, and i'm singing this song, ... hoping that you're feeling better. I was

Grizzly Bear - While you wait for the others lyrics

others To make it all worthwhile All your useless pretensions ... Are weighing on my time You could beg for forgiveness As ... long as you like Or just wait out the

Ok Go - While you were asleep lyrics

shallowest part of the night while you quietly slept, I lay ... here and I counted the hours to the ... sound of your breath. Can't you love me ... Can't you love me how I want, please? I went

Samiam - While you were waiting lyrics

off the tracks, always the same things on your mind ... everything that you deserve, and how you've been denied it you want it all so bad, no matter ... what you have can't be satisfied,

Walker Hayes lyricsWalker Hayes - You broke up with me lyrics

I got some coke in my bourbon Surfin' ... pain I'm at the top of my game Darlin' you can't crash my ... party with your 'Sorry's and 'What Are We's Don't start

The Letter Black - While you're away lyrics

is this happening to me And no one can comfort me Or try ... to understand I keep talking to myself ... stories about us So I can remember all the times we had You're the song on the radio I

Eric Benet - While you were here lyrics

it's all so clear Love from you was so real, so true, genuine ... Stronger than time Wipe your tears away Kiss you every ... morning Hear every word you had to say Are all the things

Anybody Killa (abk) - While you were sleeping lyrics

I lay me down to sleep I pray my ... in a web with no escape Something the mind can't break ... unless you wide awake Have you ever had a nightmare, and ... Then woke up in the morning and forgot it was there Then

Clay Walker - You'll never hear the end of it lyrics

that felt like heaven As you walked by And when you ... smiled and handed me your number You changed my life ... call Face it girl it's all your fault You'll never hear

10.000 Maniacs - You won't find me there lyrics

d like to know what makes you stay while your eyes still ... search for escape. You think that I don't feel the ... cold, but I wait while confessions unfold. You'll

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