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Angelo Kelly - Im on fire lyrics

little girl is your daddy home ... go away and leave you all alone I got a bad desire Im on ... I do I can take you higher Im on fire Sometimes it's ... like someone took a knife baby Edgy and

Gms - Im on mars lyrics

first trip? Uhuh Well, don't worry, things hardly ever ... suggest that you take a vacation from yourself Get your ass ... first trip? Uhuh Well, don't worry, things hardly ever

Broadway - Im on a boat lyrics

shit, get your towels ready it's about to go down (shorty, ... Everybody in the place hit the f***ing deck (shorty, ... yeah) But stay on your motherf***ing toes We

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Im on one featuring drakerick rosslil wayne lyrics

Get em on) I’m on one (Get em on) I’m on one ... (Get em on) I said I’m on one [Drake] I’m getting so ... if I say, anything I don’t mean Like whats up with

The Left Rights - Im on crack lyrics

left and right Break it down Back in '79 I did the ... 2008 I did the Cloverfield monster I said f*** that shit ... went back to the Belushi It's like gas gas Gas gas gas

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Im in it for love lyrics

have this chance We can make it different You just ... understand That I’m in it for love I’m not in it for a ... ´Cause there ain’t enough time There ain’t enough love to

Everlife - Im over it lyrics

I'm over it) Hey guys I'm in trouble I ... (yeah) inside I can feel it I can almost hear it from ... your lips Its cool your telling me to let it go (yeah) [Hook] no

The Lonely Island - Im on the boat lyrics

shit, get your towels ready it's about to go down (shorty, ... Everybody in the place hit the f***ing deck (shorty, ... yeah) But stay on your motherf***ing toes We

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Im on the up lyrics

s ain't so good But I'm sure it won't last Storm clouds ... the past [Chorus:] I'm on the up My futures tomorrow ... to find Is another sad someone Who'll happily give me

Rie Fu - On it's way lyrics

ima mada aru yo toonoiteta tte mukaikaze furikitte ... PE-SU de aseranakutemo ii sono semai TONNERU wo nukete ... saa suikonde mite sukoshi natsukashii

Mindless Self Indulgence - On it lyrics

feat. Chantal Claret) Wait (wait), I masturbate Let ... and pray (pray) Catastrophe Imma kill a motherf***er with a ... fax machine and break... it down... for you... to see

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Cali dro lyrics

[Birdman:] So Light It Up And Pass The Thang To Me ... Im Fresh Off Patrol I Could ... Smoke A Whole P Can Smell It In My Clothes You Can Smell It In My Seats Thats How A

Big Sean - On deck ft. sayitainttone, earlly mac, juicy .. lyrics

Sean and Earlly Mac] Stacks on deck Ratchet on deck Took ... up off the water and attached it on deck Hit the studio and I ... got classics on deck Super bad bitches with

Kingspade - It's alright lyrics

Chorus (Richter)] I dont know why do u wanna hurt me ... When i was only flirting So why you trying ... to ruin my life It's alright And I don't think ... that im deserving Im going through this hurting

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Check on it (ft. slim thug) lyrics

need to stop playing ‘round With all them clowns and the ... Good girls gotta get down with the gangstas Go ‘head girl ... some back and some neck up on it While I stand up in the

Jin - It's all over lyrics

its the emcee(the emcee), yeah ... i'd rather be the gritiest Crafty Plugz i ... drop the info before i step on stage i give a propper intro ... never go pop, hip hop is what im into use the key to unlock

Nivea - It's all good lyrics

all good When ya down they gonna hate you like that used to ... And when your up they gonna love you like they used to It's all good When your looking ... that s*** Aint got nothing on your rent Its all good Now

General Fiasco - Im not made of eyes lyrics

eyes I can't see what's going on all the time And I know we ... stay inside stay awake don't let on it's the night and ... watching stars i've been wondering why we've been here for

Ice Berg - On and on lyrics

takes flight with a real nigga, come closer to ... She neva hung round a real splitter she ain't want the last ... been put that dat dick in ha. im on a pill inda benz with da

George Strait - Youre the cloud im on lyrics

I think of how your love, it's my life. If you see me ... light on my feet feeling good inside, ... Honey, you're the cloud that I'm on when I'm high. When I'm

Mxpx - Im the bad guy lyrics

legalism makes me sick i wonder what makes them tick i ... wanna go puke on it ephesians verse 2:8 states ... work but by grace so what's it gunna take? there's no

Destination Anywhere - Im fine lyrics

you against the world Now it's the world with you against ... This is cruel, this is mean it is not fair Remember the times in your bed and in my car ... Made me feel proud now it makes me feel so sad But

From Autumn To Ashes - Im the best at ruining my life lyrics

keep the morning from intrusion I've left it on the doorknob ... you please just not disturb On days like this we find it so ... to explain to you But I don't know just how to

Plies - Im da man lyrics

sleep real Woke up realer Goon affiliated ex drug dealer ... All of us killers Never seen one I'm what they call a real ... full of liquor Put my whips on it Bet he ain't triller If I

Rag 'n' Bone Man lyricsRag 'n' Bone Man - Put that soul on me lyrics

flow ride and move yourself Don't give me your swag ass drums ... synths Just put your soul on me Just put that soul on me ... Don't say my sound touching me with class Like rose red lips or

Dwele - Workin on it lyrics

(u know) ur my baby, i only act shady but it's time to ... and u know i'm (workin on it) i said i'm (workin on it) ... u know (workin on it) and i want right here in

Gareth Gates - It ain't obvious lyrics

you're never satisfied its not even worth a try times ... cruel to be kind lets play it straight down the line I'm ... sure you wanna be mine but it ain't obvious why cant you

Khia - Whistle on it lyrics

rythme of ya head Boy whistle on it I'm an acrobat on the

Broken Iris - On my own lyrics

and died... upholding Faith For more Inside they ... Just keep my mind burning strong Into the gaping emptiness ... I'll go On my own On my own On my own On my own

Zac Efron - Bet on it zac efron lyrics


Hell In The Club - On the road lyrics

emotions when I can see my face ... eyes... from these lights on 'till last words upon your smile I'll take you ... high tonight I'll make you feel

Arven - On flaming wings lyrics

watch the sun Can you stand it? Oh tell me, can you watch ... the sun? Come on it's fun As we're riding on ... watch the sun Can you stand it? Oh tell me, can you watch

Asgard ( Ita ) - With your shield or on it lyrics

the village, scream and pain It’s been attacked by the ... raped our women, killed our sons Raid and burned all the ... had When I saw those ruins, once I called my home Embers

The Cramps - It thing hard on lyrics

took a look and said "it's a man!" ain't no ... a pretty sure bet better hold on tight baby 'cause i ain't a ... road rattler that you ever done met i'm a gear mashin' hot

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Body on it lyrics

] Police search for clues on the Q 111 bus where two ... people were shot, one fatally [Witness 1:] You ... in the neighborhood familiar with those sounds. We knew it was

Chamillionaire - I'm on it lyrics

Intro: Chamillionaire - talking] Haha, you ... Woo! [Chorus: Chamillionaire] Hustle all night, ... all day I'm a always be on time when my money call me I'm on it, I'm on it, I'm on it, I'm

Chamillionaire - It's on lyrics

Intro] 3 million, 4 million, 5 million Haha, we gon' ... need a money exchange It's on, it's on, it's on, it's on... [Talking over chants of ... "It's on"] September 18th, the

Danity Kane - Sleep on it lyrics

right now, You're competing with the music But the music's ... way too loud [Aubrey] Why don't you write down your number ... and slip it to me? But you gotta

Fabolous - It's ghetto lyrics

got the Yankee leaning, just sittin over to browse And the ... down There's some chicks wit boyfriends that are up tight ... like wow I'm stuck in my city ways Heading over seas wit

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Wish you were on it lyrics

your cup holder with some loose change He got ... your cellphone on vibrate I wish you were on it There's a road you got to ... Faded double yellow lines on two lane I wish you were on it I could use a little you

Four Year Strong - So hot and you sweat on it lyrics

a kid you would call a tradition. And I don't give a f*** ... about the human condition. Or regard warnings or ... lurking suspicions. Of a life lead after dark.

Elton John lyricsElton John - It's tough to be a god lyrics

all sanctified I just don't cut it with the cherubim ... The town's already on it's knees Being worshiped is a ... to any hymn Listen, if we don't comply With the locals

Declan Galbraith - It all begins with love lyrics

night has to come if the moonlight is to glow And although ... end I'm sure they'll fill with laughter And if by chance I ... live a million years I believe one thing

Jane's Addiction - Splash a little water on it lyrics

thinking trying to keep up with you, every habit you have? ... ohh It's cause she loves you so, don't tell her she's not looking ... so good, no Just splash a little water on it see what you

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - It's like that (feat. kid capri & liz leite) lyrics

huh, watch this y'all, come on,watch this y'all, Jigga Roc ... a-fella ya'll, uhhhh, come on yea ! [Kid Capri] It's ... Kid Capri and Jay-Z, It's Kid Capri and Jay-Z Cause

Kid Ink - It's on lyrics

Intro] When I'm on, it's on bitch When I'm on, it's on bitch ... When I'm on, it's on bitch When I'm on, it's on ... 1] First off, ya'll ain't on this shit that I'm on Eyes

Tim Mcgraw - Maybe we should just sleep on it lyrics

that moving van pulled up It got a whole lot emptier As I ... carried out your clothes It took my breath away Now they ... maybe We should just sleep on it tonight And give our

Moonspell - As we eternally sleep on it lyrics

All silevered leaves With messages written The Imitators In sequences bright. ... All perpetraitors In cahins of gold. ... From the Wait we got our hearts so wet.

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - On the tequila lyrics

on the Tequila oh On fire on Tequila oh My friends and ... pizza We do some funny bits back and forth My knees ... All I know is there’s a car waiting And we’ll figure that

Rage - Death is on it's way (falling from grace pt.2.. lyrics

me Oh, Angel, have mercy with me Maybe this is the time ... for wonders Maybe it's the time to set me free When ... death is on it's way When death is on it's

Saving Jane - Sleep on it lyrics

hope you don’t mind me saying I think ... you’re so lovely I hope you don’t mind me staying Cause I ... And start at the beginning Don’t forget to breathe Chorus

Anybody Killa (abk) - It's doesn't matta lyrics

Anybody Killa) It doesn't matter what you say ... anymore, Things you do don't amaze me So, now I see you ... like you passed on Don't nothing last long, shit ain

Anybody Killa (abk) - Put my life on it lyrics

put my life on my music and everything ... me Streets that I was raised on, livin' on so ruggedly So I ... back in the day That I'm gonna try and take whateva comes

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Drink on it lyrics

ya goin'? Come back and sit back down You look too good ... work tomorrow Got a lot on your mind Let me buy another ... and I should just Drink on it Put our heads together and

Blood Orange - It is what it is lyrics

Verse 1] I've kept it open, and wanted nobody to be ... in the Bowery light, and lost it all So are you smoking, don ... in the Soho nights, and lost it all [Chorus] Time will

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Sittin' on it all the time lyrics

like a baby child You waited til you got 63 Before you ... What good is a stove if it don't put out no heat Well ... love and romance But you let it pass you by 'Cause when you

Casey James - Workin' on it lyrics

old truck won’t turn But, I’m workin’ on it Ain’t got no money to burn ... But, I’m workin’ on it See that hot little thing ... I ain’t tangled up in that long blonde hair But, I’m

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