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George Strait - Im satisfied with you lyrics

don't dress up in satin, You don't wear diamond rings, ... But I'm satisfied with you. You look just like an ... angel but you haven't got wings, But I'm

Dj Limmer - I wanna grow old with you (lyrics) lyrics

Another Day without your smile, Another day just ... know how much it means, For you the stay right here with me.. ... . The time we speant apart will make your love grow stronger, But it

Dj Boonie - Im not missing you lyrics

Oh I'm not missing you Been through just about ... cheating, the fooling around You CHORUS (But) I'm not ... missing you I'm not going through the ... Songtexte Waiting and hoping you call me I'm not missing you

Ann - Im with you lyrics

the ground cause they flirted with enemy minds (enemy minds) ... me (watching me) But im not afraid no more because ... nobody stopping me from being with you yeah [Chorus] Even if

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - With you lyrics

3 year old keep playing and imma eat her like a pita roll Im just sayin with my love I ... when I call other woman hoes you send a rose, I pick some ... her watch, it’s never time to go and with her brain

Gareth Gates - With you all the time lyrics

beneath the heart I watch you from the dark I'm every ... I'm every dream I've known you forever I've followed you ... I'm every scar I'm who you are when you think you're

Drake lyricsDrake - Im ready for you lyrics

Drake] R.I.P. to the girl you used to see. Her days are ... s over. I've decided to give you all of me. Baby come closer, ... Let my perfume, soak in in your sweater. You say you'll be

Marilyn Monroe - Im through with love lyrics

m through with love I'll never fall again ... call again For I must love you or no one And so I'm through ... with love I've locked my heart I'll keep my ... feelings there I've stocked my heart With icy,frigid

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Im walking behind you lyrics

m walking behind you on your wedding day And I'll hear you promise to love and obey ... Though you may forget me, you're still on my mind Look ... over your shoulder, I'm walking behind

Kid Rock - Im wrong but you aint right lyrics

thing in life Knowing that your wrong Feelin' like you cant ... go on I've been a victim so many times<a href=&quot ...">Testi

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Im so over you lyrics

Ayyy, I tried to treat you like no other To be like no ... other in your life Ayyy and I'd of cried ... to see you with another To see you with ... another to win your life [Chorus:] Hear me

Play - Im gonna make you love me lyrics

m gonna make you love me, Wassup girls Hi ... Chris! So you guys ready? Yeah we're ready ... but are you ready? I don't know, we'll ... I'm gonna do everything for you, to show you that my love is

George Strait - Im all behind you now lyrics

me behind is all behind you now It's plain to see that you're for good over me You've ... gotta whole new life ahead of you You did what you lived to do

Caesars - Im gonna kick you lyrics

in the back and beyond a man with a fork in the world of soup ... maybe all this time you've take me for a fool but ... I have to do gonna kick you out and let thge sunshine in

Florence + The Machine - Im not calling you a liar lyrics

m not calling you a liar, Just don't lie to me ... I'm not calling you a theif, Just don't steal ... from me, I'm not calling you a ghost, Just stop haunting

Jackson 5 - Im the one you need lyrics

you say... everytime you need some affection The one you love goes in another ... direction You just sit back in a daze ... reunising ’cause you know some other lips, she’s

Chester See - Im falling for you lyrics

don't wanna tell you that I long to see your face ... I'm scared it my scare you away and I don't wanna tell you that sometimes I think of you ... and smile cause time with you is time enough for now But

Atc - Im gonna make you mine lyrics

were always mine as cool But you would always play it cool So ... knew there’d come a day When you would be my come one me So I ... played along I know your friends were wrong

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Im gonna find you lyrics

quot;I'm Gonna Find You (Osla Suite)" [Verse ... Lonely days I tried to find you Didn't know how lost I was ... ] I know I'm gonna find you The day I come you'll open

Scouting For Girls - Im not over you lyrics

m not over you And I know that I should be ... I'm not over you And I know that I never will ... I didn't know, you didn't hint, you didn't try ... to deceive me You just leave me You didn't

Leann Rimes - With you lyrics

a big green field The kind you see from airplanes baby, that ... raise some kids what's wrong with that, wrong with that Maybe ... Livin' happily ever afterly With you, with you I want to

Ryan Cabrera - With you gone lyrics

let it end Like the taste of your lips what I'd give to drink you in I will always remember ... and I know that it goes with me I will never leave this

Exo - With you lyrics

Jeo pureun chowon wie geurim gateun jibeul jisgo ... saranghaneun urinimgwa han baeknyeon salgo sipeo ... Bomimyeon ssiat ppuryeo yeoreumimyeion kkocci pine gaeurimyeon

Papajam - With you lyrics


Atc - With you lyrics

face that shines I wonder if you are the one But maybe he's ... light through all my tears You hold my hand and baby Take ... Chorus: Fly high The time is right Fly high To touch

Boston - With you lyrics

gone And said, Sparrow, it's you I've come to see 'Cause with ... is where I want to be Oh, with you, with you You take me ... higher With you, with you The waters parted the sea With you, the stars shine much

Collabro - With you lyrics

picked up your shirts this morning I don’t ... Everywhere we talked, I miss you You never leave my mind So ... much of you is left behind You took my days with you Took

Milk Inc. - With you lyrics

wouldn't feel a thing 'Cause you are there to keep me so warm ... Hours feel like seconds Time disappears A day is just a ... heartbeat You're music to my ears 'Cause

Crystal Fighters - With you lyrics

above the cloudless sky. With you. With you. Sometimes the stars I see are bright. ... thing, They need love inside you, Deep down in my heart in

Dogena - With you (ft. babz wayne) lyrics

of the world Let me show you what's beautiful Woman I ... need you in my world Let me show you love like you never see Take ... you to a place where you never be So we can walk

Vince Gill - With you lyrics

can just see us now You and me paintin' the town ... Forever just foolin' around With you Just think of the ... we'd do Baby just me and you My heart can finally be true

Josh Groban - With you lyrics

I remember reasons I let you go Inside them I see your ... that I was meant to be With You I have everything I've ... ever wanted Simple and true With You Crying eyes so beautiful

Hanson - With you in your dreams lyrics

I'm gone when you wake up Please don't cry ... And if I'm gone when you wake up It's not goodbye ... Don't look back at this time as a time Of heartbreak

Beth Hart - With you everyday lyrics

I guess your labor wasn’t in vain To get ... out your way I did everything But ... I’ve been falling in love with you everyday It wasn’t ... nights it probably seemed impossible But I’ve been

Jethro Tull - With you there to help me lyrics

to the ones that I know, with whom I can be what I want to ... the feeling to go -- and with you there to help me then ... to the ones that I know, with whom I can be what I want to

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - With you lyrics

anymore A little taste of hypocrisy And I’m left in the wake ... slow to react So even though you’re so close to me You’re ... so distant And I can’t bring you back It’s true the way I

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - With you (live) lyrics

anymore A little taste of hypocrisy And I’m left in the wake ... slow to react So even though you’re so close to me You’re ... so distant And I can’t bring you back It’s true the way I

Lmfao - With you lyrics

Only when I'm hanging with you Oh I cant stop dreaming ... Only when I'm hanging with you (Check it check it out) Oh ... one day And I remember when you gave me a secret, popped in

Teresa Lobianco - With you lyrics

need you, boo, I gotta see you, boo And the hearts all over ... the world tonight And I need you, boo, I gotta see you, boo ... Hey, little mama, ooh, you're a stunner Hot little

Parov Stelar lyricsParov Stelar - With you feat. lilja bloom lyrics

And when I'm down again You smile and hold my hand I ... want to reach you and feel love in another dimension (x2) (Just won't let ... it be) Honey when I'm with you It takes some time to get me

Prince - With you lyrics

ve held your hand so many times But I still get the ... I felt the very first time I've kissed your lips and ... laid with you And I cherish every moment ... eyes can only see as far as you I only want to be with you

Shenanigans - With you lyrics

I stare into your eyes, I see my world ... If my life was filled with lies, you would make it all ... better. Tell me what you see in life, we can get away ... start to cry, I will catch you if you fall. (La la la) Give

Aaa - With you lyrics

yes yes I'll take you to the higher stage Now you ... got blazing' I'll take you to the higher stage Now you ... wo kakushita tsuyogari na kimi no egao Kata wo daku koto

Aaron Neville - With you in mind lyrics

just ain't bad as they seem With you in mind, I can fill my ... wildest dreams With you in mind, I can do anything, I ... know I can With you in mind With you in mind With you in

Adam Gontier - With you lyrics

hurts And all the chatter, your thoughts are always heard ... I know the sound, your voice spins me 'round As you whisper in my ear I blink as ... you stare, you see I'm not scared With you

B.a.p. - With you lyrics

bulbit soge nae mam sogui huimangdeuldo jogeumssik ... naega jikyeojulge Forever With You (With You With You With You) ni gyeote isseulge ... eonjekkajina Forever With You (With You With You With You)

B.a.p. - With you (japanese) lyrics

de samishiku hitori de kimi wo motome kanashii toki ... sono egao de mamotte kureru kimi dake ga soba ni iru dake de ... boku ga mamoru yo Forever with you (with you with you with you) tonari de zutto itsumade mo

David Archuleta - With you lyrics

need you boo, (oh) I gotta see you ... Hey! Little mama, Ooh, you're a stunner Hot little ... figure, Yes, you're a winner And I'm so glad ... to be yours, You're a class all your own And.

7 Days - With you forever lyrics

ve tried to run away from you I've tried to hide my face ... from you I've tried to be what I am ... my name and save me Wanna be with you forever Wake me up,

Embody - With you (ft. barnaby) lyrics

know I love it, when you show me what you do 'Cause ... the chance to get to go out with you Why don't you show me ... just a little the way you move? 'Cause all I want is

Extreme Music - With you lyrics

there's always light when I'm with you I'm with you When I'm ... with you, When I'm with you, If you're caught in a ... wave and your drifting away Don't give up

Ghost The Musical - With you lyrics

picked up your shirts this morning I don’t ... Everywhere we talked, I miss you You never leave my mind So ... much of you is left behind You took my days with you Took

Gravestone - You can't take it with you lyrics

All the money you ever earned is not worth the ... (bridge) Don't be afraid you better live your own life ... way to live Take them down with your power Because it's the

Morten Harket - With you - with me lyrics

I see you for a moment Can I sit with you a while I know it's late ... a drifter And that's how you know me, too I've never seen ... coming I didn't know it was you The days are high And the

High And Mighty Color - With you lyrics

subete no kotoba ga kiete shimatte mo anata ni tsutaetai ... ga aru yo Sotto mimi wo suma shite kikoeru ... tsuyogatteta yo ne itsumo Ima nara ieru you na sonna kiga

Hillsong Worship - With you lyrics

will sing about Everything You are ,always I will tell the ... world Everything You've done in me I stand on ... was lost but now I'm here With You, my refuge My stronghold

I Fight Dragons - With you lyrics

Either way, I will stay With you They say, "Pay your bills Earn your daily bread ... Take all your pills." We say, ... heart of things Share what you've found Stand your ground.

Ill Niño - With you lyrics

There's something in your ways That makes me wanna ... a thousand years So just cry your fears, yeah, I need you ... everyday Inside you I just want to wipe away your

Illenium - With you (feat. quinn xcii) lyrics

low after all These things you said Trust it's not your ... fault Can’t expect you to understand Take it back ... baby stay here I need some time to clear my mind We both

In Mourning - With you came silence lyrics

lovers, we met with the poetry in France We ... moment it felt right this time Beyond the embers of life ... gaze I can't really speak to you anymore Her presence melts

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