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Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Depending on you lyrics

ain't ever gonna let you down All you gotta do is trust me I would never make you some clown Baby why won't you trust me You give up so easily, I don't know why you can't see I'm depending on you, don't let me down I'm depending on you Baby if you can't change the wo

Doobie Brothers - Depending on you lyrics

I was so low You were there to lift me up Well, there's one thing that I know for sure You're gonna win life's lovin' cup Darlin', you're always there at my rescue Dependin' on you Darlin', you're always there by my side You're always there by my side Darlin', you're always

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Can't keep my eyes on you lyrics

saw you standing there, No doubt without a care. The way you wear your clothes, The way you wear your hair. Can't keep my eyes on you. Can't keep my eyes on you. Can't keep my eyes on you. Can't keep my eyes on you. The way you look at me, The way I look at you. I k

Donald Lawrence - The blessing is on you lyrics

Choir:] The Lord has made... a covenant with you He has promised... that He... would bless... you You are in... the Earth... but you live, above... the curse You are kingdom, you have rights Blessings come... with no struggle... or fight So when recession comes

Electric Light Orchestra - The sun will shine on you lyrics

got to learn How to cry Before you learn How to fall You got to turn From the darkness And go through it all Just remember That it’s alright It’s alright to be true And the sun will shine On you You got to try To remember The promises you made You got to hold on To

Raven - On the wings of an eagle lyrics

sighted, fear ignited Searchlights are cutting the night Fighters rising to the challenge Enemy to the left and the right Never have so many owed So much to so few Reach for the sky, it's do or die Our future's depending on you On the wings of an eagle Head

Coco Jones - Coco jones real you lyrics

can no we say they you change, how you like that's we ou they hey things. A no the real you. See yeah hey in got a new you proud, a never ever you the be now ou you. a no the real you. a no the real you no mare whatch i do a now we at the stoping im gonna be you . a no the real you a n

Drake lyricsDrake - Im ready for you lyrics

Drake] R.I.P. to the girl you used to see. Her days are over. Baby she's over. I've decided to give you all of me. Baby come closer, baby come closer. I'm ready for ya! Kill 'em all, switch it up. Put it on, zip it up. Let my perfume, soak in in your sweater. You say you'

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Because i had you lyrics

think it's time that I be honest Should've told you not to go Thought I knew just what I wanted I didn't know myself at all You're with somebody I can't be, yeah But I can tell that you're happy It's time for me to finally meet somebody new Take h

Jaldaboath - Roland the farter lyrics

the bogs of St Edmund, beyond the gaseous wastes Lives a hero amongst men, one of expensive tastes He dines solely on beans and rich salted prunes He holds magic powers to which none are immune He's the King's secret weapon and his jester to boot. He

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Im walking behind you lyrics

m walking behind you on your wedding day And I'll hear you promise to love and obey Though you may forget me, you're still on my mind Look over your shoulder, I'm walking behind Maybe I'll kiss again with a love that's new again But I shall wish again I was kissing you

George Strait - Im all behind you now lyrics

me behind is all behind you now It's plain to see that you're for good over me You've gotta whole new life ahead of you You did what you lived to do And I'm all behind you now And I'll be behind you always Should you ever need a yesterday Tho

Scouting For Girls - Im not over you lyrics

m not over you And I know that I should be I'm not over you And I know that I never will I didn't know, you didn't hint, you didn't try to deceive me You just leave me You didn't call, you never phoned, you didn't say you were leaving You wer - Countig on you lyrics

situation is like an equation An answer so hard to find Mmm, figures and numbers how can I solve them? I cant get you out of my mind Oh, its so systematic, strange mathematics Im totally lost in you I know Ill be okay (Ill be okay) Cause Im counting on

Play - Im gonna make you love me lyrics

m gonna make you love me, Wassup girls Hi Chris! So you guys ready? Yeah we're ready but are you ready? I don't know, we'll find out. I'm gonna do everything for you, to show you that my love is true yeah (oh, baby, oh, baby) I'll sacrifice for you, I'll always do

George Strait - Im satisfied with you lyrics

don't dress up in satin, You don't wear diamond rings, But I'm satisfied with you. You look just like an angel but you haven't got wings, But I'm satisfied with you. I'd rather have you just the way that you are Than change you for somebody new. Maybe

Rascal Flatts - Im movin on lyrics

ve dealt with my ghosts and I've faced all my demons Finally content with a past I regret I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness For once I'm at peace with myself I've been burdened with blame Trapped in the past for too long I'm movin on (3x) I've lived in t

The Monkees - The girl i left behind me lyrics

s old enough to try and tie you down So, I just couldn't place and hung around You always said that you must be free Well you couldn't see you were losing me And messin' up the one good thing we had And now Im goin' out the same way that I came

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Im gonna find you lyrics

quot;I'm Gonna Find You (Osla Suite)" [Verse 1:] Lonely days I tried to find you Didn't know how lost I was Too many years I was so blind too Confusing neediness for love [Bridge:] I believe in magic But that's not what I need Looking for the mean

Florence + The Machine - Im not calling you a liar lyrics

m not calling you a liar, Just don't lie to me. I'm not calling you a theif, Just don't steal from me, I'm not calling you a ghost, Just stop haunting me, And I love you so much, I'm gonna let you kill me. There's a ghost in my lungs And it sighs in my sleep, Wraps itself

George Jones - Back down to hung up on you lyrics

I've come to the point where I've had one to many And one short of having too few. Oh, my bottle of freedom is one drink from empty Turned 'em back down to hung on you. I come here to exchange and something to offer But not as much as I would like too. 'Cause as h

Chester See - Im falling for you lyrics

don't wanna tell you that I long to see your face I'm scared it my scare you away and I don't wanna tell you that sometimes I think of you and smile cause time with you is time enough for now But I don't know how long I can stick around and be just a

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Im so over you lyrics

Verse 1:] [Giggles] Ayyy, I tried to treat you like no other To be like no other in your life Ayyy and I'd of cried to see you with another To see you with another to win your life [Chorus:] Hear me out please.. HEAR ME OUT! Hear me out before you walk up out the do

Jewel - Im leaving on a jet plane lyrics

my bags are packed I'm ready to go I'm standin' here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breakin' It's early morn The taxis waitin' He's blowin' his horn Already I'm so lonesome I could die So kiss me and

George Jones - The likes of you lyrics

last time we parted I was broken hearted While the teardrops started It's mighty close. And I set an' pondered Oh, the dreams by thunder And then I finally wondered Why should it be so. A lot of fish in the ocean A lot of star in the blue And I've got a notion That I

George Jones - You've got the best of me again lyrics

took you back against my better judgement 'Cause when it come to you, aw, it's so easy giving in But it's just the same old story with you leaving in the end And I believe you've got the best of me again. You always knew the best way to get to me So you stood there in

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The bed lyrics

wake from trouble sleep In the middle of the night Reaching for the soft hand That once held mine so tight My fingers touch the pillow Where you once layed your head And I run my hand down The cold cold sheets on your side of the bed My head spins fr

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The nearness of you lyrics

not the pale moon that excites me That thrills and delights me, oh no Its just the nearness of you It isn't your sweet conversation That brings this sensation, oh no Its just the nearness of you When you're in my arms and I feel you so close to me All my wilde

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The bed lyrics

wake from trouble sleep In the middle of the night Reaching for the soft hand That once held mine so tight My fingers touch the pillow Where you once layed your head And I run my hand down The cold cold sheets on your side of the bed My head spins from t

Atc - Im gonna make you mine lyrics

were always mine as cool But you would always play it cool So I played along And I was always strong Cause I knew there’d come a day When you would be my come one me So I played along I know your friends were wrong Everybody gets a wish Make your dream come tru

Dj Boonie - Im not missing you lyrics

Oh I'm not missing you Been through just about everything that I could go through Stacie When it comes to relationships Don't know what I was missing or why I ain't listen Orrico When I told myself that was it Now here I go, hurt again I'm Cause of my curiousity Now that it's

Kid Rock - Im wrong but you aint right lyrics

the silence is the hardest thing in life Knowing that your wrong Feelin' like you cant go on I've been a victim so many times<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a> But I'm man enough to

Caesars - Im gonna kick you lyrics

am what I am in the back and beyond a man with a fork in the world of soup maybe all this time you've take me for a fool but now I know what I have to do gonna kick you out and let thge sunshine in kick you out, let the sunshine in gonne kick you out and let t

Group Home - The legacy lyrics

Melachi The Nutcracker Yo this is the Nutcracker, youknawhatI'mmsayin? I got my mine Lil Dap, and my man Guru from Gang Starr With my man DJ Premier on the track So sit back, and hold your head And witness the legacy of street knowledge KnawhatImean? {Guru} Once

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - You're still the one (shania twain cover) lyrics

like we made it Look how far we've come my baby We might've took the long way But we knew we'd get there some day They said, I'll bet They'll never make it But just look at us holding on We're still together still going strong (Because you're still the one) St

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - You're still the one lyrics

When I first saw you I saw love and the first time you touched me I felt love And after all this time you're still the one I love) Looks like we made it Look how far we've come my baby We might've took the long way But we knew we'd get there some day

Boards Of Canada - You could feel the sky lyrics

god with hooves, a god with horns A god with hooves, a god with horns A god with hooves, a god with horns A god with hooves, a god with

Chava Alberstein - You go to the field את תלכי בשדה lyrics

האמנם עוד יבואו ימים בסליחה ובחסד ותלכי בשדה ותלכי בו כהלך התם ומחשוף ומחשוף כף רגלך ילטף בעלי האספסת או שלפי שיבולים ידקרוך ותמתק דקירתם או מטר ישיגך בעדת טיפותיו הדופקת על כתפייך חזך צווארך וראשך רענן ותלכי בשדה הרטוב וירחב בך השקט כ

Pivit - Stuck on you lyrics

lifes the kind that sick together Someone to make you feel not alone. We've been told that nothing last forever to follow what I feel is all I know And you know I'm stuck on you I know that I'm feeling nows for real Connected minds celebral syncopation I do

Savatage - Stuck on you lyrics

s got a hot look Girl you knock me out Tell me what you're doin' tonight my love Girl I'll show you what it's all about Ohhh Yeah Stuck on you I am stuck on you Ohhh Yeah Stuck on you I am stuck on you Now Places baby I want to take you ho

2am - You’re prettier the more i see you lyrics

hangsang gyeote isseonneunde Hoksi naega chogi manhi bujokhan geolkka Neoege ttakhi maeryeogeul neukkijin motaesseo Soljikhi nege amu gamjeongdo eobseosseo O neomu meolli gaji marajwo Eonjenga neoui du bore immatchul su itgetji Jasehi bolsurok bolsurok

Hillsong Worship - You are here (the same power) lyrics

same power that conquered the grave Lives in me Lives in me Your love that rescued the earth Lives in me Lives in

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - You win again lyrics

news is out all over town That you've been seen out runnin' around I know that I should leave, but then I just can't go, You win again This heart of mine could never see What everybody knows but me Just trusting in you was my great sin What can I do? You win agai

Johnny Gill - You for me (the wedding song) lyrics

Verse 1:] It seems like forever That I have waited for you In a world of disappointment One thing is true God has blessed me And he's blessed you too In a world of lonely people I've found you [Chorus:] Take my hand And hold me close And don't let me go You for me A

Holy Moses - On you lyrics

wish - I had - respect - 'cause I don't like me at all I'm stripped of all my pride The final process is now complete I kindly set me aside I wish - I had - respect - 'cause I Don't like loyalty - 'cause I Don't like dignity - 'cause I Don't like company - 'c

Mark Lanegan - Dead on you lyrics

were a ragged Turquoise and twilight coat I got my head hung down for you Some day you're gonna need it But it's worn or the, cloth gets torn And there's only one way to go It's gone dead, dead It's gone dead on you Take off your ragged Turquoise and twilight coat I g

Gabry Ponte - Depends on you lyrics

Believe That Your Life Depends On You, Depends On You, But The End Always Come, And Theres Nothing To Do, I Believe In A Lord, But Not Without A Sin, But The End Always Come, And Theres Nothing To Do I Believe That Your Life Depends

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - You always sing the same lyrics

always sing You always sing the You always sing the same (REPEAT EVERYTHING 6 TIMES

Blondie - Put some color on you lyrics

undefined a cloudy sky Faded in pale, so much to hide It’s all wash away yesterday But your spirit can say come out and play Wash you up in red, rinse you up in blue Come on over to my house Put some color on you You’re a ghost of yourself,

The Cars - You might think lyrics

might think i'm crazy to hang around with you maybe you think i'm lucky to have something to do but i think that you're wild and inside me is some child you might think it's foolish or maybe it's untrue you might think i'm crazy but all i want is

Daisuke Ono - You will rule the world lyrics

mo utsuro na hitomi kagami ni utsushidasareru tamerai no kage wa mata itazura ni koku natte haiiro na iki o tsuku saa aragatte kore wa chinden suru sekai chigau deshou anata tatsu basho wa soushoku-kata na uso ni wa shitauchi shite hadashi

Lillian Axe - Down on you lyrics

s the same old aggrevation Undercover love is still a sin (That's right) I just can't deal with complication I'm givin' up I'm givin' in You slipped right through my fingertips You're just too hard to please Chorus: I'm rainin' down on you D

My Dying Bride - You are not the one who loves me lyrics

are not the one who loves me I take you from your bathing And I dry thee I am this rope Around your feet... And it's summer That bows its head, Down the rivers of night He fathers great hatred. Oh, and the moon Played in your eyes Wishes drop through the air

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - I like the crotch on you lyrics

like the ... with big booties in 'em I like the crotch on you I want what you've got baby Girl I like those daisy dukes on you Girl you look so fine, I wanna get with you So tell me who's your man, We will have a talk with

Scary Bitches - You always eat the one you love lyrics

smell your skin Cool and soft against my lips I feel the knife Still against my fingertips And I know I can't resist You will be a meal for me I've not decided how Braised or stewed or fried or grilled? Oh, I could eat you now Oh yes, I have to eat you now You fill my soul

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Creepin' up on you lyrics

like the way you walk you got a giggle when you talk i like the way you talk you got a wiggle when you walk nothing you can do sure as one and one is two i'll be creepin up on you I'm gonna be your man you better understand be your pretty little thing your puppet

A Wilhelm Scream - You kiss their ass and they shit on you lyrics

back to our suffering, and constant letdowns in this crowded world called shit. Tell me, sir, is there something that hasn't been done? It's all f***ed up politics. Please don't speak because I can't think less of you. You f*** with us and we'll be f***ing you soon. We're in line,

Alabama - On this side of the moon lyrics

folks looks through a telescope And dream of flying high above the stars They say it won't be long 'Til we can haul on a ship to Mars I'm just a simple man There's a lot that I don't know But as long as you're here with me I just assume stay home On this side of t

Alabama - You only paint the picture once lyrics

at those evening shadows Casting a peaceful light The sun is disappearing It's a beautiful sight Moments caught forever By the master's touch A lasting reminder to us You only paint the picture once You only get one chance Take the time to do your best While the bru

The Audition - You ruined this lyrics

re not, you're not. i don't think you're coming clean. i won't, i won't, i won't let you lie to me. never felt so alone. it's funny how things go. guess we'll never know. i took you back tonight, hoping that you weren't the same. this won't ever be alright, can'

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