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Illiano Take My Pain lyrics

Browse for Illiano Take My Pain song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Illiano Take My Pain lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Illiano Take My Pain.

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Before The Dawn - Take my pain lyrics

I cannot breath Tearstained, unable to inhale Kneeled down, face on the ground Screaming aloud but cannot hear the sound I would have given my life Why can't I give away my pain For my mind of child unbearable inside Inner demons feeded by my mind Four walls still clos

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Take my pain lyrics

at a strange point of my life, my spirit ignites, Im destined for heights, I'm so solid with the quest of the life, Im under pressure but the time is right, For me to look inside of myself, the time passes by every night, Im searching for answers

At Vance - Take my pain lyrics

can feel the heat as it burns my skin can you hear my creed I'm paying for my sins Rainy days and sleepless nights I've been thru it all Watch me now as i fall Can't you hear my call You have gone away I could not make you stay And all that is left is P A I N - Relea

Debauchery - Take my pain lyrics

from my soul Where all is dark and foul Violent self-destruction It's the only perfect option Forward through the trenchline When the bullet hits my spine Jump before the train It will not only crush my brain Kill me - Take my pain Murder and suicide That's the blessed hellr

Eurythmics lyricsEurythmics - Take your pain away lyrics

I could find a way To soothe your troubled mind Then I would erase your fears And help you to unwind. I would ease the burden That you carry everyday. Oh - don't you know I'd find a cure And take your pain away. Take your pain away Take your

Ramones lyricsRamones - Take the pain away lyrics

went out today for a walk in the rain I was so sad and blue I could feel any pain I was worried about everything my head began to howl I am running away from myself there's too many demons around here now Everybody I don't know what to say I wish I could take the pain away Eve

Dream Theater - Take away my pain lyrics

was sitting on the edge of his bed Staring at the headlines on the paper He said, 'Look at poor Gene Kelly I guess he won't be singing in the rain.' You can take away my heroes Can you take away my pain Take away my pain Leave the cold outside Please don'

Bratmobile - Take the pain and use it lyrics

the Pain and Use It ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

Jag Panzer - Take this pain away lyrics

more night alone There’s got to be another way My love is so strong Why must we be so far away Theses feelings inside are All I have to tide me over Till we meet again And take this pain away Take this pain away (repeat) Out in the night So many faces that try and ple

Psyclon Nine - Take my hand while i take my life lyrics

said: "I'll take it all Give me grandeur and the stars as they fall Give me heaven as, the angels they call To me from above and they wisper "you're eternal"" We've been marked, we've been chosen by our martyrs We hide the absence of

Demonic Resurrection - My world of sadness lyrics

into the world though I didn't ask. Made to live a life against my will. In this world I live my sick life. A longed life I live in my mind. This is my world of sadness. This is my life of pain. So many friends but still so few. Just a joke

Mclean - My name lyrics

was in the darkness waiting to be found My heart was locked away And beaten to the ground Tried to find my way But there was no way out But when you’re close to me, whenever you’re around You take my pain away You make it worth the wait And I pray that I will have you

The Bridgeheads - My private star lyrics

I’m so torn long time ago it wasn’t so but now I’m old and unemployed too much for me that I can bear can you see? see? see? see? see? be my aero plane which will take my pain away. be my everything so I can sleep awake be mine so bright so bright be my st

Inkubus Sukkubus - Take my hunger (sukkubus intoxica remix) lyrics

my hunger, Break my anger. Steal all madness, Slake my thirst. Take my hunger, Break my anger. Steal all madness, Slake my thirst. Your love is crashing through my veins, Your heat has far eclipsed the day. Let naught but hunger take the pain, We've lived a

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - Take my heart lyrics

here we go. We're so close. We are the force you cannot ignore. We want more. We know our fears and this is gonna choke us to death. But miles away we still bring fire to your hearts. We are the same. Oh, here we go. We're so close. We are the force you cann

Fire And Ice - Take my hand lyrics

ever I'll see the Sun again If ever I'll celebrate light I'll remember the days when darkness came Out of sorrow and out of spite Darkness, I said, come take my hand Embrace me into your tide For all my needs prepared me for thee To welcome thee next to my side Da

Dark The Suns - Take this pain lyrics

has fallen, like the rain. In this world of darkened sun. In silence I grieve. In my life I never reign. Beneath this world of forever rain. Seize my clothes, leave tonight. I can't see or hear through my f***ing fright. See this world go from up to down.

Sarah Brightman - Take my life lyrics

s a river that's swollen with rain You wouldn't guess that I've known so much pain, I have a heart, swollen with pride, You wouldn't guess what I hold inside Oh, it feels so good to have you around I feel the walls come tumbling down I'm ready

Golden Earring - Take my hand, close my eyes lyrics

am I tonight - feelin' so low My poor head is spinnin' Round and round and round Could it be that By a total lack of love In fact I'm busy - dyin' Tell me where or when Tell me now I'll go Am I invited to your dreams I'd like to know Why I tremble and talk in

Inkubus Sukkubus - Take my hunger lyrics

love is crashing through my veins Your heat has far eclipsed the day Let nought but hunger take the pain We've lived as those who've lived for fame Take my hunger Break my anger Steal all madness Slake my thirst All those who would condemn our love Know not

Deadlock - My pain lyrics

fades to day And days fade to darkness Please, let me out of here I'm trapped in nothingness Seems like this time is right to dry all of the tears - That I have cried But I'm too weak - I feel so numb and isolated from everyone A single tear escapes my

Krokus - Take my love lyrics

heard the pourin' ain Under a blackened sky I felt a young man's pain As he watched his mother die All across the land Betrayal and illusion No one to make a stand Chaos and confusion Take my love to the sunlight Till the day turns into dark Sing my

Machine Head - Take my scars lyrics

s been around for a thousand years and it'll be here for plenty more it is the face hidden in disgrace that has become now an open sore it is a false messiah it is the face of pain the bringer of the bittersweet the heretic insane [chorus:]

Memory Garden - My pain lyrics

eyes, they are mine Unlike you, I believe I can feel What have we come to? Coexisting for what? Everyday's an insult Every action is an act of conceit A dream made me strong inside But you've torn it apart, and cast it all away Trying to soothe my pain of loving in va

For My Pain - My wound is deeper than yours lyrics

angels fly higher in the dark? Black is my mind when a new day has come Black are the tears when I cry Come here and take my hand, join this misery The fallen angel set us free Do angels fly higher in the dark? Do they crash down and fall a

Waltari lyricsWaltari - My pain lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Live - Take my anthem lyrics

in me War overseas Ain't no difference between Blood in me Blood overseas Ain't no difference between War in me War overseas Ain't no difference between The blood in me And blood overseas There ain't no difference, no difference, no di

Sharm - Take my quest [wow parody] lyrics

s my quest, Here's my quest, I know you wanna take me, Don't be acting shady, C'mon take my quest, Here's my quest, Here's my quest, Wonder where I'll take you? Wonder what I'll make you do? C'mon take my quest, Take my quest, Take my quest, I see you running this way, C'mon c

Alesso - Take my breath away lyrics

lights hang over head Body high, swimming in my bed We ignite, we're slipping like sound Don't you know you excite me like that? When you touch me like that? Got me running right back Want, and I want, and I want, and I want it, and I want it now I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gon

Lily Allen - Take my place lyrics

I lay down on the bed Try'na come to terms with what has just been said I don't know where I should look or what to say Is this happening to us today? If I could then I would scream I'd wipe the tears off of my face Wake me up if it's a dream This is more than I can tak

Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - Take my love and run lyrics

quot;Drop dead" you said this feels so liberating, take my love and run Never been fond of instigating, take my love Oh you took my love and then you left, called it your own Yeah you took my love, of course you left, I should have known "Dr

Birdy - Take my heart lyrics

so far Said you'd watch over my heart Your love was so real Too late to forget how you made me feel Tell me what I was supposed to believe Held me so close I could hardly breathe And now I can't find how to let you go You were mine but you've grown so cold Say it'

Bonfire - Take my heart and run lyrics

fall like rain, can't you see them They keep me from closing my eyes Wounds always heal, Though they're bleeding Sometimes we just need to cry Don't tell me you're leaving, Don't call it destiny Desperate sometimes, But now I've found my paradise Take my heart and run, 'ti

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Take my drunk ass home lyrics

s time to take my drunk ass home I drank all the whiskey and my moneys all gone Hit on all the girls, sang every song It's time to take my drunk ass home Well I worked all week So I could come here Have a good time and an ice cold beer But 1 tur

Emma Bunton - Take my breath away lyrics

I told you how I feel about you Would you say the same and If I wrote it in a letter Would you keep it or throw it away I never thought I'd feel the way I'm feeling lately When everything you seem to do just drives me crazy Every waking day you take my breath away W

The Cab - Take my hand lyrics

your nerves now And don't worry, just breathe Are you sure now? Don't bother packing Let's just leave (All of them) Said they wanted change I hope that you remain the same To show that this is not a game Let's end this tragedy today Now, take my hand and we will run a

The Cab - Take my hand (ft.cassadee pope) lyrics

your nerves now Don't worry, just breathe Are you sure now? Don't bother packing, let's just leave Said they wanted change I hope that you remain the same To show that this is not a game Let's end this tragedy today Now take my hand and we wil

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Take my love lyrics

my love, hold me tight, take my love, share this night, Share my lips, share my heart, say that we'll never part, Take my love, hold me tight, in its thrill find delight, Let each kiss build a dream, let our love be its theme. True love, fate for your hand, mine is the true l

Da Blitz - Take my way (d.j. gabry ponte version) lyrics

my way Take my way, babe, babe Won't you say Take my way, babe , babe Uh , ye Take my way babe, uh, babe, uh Won't you say Take my way... Take my way Take my way Take my way, babe, babe Won't you say Take my way, babe, babe Uh , ye Take my way babe, uh, babe,

Devin Townsend - Take my ego lyrics

Demo) [iTunes Bonus Track] Sunday morning... So, you arrive Slowly this morning Time goes by Take My Ego So, you arrive Silent mornings and solemn days are killing me So, Take My Ego Take my heart Take My Ego Let it out Cry in the morning Cry

Dewey Cox - Take my hand lyrics

(Take, take) Take my hand (Take my hand) We're gonna walk through the park I promise to have you home before dark (Home before dark) Oh, life would be so sweet Walking with you down the street Oh baby, come on and take my hand (Come on and take my hand) Don

Dj Drama - Take my city ft. b.o.b and crooked i lyrics

Crooked I] I rep my city (x7) [B.o.B] I take my city everywhere that I go. So when you see me you then already know. It’s on my hat, you can tell by the clothes It’s in my talk, so It’s in my flow. (x2) I take my city everywhere that I go! [C

Gyptian - Take my money lyrics

nananana woo woo satnanana woooo Aye take up all me money And swounder down de jail Fly to upon man to meet dis young boy there Make him influence her fa take a trip down to Spain Tell me how in the world could this girl be Me say she come back from Spain

Ben Harper - Take my hand lyrics

I work to serve you And I hope I've served you well Oh - I've lived a life to join you And now only time will tell Oh - Take my hand when you are worried Take my hand when you're alone Take my hand and let me guide you Take my hand to lead you home Fa

Just Friends - Take my heart lyrics

I miss you like crazy When I'm thinking of you I'm wishing every single day (That you come back) I don't know the reason why We had to say goodbye I didn't wanna make you cry Taky my heart when you go I don't need it anymore Take my love when you le

The Kelly Family - Take my hand lyrics

take my hand, you are my brother so take my hand, you are my sister so take my hand, we need each other don´t try to walk the road alone Through the dark we´ll walk together and through the rain we´ll forget the weather and through the storm we

Kool & The Gang - Take my heart lyrics

there ever come a time when you fell real nice And you want to let someone know that you really appreciate them ? AII you have to do is moan a little bit for me It goes something like this Ooooh ooooho oooooh oooooho. You see no time for wasting baby We're gone all through those mo

New Kids On The Block - Take my breath away lyrics

my breath I got everything in the world Whatever you need come here first Cause I wouldn't have nothing without you And I'm so thankful girl I wouldn't have nothing without you Girl you are my world Cause baby you know I love you So take my breath away I don't ne

The Perfect Measure - Take my hand lyrics

know that song makes you think of him. And it tears me to know that you still might go back again. Please hear me calling you. I want you to know that it's true, I can't live without you. So take my hand, may I have this last dance. 'Cause it's raining outside a

Rage - Take my blood lyrics

talked about this man That he could walk on water and That he would be a healer who could Make the blind ones see again He never told 'em lies Though he took them by surprise I'll offer you the truth, so you can Take my blood, believe or not And you'll see, the word is me He d

Amen - Take my head lyrics

my head, rip it open Take the sickness, buried it too Take my head, rip it open Take the scissors, sliced to fill Did you wanna know how the humans-being Tied the lies that you believed Did you know the human need Is bigger than the received Give

Angela Ammons - Take my hand lyrics

need love, to life me up I need time, to tell me what to do And it's been a long ride And I can't make it through, oh-oh All I want and all I need Is to be strong Can anybody... Take my hand And let me know the way, to face another day Won

Ball Michael - Take my breath away lyrics

it amazes me How strong the power of love can be Sometimes you just take my breath away You watch my love grow like a child Sometimes gentle and sometimes wild Sometimes you just take my breath away It's too good to slip by It's too good to lose

Baroness - Take my bones away lyrics

lead the way I'll follow... You lead the way I'll follow... What was the plan here? I can't seem to stop Pissing and spitting from bottom to top Picking up viscera, tendons and broken remains Did you find another way? Was it my turn, or yours, to say? "Did

Berlin - Take my breath away lyrics

every motion in my foolish lover's game On this endless ocean finally lovers know no shame Turning and returning to some secret place inside Watching in slow motion as you turn around and say Take my breath away Take my breath away Watching I keep w

Bonnie Raitt - Take my love with you lyrics

I think about you and wonder where you are At night I'm wishing, looking at the stars, But I don't worry 'bout you, I know that soon you'll be home. But while you're gone Take my love with you. Let it be the light that sees you through, Chas

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Take my time lyrics

just wanna (Take my time) As stingy as you are, Think you're ready?, Girl I wanna, (Do you right), I just wanna give you what you need, Baby girl, (Take my time), Ohh Ohhh Just do me, (Do you right) Girl when you step off, Wet from out the shower baby, I

Brygada Kryzys - Take my hand lyrics

say I'm so high say you can't reach the sky take a good look around I'm standing on the ground next to you hold me tight and fly with me till we reach the sky hold me tight and fly with me till we reach the sky take my hand and dance with me till we

Jeremy Camp - Take my life lyrics

I am before You now Like a child I'm reaching out Here I am I'm giving all I can Breaking my pride I feel I'm through Shattered inside I run to You And now I give it all to You Take my life, Take my mind take my soul, take my will I am yours now, and I give it all to You Take

Charli Xcx - Take my hand lyrics

you gotta go to sleep? Don't go to sleep Don't go to sleep Let's go out Get blown away Lost in the dark Get real high And never come down Why you gotta go to sleep? Don't go to sleep Don't go to sleep Let's go out Get blown away Lost in the dark Get real high

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