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If You Are Looking For Love lyrics

Browse for If You Are Looking For Love song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed If You Are Looking For Love lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to If You Are Looking For Love.

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Katatonia - The one you are looking for is not here lyrics

cloud Shade upon the sun You took my word for it The ... Will unfold my empty space Your time froze over I must ... way to this conclusion I let you inherit these words I sing to

Anouk - Looking for love lyrics

I'm in need, where's the love of my life? Is he hiding ... me right, Who'll shout it 'I love you too' No, I cannot wait ... any longer, Won't you please help me find my man?!

September - Looking for love lyrics

girl Living like a slave to your words And I thought you ... t gonna play Mama, what do you see Is anybody looking for ... me Everybody's looking for love Everybody's searching

Ratt - Looking for love lyrics

She said, "I'll take you to the top of this madness. ... said, "I'll even take you all of the way. I'm gonna ... take away all of your sadness You've got

Issa - Looking for love lyrics

started off like part-time lovers But soon we realized that ... Tonight I won’t be home And you will be spending it all alone ... But don’t come looking for love ‘Cause you can never

Robyn - Love kills lyrics

you're looking for love Get a heart made of steel ... 'cus you know that love kills Don't go messing with love It'll hurt you for real, don ... t you know that love kills If you're looking for love Get

Jason Castro - You are lyrics

for meaning. Looking for love. Looking for something to ... never give up. You are the one. You are the one. ... Looking for purpose in all of the pain. Looking for someone to hold in the

Jaheim - Looking for love lyrics

is my shorty home? See I saw you and the brother last night ... And you were lookin' rather fine Your fine ass line you blew my ... But I'm the type of guy you need to be with I've been

Diddy Dirty Money - Looking for love lyrics

Usher) She says she’s looking for love You know we have to ... from me she even wants the lovely cutie on my arm she get it ... She says she’s in the mood for love [Chorus:] Watch out

Kenny Rogers - If you want to find love lyrics

long. He said, tell me: are you lonely? Is there some ... we can go? She said: cowboy, you know I’m lonely But ... there’s something you should know: If you wanna

Looptroop Rockers - Looking for love lyrics

night was still young, she felt like a million ... the sunshine mockin' the young minds duckin' from one time ... really sure what she lookin' for, but like she knows that

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - If you are ever gonna lose my love lyrics

and round Slowing down When you're finding That the world is ... so much colder Than you knew All I know is its you ... right When there's no hope for me in sight And all I know,

Kenny Loggins - If it's not what you're looking for lyrics

you thinkin' of? Darlin' you've been with me every day ... But you seem so far away, I know No, ... and say there's something on your mind If you doubt my love

Midnight Sun - Looking for love lyrics

ve been together for so many years now No ... stranger to each other baby you and I I stare in the mirror ... knew The warmth of our love could melt the winter snow

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - If you ever go to houston lyrics

better walk right Keep your hands in your pockets and your gun-belts tied If you're ... asking for drama, if you're looking for a fight If you ever go ... to Houston, boy you better walk right If you

The Kelly Family - Looking for love lyrics

for love But you just don't seem to give it I ... me around I'm so hungry for your love When you come around ... You pretend that you don't see me Oh you know

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Looking for love lyrics

hey Hey now, there's a lovely girl and she's stealin' ... all your sheets Hey now, there's a lovely girl that's the kind of ... lonely boy and he's lookin', looking for love, ha, ah Ah now,

The Cars - Looking for love lyrics

on lover make the switch pull the ... the faith kill the light you can't stop but you can't go ... on you can't stop but it won't be ... long here she comes looking for love come on lover do

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Looking for love lyrics

of all the girls I've loved before Out of all the stages I've ... performed on Out of all of the ... I bless the day that I found you I bless the day I found you and that's my word It's

Jon Anderson - If it wasn't for love (oneness family) lyrics

it wasn't for love The moon would disappear ... would dry up in the sand If it wasn't for love If it ... wasn't for love The children of the sun ... be An unncessary day-oh, my If it wasn't for love If it

Love And Theft - If you ever get lonely lyrics

calling It's so good to hear your voice But you keep breaking ... had a chance when it came to you I'd love to see you If you ... re ever out this way You sound happy Guess things are

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - If you are but a dream lyrics

you are but a dream, I hope I never ... I could bear to find that I'm forsaken. If you're a fantasy, ... then I'm content to be In love with lovely you, And pray my

Diana Ross - If you're not gonna love me right lyrics

to get it 'Coz I'm expecting you at eight Heard your voice ... on the message I'm surprised you called Said you're all tied ... up And you ain't comin' at all If you

James Morrison - If you don't wanna love me lyrics

I I can't get out When you're lost, lost and alone Yes you'd think it was the last place ... You'd come back for more If you don't want me to leave

Aaron Watson - If you're not in love lyrics

putting down the toilet seat for you Oh wait a minute it ... worse I found myself holding your purse Waiting outside that ... and pantie store My boss' wife walked by She spotted me

Alyssa Reid - If you are lyrics

s a dark road, barely traveled on I can't go it ... not strong enough. So can you tell me, That you'll walk ... I can't follow my heart Not if it leads me too far, not if

Tamar Braxton - If you don't wanna love me lyrics

1:] I stopped by to see you just the other day And I ... finally realized the words I love you don't mean a thing It ... s so hard for me to see Because you meant

Ola Svensson - If you gave me your love lyrics

what I did wrong I gave you my love, thought we were ... strong But you never gave it You never ... I tried to work it out But you can't repair love, when love

Cody Simpson - If you left him for me lyrics

he call you gorgeous sleepin' in the ... would, I would Does he make you laugh when he's textin' you ... money Oh honey, I just need you It drives me crazy, baby,

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - If you ever saw her lyrics

outta lovin' And watching you suffering She says you can ... look but you don't touch So don't go ... fooling yourself Like so many others ... Who've fallen for only a smile But if you're

Ramones lyricsRamones - I wasn't looking for love lyrics

t looking for love, looking for love I wasn't looking for love, looking for love I wasn't looking for love, but it was ... I did in the club I wasn't looking for love, looking for love I

Ani Difranco - Looking for the holes lyrics

am looking for the holes The holes in your ... Because I want to know Are they worn out in the seat Or ... out in the knees There are so many ways to wear What we

Everything But The Girl - I didn't know i was looking for love lyrics

Didn't Know I Was Looking for Love I was alone thinking I was ... just fine I wasn't looking for anyone to be mine I thought love was just a fabrication A

Connie Francis - Looking for me lyrics

a-lookin' I'm just lookin' for love Don't want fortune, ... Yeah, yeah, uh-huh, I'm just looking for love Don't want ... Yea, yeah, uh-huh, I'm just looking for love Don't wanna drive

Silk - Love session lyrics

Intro] Plug me up to the love session baby (Plug me up ... boom My beat goes boom If you're looking for some good love ... some dirty southern good love You need to let me know I

Blowsight - It's me you're looking for lyrics

it's all about the pain... Love me 'til the end Stab the ... back of your bestfriend, I know.. Cuz I ... done the same! Drinks for everyone, raise a toast

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Standing right in front of you lyrics

I sit here And I watch you walk my way And even though ... I don't know you As you get closer I swear I feel My ... m only dreaming And I swear you catch my eye As you walk on

The Saints - Nights in venice lyrics

I fall down every time that you speaks Shine on shine my ... Up above the world honey that you are Shine on now you don't ... give me no love Hit me like a death ray baby

Patti Smith - Looking for you (i was) lyrics

the medieval night 'twas love's design And the sky was ... wishes fall And like shakespeare's child I wished on them all ... Ahh to be your destiny Was all that I

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Love is in love again lyrics

run away lucky while you still know the way If you're ... looking' for your chance for one good payday Do you ... really think you've got a ghost of a chance?

Olivia O'brien - Find what you're looking for lyrics

always knew you'd be the one To break me ... it's not fun To be the girl you hit and run Wish you were ... sorry for the things you've done And after all you

Blaque - Dont go looking for love lyrics

Shamari] It's oh so typical You don't know where to go ... Someone's got you broken inside But don't you ... It's just transitional True love will materialize, yeah You

Jamillions - Love you like i do lyrics

you feel he don't love you Strumming your pain with his ... to make it hurt Sometimes you feel he don't want you No ... matter how you try He just don't seem to

John Wolfhooker - If you're single, i'm humbucker lyrics

my voice from the speakers of your stereo You' re exactly ... what the they're looking for (looking for) 'Cause your pride ain't ... the only thing you like to swallow Love for a

Rick Astley - No more looking for love lyrics

ve been waiting For a love to call my own I've been ... hoping You would say you're coming home I will put my ... arms around you Baby, I'm so glad I found you There aint nothing I can do

K'la - I got what you want lyrics

Chorus] You can call on me whenever you ... I’ll be down three streets You know where it’s at if you ... need an act And even if you don’t I got what you want

Dj Tiesto - You are my diamond lyrics

need a ring to show me what your loves worth dont need ... fancy things to show me what your loves worth you are my ... diamond, when i am with you i shine ill be with you

Aimee Mann - Looking for nothing lyrics

the Tilt-A-Whirl Canada is looking for a smile from a pin-up ... girl But I ain't looking for nothing Just spend the money ... today Everybody's waiting for their thing just to come

Alex Parks - Looking for water lyrics

days are harder than others Mountains ... sense of the way I'm feeling Looking for sanctuary but finding ... none You're in my head, you're in my heart Too busy to

Boyzone - Don't stop looking for love lyrics

long since I found someone You came as some surprise But I ... knew you were meant for me When I looked into your ... eyes So beautiful and strong Boy where did you come from As life passed me

Shola Ama - I love your ways lyrics

I love your ways) You're sweet in every single way ... My baby, yeah (I love your ways) Complete in every way ... hey, oh yeah Gave You the kiss of life And then You came my way True love it's

Belle & Sebastian - If you're feeling sinister lyrics

d never feel this way again If he goes back to the house ... them on that Wednesday And if there is something else ... beyond, he isn't scared because It's bound to be

Sea Wolf - You're a wolf lyrics

stream, get to the river ‘fore I run too low I'm walking, ... stream, get to the river ‘fore I run too low Old gypsy ... bottle of wine “The one that you are looking for, you're not

Jon Foreman - You don't know how beautiful you are lyrics

learn to wear these masks so young Like a prison that keeps ... seen the darkness Always looking for the light You fall in love and then the rain comes down

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - (looking for) the heart of saturday night lyrics

up Behind the wheel With your arm around your sweet one ... In your Oldsmobile Barrelin' down ... the boulevard You're looking for the heart of Saturday night

Lee Ben - Gamble everything for love lyrics

everything for love Gamble everything Put it in ... a place you keep what you need You can gamble ... everything for love if you're free You gotta gamble ... everything for love Baby are you cold? Are you cold baby

2boys - If you fall lyrics

i was all alone, searching for the one that i could really ... I don´t know, I don´t know, if i should trust myself, would ... you hear me, would you hear me, If i needed help?

Richard Marx - If you don't want my love lyrics

know you have reservations And you’re just along for the ride ... a slight hesitation What are you trying to hide Don’t ... be afraid to bare your soul Nothing you say could

Anointed - You'll never thirst lyrics

other women at the well Her life was full of pain, hurt, ... Drink from this water And you will never, you'll never ... water Drink from this water You will never, you'll never

Laura Bell Bundy - If you want my love lyrics

Alabama slammin' There you were with the devil in your ... eye Mmm, mmm, can't pass you by What are you doin' here ... at me all night long, make your move or I'll be gone So

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