If I Were To Die For Today Blue Turns To Grey lyrics

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The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Blue turns to grey lyrics

now that she is gone You won't be sad for ... long For maybe just an hour or just a ... moment Of the day Then blue turns to grey And try as you may ... feel good You don't feel alright And you know that you

Abscess - Die for today lyrics

you are Although your thirst it does consume Ride the drean ... a greased up queen Sinking towards the tomb What was once ... Has now become your own desire Wearing out your flesh

Petra - If i had to die for someone lyrics

15:13 Words and Music by Bob Hartman I wear my ... seatbelt in the car I buckle up for safety I run for cover from the storm I wear a ... band aid on my knee I look both ways when crossing

Example lyricsExample - Someone to die for lyrics

you think that I'd forget I can still remember What I ... was like before I was this guy And yeah, I just can't ... What your sad face looks like This battle in my conscience Chanting so much

The Birthday Massacre - To die for lyrics

your tie, Boy, Your something to die for, But don't hold your ... breath now, You're just killing time, Tonight you can dream ... Boy, Imagine a whisper, If you can keep secrects, Then I'll tell you mine, Remember a

Hell Is For Heroes - To die for lyrics

stared until you were no longer in view Just dust in my eyes A dot on the horizon Blends with the sky

Automatic Loveletter - To die for lyrics

up it's a minute to midnight And we've got, the whole ... world coming after us So we're running ... and running, no And your eyes are the ... colour of wanting And my heart is a runaway

Play - To live and to die for lyrics

I knew just what to say I would make it go away All this pain inside I don't wanna fight I refuse to say goodbye ... It's because I'm much too proud To apologize When I

Lord Of The Lost - To die for lyrics

stand with grace and when you fall I ... ll follow To be there in case You're crying tears of ... sorrow I will carry all that I can take, everything you might forsake Up to the point

Beneath The Sky - To die for lyrics

lies! Oh, the lies have shattered us all. I ... speak from my perspective. The lonely fears he bore ... have inspired me. These writings can only say so much. But

Dir En Grey - Ain't afraid to die ~with frosted ambience~ lyrics

to futari de aruita ano koro no michi wa nakute ... soredemo zutto aruita, itsuka kimi to aeru no kana ... oka no ue yuruyaka ni yuki ga furu todokanai to ... wakattemo kimi no heya ni hitotsu daisuki datta hana wo ima.

The Divine Comedy - If i were you (i'd be through with me) lyrics

I were you I'd look at me And fail to see ... the things I see in you If I were you and if I were you I ... wouldn't let the shit you get From me get the ... better of you If I were you Don't you ever wonder

Queensrÿche - If i were king lyrics

have so much more to say, my brother. Can you ... hear me? A fool is left to live as the brave ones fall. I ... swear if I were able, I would have done the same for

Kent - A time kill to die for lyrics

of March and our fever made it hard To stay and stall to ... keep in shape While magazines were trying hard to find ... next year's face She is the sad one I'm a clown

Level 42 - If you were mine lyrics

been waiting here for so long counting all the ... holes in my shoes you've been singing such a different song I ain't gonna punch you in the eye ... just 'cause you tell a crazy lie Even so ... I knew how

Overkill - Nothing to die for lyrics

enough to know better too young to care bent on self ... destruction goin' nowhere if I had a reason I could make ... it work for me if I had an answer I wouldn't be

Alice Cooper - Die for you lyrics

numbers on my wall Some with names I sometimes call I ... drop a coin and watch it fall Tryin' to get ... connected to you A thousand hours all ... alone My softest pillow turns hard as stone This is the

Die So Fluid - If wishes were bullets lyrics

a new taste in my mouth. This time I don't wanna spit it ... out. I don't know how it happened. I was losing the ... battle. I became resigned to a state of mind. Came from

Jason Castro - If i were you lyrics

I were you I would fall for me Keep every promise, ... answer my calls And I would never let you down, oh ... If I were you I would turn that car around ... Come speeding back tonight And I, I would wonder how

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - If you were a sailboat lyrics

you were a cowboy I would trail you, If you were a piece ... of wood I’d nail you to the floor, If you were a sailboat I would sail you to the ... shore, If you were a river I would swim you, If you

Starset - Die for you lyrics

will run alone tonight Without you by my side I guess ... you had a place you had to get to I know your eyes I ... know inside The walls you hide behind And I saw the truth

Nasum - Words to die for lyrics

Music/lyrics: Mieszko] Dear not to defy ... your priorities The overall effect is ... devastating Dive into the burning flames One choice, few words from the souls

Chuck Berry - If i were lyrics

I were a pendulum swing and you were the bird in ... the cuckoo clock Ev'ry time you cucko-cooed I would ... double tick another tick tock I'd double my swing ev'ry

Monica - If u were the girl lyrics

Jermaine:] Let's kick a little something out there for ... all them cars that be bumpin. uh uh uh MO wassup ... [chorus:] if you were the girl would you stay trippin' if

Nothing More - If i were lyrics

tell me, tell me how to keep this And I'll be alright Just tell me, tell me ... what's the secret And I'll hold it tight Because I ... don't want to spend Another moment without you again Just tell me,

Lead Soldier - Die for rock lyrics

s midnight, the time has come We're attending ... call The streets are full of wimps And we're here to hunt ... them all If you hear the rattling of chains And footsteps in

Amy Grant - If i have to die lyrics

heavy heart? 'Cause you try to play the part Of a life that ... you don't know, And now it's scaring you? 'Cause you ... re saying all the right words, But no one's ever

Carolina Liar - Something to die for lyrics

off the hook, That's something to die for Heal me, help ... me see What the hell did I lie for? I'm fighting private ... wars again Just second thoughts of

Combichrist - Today i woke to the rain of blood lyrics

And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee. ... Power hath descended forth from Thy hand that our ... feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - To wait for love (is to waste your life away) lyrics

day without love is a day of sorrow Don't wait ... until tomorrow To wait for love is just, to waste your life away Dreams come true, ... but if you get too far behind them Someone else will find them To wait for love is

Juliet Simms - To love is to die lyrics

rain begins to fall Standing on the edge This moment'll ... make it last Eternal love is dead One more breath of life In a house of dust I cry ... One last fall to grace You're my legend, you

Arcane Symphony - Something to die for lyrics

you are really sad We're telling softly That you can’t forget Everyone in this life ... is gonna hurt you, Because it is a big strife but we know

Lita Ford - Die for me only black widow lyrics

with a vengeance Controls our ... very soul To weave you in my web of love And never ... let you go Time to face your destiny You've lived come and go To die for me

John Dowland - To ask for all thy love lyrics

aske for all thy love, and thy whole ... heart t’were madnesse, I doe not sue, nor can admit ... (Fairest) from you to have all, yet who giveth all ... hath nothing to impart, but sadnesse. He that

Tim Mcgraw - Nothin to die for lyrics

to have a few at five now you’re crossing that ... center line for the third time Second time like this this ... week had a friend ask you for your keys You said ‘no I’m fine’ You sure do act like you

Hurts lyricsHurts - Somebody to die for lyrics

drag you from the ocean, I could pull you from the fire ... And when you're standing in the shadows I could open up ... the sky And I could give you my devotion Until the

Lamb Of God - Now youve got something to die for lyrics

youve got something to die for Infidel, Imperial Lust for ... blood, a blind crusade Apocalyptic, we ... count the days Bombs to set the people free blood to

Palaye Royale - Die for something beautiful lyrics

ll never find all the things you want Breaking free ... from the chains that haunts you They will ... you From the watergates to the break of dawn Keep finding the things that turn me on

Slut - Something to die for lyrics

years from now and far away I guess you don't even know my ... many years when there was nothing to say I get arranged ... We're not gonna change it now As long as you're

A Death For Every Sin - Something to die for lyrics

one makes it alone in this world of shit, so build a ... place to exist and call it home. To the few by my side ... you are my everything. For the few by my side, I'd give

Ill Niño - Turns to gray lyrics

will never learn to stop falling down Unless you learn to ... stand up without shutting up You will never learn to ... start speaking up Unless you learn to arise (without) sacrifice And

Blood On The Dance Floor - Live to die lyrics

disease my blood You poison my veins You bruise me with trust You free me with chains Would I bleed any slower ... If I were cut less deep? Would I find

Boyzone - If you were mine lyrics

see what he's doing to you And it hurts me so I wish I could steal you away But ... you just won't go Something's holding you close to him ... Something I can't see But come that day

Jake Coco - If i were an artist lyrics

I could paint you red Like the passionate feel It might not be colorful But at ... least it'd be real And I could paint you green Like ... know And your all alone at night With no where to go

Kim Petras - Die for you lyrics

down I never could get rid of it I am alone Home is ... where you are tonight And I can't stand alone I'm only ... happy when you're by my side You are ??? Even if were

The Who lyricsThe Who - Blue, red and grey lyrics

people seem so obsessed with the morning Get up early ... just to watch the sun rise Some people like it more ... when there's fire in the sky Worship the sun

Parkway Drive - Blue and the grey lyrics

sky, Dear sky don't cry for me, Be the hope I could ... sea, Please don't let me sink, Wrap your arms around me ... and carry me home I stood at the shore and spoke to

George Jones - If i were lyrics

I were your friend then I wouldn't be very blue Cause ... sometimes you would have me around ... you If I were a smile I could feel your lips so warm ... If I were your love then would I be in

From Our Hands - When water turns to wine lyrics

if there's no God Who is taking care Who will give an ... absolution for the human race When water turns to wine Be prepared to die ... Baby baby don't you cry, it's your last time If you

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - If i were you lyrics

sandman comes to my house late each night But ... it's way in the morning before he turns out my life It's times like this, my darling, I ... could see If I were you I'd know that I love me The

Heaven 17 - If i were you lyrics

tenth of may It seems so far away When you ... and I were strangers moving close together Sometimes ... it seems It’s almost like a dream Driving across the

Frans - If i were sorry lyrics

on my hands and knees Rehearsing my pretty please Climb the ... highest mountain If I were sorry Shout it from the top Swim under water until my ... lungs exploded Walk into the fire If I were sorry I’d run a thousand miles

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The last to die lyrics

took the highway till the road went black We ... Consequences on our map* A voice drifted up from the radio ... We saw the voice from long ago Who'll be ... the last to die for a mistake The last to die for a mistake Whose blood will spill,

Civil Twilight - How'm i supposed to die lyrics

m I Supposed To Die When There's Only One Way To Live And The Treasure In ... Your Eyes You Were Never Meant To Give And ... You Were Made To Turn Your Back What Am I To Say To That Where Am I

From Heaven We Fall - If you were me lyrics

began between you and me a simple story you're almost ... certain you'd be perfectly had you ... been want to be in my brains but you're wrong you ... never stuck to my story if only you were me today,

3 Inches Of Blood - Die for gold (upon the boiling sea iv) lyrics

by the spoils that piracy has earned Protect your ... horde From those you think would steal Alone for many ... your fat was sealed Paranoia permeates, imprisoned by

Aesop Rock - Blue in the face lyrics

Aesop Rock] Yo, I surf an axiom kicked in a center fold by ... ugly tenements Oh distribute sour inhalants regulate ... lobby developments Today summon the rug rat oblivious to what's delicate Tomorrow siphon imperfection out

Avenue Q - If you were gay lyrics

Aah, an afternoon alone with My favorite book, &quot ... Broadway Musicals of the 1940s." No ... roommate to bother me. How could it get ... any better than this? NICKY Oh,hi Rod! ROD Hi Nicky. NICKY Hey Rod, you'll

Rhett And Link - If bubbles were bullets lyrics

baby cakes, I wanna write you a song Now that we've ... been on this journey so long Standin' ... here at the sink scrubbin' away Has really made me think I've got something to say

B*witched - To you i belong lyrics

fell down You were there I cried for you when I hurt ... my hand Storm a-rushing in Wind was howling I ... called for you, you were there Whenever dark turns

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