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Crystal Waters lyricsCrystal Waters - Say... if you feel alright lyrics

say hey, if it feels alright Just say hey, yeah, if ... you feel alright Just say hey, if it feels ... alright Just say hey, yeah, if you feel alright Pay

Eternal 2 - If you need me tonight lyrics

you need me tonight (If you need me tonight) If you ... need me tonight (I will be there) If you need me tonight (If you need me tonight) If ... you need me tonight (I'll be there) There's a distance in between us And I

Lullacry - Alright tonight lyrics

I am in your heart tonight Everything's gonna be alright tonight They can never ... us apart, oh no no no And I'll promise you I'll never ... your heart, oh no no no So if craving for you is wrong I

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - Alright tonight lyrics

you want to you can stick around, 'Cause its alright ... tonight. She said "I will stay here, stay with you ... 'Cause you're alright, tonight." And I, I hoped

Paula Abdul - Alright tonight lyrics


Everything But The Girl - Feel alright lyrics

alright, feel alright Feel alright, feel alright Feel alright, feel alright Feel alright, feel

Gratitude - Feel alright lyrics

here we are now, again I'm getting sick of this again ... Getting sick of all this waiting To be perfect, and good ... And I'm scared of all my friends We're all not calling

Emilie Autumn - If you feel better lyrics

you feel better Telling me I'm cruel Saying I'm unfeeling I don't mind If it's ... necessary If it helps you out Crying that ... I'm heartless It's alright CHORUS And I'm

Emilie Autumn - If you feel better (poem) lyrics

you feel better telling me I’m cruel saying I’m unfeeling ... I don’t mind if it’s necessary if it helps you ... out crying that I’m heartless it’s alright

Lindsay Lohan - If it´s alright lyrics

you turned and waved at me I never will forget Two years ... guessed That we would make it this far just to put it all ... to rest And if it's alright I'll stay until it' late

2 Live Crew - Feel alright y'all lyrics

1: Fresh Kid Ice Feelin' all right on a party night ... Good times are in store, everybody get hype ... Motivation of your body is what we do best With lyrics ... so def it's above the rest New Jack's

Puff Daddy - If i should die tonight (interlude) lyrics

feat. Carl Thomas) Sometimes I think about dyin Yeahhh-haaa ... Unfortunately, I'm seein a lot of death in my life ... Oahhhooooh I seen a lot of friends die I seen a lot of family members die If, I, should,

Josh Abbott Band - If i see you tonight lyrics

Verse 1] You walked in with all your friends, caught ... eyes with me and then turned your ... started my way, probably thinking of what to say and you sat ... down. Smiled at me and said hello. Five minutes later it was time to go. Before you

Agnetha Fältskog - If you need somebody tonight lyrics

you need somebody tonight Here I am, here I am, If ... it's love you need in your life Here I am tonight. If ... Take my hand, take my hand, If the night is getting too cold

Marvin Gaye - If i should die tonight lyrics

If I should die tonight Oh baby, though it be far ... before my time I won't die blue, sugar yeah 'Cause I ... how many eyes Have seen their dream Oh, how many arms

Blaxy Girls - If you feel my love lyrics

you wanna lie to me If u'll ever see yourself, Dont ... Cause you've got to far. If you wanna lie to me If u'll ... Cause you've got to far. If you feel my love, Can hear

Jefferson Airplane - If you feel lyrics

you feel like china breaking, If you feel like laughing ... Break china laughing. Break china laughing, ... laughing, laughing. If you feel like leaves are falling If you feel like smiling;

La Toya Jackson - If you feel the funk lyrics

you feel the funk shake your rump ... to the funk Won't you shake it (If you feel the funk shake ... the funk) (Won't you shake it) Now we all see that you're

Mindy Mccready - If i feel your hand lyrics

knew this would happen sooner or ... later I'd run into you finally I'm happy but I can say ... I've missed you too don't ask me ... to dance I don't think I'm quite where you are just yet

Of Montreal - If you feel you must go, don't go! lyrics

love you completely. Please I don't want you to go, though ... are not content here with me, and you feel you must ... go. How could I lose you so fast? How come

Pink lyricsPink - Tonight's the night lyrics

tonight's the night I'm gonna get right Gonna hit ... the scene with my friends Tonight's the night Imma feel alright, feel alright again Tonight's the night Imma do what I

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Dance tonight lyrics

gonna dance tonight Everybody gonna feel alright Everybody gonna dance ... around tonight Everybody gonna dance ... around Everybody gonna hit the ground Everybody gonna

Kika - Can't feel love tonight (feat. andreas wijk) lyrics

u can't feel love tonight Ur never gonna love again ... No if u can't feel love tonight Never gonna love again ... Love find a way Save my soul Don't ... let it sway Lord, shine a light Don't leave me no To the

Ivy - Feel so free lyrics

me again I'll take my chances I don't ... know how to begin You can't understand I ... ve got no answers I can't explain where I've been ... I should've known better I should've known by now I

Lil' Flip - Tonight lyrics

feat. Seville) [talking] Yeah, it's Lil' Flip, Seville KnowI'msaying, we gone do ... This for the girls though huh [Seville] You ... wanna F-L-I-P with S-E L-I-F-E, Flip with Seville tonight -[2x] [Lil' Flip] You ain

Midnight Panic - Tonight is our last night lyrics

lies are always better left unsaid So take the photos down of ... the wall There's nothing left to talk about We're in a plane and I want out From ... all these stories that people tell Thinking back I regret never telling

Naturally 7 - Feel it lyrics

tick, tock- it's time for closure I watch the ... hands on the clock, it's almost over? I feel it's ... coming like it's winter cause it's colder now Fat-lady type

Journey - She makes me (feel alright) lyrics

what I'm saying, you're losing control Can't take the sun ... from her eyes She's built for comfort, she ain't no ... fool She said, take a look It's easy tonight It's gonna

Dommin - Tonight lyrics

you ready to start the night Do you feel alright, ... yeah do you feel alright Hollow hunger, will you ... be bite Have you the appetite, have you the appetite I

Walk Off The Earth lyricsWalk Off The Earth - Alright lyrics

kid, wake up It's waiting for you under the sun Hold ... it, learn it What you want's already ... t let regret start a party in your head Nowhere compares ... Hey, you know that you're alright Hey, you know that you're alright now After the dark, it will

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - If music could talk lyrics

Left Channel] Make sure! Taking cover in the bunker tonight ... Waiting for Bo Diddley's headlights I feel alright Gotta Fender Stratosphere ... I can do anything tonight It's in neon lights an' global

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Tonight lyrics

s gonna be alright tonight Everything's gonna be alright tonight No one moves, no ... No one talks, no one walks tonight Tonight Everyone will be alright tonight Everyone will be alright tonight No one moves, no

Dream Street - 05. i say yeah (if you say alright) lyrics

..Yeah...(Alright)... I know that you know that I can ... t stop watching you I feel it, believe me, I know you feel ... Oh-oh-yeah There's something about me that you don't

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Tonight - duet lyrics

saw my baby She was turning blue I knew that soon Her ... young life was through And so I got ... these are the words To her I said Everything will be alright tonight Everything will be alright tonight No one moves No one

Beenie Man - Feel it boy (janet jackson) lyrics

Girl Alright now Ooo Lord, Lord, Lord ... Are you ready for this, yeah Whenever I got no ... money She is still my honey There is a reason ... to be funny Cuz, cuz, cuz I said I don't care what they

Da Band - Tonight lyrics

Sara] Somethin happens when you touch me I ... open, and my legs starts quivering This sensation, emotions take control of me It's a ... temptation, I don't know what's come over

Electric Light Orchestra - Alright lyrics

gold verandah in the dark has gone Down to ... the metal man. No better time to leave the ground And ... You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe, Hold on

Bodybangers Feat. Victoria Kern - Tonight lyrics

tonight, tonight Tonight's the night, time is right ... Me and my girls feel alright We wear sunglasses at night And dance until the sunlight ... Let's party hard,

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Put your hands up [if you feel love] lyrics

around I see a million different faces But no one's ... looking in my eyes It takes a minute when I mean ... these different places Do you realise ... All we need is love in this life it's true All I need is the love I get from you

The Damned - I feel alright lyrics

Keith... Outa my mind on a Saturday night Nineteen seventy seven baby is ... rollin' in sight Radio burning up above Beautiful baby be ... my love Alright feel cool always Alright feel

Ashley Parker Angel - Alright, ok lyrics

light flash and i see your face rearview mirroras you drive away Alright ... OK Street light shine as my heart goes numb i ... should be pist but thats what you want Alright, OK Hey and i can see in the

Bardot - Feel right lyrics

s that look on your face So miserable uncomfortable Why you ... looking so sad I thought you'd get into it ... Relax and go with the flow Should take it ... slow you never know Are you feeling alone Maybe you should go

Djane Housekat - Don't u feel alright lyrics

ve been walking through darkness trying so ... hard to find a light. Chasing every sunset only to find ... another Night. Wake me up with the sound the beautiful

B.o.b. - Alright lyrics

shot To take the edge off life And then we roll another ... one Make it feel alright Prepared for the worst, ... expecting the best I said I’m light years, ahead of the

Bed & Breakfast - If you were mine lyrics

you were mine, everytime You could be the one to ... make me feel alright Day or night, feel you close in my arms ... If you were mind, yes it's true There would never be

Itchy Poopzkid - Tonight lyrics

broken heart - a chaos life it's never ending you're getting cold and teary-eyed Your ... whole world is turning gray but no one's sending ... someone to put it aside Tonight I'll be right by your side

Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - If i lose myself lyrics

the people, places and things I’ve loved I stayed up ... the one next to me You can feel the light start to tremble ... watching what you know out to see…

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - If i lose myself lyrics

the people, places and things I’ve loved. I stared up ... just to see With all of the faces, you ... one next to me. You can feel the light start to tremble

Madilyn Bailey - If i lose myself - (onerepublic cover) lyrics

of the people, places and things I've loved I stared up ... the one next to me You can feel the light start to tremble ... washing what you know out to sea

The Kids - I feel alright lyrics

day is gone and in comes the night I feel allright , alright ... I love the dark, can't stand ... the ligth I feel alright , alright! I feel alright....

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - If i lose myself (culture code remix) lyrics

the people, places and things I’ve loved I stayed up ... the one next to me You can feel the light start to tremble ... watching what you know out to see…

Agnostic Front - Alright lyrics

yesterday? All we do is watch our back sleep with ... This and f*** with death we're ready to attack ... I can't seem to find a better way. I can't ... seem to think about today. Now I'm

The Boomtown Rats - Tonight lyrics

I don't wanna have to take your ... arm But I will, said I will Don't wanna have to damage ... anyone But I'd kill, kiss and kill I don't intend to ... take this lying down With my head between my hands,

G.b.h. - I feel alright lyrics

of my mind on a Saturday night, Nineteen Eighty Four ... rolling in sight. Radio Bird Man, up above, beautiful ... baby, save our love. All night killer, blown away, all night killer, blown away. I feel alright, I fell alright, feeling alright. Save your baby

C.n. Blue - Feel good lyrics

I’m in control I’m in control of the girls who are ... looking at me Deep deep deeply ... and stop Beep beep beep, I’m a patrol that is looking ... for you Like you’re tempting me in my ears, oh rock and

Victoria Duffield - Feel lyrics

there, D-d-Done it, it's the same every day D-d ... don't you, don't you, want it, don't you want it to change ... I'm on automatic, and I'm about to ignite. There's

Carpenters - If we try lyrics

ve been living memories Lost in the warm of your smile Driftin' through the dreams we ... used to share Thinkin' 'bout the times we spent in love without a care And wishin' you were there So

Angelo Kelly - If you love me lyrics

remember the night I fell down on my knees and ... prayed I will not forget your eyes I will not forget your smile You ... struck me like a thunder And left me without a chance, oh I If you

Agathocles - Alright, let's feel lyrics

let's feel, with no civil rights, Police stopped me in ... see", asked me what I was doing there, "show ... your passport, you filthy longhaired" Was

Agathocles - Let's feel alright lyrics

s feel alright with no civil right Police stopped me in the street "open your ... quot; asked me what was doing here "show your ... passport you filthy longhair" Was nothing wrong,

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