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If I Can Make You Stay lyrics

Browse for If I Can Make You Stay song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed If I Can Make You Stay lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to If I Can Make You Stay.

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Hall & Oates - Make you stay lyrics

should have heard you talkin' Now I am a dead man walking ... I should have paid more mind To the little things, the little things Why is love so ... complicated Maybe that's the way we

Human League - You'll be sorry lyrics

yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah) You'll be sorry in the morning ... (Yeah yeah yeah yeah) If you leave me in the evening today ... You know you ought to get to know me

Ani Difranco - Make me stay lyrics

m gonna turn and walk away You can wait Til I am far along ... And catch my arm And say you'd die If I were gone I want ... to hear you call my name It's too easy Just to say it

Gavin James - For you lyrics

I'll forget and maybe I won't I'm stuck in the ... so far from home Cause loving nobody It's breaking my ... heart But you'll never know this Wherever you are Well maybe I don't give up easily And I know this is hard to see But I wish time

H.e.a.t - Stay lyrics

my eyes you get inside Finding out what I need to win this ... fight To make the tables turn, and To make ... you stay the night Cause my heart (my ... heart) Is breaking by the thought that you will leave me Tonight (tonight)

5th Dimension - If i could reach you lyrics

I Could Reach You Fifth Dimension Oh no, don't go It's hours ... till dawn And there's no one who ... d rather be with you I know you know other girls like me I

Sammy Kershaw - If you're gonna walk, i'm gonna crawl lyrics

m a Monday night football, Friday night pool hall guy I ain ... never been one to let a good time pass me by You're standin' ... there statin' you're tired of waitin' My celebratin

Bellefire - I can make you fall in love again lyrics

I,... I can make you fall in love again) (I can make you ... want me back again) Let me break it down It ... s not that complicated I know I've done you wrong But

Diana Ross - Someone that you loved before lyrics

used to touch me Baby now your touch has turned so cold You used to want me Now baby, you just want to let me go I can ... see I'm losing you now And I don't wanna No I don't

Lucy Hale - Make you believe lyrics

in the mic, open the curtains Turn on the lights, I'm ... through rehearsing The feeling ignites, I'm in control ... The crowds in the palm of my hands All my

Pleasure P - Make you say lyrics

I can see it in your eyes You fronting I know you wanna get ... in trouble later Well I'm a trouble maker And I'm ... betting there's a couple places you ... ain't seen But you ain't gotta wait cause I would

Relient K. - If i could take you home lyrics

hear the words that you're telling me Taking about ... all this tragedy You've got everything When you ... re close to me You're all around You're ... surrounding me Intoxicated by the air you breathe You've got everything With me

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Make you believe lyrics

ll make you believe I heard you're looking for ... somebody to treat you right cause them other guys don ... t live up to that hype I heard you're looking for

Alina Baraz - Make you feel lyrics

long, long enough, you can love me I'll be just yours, you can hold me Even let you ... undress my mind save it, play it, watch it, then ... press rewind I can give you what you need I can give you

Crimson Glory - Make you love me lyrics

can make you love me, I can make you want me I will take you, ... make you need me I'll tell ya that I love you ... Tell you that I really need you I got what it takes to break

The Faders - Girls can make you cry lyrics

bite your lip You keep pretending that Your ... made out of stone You never let it show But ... everyone knows Gilrs can make you cry You find it hard To

Jj Heller - Love can make you new lyrics

heart, Love There was a time when your dreams Were not ... so small Even in the dark of night You know ... the sun will rise after all Don't run away ... Don't be afraid Love can make you new today Open your

Kavana - I can make you feel good lyrics

can make you feel good Oh so good Are you the kind who puts your heart ... on the line? Or one who stays out of reach Unlike other ... guys I wont waist your time Just want to practice what

Maxx - I can make you feel like lyrics

can make you feel like I can make you feel like Like I ... want you to I can make you feel like I can make you ... feel like I'll hop on you (?) On to, turning to Like I wanna do Like I want you to Like I wanna do Like I

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Make you believe lyrics

ll make you believe I heard you're looking for ... somebody to treat you right cause them other guys don ... t live up to that hype I heard you're looking for

Artist Vs. Poet - Stay lyrics

it's a sign The way your eyes reflect in mine You ... know it gets me every time, can't you see? We'll be just fine, you and me, if you just stay And I'm blown away By the

Dove Cameron - Dove cameron and ryan mccartan - make you sta.. lyrics

d sing acapella in the rain. Let the whole think I've ... gone insane Give you all my money, and my name. ... Nothing I wouldn't do, Nothing I wouldn't do. When I'm

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Stay lyrics

You make my life much brighter You're always on my mind You You make my load much ... lighter True love is hard to find Sometimes I ... feel I have to get away I change my mind when I look in

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - If i can't lyrics

yea, yea [Hook: 50 Cent] If I can't do it, homey, it can ... t be done Now I'ma let the champagne bottle ... pop I'ma take it to the top Fo sho I'ma make

No Devotion - Stay lyrics

up, get dressed Don't park your things Don't call your friends Be quick, she said ... Leave your glass by our bed Leave your ... keys on the desk and leave You just have to go away Nothing

5 Seconds Of Summer lyrics5 Seconds Of Summer - If you don't know lyrics

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Tonight we’re fading fast I just ... wanna make this last If I could say the things that I ... wanna say I’d find a way to make you stay I’d never let you

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - If you stay (never gone) lyrics

be happy You are all I need To make me happy ... 'Cause everytime you're near All the tears inside ... are raindrops All the sadness in my ... lifetime goes away Just believe in me All I need is

Bananarama - I want you back lyrics

suddenly grown cold And outside in the street it's raining ... You packed your bags and said goodbye You took my heart ... without explaining How could you go How

Plus 44 - Make you smile lyrics

last time I saw you, you turned away I couldn't see you with the Sun shining in my ... eyes I said "Hello" but you ... kept on walking I'm going deaf from the sound of the

E-type - Africa lyrics

will follow the road down to Africa If that's what it takes ... just want you to know I can't stop myself cause it all ... went through my head and Now it's falling apart takes my

Bobby Caldwell - Stay with me lyrics

can you say it's over What can there be that we can't over ... come Why do you turn away Are you so afraid ... of needing someone Didn't we say forever I still

The Leftovers - Make you mine lyrics

little girl if you knew About all the things I ... d say to you Would you stay or change your mind Cause I ... gotta gotta make you mine And all the things that I would say Would prove I can

Joe Bonamassa - If heartaches were nickels lyrics

wish you could see me All broken down ... this way But even if you saw me, baby I know I still ... couldn't make you stay Couldn't make you stay You know about the high cost of

Everlast - Stay lyrics

just can't do it, not anymore Every time I ... fake a smile I feel just like a whore I just can't do it, it's beyond my means And ... all I know about love reading fashion magazines I just can't do it, it can't be done

Meat Loaf - If this is the last kiss (let's make it last .. lyrics

know you're goin'. I know this is good-bye. And I can't make you stay. No matter no ... matter how I try. But ooh if you're leaving. Please ... grant this one request. And leave my

Ricki-lee Coulter - Stay with me lyrics

know I can't make you stay, but I don't wanna say good ... day 'Casue we're so intertwined, was it just a waste of time I know you'll think that I ... m playing But babe I wasn't raised that way There

Neil Diamond - If i lost my way lyrics

I lost my way, Would you stand with me, Would you ... love me still And care for what I need If I lost my way? If I lost ... my faith To face up to the test,

Katy B - Stay down lyrics

a bitterness in the air When did you lose all your ... care I don’t wanna hear you speak no more ‘Cause every ... chance to tell me that you’re right I try and bury away

Seal lyricsSeal - If i could ever make you love me lyrics

s no reason for you To lose your mind 'Cause I've seen ... something That's gonna change our time If I could, I'd make you ... understand If I could, I'd make you understand Ah, there's

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Make you high lyrics

quot;Make U High" [Intro:] I'm gonna make u high, ... high When you're feeling low, low Show you all the ... joy, joy You've never seen And then we do

City Sleeps - I cant make you love me lyrics

shadows are alive without you There in my heart you broke in two I went down to my knees ... for you and tried to make believe But you can't say that it

2am Club - Make you mine lyrics

looked her right in the eyes, right in the eyes ... but I couldn't see It burned when I looked, I ... burned in my heart, my words wouldn't ... work I listened to you loud and clear so loud and

Thomas Anders - Make you lyrics

tonight, you ’ll be One of th ebest int ... for me Baby, come closer stay by my side Gimme your light ... wich makes me so excited You said you want me to Spend

Jason Castro - If i were you lyrics

I were you I would fall for me Keep every ... promise, answer my calls And I would never let you down, oh ... If I were you I would turn that car around ... Come speeding back tonight And I, I would wonder how

Elle King - Make you smile lyrics

like what you do and I like that you keep doin' it Your eyes look mighty fine I ... really think I'm losin' it Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Pretty ... boy, don't be shy Like all your bad ideas Ain't this a nice

Js - Stay right here lyrics

intro - Kim] Baby, don't go (Oooohhhhhh ... I need you here [chorus - JS (Kim)] ... Baby don't take your love away (hmmm) Stay right ... here beside me (beside me) (Boy don't you take)

Alison Krauss - Stay lyrics

have you been, My long lost friend? It's good to see you again. ... Come and sit for a while I've missed your smile Today ... the past is goodbye. Time can't erase A lover's embrace. Can't you hear it calling? A new

Suzi Quatro - You can make me want you lyrics

you thought you got an angel But I'll tell you it just ain't so This ... careless mamma ain't no baby don't you know ... When you touch me you set me aglow And when I'm in your arms I really don't

No Mercy - How much i love you lyrics

baby Girl I love you Girl, I'm so sorry I never told you ... as much as I could have I never listened to what you ... were saying What you were feeling All of your

Ricky Martin lyricsRicky Martin - You stay with me lyrics

you underneath the moon Night was over much too soon We ... shared a kiss till day light came And kissed the night ... sun came up that day We smiled and went uor separate ways

Day26 - If it wasnt for you lyrics

Verse 1] I could be homeless on the ... on the concrete Panhandling, tryna get change for what I need Or looking for a bridge ... when my cover gets soggy So I could stay dry I could be

Joell Ortiz lyricsJoell Ortiz - Can't you tell? / ghetto lyrics

Scratching: Jay-Z 'Blue Magic'] "Can't you tell that ... 1:] Natural born hustler Satisfying a customer With this little box along side my jugular

Mary J Blige - You don't have to worry lyrics

You don't have to worry I won't waste your time I ain't ... satisfied You don't have to worry I won't ... waste your time I ain't satisfied Love is made, Made of many

Blutengel - You walk away lyrics

s so much wrong in your life And you wish you could turn ... back time No time for sorrow, no time to ... regret You're drowning in the sands of time But life goes on day by day And all

Blutengel - You walk away (beyond the sun remix) lyrics

s so much wrong in your life and you wish you could ... turn back time no time for sorrow, no time to ... regret you're drowning in the sands of time But life

Goldfinger - If only lyrics

only I was taller If I had a million dollars maybe ... then you'd be with me If only I was eighteen and had ... of the A-Team maybe then you'd be with me But for now I

Meat Loaf - If i can't have you lyrics

say it's love would be too simple Too obvious It's more like a calling, a vocation ... Something I was Put on this earth to do Now I'm shooting with the stars And I'm flying with the angels And my

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - If i could make the world dance lyrics

Ba-da-ba-da (woah) Bu-da (you) Bu-da-bu-da (woah) Bu-da ... woah) Bu-da-bu-da (woah) Signs and wonders that the television shows Hate and poverty

John Barrowman - If i can't love her lyrics

in my twisted face, there's not the slightest trace Of anything that ... even hints at kindness And from my tortured ... shape, no comfort, no escape I see, but deep within is utter

Hana Pestle - Make you hurt lyrics

careful of me I'll burn you I'll twist you and I'll wring you And you'd better beware ... Because I can't stop it And neither can you I think that the best would be To stay away from me 'Cause I'll make you hurt Without even trying And I'll make you cry

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