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Toto lyricsToto - If you belong to me lyrics

left you crying on that angry morning You ... know I lied I'll always run from anything ... that loves me To my safe side My world circles 'round ... a different sun That's all burned

Jessi Colter - I belong to him lyrics

of the world haunts a memory I played my part, it broke my ... heart But on the mend, I found a friend I belong to ... him, I belong to him Oh he'll sing a song, I

Roy Orbison - I belong to him lyrics

sings backing vocals Jessie coulter A thousand ways, ... of the world haunts a memory I played my part, it broke my ... heart But on the mend, I found a friend I belong to

Secondhand Serenade - Belong to (bonus track) lyrics

your faith tonight The future that you promised to yourself does not look ... bright All you've had inside was Burning like the sun, ... but now it won't ignite Who does it belong to? If not you? Who does it belong to, if you've paid your dues?

Andre Rieu - Belong to me lyrics

re on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset She's ... going off about something that you said 'Cause she ... doesn't get your humor like I do I'm in the room, it's a

Lena Fayre - Belong to you lyrics

one and maybe even two That I'll find you. I'm smaller ... trees, smaller than the mountains, Smaller than the night ... sky. But you and me together, bigger than the paradise. Now I know This might

Fayre Lena - Belong to you lyrics

one and maybe even two That I'll find you. I'm smaller ... trees, smaller than the mountains, Smaller than the night ... sky. But you and me together, bigger than the paradise. Now I know This might sound crazy, maybe it's

Sam Cooke - If i had you lyrics

I had you honey I'd be happy If I had you ... how happy I would be If I had you, sweetheart I'd be ... so happy how I wish you'd belong to me If I had you I know

Betsie Larkin - Belong to me lyrics

Larkin with Bobina I’ve only been alone without ... The rest was just a game (It’s so far away) You fill my ... empty room with starlight How do I find the words to make you stay? And here inside I’ll never change We

Lovex - Belong to no one lyrics

m hanging on a threat So much in me ... feels sick but I only want To confront What's meant for me ... with a hint of dignity Dreadful to see A life ... lived as a slave for the industry Smothered fantasies

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Belong to the world lyrics

Verse 1] I know you want your money, girl Cause you do this every ... The way you doubt your feelings And look the other way ... Well, it's something I relate to Your gift of

Cats On Fire - If you must tell him lyrics

you must tell him Tell him gently Say that he had a ... clever mind but add that he was too ... smart for his own good That's all there ... was If you must tell him Tell him gently The other

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - If i have to go lyrics

I have to go will you remember me will you find someone else while I'm away ... there's nothing for me in this world full of strangers it ... s all someone else's idea I don't belong here and you can

Amy Grant - If i have to die lyrics

heavy heart? 'Cause you try to play the part Of a life that ... you don't know, And now it's scaring you? 'Cause you ... re saying all the right words, But no one's ever

Usher lyricsUsher - If i want to lyrics

I Want To Jermaine Dupri in brackets (Come on, Come on, ... Come on) Every time I look up I see it in your ... face You wanna hook up with me (You know you wanna

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - If you have to ask lyrics

wanna be gangster Thinkin' he's a wise guy Rob ... another bank He's a sock 'em in the eye guy Tank head Mr. ... Bonnie and Clyde guy Look him in the eye He's not my kinda guy Never wanna be

Travis Barker - If you want to ft pharrell and lupe fiasco lyrics

s what you wanna do The mind's all a flutter, no pigs on ... the gig No swine for the supper, no wine in ... the cupboard Everything of mine must show signs of the

Kenny Rogers - If you want to find love lyrics

was sitting on a bar stool A picture from a cheating ... song She’d been standing by the jukebox Dropping ... quarters all night long. He said, tell me:

Alan Jackson - If you want to make me happy lyrics

You Want To Make Me Happy What'll it be he asked, What do you ... need tonight Something cold to drown the fire, Something ... hot to stir one up I'll make it simple I said,

A Life Divided - If you want to lyrics

come at times they just stare at the sky ... the way? Oh and how many nights they wait for a sound of ... someone who came? How many times they look back, your

Dwele - If you want to lyrics

you want to I can't fall in love ...knowin I still got ... these feelins for you .... it's been so long since I told ... you we was thru.... you kept in touch and I touched as well.

Jason Gray - If you want to love someone lyrics

you want to love someone Search their ... soul for where it's broken Find the cracks and pour your ... heart in If you want to love someone In every ... heart there is a hollow Locked against the

The Last Goodnight - If i talk to god lyrics

re so fragile I know Some things we cannot control I am so ... selfish it shows I just can’t let go Tell me ... three little lies Everything is alright It tears me all up inside If I talk to God I

Amy Grant - If you have to go away lyrics

I was a younger I used to dream a lot Staring into my ... how you'd love me And write me poetry And want to be with me, yeah Well, momma done told me You might wander far,

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - If i have to wait lyrics

ve been hurting a long time, the kind of pain I know too well. It's been pulling ... you under, like some kind of evil spell. I'm gonna ... hold, I'm gonna hold you, till the ghosts are disappeared.

Jerry Reed - If it comes to that lyrics

tells me you're a woman with the past Quick to make a ... promise but your love will never last They tell me ... that I'm foolish to think that your love could be fair But they don't know that I

Keaton Henson - If i'm to die lyrics

I’m to die before I reach you Please know I’m ... meant to love you till I did If I’m to slip beneath a train ... meant to take me Know that I believe that it was worth it

Mase - If you want to party lyrics

'99, get your name back nigga (Get your name back nigga ... Up Motherf***er Don't believe it, Double Up, Uh Yea yea ... what Uh Uh Yo who got the right to flip, twice the whips

Melissa Etheridge - If i wanted to lyrics

I wanted to I could do anything right I could dance with ... the devil on a Saturday night If I wanted to I could ... turn matches to gold I could smoke drink swear and I

Melissa Etheridge - If you want to lyrics

Yes that's what I said Guess I thought that I was ... dead So I just called you from my bed ... To say hello See I've got this funny notion life is only just an ocean I've

Petra - If i had to die for someone lyrics

15:13 Words and Music by Bob Hartman I wear my ... seatbelt in the car I buckle up for safety I run ... for cover from the storm I wear a band aid on my knee I ... look both ways when crossing and I flee Any danger I can

Chris Rea - If you choose to go lyrics

s a street outside my window There's a light outside ... my door There's a road straight through this old town ... on every shore There's a promise down that freeway But

Fleet Foxes lyricsFleet Foxes - If you need to, keep time on me lyrics

could it all fall in one day? Were we too sure ... of the sun? If you need to, keep time on me If you need ... to, keep time on me Who knows what ... State is in store? If they all turn, will you run?

Atomic Kitten - If you come to me lyrics

long ago I didn´t have a care about me I didn´t know my right from wrong ... But now I know That you´ve got your ... love around me You know it makes me feel so strong

Chapin Harry - If you want to feel lyrics

you gun shy You know your skin's as cold as ice Your eyes ... are double filtered babe You're so afraid to be nice There's no way you ... re ready To let your defenses down

Chris Norman - If you think to know how to love me lyrics

breathless drive on a down town street A motor bike ride in the midday heat The dust ... hat hung from the desert skies Run though we’d run, it still burned our eyes Oh yes

Olsen Brothers - If you going to san francisco lyrics


E-type - If heaven were to fall lyrics

m going crazy my world is turning hazy I never realized how ... close it was until this day So changes, I missed ... them all believe me I'll take the fall but damn it,

Jackson 5 - If i have to move a mountain lyrics

one that loves you) (The special one who needs you) You ... made the odds a million to me (No one else can love you ... one whose heart you won't believe So if I have to move a

George Jones - If you want to wear a crown lyrics

ve got to run to win the race Go along the way ... and quick the pace So remember when ... you're worried faith is fallin' down That you got to bear ... a cross if you want to wear a crown. Our Lord is

Lyle Lovett - If you were to wake up lyrics

you were to wake up And I were beside you Would you ... gently smile dear And whisper my name And would you ... remember The way that I held you And would you want

Hercules And Love Affair - You belong lyrics

lights they call me Call me to your side The lights they blind me They take my sight Will you restore me? Grace my ... senses again? The lights they blind me Soon he

Savage Garden - To the moon and back lyrics

s taking her time making up the reasons To justify ... all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the ... smiles And the look in their eyes Everyone's got a ... theory about the bitter one They're saying:

Doobie Brothers - You belong to me lyrics

d you tell me this While you look for my reaction ... What do you need to know Don't you know I'll ... be the one You don't have to prove to me you're beautiful to strangers I've got lovin'

Brooks Elkie - If you can beat me rockin' (you can have my c.. lyrics

don't sit and worry where my man ... spends his time I close my ears to gossip about ... that man of mine Now the clean-up woman she ... may be a threat But I ain't met no woman that could

Iggy  Pop lyricsIggy Pop - To belong lyrics

bird is sitting on the pavement Someone ... broke his wing Now that bird is going nowhere And he's ... suffering Now I understand the setup I see ... everything And the only way to go Is defy, is defy, is defy

Beth Hart - Tell her you belong to me lyrics

her you’re mine That you have been blind ... Tell her it’s over And you belong to ... me Tell me to come And like hell I will run Back into your arms Cause you belong

Cody Simpson - If you left him for me lyrics

he call you gorgeous sleepin' in the mornin' Cause I would, ... I would Does he make you ... laugh when he's textin' you in class girl Cause I would, I would Don't need no money

Jessica Simpson - I belong to me lyrics

belong to me... OH Yeah Oooooh It´s not that I dont wanna ... share my life with you baby It´s just that I´m the one I ... need to be true to baby And I won´t give up me to be part

Brandi Carlile - I belong to you lyrics

night I had the exact same dream as ... you I killed a bird to save your life and you gave ... me your shoes You said clip my wings and walk my miles ... And I said I would too Then I woke up but I wasn't gonna

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - You belong to me lyrics

got 2 have your love chique di check one two, so what ... wanna do the sweetness, uniqueness, a weekness you need ... this don't start to act fool, i'm not a tool you

The Kelly Family - You belong to me lyrics

you please if you want won't you take me in your arms if you care you ... me why haven't you taken me in your arms you belong to ... don't you know how rare this is you belong to me don't

Andre Rieu - I belong to me lyrics

belong to me Music by: Sylvester Levay/Book and ... Lyrics by: Micheal Kunze Suzan Erens as Sissi I will not give up my ... own self Just to be with you I will not be glad

Cobra Starship - You belong to me lyrics

Chorus:] And I know, even if your hope is gone You belong ... you belong to me, to me. I’m coming home and I know it ... won’t be long Before you belong, you belong to me. I’m building a castle On the beaches

Gotthard - Still i belong to you lyrics

almost a thousand years, since I started killing time ... Every day reminds me how I feel Couldn’t face the ending, so I left it undefined I ... was wrong, I was wrong Now there’s nothing I can do Cause still I belong to you Took a train to

Timbaland lyricsTimbaland - We belong to the music (feat. miley cyrus) lyrics

C'mon Y'all, C'mon Y'all, [Timbaland & Miley Cyrus]] ... Put Yo' hands out [Timbaland] Miley, Miley, Miley. ... .. I'm gonna put on my dancing

Gina G - I belong to you lyrics

I had wings I could fly Like a sweet song That makes ... you cry Like a river to the sea I hear you calling ... out to me No one else touches me With a whisper a

Lords Of Acid - You belong to me lyrics

belong to me Can't you see you're part ... of me We are one, you are mine Baby till the end of time ... Did you lie when you said That you never would forget

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