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Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - God is dead? lyrics

in mind Out of the gloom I rise up from my tomb into ... impending doom Now my body is my shrine The blood runs ... The voices echo in my head Is God alive or is God dead? Is

Clawfinger - God is dead lyrics

s no God for you to worship No master ... can turn you No words to justify Cause no currency is valid ... to follow No quotes to twist around There'll be no more

Rahowa - God is dead lyrics

mortuus est! finis vevit, finis prope est negrum pascha adest ... go to heaven, avoid the hellish screams. Cringe before the ... beg for peace, But your god ain't gonna hear you, your

Sign Of Decay - God is dead lyrics

of bed / they don´t know – god is dead drop your weapons ... stop your force and give up / if you do not – head shot ... terrorists high checking planes /

Mystic Circle - God is dead satan arise lyrics

The flames get right The dead will walk The storms arise ... This will be the end The signs of ... the last days This will be the time When day ... Send from hell will kill God is dead Satan arise God is dead Satan arise The serpent's

Richie Sambora - If god was a woman lyrics

could she make you sin If God was a woman and you were ... her man If God was a woman would you be ... impressed if she showed up in high heels ... or savor her wine If God was a woman she´d come like

The Rabble - This world is dead ft mark unseen lyrics

WORLD IS DEAD There's a dark moon rising ... you see the horror as you realise we've got nowhere left to ... run WO OH WO OH THIS WORLD IS DEAD Violence and

Desdemona - Your scene is dead (ft. etienne sin) lyrics

Etienne] Your scene is dead Blood stained red Your ... scene is dead Blood stained red Your ... scene is dead Blood stained red Come ... get me out of this place I just can't stand the

Etienne Sin - Your scene is dead (ft. desdemona) lyrics

scene is dead Blood stained red Your ... scene is dead Blood stained red Your ... scene is dead Blood stained red Come ... get me out of this place I just can't stand the

Ill Niño - God is for the dead lyrics

to be like me, like me. God is only for the dead. God is ... only in my head. Is there anyone who cares to ... answer our prayers? God is only for the damned. God is

Nightstalker - Baby, god is dead lyrics

God is dead He had an overdose He went ... He’s never been before Evil is back again The planet is ... getting hot No one is safe my friend Cause now ... you’ll see him roam Baby, God is dead He went straight to

Ragnarok - God is wasted lyrics

the skeleton of God's child Let the rest of him ... disappear in open air as smoke ... from the stake His soul turn to nothing and his ... that reminds me of him earth is malignant once again This is

Pink lyricsPink - God is a dj lyrics

Like the blue in the sky If God is a DJ Life is a dance ... floor Love is the rhythm You are the music ... If God is a DJ Life is a dance floor You get what

Nightcore - God is in the rain (suicide commando) (nightc.. lyrics

s written Words of lies God has given (Us a) world of ... (The) blind, crippled, and diseased Death is coming over me ... God is real Believe me God is real Release me God is

Goldstreet Worship - God is alive lyrics

Verse 1] Are asking if God is alive His very breath of life ... And we cannot deny he is Alive [Chorus 1] God is ... alive I know by faith God is alive I know by faith God is

Lil Romeo - Richie rich lyrics

and understand i got the gift to speak, and its a blessin', ... so listen to the lesson i preach, i ... paid, every time my record is played, to put it short...i

Alex G - If i die young ft. nathan worthey lyrics

under my colors oh and Life ain't always what you think ... her baby The sharp knife of a short life well I've ... had just enough time If I die young bury me in satin

Travis Barker - If you want to ft pharrell and lupe fiasco lyrics

But it's no Ruth's Chris, if I lose, so I choose To keep ... Pirus How he the guy who rise to high school Schooled ... students Till it's time to rise up, ride for our views

Far East Movement - If i die tomorow ft. bill kaulitz lyrics

had the night of our lives If tomorrow never comes Then ... tonight we lose control If I die tomorr-o-ow That-that ... had the night of our lives If tomorrow never comes Then

Semargl - God is not love lyrics

around god is painted with blood All ... around faith is saturated with hate I’m ... to deny All dogmas of parasitism Religion is war Religion ... is pain Religion is whore for the impotents F***

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - God damn i am lyrics

is dead i beat him in the head call ... tears on a butchers block god loves me well god can blow ... believe thats why i said god damn god damn i am god damn

Reba Mcentire - If you see him / if you see her (ft. brooks &.. lyrics

you see him Tell him I wish him well How am I doing? ... Well, sometimes is hard to tell I still miss ... But please dont say a word If you see him If you see him

K'naan - If rap gets jealous (ft. kirk hammett) lyrics

they will pull your card Mister you ain’t hard mister I ... don’t apply ‘cuz I made it this far, stage dive like a ghetto ... rockstar And if rap gets jealous cause I rock

Ns Yoon-g - If you love me (ft. jay park) lyrics

cause I really need to know Is it for real and how deep does ... neol kkwak anajulge If you love me if you want me ... deo sege nal anajwoyo If you love me if you want me

Lecrae - God is enough lyrics

King who on the throne Who left his heavenly home Never did ... a thing wrong They crucified him on A tree, there he ... how it set the stage For his resurrection from the grave

God Dethroned - God dethroned lyrics

harass my life Drowning all christian rats ... Chaos opressing religion God finally lost his throne ... (lead - Henri) Fall of christ, their grip fainting away Disbelievers escape their tiranny

Santa Hates You - God is hiding under my bed lyrics

surprise! The world's the darkest ... place God killed all lullabies For the ... that's human race Surprise, surprise! All falls apart ... the last layer You're gonna miss your last sunrise God is

Jesus Culture - God is coming lyrics

this moment here I am All I have is in Your hands You stole my ... for You Your fire of love is breaking through The old is ... so I will wait for You Our God is coming We can hear the

Living Sacrifice - God is my home lyrics

– Left for dead Kept outside, ostracized ... Cut me off, thrown aside Is this why I was born? Is this what I come from? This world ... has been lost long ago God is my home Estranged, bastard

Martin Smith - God is coming lyrics

1: In this Moment here I am All I have is in Your Hands You stole my ... Verse 2: Your fire of love is breaking through The old is ... You Pre-Chorus: For my God is coming You can hear the

D.r.i. - God is broke lyrics

the holy word A paycheck for god's goal His iron-handed, ... spiritual rule Is that what you fear most? God ... face A scamming holy ghost! God is broke, The well ran dry

Helloween lyricsHelloween - If god loves rock 'n' roll lyrics

Music: Deris, lyrics: Deris] Ticking, ticking, ticking ... say it's bad Others say that god's a little mad Secretly he'd ... wear the black, you know If god loves rock 'n' roll I'd

Meat Loaf - If god could talk lyrics

tell you to come back to me? If God could talk Would He tell ... mess you made of me Walk on, if you think it's gonna make you ... s been tearin' you apart? If God could talk Would He part

U2 lyricsU2 - If god will send his angels (big yam mix) lyrics

of country songs Hey if God will send his angels And if ... God will send a sign And if God will send his angels Will ... everything be alright God has got his phone off the

U2 lyricsU2 - If god will send his angels lyrics

the stuff of country songs If God will send his angels And ... if God will send a sign And if God will send his angels ... everything be alright God’s got his phone off the hook,

Five For Fighting - If god made you lyrics

belong Something inside me is breaking Something inside ... s somewhere better than this Sunset's sailing on April ... say what I might believe But if God made you he's in love

George Jones - If god met you lyrics

bring me a beer Well, you wish I'd let you get a job, well, ... you just keep right on a-wishin' You know a womans place is in the bedroom or the kitchen

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - God is love lyrics

your trials and tribulations God is love He'll get you ... through all situations God is love And if your are ready ... He always is ready for you God loves everyone That's why He

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - God was never on your side lyrics

old words cease to rhyme. If the skies, turn into stone, ... matter not at all, For there is no heaven in the sky, Hell ... shine, Let the pious vanish for all times, God's face is, hidden, all unseen, You can

Nick Cave - God is in the house lyrics

We've lit our town so there is no Place for crime to hide ... Our little church is painted white And in the ... as a mouse For the word is out God is in the house God

Anointed - God is all around lyrics

s evidence everywhere Of His love, sweet love Chorus God is all around us Even when we ... all alone I can hear Him whispering my name Telling me that ... Im His own God is all around us Even when we

Barclay James Harvest - If love is king lyrics

looking for a way home a rich man taking fright looking ... looking for a safe bet if love is king, who wears the ... crown if music be the food of love ... shooting for a high break prisoner of the real king just

Newsboys - God is not a secret lyrics

don't understand This is not what you think it is You ... research shows: Drop the God, emphasize the beat I've ... I will not play those games God is not a secret to be kept God is not a secret to be kept

Beth Hart - If god only knew lyrics

dressed up got nowhere to go If God only knew how I loved ... that street Don't ignore me if I speak 'Cause I knew you

India Arie - God is real lyrics

radio today, Must confess I disagreed with what he had to say ... How can he not believe that God is real, I don't understand ... air water and fire. So many different flowers, sunshine and

James - God only knows lyrics

I am cynical, but I say man is flawed He has a vague memory ... but talks of walking tall If god is in his image, the ... almighty must be small God only knows Swaggart has

Rachael Lampa - God is with us lyrics

well from Herod's anger Is our Father's Son, and the son ... of man Love is raining down on the world ... s a presence here I can tell God is in us, God is for us, God is with us, Emmanuel He's the

Maybach Music Group - God is great lyrics

now just watch me tell my vision on your television On MTV ... I got some goals to hit Finished the album then I'm working ... these niggas say they knots is thick My Goyard got one card

The Frogs - God is gay lyrics

God as my judge God is gay As God as my judge ... something strange about Lucifer Something wrong with his ... Jesus He didn't follow Lucifer's commands Lucifer said,

Motionless In White - If it's dead, we'll kill it lyrics

like spiders Injecting poison Now kill the bile ... spewing The walking selfish living dead I turn to rust ... And when your self is all you have left With what

Richard Smallwood - God is your source lyrics

your not forsaken. (Girl#1)If I'm the righteous, why am I ... (Girl #2) Have you forgotten, if there's a mountain, a little ... you talking (Girl #2)Well listen up again, cuz your not

Kj-52 - God is in control lyrics

information to find out what is the truth) (the data don't ... information to find out what is the truth) (we need more ... information to find out what is the truth) You did the math

Slipknot - If rain is what you want lyrics

it? Can we really die? If rain is what you want All ... you have to do is close your eyes Just close ... resurrection Start to crawl Is there any chance in Hell?

Blue System - If there is a god in heaven lyrics

Oh, in a fools man paradise Keep this moment forever ... love will turn to lies If there is a God in heaven He ... me the way to your heart If there is a new generation He

Every Time I Die - If there is room to move, things move lyrics

inside two animals one's dead one's alive all we think we ... know is always wrong the heavens ... the uncertain everything's dead until its alive man will exist and then he will die just

Hypocrisy - God is a lie lyrics

you think you're a god! You're nothing but a piece ... of shit, and if I get my hands on you, you ... die! Oh the church of God preaching all the shit I

Don Moen - God is good all the time lyrics

God is good all the time He put a ... song of praise in this heart of mine God is good all ... Through the darkest night, His light will shine God is good, ... God is good all the time If you're walking through the

Jonny Diaz - God is watching lyrics

so overwhelmed Her husband left a month before She holds a ... boy And wonders can she do this by herself? But even in the ... it might still be to believe God is there God is watching

Emmure - If god only knew lyrics

who I'll want One of who I wish you would be My hands ... Never wanted it to be this way... And now I've seen the

Gungor - God is not a white man lyrics

is not a man God is not a white man God is not a ... man sitting on a cloud God cannot be bought God will ... not be boxed in God will not be owned by religion

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