I Wish I Could Fly Away I Wish I Could Fly Away From The All lyrics

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Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Wish i could say no to you lyrics

should have known from the start you would cause me the ... grief Cause it tears me apart each time ... back you say you'll be true I know that I should I wish I could say no to you Say no to you

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - From the edge of the deep green sea lyrics

time we do this i fall for her wave after wave ... after wave it's all for her i know this can't be wrong i ... say (and i'll lie to keep her happy) as long

Electric Light Orchestra - From the end of the world lyrics

You were no better before I sent a letter before I sent ... a dream to you last night From the end of the world Oh, ... you you keep me hangin 'round and 'round And

Rhapsody Of Fire - Fly to crystal skies lyrics

death we will live again And feel magic flames This night will fade, the sun will rise again Remember ... tomorrow my friend Fly to crystal skies See the

Adept - From the depths of hell lyrics

before my face the colors of the world fades away. We are ... walking around like ghosts and I am overwhelmed ... by the feeling of hopelessness. A ... desperation settles in. And all I want is for you to be proud

Abney Park - Away from the things of man lyrics

past the pavement Out past the cobblestones Out past the ... factories Where we can be all alone I see the trees, and I see the waterfalls and I see ... the riverbanks And I want to see it all Away, away away Away from the things of

2 Pistols - From the bottom lyrics

Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup I came from the bottom of the ... bottom, I ain't never goin' back Got my head to the sky ... and the city on my back Grindin', you know where you can find me dead President's homie

Euphoreon - From the netherworld lyrics

for more we deny our inner greed A lifetime ... condemned to slavery Starving salvation, treachery My ... thoughts are clouded on the path to Insanity drives us

Dark Miror - From the ashes lyrics

are the shadows from the past been awaken We are the ... ones been left behind Hold my hand and I will ... show you around these lands Now it’s time to ... stand head up high! All for one and one for all we

Merary Naraideth - From the bottom of my broken heart lyrics

look back," we said How was I to know I'd miss ... you so? Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind Where do I go? And you ... didn't hear all my joy through my tears All

Devildriver - The mountain lyrics

coming in me Bad weather just makes me breathe ... Watch as the sky turns grey Life ebbs and ... flows away Wait, before I go I'll make them all eat ... crow Play the hand life deals Everything my way,

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - From the bottom of my broken heart lyrics

look back, we said How was I to know I'd miss you so? ... Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind Where do I go? ... And you didn't hear all my joy through my tears All

Shinedown - Fly from the inside lyrics

s the weight of the world on my shoulders Here's ... the weight of the world on my shoulders On my ... shoulders All alone I pierce the chain And on and on the sting remains And dieing eyes

Dark Lunacy - From the don to the sea lyrics

me, I want your heart, I want to redeem you The smell ... of death from Mafia's sweat Has drenched your ... empty dance Feel me, I feel your pulse The spark’s

O-town - From the damage lyrics

time I'm done with always screwing up I'm sick of one direction down I'm ... a broken picture frame {My whole world ... twisted inside out} Screaming Are voices like a hurricane {Telling me to wake up

Beto Vazquez Infinity - From the silence lyrics

things remain untouched hidden behind imaginary scenarios even if I try, I won't ... make it. Why? silence and the void two proud warriors are ... mysteries, and fragments of lived life Like mysteries the

Burning Point - From the beginning of it all lyrics

searching for the one who could heal the wounds ...but no ... .. Nowhere to turn always on the run it`s a game i could only ... lose I thought of the better days, but you shot me

Lynch - From the end lyrics

mou owari ga kuru tsukisasaru egao mo kieta asu o ... nageki ima doko he mukau no ka mo ... wakaranai mama aruki tsudzuke naki tsudzuke nanimo ... kawaranai kedo kare ochiru ano hi no aka yakitsukusu

Breakdown Of Sanity - From the depths lyrics

you I know that you hear me, I know that you feel me, no ... chance to set you free I know that you fear me and ... that you can't see me I know all your diary stories

The Hellacopters - The devil stole the beat from the lord lyrics

you concerned by some unconcious mistake A bit blacker magic for that soulselling sake Kinda caught you cold - a wicked ... twist on your fate Could call it crucifixion or subdue to

Minecraft - "from the ground up" - original minecraft son.. lyrics

it rained Watched everything wash away It took some time to dry Before I could ... feel okay I used all my tools Foundation of clay ... You kept digging this hole But climbing's not my

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - From the ritz to the rubble lyrics

night these two bouncers And one of em ... s alright The other one's the scary one His way or no way, ... totalitarian He's got no time for you Looking or breathing How he dosen’t want you to

Gamma Ray - From the ashes lyrics

the time is here again I'm calling you my friends From the ... ashes we must rise And it's been for much too long ... Now that everything went wrong Like the eagle

Late Nite Reading - From the start lyrics

had me From the start And I couldn't shake it I had to ... know Who you are If this is a chance I'll take it Swallow my pride Divide words inside Please don't hold back

Tracy Lawrence - From the inside out lyrics

was always there takin' care of me And I never ... took the time to look close enough to see ... That taking her for granted was taking it's toll I ran the race for

Arkaea - Away from the sun lyrics

ve fallen away from the sun, So far away from ... everyone. Why must we fight to all survive? Why must ... we cry to feel alive? I've fallen away from the world

Borealis - From the ashes lyrics

eyes are closed but I lie awake and alone My heart is ... my soul has abandoned me I battle through these days, ... through these days so grey, but I see no

3 Doors Down - Away from the sun lyrics

s down to this I've got to make this life make ... sense Can anyone tell what I've done I miss the life I miss the colours of the world ... Can anyone tell where I am 'Cause now again I've

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - From the ground lyrics

J-Dog) I can't see because I'm staring at a blank wall ... (blank wall) I can't breathe because my f***ing thoughts ... are choking me now I can't grieve for the souls that are so

Isole - From the dark lyrics

by dark and cold stone I am What is this place? What ... am I doing here? All is silent, all is so still I feel the stones coldness against my ... back Am I awake or is this a dream? I cannot tell, my

The Jam - Away from the numbers lyrics

are getting just too cozy for me And I ... see people as they see me Gonna break away and ... gain control You free your mind You free your soul I was the type who knocked at old men

Jack Johnson - From the clouds lyrics

you're such a pretty thing, I'll take you and I'll make you ... all mine. I will steal you from this patient world let it ... chase us, it could never take you back.

Nightcore - From the ground lyrics

J-Dog) I can't see because I'm staring at a blank wall ... (blank wall) I can't breathe because my f***ing thoughts ... are choking me now I can't grieve for the souls that are so

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - From the hills lyrics

Yeah, come on, man, aw shit It's that fly diabolical, ... on Let's go Ra, come on I got to tell 'em, man, I got ... 'em Based on a true story, y'all Yeah... prophets, nigga,

Wolf lyricsWolf - The sentinel lyrics

the earth lost it's light No more sun in the sky I ... began to see fear Even in the very bravest seamen's eyes A ... fresh water's sailors fear Of deliverance and

Dawes - From the right angle lyrics

have found me on the other side of a loser's winning streak ... Where my thoughts all wander further than they ... should Let me sing to you my solitude, let me

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - From the inside lyrics

t know who to trust no surprise (Everyone feels so far away from me) Heavy thoughts sift ... through dust and the lies (Trying not to break but I ... m so tired of this deceit Every time I try to make

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - From the inside (live at milton keynes) lyrics

know who to trust no surprise (Everyone feels so far away from me) Heavy thoughts sift ... through dust and the lies (Trying not to break but I’m so tired of this deceit)

Morian - Away from the sun lyrics

tide is low for painless satisfaction The little time we ... have is but for greed We hunger for ... the bittersweet attraction For stabbing in the heart is all we needAnd now when love

Paddy And The Rats - The ghost from the barrow lyrics

was daughter of chief He was known as a thief ... But they fell in love with eachother Secret tryst ... under cover of nights They made vows to another On one

Gioia Bruno - From the inside lyrics

want you I wanna feel you from the inside But I want you ... I wanna feel you from the inside I don´t need no one, to ... push me around I don´t need no one (oh yeah),

Buzzcocks - Totally from the heart lyrics

want more more than I can deliver I love you more than you could ever know now Made it plain from the start Totally from ... the heart I'm to you like the mountain to Mohammed But these roles could be juxtaposed it's up to you now Made it

Exploding Beauty - Away from the show lyrics

come in, with great expectation hope with in, of being new ... sensation give out all, the best that you holding for ... you hope that you´re folding change your life, says

Itchy Poopzkid - The flavor of the night lyrics

light of day, it blinds my eyes and casts a cloud ... right over me Shadows do not exist at night and colors can ... shone easily It used to be unknown but I ... made up my mind and here's the facts The day is yours, the

Egraine - From the fury of the norsemen, oh god, delive.. lyrics

morning they came over the fog, across the sea, vast ... and wide, from the land of whitest cliffs and crystal lakes. ... They're devils in disguise sailing our seas, burning

Niceland - From the park lyrics

you've filled up the holes It seems to be a good start ... You know well all the roles When to fall apart ... home How to catch a cab I could be your driver in the endless

All That Remains - From the outside lyrics

pass and replaced by memories What do you see How could this be, that I feel that I ... feel nothing For wheat's made you the ... that you see What do you think, when you look when you

Allister - From the ground up lyrics

built this up together on a shaky ground Before ... too long it started crumbling down So I got out before the whole thing hit the floor ... But you knew better I'd be back for more And when I finally did it was strange to

Dave Edmunds - The creature from the black lagoon lyrics

wanted was a lady, When at night he came up from the deep. ... He was feeling like any other lonely fella, Decided to ... take one while the city was asleep. The

Fall City Fall - From the dust, to the grave lyrics

never thought that it would ever come down to this ... Will you come and take this pain from me or have you ... come to set me free? And I was hoping you would be the

Ricky Nelson - From the word go lyrics

was a fool from the word go... ''Go on and go' ... ', I had to say ''Don't let the screen door hit you as you ... walk away, Go Ahead and make your ... brand new life. I won't lose any sleep without

Harry Styles lyricsHarry Styles - From the dining table lyrics

up alone in this hotel room Played with ... you? Fell back to sleep, I got drunk by noon I've never ... cool We haven't spoke since you went away Comfortable

Javier Colon - The chosen one lyrics

Yea I choose you baby Oh Oh Oh Oh I choose you baby Yea I can ... push that whip off a showcase floor Put tv ... screens in the headrest door Something a little more mature Preparing

Eskimo Joe - From the sea lyrics

m so spaced out today, Ohh I could of slept for days, It ... s like a radar and it calls to you, From the sea, from ... the sea, from the sea Ohh she's just so

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The ashes from the oath lyrics

night, we saw the rainbow in the sky Filled with hope, ready ... to cry Roaring thunder, and the moon was passing by Crack in ... the wall, light in the sky Early morning, and the

Chicago - One from the heart lyrics

m movin' too fast, the pace of things has got to ... change I never have time to think of words I want to ... say I look around me, I don't know who really knows

Dominus - From the cradle goes the bell lyrics

the dolls switching mourning To a corner of life, who ... are hiding One life is hiding as it cries As the other ... hails the dolls like human lives A shapeless god in a

Easy Rider - From the tribes lyrics

angels standing at the four corners of the earth ... Holding back the four winds To prevent any wind from ... blowing on the land Or on the sea or on any tree Another

Ferry Bryan - The name of the game lyrics

of control And as far I can see No religion can ... save me now Through i´m trying to believe How could I ... know Her madness´d cling From the time of her first caress

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - The tide pulls from the moon lyrics

like your Father in the face and blood Terrified and ... cold And whispers The coming of a cleansing flood For ... you You hide your Filthy hands from all of us Still unseen and tied What water

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