I Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes......cause All My Dream Can Wait For You....,its Amazing What Beauty Can Do lyrics

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Caught In The Act - Wipe the tears from your eyes lyrics

ever seen you like this before I know you must have loved ... him A little too much girl All the time he's on your mind ... Taking control You think he was your life line You

Jessica Simpson - I have loved you lyrics

that blue crystal sky The sun reflected in your eyes ... Kissed me unexpectedly A ... moment I just can't forget We filled the air with ... promises Took them up so tenderly But life

Psyclon Nine - The feeding lyrics

cross that feeds on your mind I've seen the lies that ... reflect in your eyes It's just a matter of time From holy scriptures unfurl twisted lines And when you die the cause will be from self infliction Your pointless life will only lead to crucifixion

Mercenary - The follower lyrics

the tears from your eyes Blood won't stain this ... house tonight Fire burns, the heat makes me sick again ... Hatred and flames, I fall so hard Follow me now Into the flame Follow your

James Morrison - All around the world lyrics

the road’s too hard to see It’s like we’ve got our eyes ... closed I don’t know where it leads I guess that we don’t ... want to know And we play these silly games I don’t wanna

Ozzy Osbourne - My little man lyrics

O.Osbourne - S.Vai) Don't you know I love you more ... Than life itself Don't you know that you're my pride And I would not have you ... Walking through this world Without me by your side Go to sleep my little

Juanita Bynum - I'm gonna move among you lyrics

m gonna save among you If you cast your cares on me I ... ll, I'll move I'm gonna move upon you I'm ... gonna rain down on you If you cast your cares on me I

Hanna Pakarinen - Tears in your eyes lyrics

this the sound of silence Is this where nothing is Is this the end of always Or the ... end of a moments bliss Still in the state you left me I ... couldn't dream of this Stuck here with nothing but

Dream Street - All my heart lyrics

at night, awake and alone I count the stars in the sky ... cloud that rolls by And I think of you, I whisper, I wish ... With everything that I am I'll do all that I can Cause

Nat King Cole - Brush those tears from your eyes lyrics

those tears from your eyes And try to realize ... That the ache in my heart is for you Brush those tears from ... your eyes And try to realize That from now on I'll

Crvvcks - I wait for you ft. tiffani juno lyrics

wait for you! Time it can't wait for no one I find it my own way You make it hard for ... me Could you make the mind of? Make it hard for me ... Make it mind of Make it hard for me Make it mind of

Eddie Money - The love in your eyes lyrics

ve reached the final count tonight I have tracked you down ... through the tears that I have cried Spent a long time ... waiting for you But that's alright now I

Dan Hartman - The love in your eyes lyrics

eyes, your eyes are The windows of the soul Don't you know ... And every time they look at me It's a pleasure what they show And do you wanna ... celebrate The light inside of me? Real emotion for

Hammock - You lost the starlight in your eyes lyrics

the nights we tried and tried, to find the starlight in your eyes. All the hours we cried and cried, you lost the ... starlight in your eyes

Brian Mcknight - I do lyrics

there was a you and me My life was like a real bad dream I ... wasn't trying to believe In us Now I can see the midnight sun Somehow we need this ... to become one And now it seems that I can't get

Jls - One call away lyrics

only one call away from you Im only one call away from you ... And when you dont know what to do Just pick up the phone ... You know This isn't goodbye, not even a break

Machine Head - Wipe the tears lyrics

me how it feels To feel like you're a failure ... When everything that's real Burns the flame in anger I've ... heard it all before I've felt some pain

Blindside - You must be bleeding under your eyelids lyrics

pain is a fog he inhale Puts down the phone, neck suddenly ... stale Just another night with a sad different song Heard ... from someone now she sings along Turn the car-key,

Heavatar - The look above lyrics

dyed rain is falling down You find yourself at night ... Lying awake at the bottom of a lake of tears ... You wipe the teardrops from your eyes You walked so far but

Paramore - Sunday bloody sunday (u2 cover) lyrics

can't believe the news today Oh, I can't close ... my eyes and make it go away How long, how long ... must we sing this song? How long, how long? ... Tonight, we can be as one tonight Broken bottles under children's feet And bodies

Communic - The distance lyrics

pieces of one kind we live our separated lives One ... hundred miles are not so far away In spite the map of our world A ... planet with so many good intensions The thunder disturbs the calm a tidal wave

Mest - 6. the past lyrics

it's hard to let go When the past is all that we know Instead of letting chances pass ... you by Break down the walls you hold to hide Let me wipe the tears from your eyes

Joe Budden - My heart will wait lyrics

whisper goodbye, I swear it's not for the last time. I ... know it's not easy. This could never be easy. Five ... thousand miles with traffic of you in my mind, There'll

Mirah - Life you love lyrics

my children you will rise You'll find the light before you die You will take the ... crystal stair Ascend the holy atmosphere You will ... speak the truth and you will survive You will shout out

Highlord - Moonlight romance lyrics

are times when I would like to fly The taste of my tears can't bring me there And there are times when I would like ... to die 'Cause the pain is haunting me.....tonight

David Coverdale - Don't you cry lyrics lyrics

you’re tired of holding on And you feel you can’t ... go on When it’s all too much to bear Call my ... name If the sun refused to shine And ... you’re all used up from trying When you can’t hold back the tears I’ll be there So don’t you cry

Kevin Littlefield - Wait for you lyrics

to the day that we met The first smile, the first date, the ... first kiss And back to the times I remember Back to the times that I miss All that we, ... ever meant to be Was two kids falling in love The dream

Sinister Realm - The tower is burning lyrics

the cauldron burning deep below It warns of things that were foretold A ... raven passes towards the light Its wings they carry ancient lives A sullen breath

Every Avenue - Think of you later empty room lyrics

might be my last chance, So maybe I ... should take it. I just hope your listening, To everything I’m ... saying. I miss the long drives, the car rides, The bad fights, the good times; The way

Danielle Peck - Somebody for you lyrics

always give yourself so freely And never ask for anything in return Yeah you ... make loving you so easy And make it so ... hard to know when you hurt For everyone around you There's

Eso - The empire of eyes lyrics

the skin lies a you that you don't know yet well cut away the excess unsightly cartilage ... this canvass just wont sit right we could change your mirrors over night saline

Joe Brooks - My heart will wait lyrics

whisper goodbye, I swear it's not for the last time. I ... know it's not easy. This could never be easy. Five ... thousand miles with traffic of you in my mind. There

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - Wait for you lyrics

never felt nothing in the world like this before Now I´m missing you I´m wishing ... you would come back through my door Why did you have to go? ... have let me know So now I´m all alone, Boy,you could have

Capital Sound - The land of thousand pleasures lyrics

begin to see through your eyes The pain and feeling, the tears deep inside Oh I know it's not easy But you just got ... to be stronger now Just wipe the tears in your eyes You will

Saint Vitus - The waste of time lyrics

the sweat from your eyes A new war has begun The rules are old as time For a ... game never won The tribes are rising The hourglass ... has begun All morals forgotten All the talking done

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Wait for you lyrics

get it while the getting is good you do what you do No ... hesitation ain't no time for playing games Go head and ... take all you can and grab with both hands Do it big or they won't even know your name

S Club 7 - Love ain't gonna wait for you lyrics

your heartbeat's taking over And there's nowhere ... you can go And the love that you discover Has finally taken hold When it ... feels like the beginning And the story will unfold There's a

Aaliyah - I care for you lyrics

Mmm yeah.. Oh yeah oh.. Hey my baby Why you lookin' so down ... Seems like you need a lovin' Baby you need a girl like ... me (Don't frown) Hey my baby Tell me why you cry

Mikaila - My dream is gone lyrics

at night when you're all alone I'll be there for you ... After dark when you're on your own I'll be your dream come ... true When I lay my head to sleep You're here with me I wanna do it all over

U2 lyricsU2 - Ultra violet (light my way) lyrics

I feel like I don't know Sometimes I feel like checking out. I wanna get it wrong Can't always be ... strong And love, it won't be long. Oh, sugar, ... don't you cry. Oh, child, wipe the tears from your eyes.

Artist Vs. Poet - Wait for you lyrics

you can find me locked up tight in my room tonight I'm ... reading warning signs, rewriting all my lines I won't be giving up, 'till you're giving in girl But you won't take my hand... So I'll be asking

Claude Kelly - I love the rain lyrics

ohyeah huh ooh ooh ohyeah your love is just like a sunshine ... it woke me up every mornin nothin but drama in that fights but it looks like a ... storm is coming and when a thunder rolls

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Raven (in your eyes) lyrics

day is like a new hell, every night my ... eyes swell Turn my pain into pleasure, kill my desire for you My dreams feel so real, ... they are more than just dreams I see the Raven in your

Nelly Furtado - Wait for you lyrics

know you're trying to get around me baby I ... know you've got me in your heart baby I know that you ... could love me If you only had a guarantee ... When I look at your face it's so empty I know I could fill you with love baby Your

Hadouken - Wait for you lyrics

) And I will wait for you And I will wait for you ... I don’t wanna be the boy who’s always on he’s own ... I don’t wanna wake you up so I’ll sit here to dawn I’m on my own……. Its all gone wrong

Sean Lennon - Would i be the one lyrics

I be the one to bring back the tears from your eyes now ... Would I be the one to bring back the tears Would I be ... the one to bring back Would I be the one to bring back the tears from your eyes Is it what

Gerry & The Pacemakers - I'll wait for you lyrics

ll wait for you through rain or shine I'll wait for you ... 'cause I know you're mine And though you're far away ... you know I'll always say I'll wait for you 'cause I know

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Wait for you lyrics

Verse 1: Chris Brown] If I asked to kiss ya Would you ... and walk away, oh baby See I must admit girl Cause all the crazy things that go through my head Woahhh Oh oh No

Jackson Browne - The light from your smile lyrics

the light from your smile Can be seen for a mile By ... travellers dark in their sorrow If you want me to ... stay Throw a smile my way And I'll stay by your side 'till tomorrow Woooah...

E-rotic - Tears in your blue eyes lyrics

don't tell me love is just a chain Don't say your feelings will drive you insane Please, don't tell me ... you don't care about me Baby believe me, your heart won't set

Haddaway - I'll wait for you lyrics

is the time at the end of the day When I need your smile ... and I long for your voice You're like a song in the ... air It's a tune I will always be singing I'm only

Yuya Matsushita - Wait for you lyrics

to onaji chikoku no oh densha ni yurarete ... kyou mo hitori kaeru no orenji no yuuyake ieji ni tsuku hitobito wo ... so over and over and over again mata anata wo omou anata

Vanessa Carlton - I'll wait for you lyrics

ll wait for you Till you come back Till you ... come back to me I'll wait for you and only you And love ... And when you pray I'll hear you And I'll be near

Leviathan ( Ger ) - Towards the storm lyrics

quot;under the blackened sky we travel forth ... beyond the oceans far lies your reward the fear has come for ... you to take you whole its a thin line you walk watch your step or you may fall"

Michael Bolton - The courage in your eyes (tribute to coretta .. lyrics

Nobody could have ever known The road that lay before you The ... lead you home How steep was the mountain How long was the fight In the face of something

Cher - I will wait for you lyrics

it takes forever I will wait for you For a thousand summers I will wait for you Till you ... re back beside me Till I'm holding you Till I hear ... you sigh Here in my arms Anywhere you wonder

Crown The Empire - The phoenix reborn lyrics

the revolution. Swallow your sin and bury your soul. This ... is your retribution. The end of all that you know. We ... come as we are. We are what you're not. We come as we

Gil Ofarim - You don't belong to me lyrics

me introduce myself, I'm a guy that travels far ... around me has a home and a big car. I never needed fancy ... things, until I get along, They are just material things,

Nathan Sykes - Wait for you lyrics

one, two, three, oh.. There's something that you should ... know about me That I don't fall in love with every girl I ... meet, no I'll do anything to make you mine Cause I don't want to see you with no other guy You're the kinda girl

Snakehips - All my friends (feat. tinashe & chance the ra.. lyrics

Verse 1: Tinashe] We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals Sure I get lonely, ... when I'm the only Only human in the heaving heat of the animals Bitter

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