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Planetshakers - Lift you high lyrics

the lost Who can heal all sickness Who can make me new ... No one else but Jesus There’s no other name ... There’s no other name We lift You high, higher than all

Elize Ryd - High above of me (feat simone simons & cateri.. lyrics

change the price you pay for the Ignorance won't ... leave me be on my own Still I am dreaming forevermore ... Seasons change, the snow is falling Covering the ruins

Daughtry - High above the ground lyrics

and I both, we come from different worlds I’m a small ... town kid and you’re an uptown girl We’ve both been hurt, we got a few scars But it ... don’t matter now, we’re staring at the stars When it

Cashless - High above you lyrics

know you´re telling lies about me But a lie never lives ... to get old They soon die alone and cold They all die alone And every time I turn my back on you You tell

Samael - High above lyrics

our souls fly high above Our bodies play their favorite ... games We climb, we climb towards the light Crawling ... on each other's skin Crawling on each other's skin We're

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - High above lyrics

the horizon there’s a starlight Shining down to the world ... They’re hiding faces in the daylight Movin’ on, like a bird No believing A ... dream or just a fantasy No returnin’

Hillsong Worship - High and lifted up lyrics

of heaven Come and seek Your face Worship You with all I ... have within me Humbled by Your grace Every heart Every ... nation Every tribe All creation Will bow before Your

Building 429 - Above it all lyrics

I'm waiting for the answer to the question in my soul Lord why did ... You lead me here? Because I, I take a look around and a ... desperate world surrounds me And I know I'm not of

Five Finger Death Punch - Lift me up lyrics

ain’t no mystery I’m all I have left I’m pushing back ... and running you over I’ve been thrown down,run around, Beaten till I hit the ground Telling you right now that

Nightcore - Lift me up (five finger death punch) (nightco.. lyrics

ain’t no mystery I’m all I have left I’m pushing back ... and running you over I’ve been thrown down,run around, Beaten till I hit the ground Telling you right now that

Geri Halliwell lyricsGeri Halliwell - Lift me up lyrics

the first light kiss the New World It's a ... wonder, baby like you and I All the colours of the rainbow Going somewhere, baby like you and I It's going to be

Zechariah Maxime - I will worship lyrics

1 The things you did on Calvary proved that you ... really love me (love me) Knowing that you died for me proved ... that you won't give up on me Though I'm not where I

Poets Of The Fall - Lift lyrics

when I just can't Bring myself to say it loud 'Fraid that what I'll say comes out ... somehow awry That is when it seems We move in circles ... day to day Twist the drama of the play to

Shannon Noll - Lift lyrics

know you're hurting Feels like you're learning 'Bout life the hard way And it ain't ... working Seems like forever That you've been ... falling It's time to move on You're life is

Pink Cream 69 - High as a mountain lyrics

to face the truth And change the way I live ... Thrown away my youth And all I had to give So ... now I choose my destiny The game of life has ... followed me I'll cast aside my misery And make the rules so I can see Cause I'm High as a mountain

Crowder - Lift your head weary sinner (chains) lyrics

your head weary sinner the river’s just ahead Down the ... path of forgiveness salvation’s waiting there You built ... a mighty fortress 10,000 burdens high Love is here to lift you up, here to lift you high If you’re lost and

Shadows Of Steel - Somewhere high above lyrics


Aaron Gillespie - I will worship you lyrics

I’m losing, when I’m broken When I’m sinking like a stone and it feels like I’m alone I will worship You ... When I’m so scared, life is unfair When I’m tired and lose

Meredith Andrews - Lift up your head lyrics

near To the One who meets us here Let us all fall down ... Before the God who welcomes us in Lift up your head And ... throw off every chain Lift up your eyes To the One who

The Decemberists - The gymnast, high above the ground lyrics

gymnast, high above the ground, Limbers up and falls timbers down. Ankles splayed ... and all tied. The gymnast long has arrived. Lazy, your long sister lays Waiting out this

Hillsong Kids - Worship you forever lyrics

are God, You are Life I will worship You forever. You knew me ... before I took my first breath, And You know the ... day that I will breathe my last. You're the

Seals & Crofts - High on a mountain lyrics

on a mountain, high on a hill. High on a mountain, way up ... on a hill. Well I want to walk, out in the sunshine. And watch it play, ... through the trees. And I'll look back on all the good

Rosetta - Lift (part 1) lyrics

lift Just melt be gone Be whole Lift copper eyes And be gone ... Descend Your silver tongue Be gone Inhale one more ... small breath Feel transferring air Blood begs for more

Jane Siberry - Above the treeline lyrics

went out with Wolf tonight, I had so many worries on my mind I was feeling lost, feeling confused, feeling afraid--I ... wanted to hide But when I got home after work Wolf would not let me stay inside So I put on my heavy coat and

Rebecca St. James - Above all things lyrics

cannot tell you all the reasons why Jesus in ... his wisdom took an interest in my life It must be endless ... the boundries of his grace For he is patient with us and worthy to be praised

Rush - High water lyrics

the waters rose in the darkness In the wake ... of the endless flood It flowed into our memory It ... flowed into our blood When something ... broke the surface Just to see the starry dome We

The High Kings - Will ye go lassie, go? lyrics

the summertime is coming And the trees are sweetly ... blooming And the wild mountain thyme Grows around the ... blooming heather Will ye go lassie, go? CHORUS

Icf Worship - Brighter lyrics

Verse1] With You my life will be brighter than noonday ... And darkness will become like morning All I need I find in You In You there’s hope ... all my regrets And sorrow will turn into laughter All I

New Life Worship - Jesus reigns lyrics

the oceans to city gates From the depths to ... the highest place There's a truth ... that will never fail We declare We declare In the battle or times of peace

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Call to worship lyrics

will worship the one who threw the stars ... to the night I will worship the one who tells the sun to ... shine I will worship You I will worship You My hands I lift to You My voice I lift to

Indiana Bible College - Worship him lyrics

Verse 1] 2x We worship, and we honor You We praise ... You In spirit and in truth We worship You We worship You 2x The ... truth shall make us free Free to praise the Almighty Our hearts are open to You To praise You in spirit and

Goldstreet Worship - Lamb of god (come holy spirit) lyrics

1 Lamb of God we bow before you As we pray and lift you high ... Holy Spirit we call your presence Fill our heart ... forevermore Chorus Heal all infirmities Heal all broken

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - We all fall down lyrics

your heart is breakin' When your faith has been ... shaken When the road you're takin' Takes you nowhere ... at all When it all, seems to all go wrong ... We all fall down... I will catch you, never let you go

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - This is me lyrics

I had the nerve to think that I had outgrown my teacher Or I ... was living too good to listen to the preacher You'd ... make it so that I would realize my disillusion Then I'd

All Saints - Heaven lyrics

me up, take me high, Take me higher than I've been before, I ... need time, time to find The road to my destiny ... Heaven help me On a cloud, cloud of happiness is where

Bloodhound Gang - Lift your head up high (and blow your brains .. lyrics

your head up high and blow your brains out Do you still ... go to raves? Do you think Christ saves? Do you spend your ... days in a Purple Haze? Do you contemplate what a Grape Nut is? Or could you live drinkin'

Byron Cage - Lift him up lyrics

what the problem may be, He's in control and He knows everything. I have the victory for He is my King, in Him I live, move ... and I have my being. repeat 2 Chorus: Let the

Christina Grimmie - Lift me up lyrics

the pain begins as the music fades and Im left here with ... with more than I can take if you lift me up just get me ... through this night i know ill rest tomorrow and ill be

Planet Funk - Lift up your eyes lyrics

heaven before me Angels passing around me Here i stand in ... awe of your beauty Captured by your holiness Lift up your eyes All of heaven's in worship Angels rejoice and

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Lift me up lyrics

the pain begins as the music fades and Im left here with ... with more than I can take if you lift me up just get me ... through this night i know Ill rest tomorrow and Ill be

Icf Worship - Broken castle lyrics

chasing my own plans And catching ... fragile dreams They crumble in my hands Like dust beneath ... my feet My walls I built them high But your grace is higher still And as you

Jakub Hübner - Lift me up- christina aguilera lyrics

the pain begins as the music fades and Im left here with ... with more than I can take if you lift me up just get me ... through this night i know Ill rest tomorrow and Ill be

Rebecca St. James - I will lift up my voice lyrics

will lift my voice to the King of Kings, As an offerings ... to Him, I will lift my heart to the King of Kings, As an offering to Him, ... Chorus Jesus, how I love You, I will worship You alone.

Hillsong Worship - The wonder of your love lyrics

inhabit the praises of Your people You delight in the ... glory of Your son In the love of the Father we will worship In the Kingdom of ... God we find our home The wonder of Your

Byron Cage - Worship the king lyrics

let us ascend to the high place, the holy mountain ... where God dwells. Let us enter in, to the Holy place, ... worship the King, worship the King. Chorus: Worship

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - High and mighty lyrics

is high and mighty He is high and mighty He is there and ... ever waiting Reaching out to you and me He is high ... and mighty Oh, mighty is His power Mighty is His love

Israel & New Breed - I will search lyrics

precious how lovely Are your thoughts oh Lord toward me ... How truly amazing Is the grace that You have ... shown Oh Majesty I live to see Your face I will ... search for You And I will find You I will find You with

Brandyn Burnette - Worship lyrics

a pleasant irony that you stumbled into me you have opened ... up my eyes caught me by surprise I don’t need to know ... where you came from I don’t need to know where you

The 69 Eyes - Crashing high lyrics

ve got everything you need Still ready to open up ... and bleed Reading all the magazines Reading ... all the books About the real diamond rings and dirty looks If you wanna fire

Disciple - Worship conspiracy lyrics

ride all around town get me to believe ... what they found they knock on my door saying Jesus is not the Lord ... pray to buddha every day put us to shame in every way muslim fasting forty days we

Conor Maynard - Lift off ft. pharrell lyrics

you remind me, of a daydream I can’t escape, I can beat the ... world, With you behind me, My wine would be sweet ... if you were my grape, And we’ll ... make the most beautiful love that’s ever made, (You

Elevation Worship - Lift us out lyrics

cry and You hear us Your hand lifts us out Your love ... never fails us We're desperate for You, ... Lord Desperate for You, Lord You call us out of ... the darkness You are the lifter of our hands We look to

Elevation Worship - I will look up lyrics

the worries of this world I will lay them at Your feet Surrender every anxious thought ... For perfect peace, Your perfect peace All the ... loved ones I hold dear All my hopes and

Flickerstick - Lift (with love we will survive) lyrics

up your head Focus on every detail Why does this illusion bring so much confusion When all I can dream of is you Lift up your head We ... re rising with every breath A liquid solution a chemical fusion When

Rebecca St. James - Above all lyrics

all powers, above all kings Above all nature and all created things Above all wisdom and all ... the ways of man You were here before the world ... began Above all kingdoms, above all thrones Above all

Divine Symphony - High ideals lyrics

dream has risen to Heaven, Christianity's ... by God, And the revival (reform) desired by all ... had begun, The monasteries came to senses And the will to fight was in them again,

Hillsong Worship - For who you are lyrics

here in Your presence Thinking of the good things You have ... done Waiting here, patiently Just to hear Your still small voice again Holy Righteous Faithful til the end

Aloe  Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Lift your spirit lyrics

on lift your spirit And toast a cheer To all ... the good times Throughout the years And just remember ... It ain't where you're from It's where you're at It ain't

James Blunt lyricsJames Blunt - High lyrics

dawn - lights up the shore for me. There is ... nothing else in the world, I'd rather wake up and see (with you). Beautiful dawn - I'm ... just chasing time again. Thought I would die a lonely man, in endless night. But now I'm high; running wild among all the

Meg&dia - Love is lyrics

feel like I'm shadowed by hazy stars above me. And they're all shining ... bright for me. I've seen days of chaos, winter ... rains that wouldn't leave. But I came clean cause I believed. I wanna find love

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