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I Will Take The Pages Of The Dream I lyrics

Browse for I Will Take The Pages Of The Dream I song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Will Take The Pages Of The Dream I lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Will Take The Pages Of The Dream I.

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Current 93 - The ballad of the pale christ lyrics

war, a blade draws blood but often tarnishes through blazing ... eyes i see new sunsets, sky now ... breaking different shades of red we pray for blades, ... ablazing locusts call for wars to

Beneath The Sky - The belle of the ball lyrics

all the promises I've made. I never learned to keep shit. It's not my fault you fell in ... love, With a thief and a liar. You've burned all of the pages. That brings back the

Dream Theater - The gift of music lyrics

in the distant future, Beyond the pages of our time. Cold blooded wicked tyrants, Threaten the ... freedom of mankind. Corruption, lust, and greed, define the new nobility Changing the

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - The power of the dream lyrics

within each heart There lies a magic spark That lights the fire of our imagination And ... since the dawn of man The strenght of just "I can! ... " Has brought together people of all nations There's nothing ordinary In the

Crystallion - The bravest of the brave lyrics

am the brave, the rider in the storm I am the rear of the ... elite Under the sign of freedom I was born Faith is ... my armour, pride my shield But I had a dream, our

Perpetual Fire - The end of a dream lyrics

used to cry for freedom And I used to cry for my love But ... words said are not eternal I've found my way to carry on ... Every day was all the same And every night was

Air Supply - The end of the line lyrics

will take some understanding I believe someone is sending, love to us and everyone ... Who cares to take a gamble sometimes Think of ... me I've given all I can, stretched an arm and

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The rest of the dream lyrics

were a tiny spark Caught in your parents' eyes When they made love in the dark You ... were the big surprise And the old man came through Gave his very best for you And your

Thomas Dolby - The valley of the minds eye lyrics

chere Josephine, My dearest Josephine, ... Que le monde a change depuis ma derniere lettre. How the ... world has changed since last I wrote. Ainsi ce soir je

Lost Innocence - The opening on the boundary lyrics

and insanity together ride Good and evil spirits are ... at your side Many hidden parts of the human mind ... Are places where the light of reason dies Beings of not

Minnie Riperton - The edge of a dream lyrics

ripples run into the sun And your smile blends ... with the clouds that flutter by me ... As I sit on the edge of a dream What do I see? What do I ... see? I see the children playing in the sun

Iced Earth - The number of the beast lyrics

lived alone my mind was blank I needed time to ... get the memories from my mind What did I see can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just

Dead Silence Hides My Cries - The pursuit of the dream lyrics

coming true despite everything Focus your mind on your ... craving Dispel all your doubts and fears ... Believe in yourself The goal will be achieved Your

Elysium - The feast of the dying sun lyrics

lamps! Do you feel the fear from them? Hellish ... lamps With the needles, trick or treat. You celebrate ... This feast in a toxic dream. They shed their tears for

Manowar - The master of the wind lyrics

The Silence Of The Darkness, When All Are Fast ... Asleep, I Live Inside A Dream, Calling To Your Spirit. As ... A Sail Calls The Wind, Hear The Angels Sing Far Beyond The

Rhapsody Of Fire - The magic of the wizard's dream feat. christo.. lyrics

Iras): In those silent shades of grey I will find a place to escape the ... endless night to find a new sun I know which is my fate bond to Erian's old

Agnes - The top of the world lyrics

If you were mine, boy...) (wailing) You get my heart beat ... beating like a drum I'm going crazy baby insane What ... would it take for me to be your number one

Cadaveria - The days of the after and behind lyrics

was walking in the dust Through the half-closed ... spaces Incrustations of mud and dew Resins dripped in the stone. I discerned a ... man, alone, Frightened eyes, red of pain. I was walking in the pale wintry sun Through the

Dark Miror - The eye of the storm lyrics

cannot explain What I feel inside Cold blood in my veins ... Makes me realize This is not a dream Is reality ... Look me in the eyes I am not afraid Chorus :

Nanowar Of Steel - The number of the bitch lyrics

me, oh mum and dad For the telecom sent the bill with ... wrath, But i believed that the call was short Let him who ... hasn't a girlfriend Go and call the number of

Phil Ochs - The ballad of the carpenter lyrics

was a working man And a hero you will ... hear Born in the town of Bethlehem At the turning of the year At the turning of the ... year When Jesus was a little lad Streets rang with his name For he argued with the

Ana Criado - The quest of a dream (feat. dark matters) lyrics

in the sand My head is just above the water Why am ... I still under your spell Melt like a day Drifting to twilight ... I fear the shadows fall Since you walked away, each day is dark Play with my hunger

Iu - The age of the cathedrals lyrics

is a tale that takes its place. In Paris fair, this ... year of grace. Fourteen hundred eighty two. A tale of lust and ... love so true. We are the artists of the time, we dream in

Anathema - The gathering of the clouds lyrics

the whole world Found I can't compare (But we're ... 'cause we're here) Searched the whole night long (And there ... s nothing to fear No, there's nothing to fear) (But

Michael Crawford - The music of the night lyrics

time, Sharpens, Heightens each sensation, ... Darkness, wakes and stirs imagination, Silently the ... senses, abandon their defenses, Helpless to resist, the notes I write, For I

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The number of the beast lyrics

to you oh earth and sea. for the devil sends the beast with ... wrath. becaouse he knows the time is short. Let him who ... hath understanding reckon the number of the beast. For it is a human number. it's number

Luna Sea - The end of the dream lyrics

no toki o ukeireta mama de... Kamigami no ... uta o kaki keshita mama de... Oh 〜 Eien ... nado nai toki no owari ni mukai Setsuna no uta utau sekai wa ... Aru ga mama no toki o kakenukete miyou ka ima

Scheepers - The pain of the accused lyrics

ve been trying all my life To please everyone, tease ... everyone. Never trought much of wrong pride I've helped ... loved everyone. But then I've made a big mistake and no

A Dream Of Poe - The loss of the lost lyrics

down I'm you. But sorrow's in ... Everything I knew. "Take the line Sever the wine ... Under a twisted fever mind To see the loss of mankind

Forgive Durden - The parable of the sower lyrics

ve woken again in an ocean of salt, Drenched from recurring Dreams of such horror. They haunt my evenings. Nightmares of a future so absurd ... This fanasty of events could never occur.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The end of the world lyrics

promised to love me to the end of the world And I built ... a world just for two; Now I'm alone at the end of the ... world What good am I without you? Gone are the

A Day In The Life - The death of a dream lyrics

break my heart... then again, you break everyone's heart ... (instrumental

Barren Earth - The curse of the red river lyrics

pathless ways you wither and hope has flown away Rise before my sight In the ... great eternity darkest obscurities no sun will ever shine ... again As the days of gold have passed never to

Hordak - The song of the distant waves lyrics

is the song of the distant waves A dream of life ... that never begins or ends A shore to be ... and a shore to be left This is the story of remembered ... days When I decided to sail away Where no one dares,

Sarah Brightman - The music of the night lyrics

sharpens, heightens each sensation ... Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses ... abandon their defences Slowly, gently, ... night unfurls its splendour Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender Turn

Cky - The other side of the end of the universe lyrics

white is wide What is on the other side Blackened sky ... You won't believe your own two eyes The highest tide Coming through the ... nebulai All alone 50 million miles below Begin the

Jackie Evancho - The music of the night lyrics

time sharpens, heightens each sensation ... Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses ... abandon their defenses Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendor

Anti-nowhere League - The end of the day lyrics

him up, constable! (Order in court – has the defendant ... anything to say?) I’m so bored with the way things are, there’s too much of ... this bloody dark. We bring death in a violent state, I

Cat Power - The fate of the human carbine lyrics

of money all the time, Doing it to annoy her, She's on his ... conscience day and night, So he acts like her ... employer. They all come and peep through a

7 Days - The weight of the world lyrics

cannot see what I can see So deep within a ... reflection of sin You will not be the one to see And ... be in a place in judgment of me The bringer of lies

Drakkar - The voice of the wind lyrics

wind: Tell me what do you feel ... Artan: Wind takes my body embracing me Receive me into his hands My ... heart shall arise, my spirit flies into real life I am taken by hand, my mind now

Jakub Hübner - The music of the night- the phantom of the op.. lyrics

time sharpens, heightens each sensation... ... Darkness stirs and wakes imagination... Silently the ... senses abandon their defenses... Slowly, ... gently night unfurls its splendour... Grasp it,

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

isle, a bright shining isle stands forever, alone in ... the sea Of rock and of sand and grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the last of all the land. A dweller

Andre Rieu - The music of the night lyrics

Phantom Of The Opera Night time sharpens, heightens ... each sensation Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses abandon their defenses Slowly, gently night unfolds its splendor

Il Divo - The music of the night lyrics

time sharpens, heightens each sensation ... Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses ... abandon their defences Helpless to resist ... the notes I write For I compose the music of the night Slowly, gently, night

Silent Knight - The strike of the sword lyrics

has come, winters arrived, into the realm of darkness ride ... Forged out of flame, a thousand swords, its ... calls Journey far to foreign lands, across the plains

Andrea Bocelli - The music of the night lyrics

time sharpens, heightens each sensation ... Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses ... abandon their defences Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour

Domine - The ride of the valkyries lyrics

Warfather on high, I am calling you from the battlefield ... And as I take my last breath I call for the mightiest of miracles For ... none but the brave, be he king or a slave With a pounding

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - The power of the heart lyrics

me we always sweat and we strain you look for sun and I look ... for rain we're different people, we're not the ... same the power of the sun I looked for treetops, you

Galneryus - The garden of the goddess lyrics

agony of human race, never leave like ... a shadow The end of life, now we can feel the time ... Throw the stone to lake of tears Can you hear the sound ... of sadness Remember now, the pain we took on the road #

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The loneliness of the long distance runner lyrics

Tough of the track, With the wind, And the rain that's ... beating down on your back. Your ... heart's beating loud And goes on getting ... And goes on even more till the sound Is ringing in your

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The power of the heart lyrics

me we always sweat and we strain You look for sun and I look ... for rain We're different people, we're not the ... same The power of the sun I looked for treetops, you

Saviour Machine - The end of the age lyrics

the dawn of time Man has always sought ... peace But war has been the terror of his legacy The ... horror of his fate The final hours of history... For ... long as man Stands at war with his God He will be

Ancient - The battle of the ancient warriors lyrics

scene And she held me in her daunting hand Amazed by ... that macabre view, My heart begun to pulse ... Galvanized by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising

Dawes - Take me out of the city lyrics

me out of the city Where my shadow can roam ... Let me breathe in the morning Let my way be my home Take me out of the city True love ... I will not find Take me in new one's heart Take me out

Einherjer - The ballad of the swords lyrics

skalds to us sung That days of glory Soon should be When ... were swung "One-eyed father Give us the strength My ... brave kinsmen & I In Valhalla I Your mighty men will meet If in this battle I die

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The time of the oath lyrics

a circle of fire On a cold winter night I spoke out my ... desire Made a promis I couldn't hide, no! In a dream He came along and told me ... "Your time has come Your mind

I See Stars - The end of the world party lyrics

me the dawn of the dead Welcome to the end of ... the world party Your first move might be your last ... This is the night we all leave it behind ... Goodbye for the last time You can tell this is an

Lordi - The ghosts of the heceta head lyrics

under sea Their watery grave's giving in They seek relief A lighthouse to ... haunt from within Doesn't matter how long it'll take 'Cause they have ... found a new home They will shatter, wreak havoc and

Dan Hartman - The name of the game lyrics

name of the game Is's not about money, not about ... You are what you are That's the name of the game Hook your ... feelings up to a power station Let your feelings

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