I Will Rejoice I Will Rejoice I Will Rejoice For I Made My Choice To Rejoice In The Lords lyrics

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Beirut - My family's role in the world revolution lyrics

s go, let's go (laughs) Nick f***ed it up again My ... Family's Role in the World

Carola - My tribute (to god be the glory) lyrics

can I say thanks For the things you have done for me Things so undeserved Yet You ... gave to prove your love for me The voices of a million ... angels Could not express my gratitude All that I am and

Mccoo Marilyn - My tribute (to god be the glory) lyrics

can I say thanks For the things you have done for me Things so undeserved Yet You ... gave to prove your love for me The voices of a million ... angels Could not express my gratitude All that I am and

The Rasmus - In the shadows lyrics

sleep. No sleep until I'm done with finding the ... answer. Won't stop. Won't stop before I find the cure for ... this cancer. Sometimes I feel like going down, I'm

Relient K. - My cape is stuck in the phone booth lyrics

do I do That amounts to anything at all wake me if I fall... asleep My ... goals are what they should be but my mind will ... have to change and see things another way I'll be

Poets Of The Fall - Choice millionaire lyrics

in the night, cut through the mist Baby suns for eyes, diamonds on your wrist Twist in ... the scheme, a permeating theme A violin crescendo ... Dark violet skies over seas of lead Hard violent fights, red sun will set

Folkodia - In the realm of manannan lyrics

of the ocean and the seven seas, Grant my ship ... passage throught thy realm; For I am Tadg, son of Cian, On the path of vengeance for all my ... kin... The wind lashed our faces, The brine was in our eyes- Yet far

After Forever - My choice lyrics

it not the choosing that makes the life we live ... so intricate? Are the options we have too endless to ... control? Can we oversee the offers and their demands and their goals? Can we oversee our

Andrea Begley - In the bleak midwinter lyrics

the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, earth stood ... hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen, snow on ... snow, snow on snow, in the bleak midwinter, long ago.

Insomnium - In the groves of death lyrics

the evening of a grey day, a bleak day ... I strayed into the dim silence of the hallowed trees ... Where the fir-trees whisper of those been Those gone ... Where the sacred earth still hides All those we once

Anubis Gate - In the comfort of darkness lyrics

In the twilight gloaming
 I glimpsed your silhouette In the shroud of midnight 
I heard ... you call my name
 In the first cold light of dawn 

Manga Anders - In the open, in the crowd lyrics

another place to watch your final days in peace The rules ... free Just up above me If push comes to shove me There will be enough time ... up you’re late and maybe if you make it there The times you went before will be so

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the aeroplane over the sea lyrics

a beautiful face I have found in this place That is circling ... all 'round the sun What a beautiful dream ... that could flash on the screen In a blink of an eye

Run Dmc - In the house lyrics

Run] Back, back, back with the boom, so give a nigga room ... Came with the fame with my name came a tune The King of ... Rock, there is none higher God ?? with Madonna not

Kevin Rudolf - In the city lyrics

I'm a star in the city Walk the streets like a wanted man ... All the time got my shine lookin pretty Mother F**** ... *s all know who I am Everyday feel the heat in

The Misfits - In the doorway lyrics

In the doorway Shining so bright In the doorway ... I clench your hips For the flesh You tore my prose ... In the doorway Animal lie Like the doorway As you

First Aid Kit - In the morning lyrics

the morning On your journey here to the sea In the mountains Your ... shadows beside me You cross the pasture ... land And threw your wedding band Into the great deep

Dave Days - Get out of my head miley party in the usa pa.. lyrics

off the plane at LAX with a clean slate ahead No ... more cardboard girlfriends I hope that never happens again ... Maybe I'll run into the real Miley The thought of

Dire Straits - In the gallery lyrics

made a bareback rider proud and free upon a ... horse And a fine coalminer for the NCB that was A fallen ... angel and Jesus on the cross A skating ballerina

Erasure lyricsErasure - In the name of the heart lyrics

the name of the heart Just call me darling.. ... . Funny how it goes sometimes Pain, and lovers can't ... restrict it Funny how it rains in sunshine Will I see

Evertale - In the sign of the valiant warrior lyrics

upon a time, far beyond in a distant land So my story shall ... begin Darkness and chaos and an ... evil awakes From legends out of ... fairytales From days forgotten, days gone by Once forsaken, despaired and lost we

Nina Simone - In the dark lyrics

the dark It's just you and I Not a sound There's not one ... sigh Just the beat of my poor heart In the dark ... Now, in the dark, in the dark I get such a thrill

Ian Anderson - The jasmine corridor lyrics

all my lives, I never knew anyone like you before. Woke up one day, swore I ... heard the sound of heaven knocking on my door. And after all these ... years long passing, time to reflect, no time for wasting.

Black Veil Brides - In the end lyrics

the end, As you fade into the night (Whoa!) Who will tell the story of your life? In the ... end, As my soul's laid to rest, What is left of my ... body? Or am I just a shell? And I have

Downgrade - In the shadows lyrics

s me tonight Sometimes abusive feel And God will helps ... you out Sometimes you make it real And fallin' to the ... abandoned are No one likes you right now These grugs

Gregorian - In the morning lyrics

the morning when the moon is at it's rest, you will find ... me at the time I love the best watching rainbows play ... on sunlight; pools of water iced from cold nights, in the

Imperial Age - In the center of the earth lyrics

the pain of anguish and desire Touch the freezing flames ... of my black fire Watch your body shiver with convulsions and despair ... Now you know what I feel - only now it's fair!

Kelly Anne Kathleen (kathy) - In the morning (morning of my life) lyrics

the morning when the moon is on his face You will find ... me at the time I love the best Watching rainbows play ... on sunlights Pools of water ice from cold nights In the

Planetshakers - In the highest lyrics

Your outstretched arms I've found love unfailing ... Grace abounds to me Never let me go I'll ... trust in You forever You're my strength, my joy All of my

Burning Point - In the night lyrics

the world without you Better or worse, ... What will it be in the end? Sleepwalking in a ... daydream Waking up in a middle of a scream And the nightmare closes in Merging two

Gogol Bordello - In the meantime in pernambuco lyrics

when you have to take the hardest way That don't mean ... that your star is leading you astray Forget fashion ... symposium, yo, get panoramic All I gotta say, my friend,

Gotthard - In the name lyrics

The Desert, Through The Plaines Freedom Riders, In Anger They Came Under Cover O' ... Prophets And The Words Of The Saints Doin' All For The ... Justice Doin' All For The Gain Anytime, Anywhere The Fighting Goes On Anytime,

Ledisi - In the morning lyrics

Whisper:] I need you, I need you In the morning Will you be there in the morning ... To love me Love me Love me I ... don't know what it is about your love And what

Megadeth - Dance in the rain lyrics

to work a dead end 9 to 5 Trapped in a dingy ... corporate cubicle hell Then go to work in the darkness ... on the midnight shift Any chance you get, selling gas at the corner Shell

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - My best to you lyrics

here's to you May your dreams come ... true May old father time Never be unkind And ... through the years Save your smiles and ... your tears They're just souvenirs They'll

Mystic Prophecy - In the distance lyrics

thought a lot about you Longing with rage and greed ... Suspensing through the darkness The earth is on ... flames Lost in thoughts in time and space We kill the past

Nightcore - In the end (bvb) lyrics

the end As we fade into the night Who-o-aa Who will tell the story of your life? In the ... end As my soul's laid to rest What is left to my body ... Or am I just a shell And I have fought And with flesh

Harry Nilsson - For me and my gal lyrics

bells are ringin', for me an' my gal, The birds are singin' for me an' my gal, Everybody's ... been knowin', to a weddin' they're goin' An' for weeks they've been sewin' every Susie

Pellek - In the end (black veil brides cover) lyrics

the end, As you fade into the night (Whoa!) Who will tell the story of your life? In the ... end, As my soul's laid to rest, What is left of my ... body? Or am I just a shell? And I have

Gabry Ponte - In the town (feat. sergio sylvestre) lyrics

told you 'bout a town where the freaks come alive in the night hours Come face to face with the animals, come and taste ... a provocative life The filthy signs with the neon lights, there ain't no last call

Mary J Blige - In the meantime lyrics

the meantime, what do you do When there ... re alone How do you feel when the one you love Doesn't, doesn't ... Do you run, or do you try to heal The hurt inside But oh,

Eagles Of Death Metal - I like to move in the night lyrics

like to move, yes I move in the night You know I mellow down ... easy; yes it is a sight I like to stroll, yes I take my time & when them woman

Excelsis - In the highlands lyrics

the dales of Scotland I walked in the spring The ... colors and scents and I said that was good I wandered in ... the summer and I thought that was the best To the beeches of the highland I came in autumn These are the

Jason Gray - A way to see in the dark lyrics

I am Begging for certainty again But simple trust Is what you're asking me to give If I am saved You tell me ... it will not be by sight So when I pray I'll

Hands Like Houses - Starving to death in the belly of a whale lyrics

no injection for this, the aching in your lungs. So bite ... down, but even vipers mind the venom lacing their tongues. ... wounds and almost no colour in our skin. And we smashed

Combichrist - In the pit lyrics

m cleaning out today Now you can buy my soul ... Everything must go I'm closing down my life I'm making ... room for a brand new show It will consist of empty dreams High

Destiny - The devil in the dark lyrics

you avoid my eyes I seduce with my desguise Don't dare to look away I'm gonna make you ... stay There is no resitance left Come to collect my ... debts In the beginning at the age of five Your soul was

Dokken - In the middle lyrics

talk with you I think of her It always turns ... out the same I changed my mind Then I'm not sure Love ... s got me shackled in chains Win or lose We've lit

George Jones - In the shadow of a lie lyrics

lead a rich rewarding life, a wife, a home, a car But ... generally you can find me down in some dim lit bar ... I hold all the pleasures of the world, this fact I can't deny

Alison Krauss - In the palm of your hand lyrics

I could have the world and all it owns A ... thousand kingdoms, a thousand thrones If ... all the earth were mine to hold With wealth my only ... goal I'd spend my gold on selfish things Without the love that Your life

Living Sacrifice - In the shadow lyrics

the shadow Power no foe can withstand Angels lifting up as the Lord commands Under His wings shall be found refuge and fortress Not to fear the terror

Mystic Prophecy - In the darkness lyrics

spirit flys around me And I feel my breath will fly away ... Now the devils are beside me And feel the madness in ... me I can feel the strange inside Dreadful shadows in my mind Now my blood flows on the

The Perishers - In the blink of an eye lyrics

I tell you to leave it all behind Didn´t I tell you to let it slip your mind Didn´t I ... tell you to let it fade away Didn´t I tell you ... some day you´ll be ok Now I know love can turn to hate in

Rick Astley - In the name of love lyrics

I know that love could realign the phases of the moon Yet ... it comes and goes like a wave of a stranger And ... as we stumble for the truth we're caught in a web

Nick Cave - In the ghetto lyrics

the snow flies On a cold and grey Chicago ... morn A poor little baby child is born in the ghetto ... And his mama cries Cause there's one thing that she don't

Albert Jr. Hammond - Hard to live in the city lyrics

its hard to live, its hard to live in the city Yes its ... hard to live, so hard to live in the city I've been following you for blocks and I wish ... you would stop and tell me your name But I

Kaledon - In the eyes of the queen lyrics

know…Daeniel, "Elisabeth" is not…only a ... name She was a spirit free She faced the obscurity And she raised her energy ... You know…Daeniel, A woman in bride…with her destiny She

Get Far - In the ghetto lyrics

the snow flies on a cold and grey Chicago ... mornin', a poor little baby child is born in the ... ghetto. And his mama cries, 'cause if there's one thing that she don't need, it's

Alex G - In the mourning lyrics

escape like a runaway train Off the tracks and down again My heart’s beating like a ... steam boat tugging All your burdens On my ... shoulders In the mourning I’ll rise In the mourning I’ll let you die In the mourning All my worries Now there’s nothing but time that’s

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