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I Will Never Turn Back lyrics

Browse for I Will Never Turn Back song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Will Never Turn Back lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Will Never Turn Back.

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Crush 40 - Never turn back lyrics

yeah Whoa whoa whoa yeah It's been a long, rough road ... And I'm finally here I move an inch forward Feels like a year Everything I feel ... seems so unreal Is it true? Is it true? I take one step

Ben Moody - Never turn back lyrics

tight, take this last breath As the waters ... rush in (Is it all a sin?) Come inside child, my day ... Close my eyes to the sun I'll never turn back now Never

Hell In The Club - Never turn my back lyrics

t like it easy, and I'll never will I never saw myself ... there standing still A time for passion and a time for ... pain none of the things I do will be in vain Never, never will I change shape and leave

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Never gonna turn back again lyrics

To keep me warm on lonely nights I´ll leave it to you So ... stay an I´ll just fade away I always knew love had it´s own ... will This heart of mine always stood still Now I

Freedom Call - Turn back time lyrics

song of sadness, rhymes of pain The sounds of my tragedy ... out in the rain Out in the rain I made my way and left you ... alone I have denied you to be on my own To by

Prozak - Turn back lyrics

lives are all about chances and ... circumstances And hopes that it will advance us Maybe one ... we can have the answers What is life, what is death, and ... that? And why do the call life a gift if it gets taken back So contradictive our existence to be specific The

Dean Martin - Never turn your back on mother earth lyrics

she's on her best behaviour Don't be pretented by her ... favour Never turn your back on mother earth Towns are ... that looked so smooth to me Never turn your back on mother

Martin Gore - Never turn your back on mother earth lyrics

she is on Her best behaviour don’t be tempted by ... her favours never turn your back on Mother Earth Towns are ... that looked so smooth to me never turn your back on Mother

Smokie - Never turn your back on your friends lyrics

t it a little strange Though many ... really changed We've been friends for so very long I wanna ... share with them All the good times It may be hard to work out And

Mindmaze - Never look back lyrics

the road to nowhere and I'm headed nowhere fast ... Haunted by the nightmares and illusions from my ... past I looked into the mirror and I see a stranger's ... No arms out to catch me as I make my fall from grace I

Aqua - Turn back time lyrics

Back Time Give me time to reason, Give me time to ... think it through. Passing through the season, Where I cheated you. I will always ... to wear, But the bolt reminds me I was there. So give

Instalok - Turn back time ft. lunity (ariana grande - on.. lyrics

AP fighter I'll hit you with Timewinder And if you ever ... dodge it It’s return hits the hardest 3 stacks’ll ... slow ya The damage will destroy ya And if I feel in danger I’ll run and see ya

Damage - Turn back lyrics

Away All my life I've been far away Living ... thoughts and words that will never fray I was living althought I should change mu fate I'm ... cold, but inside I know I'm the same And the dreams

Dawn Of Oblivion - Turn back now lyrics

s dark outside, it's dark in my mind Where's the light I ... used to find Once I was riding on the clouds But now I'm ... miles from the sun I am miles from the sun I'm out

Roger Shah - Turn back time (feat. jane kumada) lyrics

you wonder baby, We can never stop a tear, A tear Do ... you hold me baby, Slowly I disappear, Appear Do you ... call me crazy, Now I can smell your fear, Your

Daya - Back to me lyrics

wasn't there Now you go calling me crazy because I don't ... care We'll never turn back time, now lovin' you is an ... thought Too late to press rewind when all I want to do, do is sob I've got to break you

Magica - Never like you lyrics

of my life I've felt so different I walked the simple ... way All I expect is that you keep your promise ... what you say We reach a little higher We search a world

Miss May I - Turn back the time lyrics

back the time. Let me try this again. Watch me crawl out of ... the hell I’m in. I’m not the man that I thought I’d be. My mind has not become ... my reality. Side swiped in all directions by everything

As It Is - Turn back to me lyrics

memories are still so bright but I keep the curtains ... drawn I've never been like this Or am I just, romanticizing ... a person that's gone I can only take so much before I spill my guts But I'm terrified of letting you see what I'm

Koke K - Turn back lyrics

Maverick Sabre:] I’ve been living this daily With no peace ... day dreams to save me Get high cause I want to survive Wish I could turn back the hands

Anthem - Turn back to the night lyrics

ima koso ugoki dasu toki hikisaku mono wa nani mo nai nosa ... atsui mono wa karada no oku de ... afureru toki wo neratte iru nosa yoru ni magirete hashire TURN BACK TO THE NIGHT

Toto lyricsToto - Turn back lyrics

the wind sang the words he could ... washed ashore on a tear Time wrote the lines on his face ... like a scroll Love is a loss to the man with no ... the darkness he hears Turn back There's no survivors You

Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn back the clock lyrics

day is ended And i still can't sleep Remembering my ... yesterdays I begin to weep If i could have it over Live my life again I ... wouldn't change a single day I wish that i

Alkoholizer - Never come back sober... lyrics

breaking, but still thirsty, please give us one more! ... We got no time to head toward, alcoholics ... to the core! You can't turn us away, you can't let the drinking stop! We wanna empty

Evanescence lyricsEvanescence - Never go back lyrics

is so dark And I know there's something wrong ... But I can't turn the light on In that split ... you knew we couldn't hold on I realized I lived to love you

Method Man - Never hold back feat. e-3 & saukrates lyrics

Method Man (Dooney Boy) {Pinky Phat Phat}] Cool, okay, I ... mma let ya'll take it on your own right now Why ... {What?} Tell me a joke (why did the chicken cross the road?)

Evanescence lyricsEvanescence - Never go back lyrics

is so dark And I know there's something wrong ... But I can't turn the light on In that split ... you knew we couldn't hold on I realized I lived to love you

Alive Like Me - Never looking back lyrics

never sleep this pressure hurts my head The ... thoughts of feeling like we’ll never win I close my ... eyes but I’m awake thinking Will we rise or will we sink

Crematory - Never look back lyrics

look back Never look back Never look back Never look back ... Der Dolch I'm Fleische steckt Die Schande hat ... den Zorn erweckt Liebe entfacht die Grausamkeit

Vybz Kartel - Never turn a raper lyrics

yuh see di gal dem, nuh hold down Low ... up Let har go No badda fi pum pum I coulda neva turn ... raper Too much fat p**** gal inna jamaica See mi turn a

Nostradameus - Never turning back lyrics

WAY!!! It made me become what I am It ... ll make me become what I want to be Experiences gained from the past The scars never heal but will help me see

Eden's Curse - Turn the page lyrics

is the hardest thing to say, sometimes It's not ... what you did But it's all about what you do Life's what you make it A ... chance there for the taking A belief to put your faith

Chase Coy - Turn back the time lyrics

to me? Oh no. Do you know I still carry the memories? Oh ... no. Did you know that for me letting ... no, no you don't. Do you still listen to our lullaby? Oh

Coma - Turn back the river lyrics

this your promised land? is this what you really want? is this your f***ing way? is ... this your life or not? do you belive in ... god? do you really belive in men? did you ever really

Hannah Fury - Never look back lyrics

can have the brightest star I'm a girl who wishes on scars ... love can fade Don't look back during the parade So I ... love like they do under the sea And I pull him much too close to me

Battlecross - Never coming back lyrics

me your weak excuse Of how I never cared to see The pain you ... were put through All you do is point the finger And ... through your blame What lies in the past Is never coming back It's the reality

Golden Resurrection - Never look back lyrics

look back... I've been caught by broken ... dreams many times Occupations of my mind Dark chapters ... of my history will drag me down Time to leave ... the past behind Once for all Break

Dag Nasty - Never go back lyrics

it gets so cloudy it's hard to see everything ... gets distorted it's all a dream all these smiling faces have lost their shine I guess I'm getting older

Kameleo - Turn back time lyrics

hitotsu Karabako ni tsumekomi Wasureteshimaou to Kakushitsudzuketekita Nijuugo ji sugi Kaisatsuguchi no mae Nakiyamanai kimi wo okuite kietanda… Itsumo kono michi

Omd - Never turn away lyrics

it for the next time Hands over my head Faintest sound of lightning Faintest sound I heard I’ll never, no, no I’ll never... All ... my feet Please they are watching now Placed around my feet

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Never turn away lyrics

it for the next time hands over my head faintest sound of lightning faintest sound I heard I'll never, no no I'll never All ... my feet please they are watching now placed around my feet

Butcher Babies - Never go back lyrics

For the love of it) Give it up (For the love of it) ... you say that we are even now I won't save you, like you want ... me too You won't break me, like I need you too And for the

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu - Never lyrics

you saturday night. You were in club i was right. You told ... me your so sorry. I think i heard that story. You lied ... to me every time. Don't worry i will be fine. I think i'm going crazy.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Never go back lyrics

runnin’ around in circles But you won’t find no ... better than this And after all your searchin’ You come back to the place ... that you missed But I’m closin’ up for the season I see you out there you’re

Scarlet White - Never looking back lyrics

ll never understand The love you gave ... me When you came into this land You came to save me ... You died To save my life I can finally see You opened

The Afters - Never going back to ok lyrics

not the end, but it feels like it is I´m waking up like I´m back from the dead. I´m ... stepping out and it feels so free, But as long ... as I´m moving it´s alright. I feel alive and it

Paragon - Back from hell lyrics

Feel the wind in my hair Return Free from despair Free my mind – Breathe again Feel the ... rain on my face Taste the blood ... – Beat the pain This is the end of the chase I

Lil' B - Never going back lyrics

m a say for this pink flame You know I'm keepin ... this shit got it for real I'm keepin this shit straight ... from the line I ain't lying about shit you feel me, yes

Iron Weasel - Never turning back lyrics

know that everybody makes mistakes But we just beat it ... and go We never know if that's our place But wanna ... every of us But we'll break it, we'll wake up If you're

Madball lyricsMadball - Never look back lyrics

know it's hard for me to see, The ... way things have come to be but I must ... leave it be. Can't keep looking back, I don't know how to ... act. I don't know where to start, I know I've been here before.

Grim Reaper - Never coming back lyrics

couldn't believe when you turned around to me And told me ... what you had done You tricked me, told me more of your ... lies You lead me on and I thought it was good All you

Hypnogaja - Never coming back lyrics

s something in your eye You think you're ... better Like you know more than I But ... re not that clever There is no compromise You can't ... argue forever No hiding in your lies It's now or never

Less Than Jake - Never going back to new jersey lyrics

was a time when I could say it right to you that I was never going to leave this place ... but now its ''I was wrong'' and ''I don't ... wanna f***ing talk about it'' cause it feels like things have changed Yeah well I

Aaliyah - Never comin´ back lyrics

Yall Doin Out There Tonight? Yes, I Love You Too. I ... Just Wanna Talk To The Ladies Tonight. For All You Ladies, That Done Had Your Heart ... Broken, I Done Had My Heart Broken To,

Fleetwood Mac - Never going back again lyrics

broke down and let me in Made me see where I've been ... Been down one time Been down two times I'm never going back again You don't ... know what it means to win Come down and see me again

Kevin Mchale - Never going back again lyrics

broke down and let me in Made me see where I've ... been Been down one time Been down two times I'm ... never going back again You don't know what it

Dumonde - Never look back lyrics

is the truth i never look back i cant explain what i feel ... i just know this is real dont you wanna seize ... the day i wanna go back to reality but i´m just too

Crash Test Dummies - Never comin' back lyrics

said that you were getting cigarettes Its been a week and ... you're not back yet Your ashtray sits, empty ... unused I sit waitin', empty, confused What

Edyta Bartosiewicz - Will you get back home again lyrics

know what you are And I know what you feel It's like ... a big scar The strain of the moment And you're ... lost like a child There's always been something Paralyzing me And

Morrissey - Will never marry lyrics

m writing this to say In a gentle way Thank you, but ... no I will live my life as I Will undoubtedly die, alone I'm ... writing this to say In a gentle way Thank you I will live my life as I, oh For

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