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Original Broadway Cast - Light my candle lyrics

What'd you forget? MIMI Got a light? ROGER I know you? --You're-- ... You're shivering MIMI It's nothing They turned off my ... heat And I'm just a little Weak on my feet Would you light

Rent - Light my candle lyrics

What'd you forget? MIMI Got a light? ROGER I ... know you, you're You're shivering MIMI It's nothing ... They turned off my heat And I'm just a little Weak on my

Smokie - Light a candle lyrics

s here again It's that time of year We're so far apart ... That it's breaking my heart Just to know you won't be ... here But I won't cry I didn't ask why So just light a candle for me On New Years

Jon Anderson - Candle song lyrics

can light a candle But not the way that you ... do Anyone can light a candle Just like a flower in ... the rain You are unique, the same Each step you take, each dream you realize Will open your heart, your life

Rent - Would you light my candle lyrics

I'm not going MIMI Got a light? ROGER I know you? ... You're -- you're shivering MIMI It's nothing ... They turned off my heat And I'm just a little Weak on

4him - Candle in the rain lyrics

come, steals the color from my sky Blue and white, fade to black and gray Clouds collide, and tears fill up my eyes Storm winds steal the words I want to pray But

Rachel Taylor - Light a fire lyrics

may say you're walking all by yourself, have no one ... out. Your life is deadly like a loaded gun And you're shaking, love Don't shiver, don ... t give up Don't quiver, you're enough You will

Florin Street Band, The - Light our way lyrics

will light our way. Love will never fade. However hard, ... The path we walk Love remains. When hopes and dreams ... seem far. Love’s a guiding star. When all seems lost And

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Light your windows lyrics

on girl, now don't be blue, dry ... those tears for me and you, Can't you see our love is true, ... you remember, To do just what you say you'll do, can't you ... see I live for you? And I need you to trust me too,

Chris Rea - Candles lyrics

for reasons still unknown Like ’bleak house fog’ seems ... everywhere The truth has frozen into stone And hope ... lies freezing in the midnight air Though dark our days may

Fun. - Light a roman candle with me lyrics

a roman candle with me Just a roman candle, you can wear ... your sandals and I'll pour you just one cup of ... tea. Then you can go and rest you haven't seen my

Pretty Boy Floyd - Candle in the dark lyrics

you lonely? Does the night begin to chill inside your ... soul? Is your heart an empty hole? Are you crying? ... Did you lose your faith in me when I let go? Well its

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Will my soul ever rest in peace? lyrics

ve been searching for an oasis In the desert for so long ... In my weakness trying To pretend I'm strong ... I've been holding on To things that I have left behind I've been scared and lonely I

Ivory Tower - Game of life lyrics

drifts away in sorrow Her mind will leave her soon Its hard to face tomorrow All that ... could remain is pain but Fate will light a candle for the ... one Who stands the game of life Under this blazing sun

Disneymania - Candle on the water by anneliese van der pol lyrics

ll be your candle on the water My love for you will always burn I know you're lost and drifting But the clouds are lifting Don't give up you ... ll have somewhere to turn I'll be your candle on the water 'Till ev'ry wave is warm and bright My soul is there

Major Lazer - Light it up (feat. nyla) lyrics

up like a soldier baby Yeah, I know you're built like that ... Gun it like a holster baby Show dem' seh' you wicked ... like that We live where the war is raging Chasing our crazy dreams Hoping

Beirut - A candle's fire lyrics

light a candle's fire, carries a good name What would you ... ask a camp fire, it's scares'd be just the same And ... you, you had it all along, and endless need for games

Asia - I will remember you lyrics

I’ll see you again These words are true Inside I carry a flame It burns ... for you Sometimes I reach for you But you’re not ... there The place you take me to I know not where

La Bouche - Candle in the wind '97 (gospel version) lyrics

England's rose, may you ever grow in our hearts ... You were the grace that placed itself, where lives were ... torn apart You called out to your country and

Karliene Reynolds - Candle by the window lyrics

on the shore line search the faces of the lost ... drowned by the moonlight I close my eyes, and I hear ... your voice Leave a candle by the window and I will

Boa (보아) - Candle lights lyrics

mo naku itoshisa wa furitsumoru mono da ne tell me why ... setsunai hodo kanjiteru kimi igai inai to tsuyogaru bakari ... my heart sunao ni missing you iezu furueteta mune

Sdp - Candle light döner lyrics

machen Candle Light Döner mit Bier aus der Dose Und ich ... denk' ich sitz im Ritz Ich mag die Nudeln mit Ketchup als Sauce Wenn du mir gegenüber sitzt Und auch der Sekt von Kaisers hat geschmeckt wie Champagner Wenn du dabei warst Wir

Harem Scarem - Candle lyrics

in your garden of Eden Fell in the hole of your sentiments ... Trying to find the ground too soon You came like the swarming of killer ... bees Stung in the eyes now I'll never see If you're the

Rough Silk - Candle in the rain lyrics

that you're gone i'm trying not to cry and I'm asking ... my walls why our love had to die wise people say time ... will heal every wound - someday well, I tried to be a

Almora - Candle in the night lyrics

way is flame with starlights Your soul is song in the ... silence For love that inside of you As calling of life. ... .. As calling of life... Your soul that inside

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Candle in the wind (elton john cover) lyrics

Norma Jean Though I never knew you at all You had the grace to hold yourself ... While those around you crawled They crawled out of the ... woodwork And they whispered into your brain They set you

Elton John lyricsElton John - Candle in the wind lyrics

England's rose May you ever grow in our hearts ... You were the grace that placed itself Where lives were ... torn apart You called out to our country And

Koda Kumi - Candle light lyrics

ni naru to honto Setsunasa ga gyutto Doushiyou mo nakute ... Ichiban chikaku ni ita hazu datta noni ne Mou inai ... Dare yori mo wakatte iru to Omotte ita noni ne

Natalie Grant - I will be lyrics

heart, one voice Living out love in this world of ... noise My dream and my joy Giving you all I have made a choice Desperately I'm waiting ... To answer your calling [Chorus:] I will be a candle in the darkness I will

The Moody Blues - Candle of life lyrics

you can't hide Says you're lonely Hidden deep inside Of you only It's there ... for you to see Take a look and be Burn slowly the candle ... of life Something there outside Says we're

Night Ranger - Restless kind lyrics

on your own It's a lonely ride Seeing the things Only ... seen thru your eyes Pick yourself up Gonna try it again Knowing that this time ... You're reaching the end A voice inside Made me feel that I can fly And you'll be

Major Lazer - Light it up (feat. nyla & fuse odg) [remix] lyrics

up like a solider baby Yeah, I know you built like that Gun ... it like holster baby Show dem say you wicked like that We live where the war ... is raging Chasing our crazy dreams Hoping that the bridge won’t cave in Tonight we

Kate Bush - December will be magic again lyrics

will be magic again Take a husky to the ice While Bing ... Crosby sings White Christmas He makes you feel nice ... December will be magic again Old Saint Nicholas up the

Dream Weaver - Light in the dark lyrics

Lonely Hours, tremble and fall Shadow Liar, there is no ... morning hope Velvet shader, cover the dawn ... power, forever to endure Filtered lighter, enter the dark

John Smith - Freezing winds of change lyrics

a time Oh there comes a time Friends will wander farther from a love of your design And they were mine Oh ... when they were mine I'd cross the wide ocean for to

Logar's Diary - Bearer of light lyrics

day, my friends. You ask for my name? They call me ... Celas You need my hand - the warrior's power! I ... ll lend you my strength Bearer of light - a candle when darkness falls Freedom shall rise - here is the helping force

Skinny Puppy - Candle lyrics

falls now undone looks beyond ... the credits sum livid fractures less of fate the whisper winds blow the seed of hate disturbed society dogs my ... turn with no values intend to raise ability tried and tested pointless view gods

Hey! Say! Jump - Candle lyrics

no sora Nijimu hikari o Kata sukume miagete iru Ano hi ni ... wa mou maki modose nai Kanashimi minai youni shite Machi ... juu ga kiramei teru Boku no omoi o sagashite

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Candle in the wind (ben's song) lyrics

wish I had more money than I have and I know that's not punk ... but I need to pay my rent. I can't survive without money. ... I can't survive without money. And I want to

Big Bang - Candle (together forever) lyrics

I feel so empty Since ... you left me Wanna see your face my girl Its like I dont even know to ... explain.. you see Im sayin? Kurushikute

Cindykate - Candle rain lyrics

ga kieru made mitsumete isasete uso demo ii kara ima wa ... suki to itte... itsumo kimi no ushiro hanarete aruiteita ... WAKEARI no kare no koto yurushite ageteta

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Candle no hi wo lyrics

wa amari ni yowasugite shigamitsukenai shiawase ni dakedo ... tsumetai kono machi o tebanasenaide sugoshiteru aa anata ga kureta kotoba wa uso ni ... naranai nanihitotsu nanihitotsu aa anata no koe mo karada mo wasurenai you ni kyandoru no hi o tomosu

Heart - Will you be there (in the morning) lyrics

m lying beside you, just thinking about us To tired to go to ... sleep, I'm too much in love I know I'm crazy, but I can't ... close my eyes I'm scared you won't be there, in the

Shawn Mcdonald - Light lyrics

I will be the lighthouse in your sea That's guiding you ... home And I will be the lamp unto your feet When you roam Just cling to Me And I ... ll set you free I will be the light When the

Skylark - Light lyrics

Act 1- The mission Oracle: A prophecy was made that ... someday the time will come in which darkness will take ... hold of the world. But it is also written that one man will stand out and proudly fight against evil, violence and hatred and

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - The sun will shine on you lyrics

days you feel like, a big confusion There's nothing ... real and your life is an illusion Some days you feel like, ... the situation Is stronger then your wild imagination Everybody needs a friend Being able, find a corn in the sand So open your mind and you'll feel The sun will

Next To Normal - Light lyrics

We need some light. First of all, we need some light ... You can't sit here in the dark. And all alone, it's a ... sorry sight. It's just you and me. We'll live, you'll see

Green Carnation - Light of day, day of darkness lyrics

vision, a call In times before my fall In life ... before I became I dreamed I was insane I saw the unseen I heard the unheard I rode the ... sky above the earth I felt the breeze of the world

Jael - Light your light lyrics

your eyes He's never gonna change He went through rough things in his life Just get out ... of his range I can't just sit here and watch How he hurts ... you again and again How can you still let him touch you

Black Tide - Light from above lyrics

the days grow darker And the foes are full of fear ... The light will show And the enemy will fall This is our downfall This is our ... crusade The days of struggle and agony must end This warfare we create We shall destroy

Bob Catley - Light up my way lyrics

try so hard to understand If I have done the best I can ... Shouldn't life treat me better than this I ... never hid within the crowd I always spoke my mind out loud

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Light the universe lyrics

a house up the hill Lays a boy, he's sleeping still And the time's creeping by Till the world prepares to die ... Then again out of dust Will arise what ended last And

Jimmy Needham - Light of day lyrics

s a road I'm walking on Full of promise and of ... woes And the fog has not yet gone, oh no But as it goes, I want you to know ... Wherever I go, I'll take your hand, baby Into the light of day 'Cause we'll never

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Light on (bonus track) lyrics

the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light on I'll ... leave the light on Leave the light, leave the light

Come The Dawn - Light of the world lyrics

this is where they left us With nothing but a pale and a pile of dust We have come too far To sit and watch them tear ... this world apart I think it’s time we start drawing a line We start making a change instead of wasting our time

Simple Minds - Stars will lead the way lyrics

the one who broke apart, I’m the one that’s free. I’m ... the one who fell apart, Yes I’m the one, that’s me. I’m ... the one who fell away, The one who didn’t care.

Eternal Reign - Gate to infinity + light the light lyrics

... + Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? ... What makes you stare as if spellbound? Such a sad sight, the fading glory Could ... this be the end of the story? oh

Metalium - Light of day lyrics

M&T: Michael Ehre] Time goes by Out of sight Will ... somebody hear my cry All I hear is my breathing And I ... feel that my heart's still beating But I wouldn't say that I'm alive Something is telling me that I can fight it Pray for the light Light of day

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Light up the night lyrics

will.i.am] Hey, ohh x3 Wait a ... minute Uno dos It's time to go Adios It's on and poppin' And we ain't ... stoppin' Let's light up the night Let's light

Jule Vera - Light the night lyrics

through the waves with the sea breeze in our hair Looking ... for a place that we can't find anywhere Let's make this ... moment, so big we can't hold it With hearts so wild it's scaring me Standing

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