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Rebecca St. James - I will lift up my voice lyrics

will lift my voice to the King of Kings, As an offerings ... to Him, I will lift my heart to the King of Kings, ... As an offering to Him, Chorus Jesus, how I

New Life Worship - I will stand lyrics

saved me from my destruction, You turned my feet from ... death, You lifted me with Your kindness, You filled ... me with Your breathe. How can I ... thank You? What can I bring? I will stand and worship You, For everything You are

Copeland - The day i lost my voice (the suitcase song) lyrics

sure as the floor 'neath my toes, And somehow not surprised That I was superimposed ... Somehow in this life And if my friends and my foes Would ... just drop me a line That'd be nice You see

Barry Gibb - My eternal love lyrics

gave you something for nothing my love This apparition of ... living your lie I had the power but you stole ... control my love I need you close to me I can't

Kutless - Taken by love lyrics

world will fade away as I lift my hands A king that’s ... worthy of praise is the Great I Am The joy You’ve given rings out as I lift my voice I’m captured by Your ways so I will worship You You’ve taken

Jeremy Camp - Hear my voice lyrics

are the only one that brings me peace You are the only ... one where hope is seen The mercy you've given ... is more than I deserve So I lay it down so I can heed

Jeremy Camp - In your presence lyrics

I stand here in your presence, Of your ... beauty I will always stand in awe, I reach my hands out ... to the heavens, yeah, And I lift my voice to you alone, To you

Hillsong Kids - I will sing lyrics

set me free You're all that I seek Your love completes my ... life You're the air that I breathe And the Saviour of ... the world He's the reason I'm livin' I will sing And I will lift my voice to the one

Hillsong United - I will sing lyrics

set me free You're all that I seek Your love completes my ... life You're the air that I breathe And the Savior of ... the world He's the reason I live And I will sing

Damh The Bard - Song of awen lyrics

me as the Sun on the mountaintop, Feel me in the power of ... the seas. Hear me in the laughter of the stream, ... power of the trees. It is you who are broken, You are

Elessär - My soul, my life lyrics

moon is witness of our nights I never imagine your ... eyes; Beautiful loneliness Thousands of tears the ... stars cried Making the most beautiful rose ... Echoes from your voice Are my heartbeats, listen to them

Hanson - Voice in the chorus lyrics

this time Ive been bearing it alone Never had a single ... doubt in my mind You passed me by When I ... was barely hanging on But you were there when ... I was doing just fine Caroline Gonna take your own advice Won't think twice Because

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Voice in the wilderness lyrics

s another woman Hey, it could be me, it could be ... Yeah, she got the energy to blind the sun And she make me ... glow She sparkle and I see the light I miss her

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - A voice in the dark lyrics

sense of denial Come witness my trial The crow has turned into a liar I'll live, I may die I've failed though I've tried But finally I fly It is

Dream Theater - Caught in a web lyrics

disguised I watch you Show me the hurt ... haunts you would you despise the thrill If all you hide ... were mine? I can't hold on any longer ... These feelings keep growing stronger Echoes that

4him - Voice in the wilderness lyrics

stand among the millions And I can't help but feel so small I am just a speck of dust A ... particle existing On this great big spinning ball The ... part of me that's human It tells me I am not that

Kenny Loggins - My father's house lyrics

my voice, in my smile, In the eyes of my eldest child, ... You appear every year in my life. In a dream, I have ... now, Standing still in my father's house, And I try

Ice Nine Kills - My life in two lyrics

I just holding onto memories, the perfect pieces of my ... past? I never thought I'd be the one to say that ... dreams don't always last I've screamed my heart out, given everything I split my life in two And I don't regret

Mermaid Melody - Voice in the dark + text lyrics

in the Dark! Yami no ~FORIA~ Shinju no kizuna ubae Voice in the Dark! Saa! Hajimaru ... utsukushiku karei na SHOU Voice in the Dark! Uta ni ... nosete Kodama suru yami no chikara! Heiwa nante

Saint Asonia - Voice in me lyrics

I go, I need to confess this I've been scared for so long ... and you have been to witness I know you're looking for some ... answers But I still lie awake at night wondering who

I Blame Coco - Voice in my head lyrics

light up Just before you leave, ... feel stuck Don't leave me this way You're a head rush And ... I'm bad luck So luckily for you this is your lucky ... day Coco goes to the dark side sometimes London's

Granian - My voice lyrics

Just let me walk away If you settle things down Let ... me go in peace I try to spread my love all ... around 'Cause your dirty secrets Have turned me into a dirty lie I know

Petra - Voice in the wind lyrics

3:8 Words & Music by Bob Hartman Wind may come wind may go Where it blows no ... one knows Chill the bone fan the fire Lead ... the soul to hearts desire There's a voice in the wind

Punk Goes... - Song 2 by plain white t's (blur cover) lyrics

got my head checked By a jumbo jet It wasn't easy ... But nothing is No Woo-hoo When I feel ... heavy-metal And I'm pins and I'm needles Well, I lie and I

Autopilot Off - Voice in the dark lyrics

there's a light leave it on If there's a way Some how thin ... airs taken your place Get ... over Nights coming on Its getting late I hear my ... heart starting to break And I'll wait

Death By Stereo - For all my friends (the unity song) lyrics

is for the niggers,the wet backs,the fags ... and the jews, The junkies,the crackers,the edge kids ... too, for all the nips that never give a shit, ... the redskins,the bitches who served up fists, WE

Eddy Arnold - Voice in the old village choir lyrics

hear a voice so sweet and low the voice in the old village choir It sings to me of long ago the voice in the old village choir ... In dreams I drift through the twilight haze

April Wine - Voice in your heart lyrics

in your eyes, is telling me goodbye I don't wanna ... see you walk away Cause I've been waiting here so long ... This feeling can't be wrong I don't ... wanna see you walk away Like a teardrop from the sky

Blood On The Dance Floor - My gift & my curse lyrics

Intro] Today I died, and I'm up in heaven Looking down ... Archangel number seven I was send to earth with a mission to complete My memories ... remain bitter sweet. Messenger with a

Madilyn Bailey - My immortal - ft. jake coco -original by evan.. lyrics

m so tired of being here Suppressed by all my ... childish fears And if you have to leave I wish ... 'Cause your presence still lingers here And it won't

Seo In Guk - My voice lyrics

(You and I, you and I) Ladada-dada (You and I, you ... and I) dore dake tsurakatta? ne ... sukoshidake miseta kimi no nakigao Oh mada `uso' no ... me o shi teru boku ni sae sore kurai wakaru yo

Charice - In this song lyrics

may not know where I'm going now This broken road is ... trying to tear me down But deep inside I've found a secret ... place, that I never knew where I feel safe,

4him - Livin' in the lion's mouth lyrics

want a chance to tame the lion To be a brave smile in the ... face of danger Heads will turn I want to bear my soul ... to the stranger Lay my head in the jaws of destruction And

Onision - My wife's clothes song lyrics

is a song about a clothes for sale. My ... wife is selling clothes, a clothes for sale ... Buy my wife's clothes, there's clothes ... the clothes for sale. This is a jacket, a jacket for a

Hunter Hayes - In a song lyrics

heart that I gave the dreams that I made ... with someone who don’t care the ... times that I wasted feelings I chased that led me to ... nowhere the sleepless nights, the drag-on fights the

K'naan - Voice in my head lyrics

yo, welcome to my world, please listen HEY! ... [Chorus:] Poison in my veins, inside I'm torturing my ... brains, And still I try, aiaiai Voices in my head, am I alive or am I dead, Alone I cry,

Ella Fitzgerald - My cousin in milwaukee lyrics

I visited my cousin, in milwaukee, usa She got boyfriends by the dozen, when she ... sang in a lowdown way She was a positive sensation The songs that ... she sang would never miss My cousin was my inspiration

George Gershwin - My cousin in milwaukee lyrics

I visited my cousin, in Milwaukee, USA She got boyfriends by the dozen, when she ... sang in a lowdown way She was a positive sensation The songs that ... she sang would never miss My cousin was my inspiration

3 Inches Of Blood - My sword will not sleep lyrics

gravest insult upon my house You have dared to slight my name Betrayed allegiance, forsake the bond Your ... demise is all i seek No rest will I take from the hunt You'll

Boris Carloff - In my lonely room (feat. ghetto priest) lyrics

sit all alone in my lonely room Watching shadows ... they don’t bother me at all In the silence of my lonely ... room I sit and think about my gloom I see my face I hear my voice in a mirror I don’t

Heart - Will you be there (in the morning) lyrics

m lying beside you, just thinking about us To tired to go to ... sleep, I'm too much in love I know I'm crazy, but I can't ... close my eyes I'm scared you won't be there, in the morning when I rise Will you be there.. Now who

Lothlöryen - My mind in mordor lyrics

I´m bleeding in this cold Dying winter, Madness lives In ... the halls of my thoughts Other season´s ... passing While I start my quest To the woods of time

Atreyu - My fork in the road lyrics

here we are Again. That same fork in The ... road I hate you You love me This ... story is getting old The day (that) I ... You shut me up for good Forgive Forget F*** you You are

George Jones - Will there be stars in my crown? lyrics

am thinking today of that beautiful ... land I shall reach when the sun ... When through wonderful grace by my Savior I stand Will there ... be any stars in my crown? Will there be any stars, any

Amputated Genitals - My father in law who defecated himself to dea.. lyrics

detest this crippled old man Defecating in a ... bucket all day His hemorrhagic dengue is fermenting his ... guts His skin turning yellow A rotten breath like in this putrid room Hard

Dead By Sunrise - In the darkness lyrics

want to cut through my skin And pull you within My ... heart burns like the sun As our flesh ... becomes one In the darkness, my heart ... aches at the sight of you Trembles and

Signum Regis - My guide in the night lyrics

lamp to my feet A light for my way Is every word you say ... ones who pray Our only king Peace you will bring ... Your word is with me It stands firm eternally The wicked are waiting to destroy me

Acid House Kings - Will you love me in the morning? lyrics

you love me in the morning? When it’s far too early ... work You have to go to at nine Will you love me in the ... morning? When the coffee’s cold, ... the paper’s late The rain keeps pouring for the third

Devendra Banhart - Will is my friend lyrics

two, three, four Will is my friend Will sings like John ... Goin' back to California Will is the West Coast with me Will is a past is a plenty Will is a blue friend of mine With

Bonded By Blood - In a wake lyrics

clock is ticking the hours near Insanity whispers in my ear It's time to ... go get on this train To the fields of torture To the fields ... of pain In my seat and close my eyes Embrace my fate as I

Matt Corby - My false lyrics

see I don't know where I'm running to, It's become quite hard to see. Theres a guilty weight on my conscience, ... Of all my wrongful deeds. It's time-ii-iime to reconcile.

Holiday In Cambodia - My life in the knife trade lyrics

many times have you noticed that our eyes never meet ... from your judgment seat I can feel the anger for my ... very being fill me in on when you became such a big part of my life that I

Lisa Marie Presley - In the ghetto (originally by elvis presley) lyrics

the snow flies On a cold and gray Chicago ... mornin' A poor little baby child was born In the ghetto ... And his mama cries 'cause if there's one thing that she

Mini Viva - Left my heart in tokyo lyrics

up here, tell me Am I dumb enough to believe? When ... somebody says jump on this Would you follow them on ... your knees? Am I wrong or right To be dancing with you

Breakdown Of Sanity - My heart in your hands lyrics

know you aren't responsible For the rise of my distrust Please forgive me For ... the rise of my distrust Please forgive me ... But by and by it destroys my inner force The first thing in

Breakdown Of Sanity - My heart in your hands (re-recorded 2015) lyrics

know you aren’t responsible For the rise of my distrust Please forgive me ... But by and by it destroys my inner force The first thing in ... my head when I wake up Save my heart You are the last thing

Carnifex - My heart in atrophy lyrics

only my words could capture my feelings So thoughtless and ... empty, so void of any real meaning It ... feels like I'm looking at life from the past Half alive

Snow White's Poison Bite - Will you meet me in the graveyard? lyrics

am like a zombie in this lonely graveyard Am I fresh ... for my own death? I can feel the maggots crawling ... through my flesh I will take this to my grave 6

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - My heart will go on (live in las vegas) lyrics

night in my dreams I see you, I feel you, That is ... how I know you go on Far across ... the distance And spaces between us ... Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the heart does

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