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Elevation Worship - Call upon the lord lyrics

need no other hiding place Our hope is safe within your name This we know, this we know You promise never to forsake What you began you will sustain This we know, this we know I will call upon the Lord For he alone is strong enough to save Rise your shac

Seven Witches - Call upon the wicked lyrics

you ignore the lies Everyday, a fool in our eyes Looking back on what used to be Shattered dreams, shattered fantasies Call upon the wicked If it takes you high Call upon the wicked If it makes you higher Twisting pain burning deep inside Crucified behind your pride

Kari Jobe - Look upon the lord lyrics

upon the Lord, stand in awe of His beauty Look upon the Lord seated high, He is holy Let the glory of our God from heaven come down Let the house of the Lord be filled with the cloud You are good and Your mercy will endure You are good and f

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - We call upon the auth lyrics

what we once thought we had, we didn't And what we have now will, will never be that way again So we call upon the author to explain Our myxomatoid kids spraddle the streets Weve shunned them from the greasy grind The poor little things they look so sad a

Hb - Joy upon the lord lyrics

has fallen again Non-stop endless rain Darts of coal black ice Loads too heavy to bear They press me hard to the ground I have no strength to rise Fire took all my fortune So humbled by my falling down Fire came, making me A sinner of a man I know that

Amy Grant - The lord has a will lyrics

need you Lord; in all I do. You're always there to see me through. I can't get by unless I lean on you, Lord. The Lord has a will, And I have a need To follow that will, To humbly be still, To rest in it, Nest in it, Fully be blessed in it, Following my

Gil Scott-heron - The train from washington lyrics

reconstruction time they were folks who have been promised 40 acres and a mule. And they were told a man with their legal papers could be expected on a train from Washington. They were folks who waited for him and there are folks still waiting for him. But you can't depend on

3 Inches Of Blood - Lord of the storm (upon the boiling sea ii) lyrics

of the storm rides in the eye, eye of the hurricane Lord of the storm rides in the eye, in the eye of Hell Rider on the night and ruler of the damned Damnation creeps upon everyone, a sense of fatal warning Within the crew there's treachery, a mut

Dark Lotus - Call upon your gods lyrics

Violent J:] I think it's funny how...the toughest criminals and thugs and whatever... when they're on their death bed... you know like the day before they fry in the electric chair... all of a sudden they want to get religious. I heard that 9 out of 10 inmates on death row are

Ancient - The pagan cycle lyrics

we call upon the east wind Notus, we call upon the south wind Zephyrus, we call upon the west wind Boreas, we call the north wind Spirit mother hear thy pagan son On winter solstice night Waxing mon reveals a new dawn (The) dark king transf

Gwar - The one will not be named lyrics

creviced chasms vast And endless plains of unshaven ass Out time in Hell draws to the last We call upon the Master of the Pit Have you got a toilet? I must take a shit! Open your gates, Lord of Hate Or your front porch is gonna get it! Very well, I'll us

Aborted - The davidian deceit lyrics

forth my children - Walk the path to heaven All your lives are betrothed - To the one saviour of all Your shepherd wants to see you bleed Feed upon my rancor - I am a psycho-predator All your lives are betrothed - To the biggest lie of all Come forth my children - I will

Fires Of Babylon - When the kingdom comes lyrics

There will come a day, when we will see the king And the earth and sky will depart Time has run it's course, the sun will reappear, And the new kingdom will start W...

Byron Cage - I will bless the lord lyrics

Talking) Bless the Lord oh, my soul and everything that's within me Come on, I will bless His name Is there anybody in this place that is here to bless Him Let me here ya make some noise! Come on, here we go, sing it Magnify the Lord with me Whom the S

Silent Knight - The call of the crow lyrics

it unclear, call it divine, you'll tremble with torment as You stand a mortal before the eye Keeper of justice, guardian of the free, the watch at your shoulder The master controlling your destiny Out of the ashes reborn like a phoenix arisen again

Rotting Christ - The call of the aethyrs lyrics

who dwell into the aethyrs Are all powerful into the earth They execute the crisis of him They serve the will they follow the will of them Here / is / the face / of your god Rule of the blessing / lord of the skies Reign / the earth / with power / of / respect

Lordi - Call off the wedding lyrics

the aisle Your beauty´s blinding All dressed in white I see you shining Although today there´s not a cloud in the sky But still I´ve got this haunting feeling I fear This day will end up in tears Call off the wedding now Bad things are coming down my demons wi

Desaster - Call on the beast lyrics

rites of darkness Out where the oldest oaks stand We praise the unholy lord The ultimate sin we command "We will fight - we will win" The warriors around the stone altar speak Night shines in our eyes We call on the beast Hell's raging hordes Call on

Ministros Del Santuario - Image of the beast lyrics

Cannot touch a Child of God Image of the Beast will fade He can't take away my life Or my soul if it's with God Satan cannot match this power He will pay, he will die Heaven will avenge him Heaven will be victorious I can feel the Power of God Mutilate the demon Tea

Demonic Resurrection - The summoning lyrics

Summon Thee Forth. I call upon thee, lord of darkness and terror Unleash your fury on this mortal race Oh father, abandon us not in this hour of need Lead us far from this coming oblivion. From this life to your demonic soul With my divine power, fear

Necrophobic - The third of arrivals lyrics

- we vomit on the crucifix Hell - as we come forth you'll hear demonic cries Fire - from the flames we rise to walk the earth War - our wrath will strike upon the skies It's the dawn of satanic redemption Gasp for a last breath as you choke Polluted air, b

Ancient - The call of the absu deep lyrics

lie still, forever dreaming Belior, thy serpent calls to thee Hear me, mighty Cthulu, living on a dream Cthulu, Lord of dreams Tiamat, Lord of Seas Ariel, City of sleep Cthulu, Lord of the Absu deep In his arms made of yearn, dead Cthulu waits but dreaming, the enemy rose, Hade

Nightmare (fra) - Lord of the sky lyrics

nasty day of winter 1929 he's got to take the joystick got to send the mail It's bad weather and his hands are cold as ice He knew the danger but he knew he had to try To fly to America crossing the stars Braving the fire as want to make it die

The Hellacopters - The devil stole the beat from the lord lyrics

you concerned by some unconcious mistake A bit blacker magic for that soulselling sake Kinda caught you cold - a wicked twist on your fate Could call it crucifixion or subdue to create Got you fooled by a mass demand Bragging ´bout fortunes you´re about

Ayreon - The castle hall lyrics

last! You enter the Electric Castle! Here in this vast hall where even shadows fear the light here you must confront your past. If you have killed, beware of the Gathering of Spirits for they do fish for men. Here, the isembodied Astral World becomes fle

Enthroned - The edge of agony lyrics

is the first syllabus I despise your kind weak, frightened in the face of reality do you feel my blade inside your pluck? You proved your worth, earn my awe Now shall you call upon the second Mercurial Count, I shall be obliged, I shall be obliged,

Roman Lob - Call out the sun lyrics

bird on the wire, take my soul Shed your tears on the fire Come make me whole White bird on the wind Where do you fly? Tell me where you've been Where do you lie? My, oh my... Sweet thing, don't you hide - not from me Sweet thing deep inside We all believe

Beirut - The flying club cup lyrics

built my house of reeds upon a marsh in Elise My father was released a day's walk from San Denise We buried him beneath the bone-white sands of San Denise Silence of an airborne night push high above the roof Daughters of the Red lights blind the icy works of art

Blaakyum - Lord of the night lyrics

m the Ainur of the night I feed on the light I breed my own delight I am the eye that flickers high and bright My minions I will call The ugliest of them all The Earth will it not fall I see fear in your soul Your soul Gather to me now My children of the low

Hezekiah Walker - The lord will make a way somehow lyrics

a ship that's tossed and driven, battered by an angry sea. When the storms of life are raging, and their fury falls on me. I wonder what I have done, to make this race so hard to run. (Then I say to my soul, soul take courage) The Lord will make a way somehow.

Lorenguard - Upon the burning isles lyrics

has come for heresy, the other for his trust These two souls from different lands sharing one fate Sail on the Chasmere Sea These two rites are too wrong, the Balance is breaking Fall with me now (into Abyss) Like the angels of old, tested and

Morbid Angel - The gate/lord of all fevers lyrics

Re-released on Altars Of Madness CD as "Lord Of Fevers and Plague"] [Music & Lyrics: Azagthoth] Ninnghizhidda - open my eyes Ninnghizhidda - hear my cries Plumed serpent of the deep Plumed serpent of the gate I command - come before me I comm

Beck - Will i be ignored by the lord lyrics

i was born Lot's of people sayin' I looked like a dead man but to them there was no kindness And so I came into the world with my hands in my jacket Made a whole lotta racket Couldn't speak, but I could beat on a stick O when that aeroplane com

Aretha Franklin - The lord will make a way lyrics

know the Lord Will make a way Yes, He will I know the Lord Will make a way Yes, He will He'll make A way for you He will lead you Safely through I know the Lord Will make a way Yes, He will I have a Savior Who I can tell

John P. Kee - The lord is able lyrics

that it's over, hold your head up high Just be encouraged, hold your head up to the sky Every one of your obstacles, you can overcome Shout Hallelujah for the battle's already won There is no weapon formed against you that shall prosper He's able to k

Morbid Angel - Lord of all fevers and plague lyrics

Solo: Azagthoth] Ninnghizhidda - open my eyes Ninnghizhidda - hear my cries Plumed serpent of the deep Plumed serpent of the gate I command - come before me I command - bring the key Rise from the depths See the fire in my wand Ia iak sakkakh ia

Nokturnal Mortum - The knots upon the thread of fate lyrics

groan of dark wood throughout my daring soul Rides like a wild hunt and falls like mountain stream of thoughts A gloom that stole the soil emorisoned buried land inside itself Strangled in embrace of dusk without fresher gulp of life Its palms upon the tremor

The Dubliners - The call and the answer lyrics

called and I ran As wild as the wind which rows across the moor All we needed was each other Like the eagle we will soar You are the call and I'm the answer You are the wish and I am the way You're the music, I the dancer You are the night an

Affector - The rapture lyrics

if we believe that Yeshua died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep This we tell you by the Word of the Lord That we who are alive, who are left to the coming of the Lord, will in no way precede those who have fallen asleep For th

Taylor Dayne - Upon the journey's end (duet with billy t. sc.. lyrics

you find hard times and troubles on the rock road ahead If you find nothing but sorrow everywhere you lay your head No you won't find me a stranger When you really need a friend Cause I wanna be there with you Upon the journey's end Yes I wanna be ther

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The lord loves the one (that loves the lord) lyrics

Lord loves the one that loves the Lord And the law says if you don't give, then you don't get loving Now the Lord helps those that help themselves And the law says whatever you do is going to come right back on you We all making out

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel it in the atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x's) I feel it in the atmosphere, The spirit of the Lord is here, oh(2x's) The power of the Lord is h

Diabolical Masquerade - Upon the salty wall of the broody gargoyle lyrics

Caught in a Woodsleep Miles Down the Crypts Beneath Desert Sands lay Deep Sworn to an Obscure Belief Shapes with Serpent Faces Watchers in Deathwish ...

Freedom Call - The wanderer lyrics

I 'm a wandering man I'm walking through a barren land I lost my way, I lost my home In deep despair, I'm riding on Guardian, where are you now Ease my heart and fill my soul Carry on, dream your dreams Your lust for life is the reason to live Carry on, hold your groun

Manowar - The lord of steel lyrics

In the night We take fight Witness the site The power and glory of steel I forth to die Lived many lives before I am immortal like my sword I kneel to ...

Bathory - Call from the grave lyrics

of Heaven, Hear my cries of anguish I'm in pain I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain Death would greet with eternal sleep My soul would come to peace My life had ceased The time was comed Can no-one hear my pleas Lowere

Dark Funeral - Call from the grave lyrics

Bathory cover] God of Heaven, Hear my cries of anguish I'm in pain I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain Death would greet with eternal sleep My soul would come to peace My life had ceased The time was come Can no-one hear my pleas Low

Grand Magus - The lord of lies lyrics

lord of lies He'll steal your life away And grasp the victor's price - He's born of fire He'll claim your soul as prey The trickster of all time The lord of lies Take a deep breath Watch the forest pull him inj Preparations - Soon the trials will begin A sacrifice - t

In Hearts Wake - Winterfell (the tower) lyrics

No one would hear me No one knew I had a soul Now winter comes for you all I will run the rivers dry I will make the molten mountains cry I'll bring the fire (I'll bring the fire) I'll take the air (I'll take the air) I am the earth we will never share I dine with the moon

Moonspell - Upon the blood of men lyrics

is the place where a man finally is That flame that feels us cooler Hate is the place where a man finally wins The character in the stronger An ambition never seen I refuse to turn my face away Never waited on you brothers of blood Your tomo

Deep Purple - Call of the wild lyrics

I'm looking for a girl you've got to help me get through i don't know much about her so I'm relying on you she got rhythm but no sense of timing she likes living but she's got no address operator you've got to get me out of this mess let m

Aion (pl) - The lord lyrics

m the king, I was once a rover, outlaw, sailor and slave Now my time has come and I'm the LORD. Sword and axe cleared my path to the throne, From which I'm lokking now at the rest, Realms of my land, it's not a dream! Sword, power, rule - that's my sign M

King Diamond - Upon the cross lyrics

the Cross he did not die, they tortured him, but he survived Smuggled across the open sea, to Southern France, tranquility There he married Magdalene, and founded another dynasty A church was built upon a hill, to serve all of the gods at

Horrorshow - The lord taketh away lyrics

thick savage blackness that surrounds you on all sides is filling your soul with decay With the weight of the world bearing down on your shoulders in your ears replay The Lord Taketh Away Drowning in sorrow and dreading tomorrow wondering how you will s

Katatonia - Oh, how i enjoy the light lyrics

s us i liken to a covey a polar bear has breached a pup the palace walls are strewn with tapestries and the window panes are splintered and shattered with a crumbled dog on every landing and every stranger cowers the dress is torn, the t

William Mcdowell - The presence of the lord lyrics

is nothing like the presence of the Lord. There is nothing like the presence of the Lord. As we seek His face, He is here in this place. There is nothing like the presence of the Lord. Ohh. There is nothing like the presence of the Lord. There is nothing like the presen

Otep - The lord is my weapon lyrics

salvation suffers from inflation Say what you need to, save your soul But don't f*** with me, I'm loosin' control I'm so tired of this, so sick of you My tongue is battered and bruised from all these attitudes Teach me the magic of your sacred poems Conjuring a v

Primal Scream - The lord is my shotgun lyrics

mind Grave yard dirt Name on your tombstone Knife in your skirt Head on collision Motorcycle crash Ain't goin' to prison Bury you alive Bury you alive Bury you alive Bury you alive Bury you alive Bad seed baby Gimme your disease Death's head angel La

Richard Smallwood - The glory of the lord lyrics

the glory of the Lord Fills this holy temple He will lift us high And on angels' wings we'll rise To the pure and holy When His spirit fills this place When His glory When His glory When His glory fills this place When His glory When His glory When His

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The lord lyrics

do you get for trying? Minute you're born you're dying. The body is six feet down.The Lord says the soul sticks around. [Refrén] You can believe what you wanna but I know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna believe in the Lord. You can believe what you

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