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D Cru - I will be waiting lyrics

wanna love you like I never loved you tonight (I wanna love you baby) If it's alright (Yea) I wanna tell you things I never said of my life I'm gonna hold you when the sun refuses to shine (yeah)(oooo) I wanna show you that I'll always be by your s

Place Vendome - I will be waiting lyrics

I can be such a humble man Can I make you understand You're a part of me that I must set free when the moment comes So what's the use of playing give and take When neither one of us can win? It's going on too long and I'm not that strong as I used to be And every

For Real - Love will be waiting at home lyrics

good is a kiss, especially if It's not with the one you truly love Baby, don't kiss your life away Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't What good is a house if it's not a home We don't wanna spend our lives alone Baby, let's not make that mistake Don't, don't, don

Building 429 - Waiting to shine lyrics

I’ve always wondered what You look like Lord I’ve always waited staring at the sky But the heavens remained quiet As they drift along in peace Sometimes they’ve turned to thunder Still the echoes always cease How I long to get home Lord I hope it won’t be lon

Levottomuus - Waiting lyrics

m waiting For a moment that's going to give me a smile for a while I'm trying To ascend the heights I've been thinking about for a time I'm leaving This place without light to bring my lost mind back to life And I will Be searching for you and your forgotten love 'ti

Bad Candy - Waiting lyrics

than a freight train you had hit me with your love Nothing like I'd ever felt before You lit me like a bold of thunder striking from above You had left me wanting more But faster than my eyes could blink You seem to disappear Made me wonder If you'd

Kat-tun - Will be all right lyrics

Essa letra eu peguei do show Kat-tun REAL FACE 2006. Então a letra pode não estar completa, e no show tem uma hora que em vez de ele falar a frase certa, ele fala outra brincando com as pessoas... Então quando for isso vou colocar o ".] Ganbatteru kimi no mega

Mike Tompkins - Will be lyrics

demons inside, trying to break me They got my doubting that maybe, we’ll end up where we started But I’m pushing through the blood and bones, And I don’t wanna be anyone but me. They say whatever will be, will be So I don’t want to be anything but me These demons inside, won’t

2am - Will be broken lyrics

kurushii nda namida koboreru nda “Mou wasureta” nante jibun ni uso wo tsuite Dakedo kimi ga kesenakute Namida ga tomaranai konomama mou kowaresou dayo Subete wo wasurete mae mite ikitai no ni, doushiyou Naze kimi wa satta? nanika ga ikenakatta? Riyuu mo wa

Btob - 여기 있을게will be here lyrics

cheoeum mannatdeon geu sungani ajik neomuna seonmyeonghajyo bojalgeoseomneun nareul anajudeon geu sungan aratjyo nae nune bichin on sesangi eojewaneun dalli neukkyeojyeotjyo o geudae hanaro modeun ge bakkwin geojyo na nuneul gameumyeon tto nega boyeo

Glay - Will be king lyrics

of the roses, days of the roses In the heart, in the heart Itsumo futari de wake aeta mono wa yasuragi ni michite ite Mabushii kurai kagayaite ita na believin' you Ano sora no ue tenshi ni mo nita inochi no kirameki wo oboeteru Kono basho ni tatsu onaji jidai no

Walk Off The Earth lyricsWalk Off The Earth - I'll be waiting lyrics

is hard and the living rough But these are the times when you gotta stand up Don't let them break them down or tear you up These are the times when you gotta stand up We can turn it around We can turn it around And I'll be waiting here for you Till the s

Scott Hoying - Waiting (feat.sarah silva) lyrics

I've been waiting patiently Watching the time go by,yeahh Anyone can see that I've,been waiting for the day When you will look my way Can you give me a sign 'Cause I can't read your mind And time won't tell you,how to see When love is blind Scott:I've been waiting

Monica - Right here waiting (feat. 112) lyrics

apart Day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice On the line But it doesn't stop the pain I see you next to never How can we stay forever Wherever you go Whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you Whatever it takes Or how my heart breaks I wi

Lee Ann Womack - Waiting for the sun to shine lyrics

ve been standing underneath this dark old cloud Waiting for the sun to shine Waiting for the sun to shine In my heart again I've been throwing a lot of good love away Waiting for the sun to shine Waiting for the sun to shine in my heart again Oh I'm just Wait

King Diamond - Waiting lyrics

Andy Just after midnight, they are bringing me my pills Just after midnight, lights are out... at Black Hill But they don't know me... they don't know me at all Tonight pills will be chills will be kills Waiting in the dark, I cannot take another night Waiting in the da

The Pigeon Detectives - I'll be waiting lyrics

know you think you're so much better And we used to get on fine together Now i don't think that will work You want to see me in the dirt Made suspicious by your awkward glances I'm not sorry that we took our chance Now you're heads a bit of a mess I'm gonna put

Kate Alexa - Waiting here lyrics

things are tough and you dont know what to do. You said it all but not enough, are we gonna make it through. I dont wanna see the end of you and me. So I wait by the phone, will I ever hear from you? Is it all sadly mourned, is there nothing I can

Anvil - Waiting lyrics

no matter what I do I end up standing in line I find myself in another queue Give me some cheese for my wine It doesn't matter where you go It's always the same old thing Feels like roots will begin to grow When it's winter it will soon be spring Caught in another tra

Cracker - Waiting for you girl lyrics

m living up near Fresno Just up Highway 99 Won't you come and pay a visit I'm here all the time I'm still here waiting Waiting for you girl I'm still waiting Waiting for you girl I could wander up to Phoenix Get a good construction job If the

Erasure lyricsErasure - Waiting for the day lyrics

was only for a fight That I asked you to come in But you brought me tumbling down And the walls came caving in Won't you help me dry my tears Help me roll away the years Then perhaps I will forgive you And the hurt will disappear But in a fit of blind arrogance

Ian Van Dahl - Waiting 4 you lyrics

tell me one day I'll learn Someone will give love in return But all I can see, this picture of you I pick up the phone but you're not home I cannot believe I'm all alone I'm here calling your name I'll be waiting, waiting for you Don't leave me standing, I'm lost wit

Alyssa Milano - Waiting for my star lyrics

world's so cold, the sun don't shine Cause I'm living my days without you I remember the times we shared The closeness that we once knew The way we kissed - The way you smiled When you told me you'd always hold me As you softly carressed my face Our love was meant to be How

Maren Ord - Waiting lyrics

m sitting here And I'm waiting patiently For the clock to turn It's not all that fast today So I'm on my own But I know I'm not alone I'll be witnessing A happy ending I'm sitting here in silence I'm waiting here patiently And I'm wondering if you're waitin

Sharissa - "i'm waiting" lyrics

Verse 1:] Tragedy when the judge gave you 1 to 3, You looked at me I kissed you good-bye, You wiped the tearz from my eyez Said don't wait for me But I want you to know [Chorus:] As long as you're gone, Home won't be home As long as you know, I'm waiting, for you I will

Patti Smith - Waiting underground lyrics

you believe all your hope is gone down the drain of your humankind the time has arrived you'll be waiting here as I was in a snow-white shroud waiting underground there by the ridge be a gathering beneath the pilgrim moon where we shall await the beat

Emma Heesters - Waiting for love (avicii) lyrics

there's a will, there's a way, kind of beautiful And every night has its day, so magical And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle That can't be defeated For every tyrant a tear for the vulnerable In every lost soul the bones of a miracle For every dreamer

Gordon Lightfoot - Waiting for you lyrics

what you will, I will miss you my friends Let me move along for the road never ends Vowing to live till the end of all time All the way to the ends of the earth because I'm Waiting for you to say you will be mine Many long days, many long years Many wrong plays, many wrong

Amy Grant - The prodigal (i'll be waiting) lyrics

face the day again Against the window pane. I remain your closest friend, And wish you back again. You wonder how I feel; You think you've pushed too far. If only you could see this pen Scribbling down my heart. I'll be waiting. I may be young or old and gray, Counting

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Waiting for love lyrics

there's a will, there's a way, kind of beautiful And every night has its day, so magical And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle That can't be defeated For every tyrant a tear for the vulnerable In every lost soul, the bones of the miracle For every dreamer, a dream

Edge Of Sanity - Waiting to die lyrics

into this world like any other child, The years went by and you were young and wild. But deep inside your body there was a secret That soon would be unveiled. You don't know what's waiting for you, It's something you won't believe is true. A dis

Dan Hartman - Waiting to see you lyrics

will be here on the next train Moving slowly through the warm rain And before you're even here I see you running to me Rush into my arms Nothing stands in your way Come back like a dream from the past Here at vast Oh, I've been waiting to see you It's all a matter of tim

Kenny Loggins - Your heart will lead you home lyrics

days and starry nights And lazy afternoons You're counting castles in the clouds And humming little tunes But somehow right before your eyes The sun light fades away Everything is different And everything has changed If you feel lost and on your own And far fr

Silverchair - Waiting all day lyrics

took advantage Of a straight believing town That tore the bandage And said look who's bleeding now Are you listening or are you faithless like the others Long days are almost here Faded signs for you I'll be waiting all day I've be waiting all year For you it's true He's been

Cece Winans - Thy will be done lyrics

stand still, as we see the picture Of a man who takes what is not his Leaving in his way a broken woman And a man who hates enough to kill One by one Somehow we come to understand what that means And in desperation's tongue Pray thy kingdom come,

Powderfinger - Waiting for the sun lyrics

will be an uncertain time for us my love I can hear the echo of your voice in my head Singing my love I can see your face there in my hands my love I have been blessed by your grace and care my love Singing my love There's a place for us sitting

Shakespeare's Sister - Waiting lyrics

when you go away Don't let the red glow burn my eyes And if you make me pay to keep you Name your price And I'm just waiting I'm waiting And I'm just waiting You think you miss me I always made you smile I feel the rope start to burn But

36 Crazyfists - Waiting on awar lyrics

am waiting on a war, this panic is setting in... From what it seems all could use some cleansing, better hurry up since were not pretending. And panic wouldn't mean so much if there was such a thing as end in sight. But I know its only coming in waves, to seal our silence. We'r

Darling Thieves - Waiting lyrics

you say you create, And you choose your destination? But you give, and you give And it only yields frustration Well its 2am, you’re starring at the phone Planning to regain control You know you gotta put your foot down Too scared that you’ll be alone But if you say you’re fina

Foreigner - I'll be home tonight lyrics

night I've been on my own I dream of you and comin' home Those empty hours spent missin' you Are over now did what I had to. I live from day to day Tryin' to find my way Now I need to know you care Will you still be there? 'Cause I'll be home tonight Tell me

Jessica Sanchez - Waiting (beyoncé) lyrics

waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh [x2] It's 6 o'clock and seconds feel like hours as I sit here and watch them tick away And just the thought of seeing you again I wanna sang I've been longin for this day I'll be waiting 'cus I cant smile untill I

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - I'll be waiting lyrics

I had a friend That I could count on So I thought Well so it seemed But times of need are not enough To prove your friendship to me now Once I saw a face that I believed But a mask was all there was So who wears the masks And who wears the faces Well I guess I'll

Rye Rye - Rye rye, robyn - never will be mine ft. robyn lyrics

Rye Rye: ] So, I was sitting outside one day Waiting for the dude to come down my way, Praying, wishing, hoping, thinking, And I felt my emotions sinking. I've been waiting for the phone to ring, I check constantly, but it was all a dream I never thought you could be so mean! Ti

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Waiting lyrics

waiting, waiting, waiting, ooh [x2] It's 6 o'clock and seconds feel like hours as I sit here and watch them tick away And just the thought of seeing you again I wanna sang I've been longin for this day I'll be waiting 'cus I cant smile untill I see your smile I'll be

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Waiting for a dream lyrics

for the present, for the present to pass Waiting for a dream to last You are not my lover, and you never will be Cause you've never done anything to hurt me There's a fire in the priory And it's ruining this cocktail party Yesterday I heard they cloned

Loon - Waiting lyrics

Intro - Loon - talking + (Female voice)] Yo people say, behind every bad boy is a good woman But bein the Bad Boy that I am (I'll be waiting) I never knew how good a woman I had But see I'm older now (I'll be waiting) I'm startin to understand things So on tha

Van Morrison - Waiting game lyrics

a golden autumn day returning Where each moment never is the same Sometimes pure joy it comes with patience When I'm waiting on, waiting game When I'm waiting on, waiting game There must be reason for all this inaction Does it mean that everything must change Sometimes I

Pm Dawn - I'll be waiting for you lyrics

chorus) I’ll be waiting for you, even if it takes you all of your life. I’ll be waiting for you, ’till you know within yourself that you are so divine. Baby....baby, I know what you want from you. Can yousee me? I’m divinity, and I can mean so much to you. You’re like the mo

Delirious? - Waiting for the summer lyrics

see you smile, see you lighting up the sky, Through the rain, love will shine for you and I, We'll fly. With you I'll be free, with you I'll be happy. Waiting for the summer, we'll be laughing, We'll be dancing, shining in the sun, You're my beautiful one. Waiting

Rob Rock - Ill be waiting for you lyrics

through the window, longing for the other side Your days are so much better, I wish I was by your side You were there for me everyday In my heart I can hear you say I'll be waiting for you, I'll be waiting for you When this world is all through, I'll be wait

Russell Brenda - Waiting for you lyrics

my mama told me not to go too far Oh, help me, I wanna go there sometimes And you're so out of reach, it's so hard Oh, help me Baby, I'm way out of line, oh yeah But if still you need me sometime Oh, I'm waiting for you Waiting for you, I'm waiting for you Baby, I, I'm

Adele lyricsAdele - I'll be waiting lyrics

me closer one more time, Say that you love me in your last goodbye, Please forgive me for my sins, Yes, I swam dirty waters, But you pushed me in, I've seen your face under every sky, Over every border and on every line, You know my heart more than I

Beecake - Waiting for you lyrics

ll be waiting here for you you say you don't want me to But I'll be waiting here for you until you do I'll be waiting here for you you say you don't want me to But I'll be waiting here for you until you do This isn't how I imagined it We were

Cake - Waiting lyrics

we think that we're important And we think that we make sense And we think there's something better on the other side of this fence And you can soak your bread in gravy You can soak your bread in soup But the car that you are driving doesn't really belong to you So you know y

Coyote Kisses - Waiting for you (ft. madison love) lyrics

t deny on the night that we met Felt like all time stopped in our heads Was just us, was just us Can't deny we're a classic duet Like a song that's stuck in my head It never stops, it never stops Thought we were beautiful for a second Gave you all control, I regret it

Crown The Empire - There will be no christmas lyrics

I wish we never spoken Sometimes I wish we never met Sometimes I wish our love had never had a chance to start and Sometimes I wish I had you back I wish this love ended in Autumn, that way it'd float off with the breeze. Instead this dark December, I'm all alone and colder than

Crystal Ball - I'll be waiting lyrics

re walking on the edge Scrawling in the mud You waste your time waste your life No matter what they say You're staring at the stars Walking down this road We both have walked this way before You just cannot ignore You know it can't be wrong

Place Vendome - I will be gone lyrics

s gonna come to get the best of me Leaving blackened circles round my eyes. Something's gotta change before I set you free Patience is a virtue well disguised Rural streets and city lights Heavy days with quiet nights Leaving questions in my mind: Did I ever

Punk Goes... - There will be no christmas by crown the empir.. lyrics

I wish we'd never spoken Sometimes I wish we'd never met Sometimes I wish our love never had a chance to start and Sometimes I wish I had you back I wish this love ended in autumn that way it float on in a breeze To stare at the stars are simple I'm all alone and co

Chester See - Who will be our superhero lyrics

s not enough to say we know we messed up and then just walk away, so sorry for yesterday. It just won't do to say we never knew things would be this way but help is on the way. I've heard that line before and it was ignored. Can anybody hear me what are we waiting for? Wh

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