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Medina - Young in love lyrics

I was young in love) I walked right pass you You ... knew my name You kissed her lips and Looked at me again My ... heart was burning Wouldn't go away My body

Beecake - In my arms (all i ever wanted) lyrics

sits on his rooftop She opens his wine ... He’s drinking alone and it’s not the first time He ... stares at her back and his eyes traces that sweet line

Ariana Grande lyricsAriana Grande - In my head lyrics

Intro: Doug Middlebrook] Here's the thing: ... you’re in love with a version of a person that you've ... created in your head, that you are trying to but cannot fix. Uh, the

Firehouse - Prime time lyrics

my life and I'm a gonna live it Take it to the limit it's Prime Time Never too late better ... late than never Nothing last forever it's Prime time Can't hesitate, procrastinate Not gonna wait it's Prime Time Bring it on honey I'm

Bob Seger lyricsBob Seger - Railroad days lyrics

would climb up so high on the foul screen Down ... below I would yell to watch out When ... we'd play ? was always the winner He was brave never listened to me shout Afternoons

The Black Keys - In our prime lyrics

me down the drain, I disappear Like every honest thing I used to hear Like ... every lover hovers in my mind We made our mark when we ... were in our prime The house it burned, but nothing there was mine We had it all when we

Golden Earring - When i was young lyrics

were so much colder then My father was a soldier then ... And times were very hard When I was ... young I smoked my first cigarette at ten And for girls I had a bad yen And I had quite a ball, when I was young

Thelma Plum - Young in love lyrics

used to think it's funny How you go from ... black to white And now I think it's funny Where are you ... tonight Just a boy with a knife You stabbed right at my

Eli Lieb - Young love lyrics

I was twenty two, the day that I ... met you When you took my hand through the night It was getting late and you asked me ... to stay And hold you until we see light Shut the

The Cataracs - Young in l.a. lyrics

city is where my heart is And like the city I never ... sleep Somewhere in the darkness, we got lost ... deep Cause you laugh when it’s fun, and you cry when it’s

Danielle Bradbery - Young in america lyrics

s crank up the truck, kick up some dust Leave it all ... behind, just me and you, baby Don ... on the gas Tear off the rearview, let's go crazy Maybe ... Tennessee LA, NYC Mississippi Come on, come on Whoa

Borgeous - Young in love (feat. karmin) lyrics

I know my man, he's got these plans He ... wants to win the whole world over He's ... got the smile to launch the attack So ... how could I live without him? Let us keep strong belief Let us be too naive Oh

Karmah - In between lyrics

Between I am love, I am hate I'm an atheist with ... faith Went my anger with a smile I'm polite or obscene Either whisper or I scream I'm ... not quite what I seem I'm somewhere in between I

Sophie B. Hawkins - Your tongue like the sun in my mouth lyrics

met a woman from another time I couldn't think But a drink from her eyes Was like ... water to wine She wet my dreams with her distinctive mind I search the desert for a

Kurt Vile - In my time lyrics

my day I was young and crazy Sure I didn't know ... shit, but now I'm lazy One day I won't even ... know what was better Then again and now I want much of nothing anyway Two of us, one on

Scarface - In my time lyrics

Verse 1] It was a cold morning, gloomy, sun barely shining ... Figured it was gon rain today, so i'm in Sit around ... the house until the thunder storms slacks

Drake lyricsDrake - In my bussines(feat gucci mane sean garrett) lyrics

Gucci Mane] I'm so f-cking dumb I wear diamonds on my ... thumbs, There's a diamond on my d-ck so theres a diamond on ... her tongue, I can't feel you baby cos I

Barclay James Harvest - In my life lyrics

my life I have seen so many things Some were true and some ... were not what they seemed In my life I've seen love and I've ... seen loss There've been times when I did not count the

The Pack - In my car lyrics

Chorus] Riding down the street and I see ... a pretty girl she wants me, I want her I will take her to my world I'm in my car I'm ... stunting in my car You know I'm in my car I'm stunting in my car My car Yea [Verse 1 -

Ryan Adams - In my time of need lyrics

you comfort me, in my time of need? Can you take away ... the pain of a hurtful deeds? Cause ... when we need it most, there's no rain at all ... And the dust just settles right there on the feed Will you say to me a little rains gonna come When the sky

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - In my heaven lyrics

my heaven there ain't no lawyers Don't need ... names on dotted lines Folks do business like ... they oughtta A good firm handshake works just fine ... We feed lawyers to the lions In my heaven there ain

Neil Diamond - In my lifetime lyrics

On the street of unknowns Big man smokin' on a cigar, ... Dealin' on the telephone Hey boy, ... look out for flim-flam If you wanna go real far Been ... there, and I believe You got to be what you

Aesma Daeva - In my holy time (part 1) lyrics

were three Ravens... As I walked on my own As I look ... for my dear home I felt the sun leaving me White choruses wait for me ... our breakfast take?" Said the first raven Down in

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - In my head (feat. nicki minaj) lyrics

Derulo Everybody looking for love (whoa) Ain't that ... the reason you're at this club? (whoa) You ain't gon' ... find it dancing with him (No) Got a better solution

Judas Priest - In between lyrics

am love, I am hate I'm an atheist with faith Went ... my anger with a smile I'm polite or obscene Either whisper ... or I scream I'm not quite what I seem I'm somewhere in between I am young in my

Brandy - In my own little corner lyrics

as mild and as meek as a mouse ... When I hear a command I obey But I know of a stop ... in my house where no one can ... stand in my way In my own little corner In my own little

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - In my time of dying lyrics

my time of dying, want nobody to mourn All I want for you to do is take my ... home Well, well, well, so I can die easy (X2) Jesus, ... gonna make up my dyin´ bed. Meet me, Jesus, meet

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - In my place lyrics

my place, in my place Were lines that I couldn't change I was lost, oh yeah And I was ... lost, I was lost Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed I was lost, oh yeah Yeah,

Bachman-turner Overdrive - My sugaree lyrics

from San Fransico To Memphis Tennessee I just had to find Muh My Sugaree I didn't ... know her number I didn't know the street I just ... drove around A hopin' we would meet I got

10.000 Maniacs - Hidden in my heart lyrics

see the leaves of autumn changing falling turning what was ... green I see a door standing open, open to curiosity we ... could be together tear it all apart would you ever notice what was hidden in my heart

Dolly Parton - My blue ridge mountain boy lyrics

a shack by a mountain stream To a room in New ... Orleans So far from my Blue Ridge Mountain home The men I ... meet ain't warm and friendly Like the one in old Virginie Oh they ain't real like my Blue Ridge Mountain boy

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - In my place lyrics

my place, in my place Were lines that I couldn't change I was lost, oh yeah And I was ... lost, I was lost Crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed I was lost, oh yeah Yeah,

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Coachella - woodstock in my mind lyrics

was at Coachella Leaning on your shoulder Watching ... your husband swing in time I guess I was in it 'Cause ... baby, for a minute It was Woodstock in my mind In the

Linda Ronstadt - In my reply lyrics

Matthew was a country boy until one day he found That cheatin' folks was easier than plowin' his daddy's ground He left ... his home back in Ohio, bound for Chicago's town

Loudness - In my dreams lyrics

my dreams, I was walking alone The rain falling on my emptiness In my dreams, I'm ... a long way from home I walk through the gates of ... loneliness I thought the love we had was in vain And Just another story

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - All in my head lyrics

night we fall into bed, But it's all in my head. Every night we fall in a heap, And ... you kiss me to sleep. And baby all ... the sleepy things you say, Blow me away. Till the next day, When I find

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - It´s all in my head lyrics

night we fall into bed, But it's all in my head. Every night we fall in a heap, And ... you kiss me to sleep. And baby all ... the sleepy things you say, Blow me away. Till the next day, When I find

B5 - In my bedroom lyrics

been known as a player, but aint nobody gon say But we dont ... there now, you were so contagious Always lookin famous, you ... took my heart i swear Never saw it comin wen

Debbie Gibson - Only in my dreams lyrics

1: Every time I'm telling secrets I remember how it ... used to be And I realized how much I miss you And I ... realize how it feels to be free Now I ... see I'm up to no good (no, no, no)

Hideous Divinity - In my land i was a snake lyrics

last look at the field of the dead the last ... glance of deceit sand whipe the white skin now I feel ... her choking me and bring me back to life Sertao - ... no living man shall see me mourn and

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - In my life today lyrics

my memory starts to wander I sit back and I ponder How ... whole world's gone asunder I feel the rain and I hear the ... thunder I was bare and I was lost But you were there and

Madcon - In my head lyrics

let you go First day, fourth month of the ... year I said I never regret nothing but ... make's me want you here I see you smile But if ... else that has you laughing I guess I didn't think it was

The Moody Blues - In my world lyrics

my world It's heaven on earth when you ... re close to me I could see That moment of ... truth when you spoke to me In my world It's never too ... late, we can both be free In my world It's heaven on earth

Sharm - My mount & i lyrics

remember when I went to get my steed With Mor'zul I went ... plead He sent me to the goblin Gorzeeki Wildeyes Who gave ... me a million quests to try Find a

Sienna Skies - In my bones lyrics

much to say About what's going on In this game There's ... just so much wrong I've tried so hard to ignore What is ... around me But it's so evident And it's my heart it's

Atmosphere - In my continental lyrics

my Continental Splinter off the mental When you ... best show Never accept anything less Elements of purpose ... True love from the first kiss Spread it on the surface

Lil' Flip - In my backyard lyrics

Yung Redd] Yeah, take a look into my backyard Where there ain't no way out, and niggas ... wanna act hard Watch your friends, some turn to fakers That ... s why I smoke green acres Get your

Reo Speedwagon - In my dreams lyrics

was a time some time ago When every sunrise ... day But now when the morning light shines in It only disturbs the dreamland where i ... lay, oh where i lay I used to thank the lord when i

Axxis - Back in my bones lyrics

saw the light A great fire ball As if the sun fell ... down on me With every inch of my body I know I'm on ... the point of no return It wasn't my time to go forever I

Ayreon - My house on mars lyrics

about your vow? You promised you'd return and take me ... to Earth Did you have to fight that war What was it all ... The honor of one's name, what is it worth? I'm all alone -

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - In my own time lyrics

received an invitation; 'Come to the United Nations.' That was when I was ... somebody. In my own time. Sitting selling hot ... suckers ev'ryone. Sounds like a nurs'ry rhyme. In my own

Jackson Browne - In my time lyrics

my mind The golden silver statues turn to tin And I find Confidence is just a ... place I've been In my mind I was kind When poppa's ... begging friendship came to me I was blind To

Crystal Ball - Look in my eyes lyrics

stand there at the door last night You looked at me, I knew ... You kept our secret inside Every time you’re close ... to me It was like in my dreams I thought our love was a fantasy “Catch the

Divinyls - In my life lyrics


Finley - In my arms again lyrics

remember your blue eyes But I don't know who you are This ... be wrong But you're the princess of my secret dreams ... Now I'm here in front of you I would make my dreams come true For just

Hughes Glenn - In my blood lyrics

through my system Rushing to my brain Welcome to the frontier And I am so glad you came ... Gone is my resistance I was made this way Vision getting

Lowkey - In my lifetime lyrics

my lifetime I learnt life is suffering And happiness is ... one thing that money doesn't bring In my lifetime, our birth right ... is struggling It must have been, but no

Megadeth - In my darkest hour lyrics

re not there... and though I reached out for you wouldn ... the darkest hour grace did not shine on me. It feels ... no one cares for me. Did you ever think I get lonely

Bette Midler - My eye on you lyrics

hair's so fair, your eye's so dark. I love ... you hard as my life. You pass me by as though I ... were a stone. You cut me like a knife. Boy, I do. I got my eye on you. Got my eye on you

Nelly lyricsNelly - In my life lyrics

turn the mic up I haven't been in here in 5 ... years And keep the lights on we got company Ok, I ... don't think they gon' really understand ... this one right here man Not at all not at

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