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I Was Caught Up For A While Running Around In Circles In My Own Head lyrics

Browse for I Was Caught Up For A While Running Around In Circles In My Own Head song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Was Caught Up For A While Running Around In Circles In My Own Head lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Was Caught Up For A While Running Around In Circles In My Own Head.

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Creed - My own prison lyrics

court is in session, a verdict is in No appeal on the ... docket today Just my own sin The walls are cold and pale ... The cage made of steel Screams fill the room Alone I drop

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - My own way lyrics

saw you at the air-race yesterday April showers ... get out of my way Fear of flying? No not me I'm never ... bothered what you say Someone's kid just lives for today It ain't your problem anyway 'Cause I've got my own way, I can find my own way,

Beartooth - Me in my own head lyrics

there's a problem then go and fix it It's such a simple ... phrase but I can't grasp it I lay awake at night With the ... fear of dying if I close my eyes What's the point of

Oasis lyricsOasis - Sittin' here in silence (on my own) lyrics

in silence on my own Wait 'til everybody's gone And only I ... can see what it means to be Sittin' here in silence on my own And only I can see what it

Banaroo - Circles lyrics

through many situations. Even though I know how ... love works. Nothing ever goes its pass. Better forget it. ... Told myself never fall again no Told myself better keep

Corbin Bleu - Circles lyrics

Hey Daley? Daley: Yeah? Nathan: I uh... I uh... I... ... Never mind. Just never mind. I can't believe it, ... feels like I'm the last to know I got a secret, I

Lalaine - Running in circles lyrics

now I find myself Thinking about what we had All this time I wonder why Our good ... love went bad I fell so empty inside It's like a part of me died And

Raised Fist - In circles lyrics

move around in circles but I never saw you in the circle pit. Stand back admit that you ... will never commit to the scene that you and ... your friends ripped into shit. Counterfeit. I rather slit my wrist than be such a

Favorite Weapon - Running in circles lyrics

been told, I’ve been told time and time again You’ll ... never be good enough It’s getting old, getting old, ... now I’ve got a plan So try and stop me, I wish you the

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Circles lyrics

around in circles on my middle middle finger Won't you ... spin around in circles on my middle middle finger Won't ... you, round and round, sit on my middle finger

Dolapdere Big Gang - Caught up & sweet dreams lyrics

Cauth Up) I'm the kind of brotha Who been doin' it ... my way Gettin' my way for years In my career And every ... lover In and out my life I've hit, love and left the tears Without a care Until I met

Delta Goodrem - In my own time lyrics

much is happening to me. So much that I can ... t even see. So many words of wisdom that I am ... trying to be. Catch me if I should fall. And even more ... so while I'm standing tall. My head is spinning around and it's making me dizzy

Usher lyricsUsher - Caught up lyrics

m the kinda brotha emmm movin doin it my way emm Gettin my way for years In my career And every lover(yo) In and out ... my life I hid love and left the tears Without a care Until I met this girl who

Anna Nalick - In the rough lyrics

say you fell while holding diamonds in your hands, It's ... your fault for running holding diamonds,I said And I ... offer no sympathy for that, I hear that it was you who died

Sara Haze - My own hands to hold lyrics

was alone sitting on the steps outside your ... door You weren't home and I've been through this too many ... times before And we go on and on, round and round It's like we can't break free You

Victoria Justice - Caught up in you lyrics

givin´ up! I don´t know, don´t know what ... to do. I´m so caught, so caught, Caught up in you. Heart stops, Turn into a robot ... Now my eyes are bloodshot I´m still awake. Running,

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - My girls lyrics

girls wear lipstick while they're making my beats ... They got guitar picks in their purses, Louboutins on their ... feet They got no time for waiting in lines They got sex and 808s running through their

Bare Bobby - For a while we helped each other ou lyrics

when I saw you standing slightly cryin' empty-handed With no one that you could call ... your own Looking up to someone somewhere asking for life with no despair Begging for the world to leave you alone Yes I shouldn't have

B. B. King - My own fault darlin' lyrics

s my own fault, baby Treat me the way you wanna do It's my own fault, baby Treat ... me the way you wanna do Yes when you were loving ... me, baby (woman) At that time, little girl, I didn't love

Elvenking - My own spider's web lyrics

come to me To where my emotions still sleep The garden of ... hidden memories To where your spirit can ... breathe And hope to be free In my ... shelter my thoughts Have been trapped for a while

Nonpoint - My own sake lyrics

be patient" the best advise I did not take. &amp ... quot;Super stellar first impression" i did not ... make. My own insecurities are not as bad as you make them

Punk Goes... - Caught up in you by we the kings (38 special .. lyrics

never knew there'd come a day When I'd be sayin to you ... Don't let this good love slip away Now that we know that its true Don't, Don't you know ... the kind of man I am No, said I'd never fall in love again

Evans Blue - Caught a light sneeze lyrics

a light sneeze Caught a light breeze Caught a light weight A lightning seed You're ... on the left side You're on the right side I ... m in the middle And you're not here I need a big loan From a girl zone Billy

Dominus - Swine for a while pigs for a week lyrics

me fool And don't you dare to lie to me I have the reason to get away from All that ... is you I can't refuse I been a swine for a while But then again, I just give back all I can Just fall down on your

Ja Rule - Caught up lyrics

Ja Rule Intro:] Word to mother to my ... nigga Buck 3000 on the boards! Holla back! They be killing it know what I mean big ... boy! Know what I'm sayin Ayo! Ayo Jodi! Hey you can

Casting Crowns - My own worst enemy lyrics

help me get away Break the chains and set me free ... From the other side of me I am my own worst enemy I caught a glimpse in my rearview ... mirror Of an old familiar face Blurry image coming in clearer Of a past I can't erase I could've sworn I put him in

Key Of Awesome - My own song (rain over me) lyrics

PITBULL Mr. Worldwide! Red 1 Got my very own ... Nobody else. Just me, estas chicas, Dali Vodka, a snake, ... 305, and as always, Da le! Here's a special song I

Lumidee - Caught up lyrics

Ticker I'm Up In The Spot And I'm Feeling The Heat Boppin My Head Real Smooth To The ... Beat Go To The Bar Get Me A Drink I Ready See Something ... But I'm Moving Discreet So I'm Checking Homie And I'm Watchin His Move Just Like The

Sebastian Bach - My own worst enemy lyrics

place, another face Forgetting who I am I'm screaming out ... at them This time it's more than insecurity A blackout today Just push me away ... So who am I? And is it really just temporary Or permanent? Look away So what's

Horrorshow - In my haze lyrics

singing together: Solo and Jane Tyrrell] I got the strangest I got the strangest I ... got the strangest feeling Somewhere underneath We ... found a place with no rules to break In a

Hot Water Music - Caught up lyrics

do we get back? away from the grind that gives ... no slack. to the frames. the ones we filtered first. which widened our eyes ... through their colours, shapes, and designs. With everything so brand new and everything so pure and true. When savi

In This Moment - Circles lyrics

birds swarming Letting me know I am saved Shadows ... dancing Freeing me from yesterday Will I ... be saved, these voices are killing me Will I make it ... through the bring of sanity I know the skies will save me I know As we go in circles I am fading now As we

J. Moss - Caught up in love lyrics

You caught me in love) you changed my life the day I said ... yes to you You made a difference nobody else could ... to do Nobody else could make me change all of my ways And say the words that take pain away Nobody else can do the

Ramp - For a while lyrics

your eyes Free your reasons guide Take a breath of simple life Feel the air coming ... through your soul Dragging you into unknown For a while, just fly, just let it flow For a while, just slide, just let

The Rembrandts - My own way lyrics

ve got to learn how to leave me be, for us to ever get ... along You've got to give me the kind of time it takes, to prove I'm right or ... wrong 'Cause nobody knows what I had to go through Maybe

Royce Da 5'9" - My own planet lyrics

Hip Hop, I thought Hip-Hop was supposed to be a means of ... poetically expressing yourself But it seems ... these days you'd say anything to get your CD's off the

Dwele - Caught up lyrics

Girl on phone:] No wonder your ass didn't answer the phone last night. What the f*** was ... you doin'? You cheating on me? Now I'm caught up ... in some shit Now I'm caught up in some shit Now I'm caught up in some shit Now I gotta hear this shit You see what happene

Kevin Federline - Caught up lyrics

CHORUS:] Caught up Fists balled up Fight for what’s right, that’s how I was brought up Brought up Heart so tough ... Felt love, now my emotions are caught up Break up to make up is all we do For the past five years it’s been all about you I aint even been able

Declan Galbraith - Circles in the sand lyrics

know your backs against the wall Nothing is easy, the world ... is closing in But you won't let me fall, ... you keep on fightin', you don't give in One day

Kwabs - My own lyrics

into me I got you now I don't want give up Never let ... you down Let's get a straight It's time to choose I came to play, don't play to ... Turn the next to me Now i can get in the change I've got

Tim Mcgraw - Die by my own hand lyrics

in the city, Indian food I never traveled not until you ... But it’s looking like you left me with some habits I can’t break I feel kinda guilty whenever I cuss I

Roscoe Dash - My own step (feat. t-pain, fabo) lyrics

got my own steps I got my own style I got my own steps I got my own style I got my own steps I got my own style I got my own steps I got my own style I can get this party

Blitz Kids - On my own lyrics

ve been living in and out of alcohol for so long now That ... every time I try to wrestle with the truth I'm lost on how I'm a liar and then some I'm ... cheater at best And sick of this wet noose around my

Cassi Thomson - Caught up in you lyrics

m so in love, And I can't fight the feeling. My heart is ... helpless and I can't resist. I still remember, When the ... world stood still babe. The first time we kissed. You're all I see, When I think of forever. Made my futures,

Drew Seeley - Caught up lyrics

you've been changing Not the same as when we started this You knew our situation Now you're tripping, what ... s the reason? I'm not leaving what I've got at home Why

Echoes Of Eternity - Circles in stone lyrics

with me, and watch the stars dance across the night We will ... steal the sun from it's march across the sky Stand with me, ... where the monuments will lie We will build a monument that will stand the test of time

Downplay - My own nightmare lyrics

have this voice ringing in my head Telling me i'd be better off ... dead I tore myself to a pile of shreds Looking for a part that wasn't broke yet This empty hole inside my chest Is all that I have left The past hold around my neck It's

Einstürzende Neubauten - In circles lyrics

the molecules every single one the atoms their spin their charge their charme ... in circles All the molecules every single ... one the atoms their spin their charge their charme

Elegy - Circles in the sand lyrics

gave you freedom, don't hand me your pain A loversheart ... burning, now has vanished in the flames Our kind of love ... was to strange to comprehend It's beauty as fragile as circles in the sand Maybe one

Harem Scarem - Caught up in your world lyrics

have a way of fighting Everything I do And all ... your finger pointing Is pointing back Right back to you ... Don't cha give me reasons Don't cha give me lies

Honor Society - My own way lyrics

have trouble to believe I was ever on your mind It's getting harder to breathe Cause ... you left my heart on the battle lines You played the game, you called the shots You

Jow,malese - Caught up in you lyrics

seem to have a way with me A way with words, baby, sing to ... me Never felt safer than wrapped up in your melody Your ... face, it haunts I see it more and more Can't seem to

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Caught up in the middle lyrics

ve found a place Where I can finally be a part of the story I ... ve been embraced By the wonderful arms of ... glory There is nowhere else I'd rather be I believe Your

Teedra Moses - Caught up lyrics

have captivated me in every way From the time we met, still ... until this day Oh boy, you got me... caught up with you Simple as ... the time we spent I'll tell you this I'll do anything cause the truth is

Slaves - Running through the !6! with my soul lyrics

no self-esteem Preserving me, could not believe The ... way that you have treating me So convinced yourself ... of your own worth Dying inside, waiting for rebirth You

Hanson - My own sweet time lyrics

goodbye my friend Feels like the start all over again ... But I'd rather not pretend There aren't ... things still left to mend Somebody break my fall I'm slipping down all over again I'd do it all

Jamie Lostein - In my own mind lyrics

couldn't leave me a single beat of my heart You started ... looking for ends when there was no start And even when you ... would lie, at least you cared But now you don't even

Abysmal Dawn - My own savior lyrics

god is this the only path for me Or is there some choice ... left? While reaching for the stars we fall into regret ... In deepest times of woe our destinies are

Kirk Franklin - Caught up lyrics

feat. Pastor Shirley Caesar) Caught up to meet Him Can't wait see ... Him When He cracks the sky Can't wait to hold Him By His ... touch I will know Him Together Jesus and I The

Impending Doom - My own maker lyrics

day of sin Hope is dead and nothings left within Driven by hate To another empty ... place Where we just work and pro create Worn to the ... bone we die and get replaced Afraid of a life in vain I'm choking on the air I can't breath Am I an image of

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