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I Want To Run Away Cause I’m So Scared Of The Pain Of The Pain lyrics

Browse for I Want To Run Away Cause I’m So Scared Of The Pain Of The Pain song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Want To Run Away Cause I’m So Scared Of The Pain Of The Pain lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Want To Run Away Cause I’m So Scared Of The Pain Of The Pain.

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Hocico - The shape of things to come lyrics

the realms of hate Into the realms of war No we're not ... dreaming Now try to run away As fast as you can Outside these grounds of hell A burning world consumes The flames

Doro Pesch - The night of the warlock lyrics

over a hundred years I've been watching you You've ... tried your best to run away, but I won't let you I hear ... your heartbeat from miles away And I know you're scared, cause I smell your pain... So

James Brendan - Run away lyrics

you feel the room spinning Can you feel what's happening Walls are caving, colors ... change The red you're wearing turns to gray Oceans rise and oceans subside Seasons

Mblaq - Run away (wei chen ft. thunder & joon) lyrics

Joon] I can’t find a place to go Nowhere Sometimes I ... wanna hide [WeiChen] Run Away Ah~Away Ah~No We’re running out of time (Where do we go ... ) [WeiChen] Sumeul swil suga eobseo Pyeonhi swil

Jordan Pruitt - Run away lyrics

AM and I'm still awake I feel the beating of my heart ... break Why'd you have to be so mean? I thought you said ... Oh, you let me down And I want to block you out You're

Rbd - The family lyrics

From Me You Know You've Got It If I Can Give You Anything ... You Know You Got It You Can Call Me Any ... Moment Even If You Need Some Love I'll Be There, I'll

Since October - The way you move lyrics

walk in the room Every eye on you It's ... and attraction for every view For every step you prove I watch the victims rise up ... just to fall for you I'm so caught up in the wayyy you

Acid Drinkers - Run run away lyrics

on! I like black and white (dreaming of black and white) You like black and white ... Run run away See chameleon Lying there ... in the sun All things to everyone Run run away If

Jack Johnson - The horizon has been defeated lyrics

horizon has been defeated by the pirates of the new age alien ... casinos The horizon has been defeated by the ... pirates of the new age alien casinos well maybe it's

Shakra - Run away lyrics

train is waiting down there on the tracks It's gonna ... take me far away, no turning back Packed my bags and my ... old guitar With the words I heard still spinning in my

Bloodflowerz - The death of souls lyrics

will make it right, I said So easy to run away, hide in a ... holy prayer and repeat the last day Tomorrow I'll be someone, I said I walked beside ... the dying souls, had no dreams and no

Hall And Oates - Want to lyrics

you’re only a sleeping beauty for a little while ... Hoping no prince heats up your day That ... you can be ionely all this time in unbelievable Playing

The Flobots - Run (run run run) lyrics

Hook] Run, run, run, run, the revolution has begun Run, run, run, run, the revolution has ... begun Run, run, run, run, the revolution has begun Run, run, run, run, run until the rising sun [Verse 1] It used to be stupid to say 'revolution'

Hall & Oates - Want to lyrics

D. Hall/T Bone Wolk; Lyrics, D. Hall/A. Gorrie/S. Allen ... Baby, you're only a sleeping beauty for a little while Hoping no prince heats up ... That you can be lonely all this time is unbelievable Playing deaf and dumb, just afraid

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The sweet hello, the sad goodbye lyrics

Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye Red like fire ... was the day I met you I tell you now there are no ... regrets in this room there are many memories some are

Ruslana - The energy of love lyrics

drop over the mountains, In the silence of deserts. I can’t ... stop, Just can’t stay, I keep walking away. None’s ... here who can help me, Nothing’s up there to change it. I could have stayed home,

Architects - The empty hourglass lyrics

moment is dead to me Do you remember? Because I can't forget The saddest story, of all that ever was, or will be Laid out before me A living heart attack Play it

Joanna Newsom - The book of right-on lyrics

2x) We should shine a light on A light on And the ... book of right-on's right on It was right on I killed my ... dinner with karate Kick 'em in the face, taste the body

Danko Jones - The kids don't want to rock (itunes bonus tra.. lyrics

feel the soul in the rhythm running through my bones but The ... kids don't want to rock I got the shakes and I wanna ... let it out like a lightning bolt But the kids don't want to rock I forget the feeling

Rabia Sorda - The shape of a name lyrics

name no one knows You start to get old 'cause nothing's ... what it was You can't understand ... where it all is gonna end It doesn't matter if it's right

Billy Joel - I don't want to be alone lyrics

said she'd meet me in the bar At the Plaza Hotel &amp ... quot;Wear a jacket and a tie" "What's the occasion?" She just

Burning Tears - The bride of death lyrics

moving under my feet, The whisper of the wind call me to die, The dew falls from the sky ... to my face And the deepness from his voice ... drowns my shout, I walk without a light and I think

Destiny - The undiscovered country lyrics

moonlight shadow is searchin' for me You'd better hide, ... don't you hear what I say He put a spell on me and ... I can't run away And it's real to me Dagger of the

Pierce The Veil - The sky under the sea lyrics

still remember the night you tried to kiss me ... through the window. I tried to settle for the taste of touching glass over the sound of ... answering machines, because I love the way your voice it

Thomas Anders - The sweet hello, the sad goodbye lyrics

like fire was the day I met you Tell you now - there ... are no regrets In this room there are many mem'ries Some are ... good, some I try to forget I thought we were the chosen

Ozma - The business of getting down lyrics

i woke up this morning i knew what i had to find Somewhere there exists a melody ... that'll make you change your mind So i got down to business, ... did the best that i could do Still nothing from these lonely foreign lips could

Nokturnal Mortum - The knots upon the thread of fate lyrics

groan of dark wood throughout my daring soul Rides like a wild ... hunt and falls like mountain stream of thoughts A gloom ... that stole the soil emorisoned buried land inside itself

George Jones - The visit lyrics

I'm so late but I've been out a-walkin' Trying ... to find a way to tell you but I think you already know I'd ... never want to hurt you 'cause darling, I still love you

Nico - The fairest of the seasons lyrics

that it's time Now that the hour hand has landed at the ... end Now that it's real Now that the dreams ... have given all they had to lend I want to know do I

Municipal Waste - The wrath of the severed head lyrics

at night it's pitch black A light upon the muddy tracks You ... know you want to run but there's no turning back Your curiosity is going to get you ... attacked Unaware this trail will lead you to the unknown

Clay Walker - The chain of love lyrics

was driving home one evening, In his beat up Pontiac ... When an old lady flagged him down, Her Mercedes had a ... He could see that she was frightened, Standing out there

All Time Low - The reckless and the brave lyrics

live the reckless and the brave, I don’t think I want to be saved, My song has not ... been sung. So long live us. Looking out at a town called Suburbia,

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - The girl of my best friend lyrics

way she walks, The way she talks How long can I ... pretend Oh I can't help I'm in love With the girl of my ... best friend Her lovely hair, Her skin so fair I could

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - (i want to) come home lyrics

so long I was out in the cold, And I taught myself to believe every story I told. ... It was fun hanging onto the moon, heading into the sun; ... But it's been too long, Now I want to come

The Gathering - The may song lyrics

m waiting for your hands To fold around my wrist I'm ... mellowing in warm grass And the scent of you I've missed ... And blue is representing The draft in my heart I'm wandering through thin skies And the

Lunatic Gods - The battlefield of life lyrics

want to die Don't be mad, don't be blind You are the winner Cursed ... is my life Don't be weak, raise your head Yours is happiness You look back upon your

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - (i want to) come home (originally by paul mcc.. lyrics

so long, I was out in the cold And I tought myself to ... believe every story I told It was fun hanging on to the ... moon Heading into the sun But it's been to long

Infernal Torment - The undertaker lyrics

s excentric about his work He loves working with ... stiff corpses and their contents He's the ... undertaker In the beginning he just buried the dead ... But that quickly became far too boring He wanted something

Grave Forsaken - The years of carnage lyrics

day the world changed Started like ... any other September 11 2001 The deadly terror strike The ... years of carnage We showed support, ... long we all moved on Seemed to forget the lessons learned It is a shame that in normal times We aren’t so quick to

Dark Funeral - The birth of the vampiir lyrics

me From my eternal sleep I am not alive, but I still ... breathe I ask myself, "How can this be"? The feeling inside, is hard to describe I

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Too scared to run lyrics

scared I could not run I could not make a sound Lights were flashing My whole ... life passing My feet were stuck to the ... ground Too light to call it night Too dark to call it

Nevio - Run away lyrics

might say life's a rich tapestry, not me To me it ... s more like an odyssey Not knowing ... where I've gone and where I've been Not knowing who I am ... and who I'll be And I'm scared, so scared of what the future

Ivan B - The pursuit lyrics

Verse 1: Ivan B] This for the kids who believe they could ... never do it This for the ones too scared to try This is the moment you step up and ... own it Holding your head right to the sky This is my story, my blood and my tears My

3 Years Hollow - Run away lyrics

m so far away. I tried to pick myself up off the floor again. Was so blind, I thought ... you were my friend. Pick up yourself and take another look around. They're running as fast as they can. Calm

Animal X - Run away lyrics

trebui sa fiu atent Sa nu mai cred in ce-i perfect In ... vorbe dulci sau mangaieri Sa nu mai sper la ce a fost ieri Ca te iubesc e adevarat ... Ca nu pierd timpul am sperat Mi-e foarte

Royal Pirates - Run away lyrics

gyeot-e iss-eojwo modu tteonanda haedo ... eun nal salanghaejwo Idaelo gabeolimyeon nan ... sangcheoman namgessjiman yeong-wonhan ibyeol-eun ... eobsgil (nan gidalil tende) Nan nege gago iss

For All Those Sleeping - Run away lyrics

you hear the west coast? It's calling out our names I ... know you're scared But soon you know that it will be too late I'll drive all night, ... do whatever it takes To hold you close and watch the

Adam Lambert - Run away lyrics

High Up Shouting Why can't everybody look ... deep Inside For hope That'll make the ... world up open up They don't Want us Then we really don't want ... them They can Hate us But we won't

Jason Gray - If you want to love someone lyrics

you want to love someone Search their soul for ... where it's broken Find the cracks and pour your heart in ... If you want to love someone In every heart there is a hollow Locked against the

Monochrome Hearts - When the night kills the day lyrics

are dead to the world without eyes breaking free from ... the chain of mind cause we are the fallen WELCOME. ... .. We arise, Suffocating under a storm A new era is

Sebastiano Serafini - When the night kills the day lyrics

are dead to the world without eyes breaking free from ... the chain of mind cause we are the fallen WELCOME. ... .. We arise, Suffocating under a storm A new era is

Bars And Melody - The chainsmokers - don't let me down lyrics

I wanna show you a world, just ... let go. What you gotta do is close your eyes, feel it ... flow. I'm trying to fight the pain, but I'm slowly falling

Jon Foreman - The cure for pain lyrics

m not sure why it always goes downhill Why ... broken cisterns never could stay filled ... I've spent ten years singing gravity away But the water ... keeps on falling from the sky And here tonight while

Natalie Maines - I'd run away lyrics

could take a hint from you I could take a little hint from ... you And I'd run away I'd run away with you baby You said a couple things to me You ... said a couple things that showed your place

Icon & The Black Roses - The painter lyrics

time I let you go, I didn’t know we were supposed to ... be together. Baby, you and me in this ... frame. Maybe you were scared of me, oh baby, I got carried away. My art is dark, so

Jefferson Airplane - Run around lyrics

time ,run around, Don't look and for ... me to go your way You left me here ... with out anything to love I'll tell you I've had enough of your hands running round my

Leighton Meester - Run away lyrics

came round makin' me feel so sweet You made me fall hard ... You made me want you man and nothing more You ... Oh my God" But lately I'm finding We need some reminding Runaway Home with me

Niil' - Run away lyrics

you is really awkward How can you ... be my father? Awkward Coward I'm not ... playin' with words I will play with fire If this is ... my desire Understand me It's better you run away

Exhorder - The law lyrics

quot;Do what thou will shall be whole of the law ... quot; (Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz) fires are burning inside and you barely stand on ... two feet there's scars arranged all over

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - Run away lyrics

the other way (2x) Wipe your tears away The pain is here to stay Nothing in the ... way (2x) Take the clouds away There's nothing more to say ... There's nothing more to say Ref.: Run away I will remember you Run away I will remember 'til I die

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