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I Want To Run Away Because I’m So Scared Of The Pain It’s Too Hard To Stay lyrics

Browse for I Want To Run Away Because I’m So Scared Of The Pain It’s Too Hard To Stay song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Want To Run Away Because I’m So Scared Of The Pain It’s Too Hard To Stay lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Want To Run Away Because I’m So Scared Of The Pain It’s Too Hard To Stay.

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Amen - Too hard to be free lyrics

re so bad your never gonna take it ... Too bad no one's gonna stay here It's too hard to be like everyone else is Come here ... cause I could probably stay here Now - to be free A

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Scared of the moon lyrics

she lays waiting Surrounded by gloom Inflated by shadows Painting the room The light from the window Cuts trough the air And ... pins the child lying there Scared of the moon She pulls up the curtain And shivers in fright She hides from the

Sick Of It All - The pain strikes lyrics

pain strikes, the pain ascends too much to ... come down, remove the breath come down, remove ... what's left loss of the will to live, the loss of ... everything i know we'll say goodbye someday goodbye said in an

Lower Than Atlantis - Scared of the dark lyrics

is, Afraid of the unknown, I don't know what the night brings, When I'm alone The ... lamp's on, It's always been that way, It ... s a way, I hope that things, Will always stay And I'm embarrassed to say, That I

Blackfoot - Too hard to handle lyrics

south, south of the border At a new sunrise ... where the Workin' woman hates law and order ... Ooh, those chaquitas with incredible thighs Too hard to handle, they're too hard for

Montgomery Gentry - Too hard to handle... too free to hold lyrics

s talking saying this will never last Trying to see the future Judging me by my past I've always been a sinner But I ... ve never claimed to be Anymore than what I am

Fearless Vampire Killers - The pleasure of the pain lyrics

the back alley cabaret Where the girls and the boys are claimed We'll find solace in the ... sticky floors And the body heat of those aflame Is it wrong of me to feel so

Mindy Smith - Hard to know lyrics

Maybe you should rattle the cage) Well, you should've ... heard the way I've been talking to myself Treating her like common trash On the side of the road And you should've

Smokie - The other side of the road lyrics

so sick of your silly lies, I may have been dumb, but I'm ... getting wise You really head me running babe There was a time you ... d looked at me and hypnotise Feel hung up and you bring me down Gets to deep and I start to frown You know

Magnum - The great disaster lyrics

ll tell you something about the things that you should know ... you'll learn as you grow and in turn Be one step further ... along the road to realise There's no rules, bad advice,

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Too scared to run lyrics

scared I could not run I could not make a sound Lights were flashing My whole ... life passing My feet were stuck to the ... ground Too light to call it night Too dark to call it

Epic Boy - Too young to love lyrics

the sun rise Break the bad news I open my eyes All ... I see is you And your beautiful smile And your baby blues ... You got a hell of a way Of makin’ me feel the same Way I felt when I first kissed you

Boy Epic - Too young to love lyrics

the sun rise Break the bad news I open my eyes All ... I see is you And your beautiful smile And your baby blues ... You got a hell of a way Of makin' me feel the same Way I felt when I first kissed you

James Brendan - Run away lyrics

you feel the room spinning Can you feel what's happening Walls are caving, colors ... change The red you're wearing turns to gray Oceans rise and oceans subside Seasons

Nevio - Run away lyrics

might say life's a rich tapestry, not me To me it ... s more like an odyssey Not knowing ... where I've gone and where I've been Not knowing who I am ... and who I'll be And I'm scared, so scared of what the future

Ian Hunter - Too much lyrics

I ever wanted was to lose myself in you All I ... ever needed was you to need me too You're all I ... ever think about I hunger for your touch 'n all ... I ever wanted Was you - is that too much? I hate the

Nikki Flores - Hard to breathe lyrics

the adrenaline, my hearts beatin' I need a doctor cause, I'm ... getting sick of love I'm running short of breathe with every ... step In need of oxygen to run away from this I faced the

Richard Marx - Too early to be over lyrics

another day another life slips away And floats above the ... crowd You can only stay ahead of time when time ... cooperates Instead of heading south Cards are dealt

Keke Palmer - Hard to breathe lyrics

the adrenaline, my hearts beating I need a doctor cause, I'm ... getting sick of love, I'm running short of breath... with, ... every step, In need of oxygen, to run away from this

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The end of the world lyrics

if you want to I never try to stop you know there's a reason For all of this you're feeling low It's not my call You ... couldn't love... Me... I don't show much It's not

Danny L Harle - Stay another day (feat. raffy) lyrics

Chrous] (Stay now) Baby if we got to go away I don't ... think I can take the pain Won't you stay another day? ... (Stay now) Oh, don't leave me ... alone like this Don't you say it's the final kiss Won't you stay another day? [Verse 1] Don't you

Shakra - Run away lyrics

train is waiting down there on the tracks It's gonna ... take me far away, no turning back Packed my bags and my ... old guitar With the words I heard still spinning in my

Bay City Rollers - Too young to rock & roll lyrics

young to rock 'n' roll Ya shaking it ... all over town Too young, too young to rock 'n' roll ... Hold on, you just can't wait You're giving all your love

Frank Ocean - Scared of beautiful lyrics

a lamp on Let me talk to you See that light bulb, ... does something to you Makes it a little harder to tell a lie don't it? Make it difficult ... to run and hide don't it? Tell the truth to me, good

Sister - Too bad for you lyrics

You're back, like a heartattack Living on the edge and my mind is black ... You're all so fine, But I f*** up all the time, Driving you insane So get rid of the pain I'm a living disease,

Linkin Park lyricsLinkin Park - Easier to run lyrics

s easier to run Replacing this pain with something numb It ... s so much easier to go Than face all this pain ... here all alone Something has been taken from deep inside of me The secret I've

Greg Lake - Too young to love lyrics

was a fool tonight. Ooh, I should've seen the light. ... 'Cause you were too young to be loved. I should've ... turned away, though you were begging me to stay. 'Cause you were too

Doro Pesch - The night of the warlock lyrics

over a hundred years I've been watching you You've ... tried your best to run away, but I won't let you I hear ... your heartbeat from miles away And I know you're scared,

Sheena Easton - Hard to say it's over lyrics

to count the hours, time to know that now is time just slipping away You say how you ... need me, I'm still waiting to see time keep slipping away ... I'm still chasing that rainbow, you always reach it too soon Why is it we're never quite in tune, where did all the

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Scared of lonely [deluxe edition] lyrics

in this fight and Im swinging and my arms are getting tired Im trying to beat this ... emptiness but Im running out of time Im sinking in the sand

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Hard to say i'm sorry lyrics

hard to say Im sorry, I regret I didn’t mean to hurt ... you Its hard to say Im sorry, please forgive Im still ... in love with you Its hard to say Im sorry I want your

Jordan Pruitt - Run away lyrics

AM and I'm still awake I feel the beating of my heart ... break Why'd you have to be so mean? I thought you said ... Oh, you let me down And I want to block you out You're

Megan & Liz - Run away lyrics

Verse 1] I'm ready to go, I'm ready to climb, I've quietly been reading your mind. I don't need a thing, I'm writing a book, The story's really ... me hooked. [Pre-chorus] It's amazing the changes I've

Brandy - Scared of beautiful lyrics

Verse 1:] Turn the lamp on Let me talk to ya ... See that light bulb Does somehting to ya Makes it little ... harder To tell a lie don't it Make it difficult To run

The Drums - Hard to love lyrics

me why, when you look me in the eye Do I feel like I want to ... die I've been at work all day in the pouring rain Just to give ... you something you'll forget And I will

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Hard to say goodbye lyrics

We didn't make forever We've each ... got to go our separate ways And now ... were standing here helpless Looking for something to say We've been together a long time Michelle

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - Fight lyrics

there's nothing to feel Sometimes there's nothing to hold Sometimes there's no time to run ... away Sometimes you just feel so old The times it hurts when

Bowling For Soup - Everything to me lyrics

many things I know I need to tell you But everything is ... gonna be alright The pain you feel right now is hard to get through But we'll be ... stronger on the other side You know it's true just

Cky - The boardwalk body lyrics

was late in July in the midst of his teens He staggered onto the sand alone as nobody else ... could be seen Sat to ponder when a nightmare intervened Unsettling shrill of a midnight scream It's too

Nasum - Too naked to distort lyrics

me from this anger Release me from this pain Give me time to think This is too hard to explain When ... all the facts are given I sense a different thought

Acid Drinkers - Run run away lyrics

on! I like black and white (dreaming of black and white) You like black and white ... Run run away See chameleon Lying there ... in the sun All things to everyone Run run away If

Carlene Carter - Too drunk (to remember) lyrics

I woke up this morning To a telephone call And that's ... when I noticed Strange shoes in the ... hall Well my head is reelin' You say "Hi, how you

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Run away lyrics

and white stereotype As I walk the streets Wolk the towns Over and over It's all the same Everyone is looking for ... the better life The perfect love In boredom they

Immortal Technique - The 4th branch lyrics

Talking] The new age is upon us And yet the past ... refuses to rest in its shallow grave For those who ... hide behind the false image of the son of man shall stand

Brenda Lee - Too heavy to carry lyrics

paper, shanty on an old dirt road Seein' my mother workin' made my blood run cold ... People makin' fun, made me wonder and ... doubt Why the Lord chose our family to have

Anti-flag - All of the poison, all of the pain lyrics

away I can't get away From all of the poison, from ... all of the pain Away, away I can't get away From masses ... masses we can't escape The world is never quiet Even silence makes a sound A pin-prick, a blank strike What was

B. B. King - Too good to you baby lyrics

I know you've been cheatin' on me, baby And I know ... don't mean me no good Hey, I know you've been cheatin' on ... me, baby And I know you don't mean me no

Anti-nowhere League - The end of the day lyrics

him up, constable! (Order in court – has the defendant ... anything to say?) Im so bored with the way things are ... there’s too much of this bloody dark. We bring death

Dark Sanctuary - Valley of the pain lyrics

of pain Each tree is a part Of sadness Behold deep rivers ... Which are a drop Of a girl Singing a song Towards ... time Forever Dream never ... ends I walk upon the plain In your heart The horses cry

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - The writer lyrics

wait for a silence I wait for a word Lying next to ... your frame Girl unobserved You change your ... position You're changing me Casting these shadows ... Where they shouldn't be We're interrupted By the heat of the

Hanson - Too young to kill lyrics

was only a case of passion spurned We were only sixteen when the crime occurred ... We fled the scene in a stolen truck And we got away, ... beginner's luck We hit the road as the sun came up

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - The luck of the irish lyrics

you have the luck of the irish, You'd be sorry and wish ... were dead You shold have the luck of the irish And you'd ... wish you was English instead! A thousand years of

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - The luck of the irish (live) lyrics

you have the luck of the irish, You'd be sorry and wish ... were dead You should have the luck of the irish And you'd ... wish you was English instead! A thousand years of

Reba Mcentire - The heart won't lie (ft. vince gill) lyrics

back over the years Of All the things I've always meant to ... say But words didn't come easily So many times through ... empty fears Of all the nights I tried to pick up the

Chris Norman - Hunters of the night lyrics

know you touch my heart You made me running hide I wanna feel your ... body by my side You walk the streets again You need a ... love and friend To try to stop the burnin' Deep inside

Richard Marx - Too late to say goodbye lyrics

I had to flaunt Has come back to ... haunt Like a restless wind And the best of times ... That were left behind They come blowing in No one's ... pushing me Through that door It

Alcatrazz - Too young to die, too drunk to live lyrics

kids lost in the street, looking for some kind of saviour ... Perverted minds lead them like sheep into the slaughter they have to face [CHORUS] Too young to die, too drunk to live As they follow in the path

Ashes You Leave - The song of the lost lyrics

was I supposed to know That a wounded soul ... would heal so slow You needed love but ... love is dead Ready to paint the world in red Why did you ... ever let me see The death in life and the death in me The tears shall forever fall

Flight Of The Conchords - Too many dicks on the dancefloor lyrics

many dicks on the dance floor Too many dicks ... on the dance floor Too many dicks Too many dicks on the ... dance floor Too many dicks Too many dicks on the dance

Lion's Share - Lord of the pain lyrics


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