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I Want Soul lyrics

Browse for I Want Soul song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed I Want Soul lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to I Want Soul.

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Simon  Curtis lyricsSimon Curtis - Soul 4 sale lyrics

on baby listen there's some things you ought to know I've ... looked up how this love plays out and where it ... gonna go Don't tell me that I'm different or that you could

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - Soul power lyrics

I need it - soul power Got to have it - soul ... power Though we want it - soul power Got to have it - soul ... power Give it to me - soul power How you need it - soul

Krokus - Soul to soul lyrics

in my thoughts in the middle of the night You're lying next to me in the pale ... moonlight Your lovely body has put ... a spell on me My heart is longing for a deeper harmony

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - Soul of a man (originally by blind willie joh.. lyrics

t somebody tell me What is the soul of a man Well I ... ve travelled to different countries I've ... travelled to the foreign land I found nobody could ... tell me Tell me what is the soul of a man I want somebody

Ac Dc - Soul stripper lyrics

I met her in the garden Underneath that ... old apple tree Sitting with a handful of flowers Looking as cool as can be We ... a couple of hours Then she laid her hand on my lap Oh I

Hellyeah - Soul killer lyrics

it the size of the hammer? Or the size ... of the nail? That makes you think you ... re better I'll take the wind out of your sails (fist to ... your jaw) First thing's first, I go from bad to worse

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Soul stripper lyrics

I met her in the garden Underneath that ... old apple tree Sitting with a handful of flowers Looking as cool as can be We ... a couple of hours Then she laid her hand on my lap Oh I

Rival Sons - Soul lyrics

may take everything from you, they may take ... your time to think things through. They'll tell you ... everything that you want to hear, until you tell them

Lovebirds - Want you in my soul lyrics

future´s something we can barely see there´s ... something missing in the way we feel and I have ... noticed in myself that I can´t let it go wanna make a

Kottonmouth Kings - Soul surfin' lyrics

surfin searching for the truth getting buried deep inside and come out wantin more Soul Surfin’ in ... the greenroom When the time is right, you’re plant will

Kelly Price - Soul of a woman (interlude) lyrics

need healing.... [1] - I need a healing for my soul ... So give me a healing for my soul [Repeat 1] I need healing [Kelly] Hello? [Shawn] ... Kelly? Just for my soul I need healing Yeah, yeah

Scar The Martyr - Soul disintegration lyrics

a waste, deception hangs, in the balance, we create: Our ... only hope is the truth. A bitter fate, it satiates, Primal ... last embrace Turns the innocence to ruin Answer to

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Soul transmission lyrics

in a photograph waiting This isn't just a hurricane When ... you know what's coming, It's a soul transmission As ... we walk through history together Do you think

Death Cab For Cutie - Soul meets body lyrics

want to live where soul meets body, And let the sun ... wrap its arms around me, And bathe ... my skin in water cool and cleansing, ... And feel, feel what it's like to be new. Cuz in my head

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - Soul free lyrics

higher won't you come with me baby gonna get my soul ... free now you and me I guess we see things differently we're night and day ... a bad connection some would say and I don't

Richard Marx - Soul motion lyrics

ve got the fever, Poison in my veins My mind ain't ... working right I know the answer, The way to ... ease this pain Only got myself to fight ... I can see clearly but choose to

Beady Eye - Soul love lyrics

up off your knees my friend Promise never to pretend ... apple of my eye Spread your wings and learn to fly All I ... know is you can be Everything you want to be Life is

Bootsy Collins - Soul sista lyrics

uhh, are you living from your Soul Sista, tonight (Yeah, yeah) Then if you ... are, I’m signing the global international unconditional ... love rights for ya, baby (yeah, yeah)

Everlast - Soul music lyrics

You came into my life) (I'don't have to wonder no more, ... I can feel it all in my soul It's Soul Music (It's ... deep down in my soul) Feel the burn I can see I got a good foundation deep

Danko Jones - Soul on ice lyrics

was born of fire, baptized in sweat I walk alone, when ... the sun sets My heart is hard, and my blood is cold ... from getting kicked in the teeth I'm too young to

Hall & Oates - Soul love lyrics

Hall, H. Knight Eee, Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ... ooh yeah, ooh yeah I can believe that you love me The way ... you set this soul on fire Typical talk in the daytime At Nite - only hot desire I can do

The Haunted - Soul fracture lyrics

Closing in on this detestable domain. Bound ... and gagged, Another soul that cannot take this strain. ... Eyes still see, But don't want to ... see this ultimate misery. Take my life! Ease my

Billy Idol - Soul standing by lyrics

babe. Oh moon light, cool angel, be on us tonight. Oh baby, pretty baby, I ... m wild for you alright. You want sunlight, you get moonlight. ... Splendor in the past. Kiss of lip, oh baby, conceive a

1910 Fruitgum Company - Soul struttin' lyrics

Spoken:) Now listen here, honey I want ... everybody gather 'round This is a brand new dance we're ... (?) fame Well, you know something That dance never really had

Buzzcocks - Soul on a rock lyrics

desolation sweeping over me I find hard to disguise The ... contradiction what I want and what I see Had led to ... darkening skies And I don't know if you're just

Plus One - Soul tattoo lyrics

just know that I've never felt like this And I ... know it's because You exist in my life Like hope shining bright Through the stormy skies ... And that's why I could Never turn away from

Tina Arena - Soul mate no.9 (single version) lyrics

Mate Number Nine, You say that I'm the only ... one, But I know it's just a lie. Soul Mate Number Nine, You ... re living in a fantasy, In your mind. You live in a

Hoodie Allen - Soul on fire lyrics

your soul Uh! Hand's up put them high ... to the sky, Let me set your soul on fire tonight. Not, not, ... we not tryin' to fight, Let me set your soul on ... fire tonight. We live fast ain't time for wakin' up I make

Prince - Soul sanctuary lyrics

U in silence, knowing that it's right Under your gaze I ... ponder this love 2night Unbothered by the chaos ... swirling 'round outside In your arms is where I want 2

Christina Grimmie - Soul sister lyrics

lipstick stains on the front lobe of my ... left side brains I knew I wouldn't forget you And so I ... went and let you blow my mind Your sweet moon beam The

Mistaken Element - Soul for sale lyrics

know... I know what you want from me You try to pull me into the trap But you can't, ... you can't possess me again I have found a way, to not come ... back again You want to know someone You need

Andre Nickatina - Soul of a coke dealer lyrics

Andre Nickatina] You say you want it all You say forget the law ... And everything you saw, you copped it from ... the raw You gon' be like the ones in sky And for a

Sixpence None The Richer - Soul lyrics

me father are you riding on The fictional bus up to ... heaven above Do you listen to the angels on the ... outskirts Have they persuaded you ... have been persuaded before I just want to know where your

Sodom - Soul contraband lyrics

the breeding ground of my hate The ... planet shakes from my atomic weight I am the enemy I want to see you fall Every move ... you make is under my control To all

Icycore - Soul forgery lyrics

Scream aloud The way that I harmed you Show me how you ... re feeling Without me And I lay down Counting the tears ... Licking only memories I can't live Please save for

Running Wild - Soul vampires lyrics

s getting sucked out like our blood Vampires taking ... everything we've got They want us to live our lifes in fear ... They want us to build a perfect gear [Pre:]

Sick Of It All - Soul be free lyrics

be free. Not chained in any way be petty jealousy Soul be free. Not bound in any ... way by selfishness or greed The bounds ... the years. Suddenly so flimsy and weak So did they

Simple Minds - Soul crying out lyrics

to the rhythm Listen to the beat It has a ... cold wind blowing Up through the street Soul crying out People crying out ... In through the valleys In through the streets Feel

The Pharcyde - Soul flower (remix) lyrics

ah ooh ah ah [many times] People hint and wonder ... know how and why But let me first introduce myself I'm tagging name romye I'm 20 years of ... age I ran across some bullshit People promise you bowl of

3rd Bass - Soul in the hole lyrics

Knowledge on the court, observin what is all around The light ... goes up, my mic blows up, the silence is now ... sound Hearin and fearin, the momentum of the stutter

Heaven 17 - Soul warfare lyrics

was someone else Would you still say what you’re saying? If ... someone else Would you conscience be straying? Soul ... warfare It’s all that I can do To put my faith in

Manic Street Preachers - Soul contamination lyrics

is staring with the glaze of obsession interlocking cartels bypassing ... empty statement of artschool dissension institutionalized ... expression of mass control and if

Common - Soul by the pound lyrics

bad, as Leroy Brown Brown Yo I'm a pro pro, but not a noun ... noun If you got beef beef, then you ... ll get ground ground Cut up in soul soul, by the pound

Devin Townsend - Soul driven lyrics

Words and music by Devin Townsend] Now that the ... love is gone What's still holding on? If all that ... was said was true... What's still ... holding you? If ever, you need someone there

Nofx - Soul doubt lyrics

I feel my life is going 'round in circles Beneath ... my eyes are bluish black There's nothing new, ... no one I wanna talk to Nothing I wanna think about, I got soul doubt I stick My head out

Poisonblack - Soul in flames lyrics

cannot tolerate the pain Still feeling Still-feeling I ... cannot execute this pain Still bleeding Still-bleeding ... Come and set my world afire Give all that I desire I am a soul on fire with

Rage - Soul survivor lyrics

many screaming faces Telling me tales I've heared before ... I wanna tear down their masks of fake And all ... these smiling dealers Selling me lies I want no more

Eric Burdon - Soul of a man lyrics

t somebody tell me, answer if you can! Want somebody tell ... me, what is the soul of a man I'm going to ask ... the question, answer if you can If anybody here

Hardcore Superstar - Soul of sweetness lyrics

lonely song so sing along if you felt like this my ... empathy A soul of sweetness still wants to kill you But the queen is way ... strong You're so wrong, it's bizarre We travel around in a stolen car And I don't mind a little fight, what's right or wrong I want to sing

Sophie B. Hawkins - Soul lover lyrics

your student I hang on every word you say Like your disciple I don't have ... to stay Like your heartbeat There are ... things I've always known Like your lover I'm already

In Legend - Soul apart lyrics

people anxious to avoid mistakes Until the weakest is ... to break Then they’re pretending being so amazed At how ... some people never keep their face They for sure feel

Nosferatu - Soul trader lyrics

the fire is a time disease, that wipes you all ... together From history, you cannot run away In the face of things, he owns ... you now And wants to take your soul, but you

Amos Lee - Soul suckers lyrics

you believe it, when they told you they discovered you? And that ... everything is free, as long as you do ... what they tell you to. You think it's true? But nothing

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Soul kitchen lyrics

the clock says it's time to close now I guess I'd ... better go now I'd really like to stay here all night The ... cars crawl past all stuffed with eyes Street lights share

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Soul kitchen live lyrics

the clock says it's time to close now I guess I'd ... better go now I'd really like to stay here all night ... cars crawl past all stuffed with eyes Street lights share

Patti Smith - Soul kitchen lyrics

the clock says it's time to close now I guess I'd ... better go now I'd really like to stay here all night The ... cars crawl past all stuffed with eyes Street lights share

Blitzkrieg - Soul stealer lyrics

am the one who makes the noise in the night, When you're ... there's no-one there to make it right. I'm in your nightmares and I'm tearing up ... your dreams. I'm seen in fleeting glances when nothing's what it seems. Hiding in the darkness, I am your fear

James Cheal - Soul song lyrics

s a song in my soul Singing every day My heart's beating to the sound Of every word ... you say From the moment I wake Until I drift away A ... melody remains Singing inside of me My dreams have

Gerald Levert - Soul mate lyrics

Oh Oh Baby ...... When did you stop loving me What did ... I do so wrong that you want to leave When did you stop wanting me No letters, no calls , ... girl you know I needed Baby this thing has

Anthony Green - Soul 4 my soul (featuring colin frangicetto) lyrics

know I've been untrue And it's been affecting the both of ... us How can I eliminate your doubt? Why should ... Trust me now Please believe I am through deceiving I

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