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Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Touch your woman lyrics

can't always both be right We sometimes disagree ... But you've got the right to speak your mind An' it's the ... same with me When the anger's at an ... end And you want inside my arms again All you have

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Just want to see his face lyrics

s all right, that's all right, that's all right. Sometimes you feel like trouble, ... sometimes you feel down. Let this ... music relax you mind, let this music relax you mind. Stand

The Frames - Your face lyrics

was thinking about your face Rolling up the river I ... was worried what you thought And I'm ... sorry if I can't remember But there's ... no time for crying Only time for trying now I remember your name 'Cause you sang it to

Mandy Moore - Your face lyrics

face I'm still not over your face headlights break ... through the rain over london's winter nights ... I came all the way here tonight to look in your eyes I

Manafest - Wanna know you lyrics

won't talk What's wrong with ye We used talk, go for ... walks Now I don't see ye It's not the same, like the ... days When we used to meet up You've changed in a

Dj Snake - You know you like it (dj premier remix) lyrics

people want me to be heads or tails I say no ... way, try again another day I should be happy, not tipping ... the scale I just won't play, letting my life get away I'm not fool,

Casting Crowns - To know you lyrics

know you is never worry for my life, and ... To know you is to never to give in or compromise To know ... you is to want to tell the world about you ... Cause I can't live without you To know you is to

Live - Everytime i see your face lyrics

was looking everywhere to find you By and by, my intentions were good But I know I ... don’t watch where I’m walking When I know I should If ... the nighttime turns into day before I say what I mean

Gravitonas - See me, hear me, feel me, touch me lyrics

ve seen the shadow in your eyes That self esteem love ... would apprise I've seen the shadow in your eyes You ... ve got my full attention See me hear me feel me touch me

Vybz Kartel - See a man u want lyrics

Intro:] Si mi a seh up to di time yuh know it's vybz ... kartel Dem gal or should I say these women liberator I told dem, woman hot naked stated ... baby! [Chorus:] Woman if yuh see a man yuh waan, f***

Lionel Richie - Face in the crowd lyrics

m just a face in the crowd You probably don ... t know me as I don't stand out And I'm sure ... They are not my arms you long to feel around you To keep you ... safe and warm No, I'm just a face in the crowd

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Your love is dangerous lyrics

quot;Your Love Is Dangerous" I've been ... tryin' to resist you But it's so hard not to kiss you ... Take your smell in when you greet me And you

Hillsong United - Your love is like fire (this means love) lyrics

am desperate for Your touch A glimpse of Heaven ... through the glory of Your Son In a moment You can turn ... a life around Forever to be found in You And I am

Ross Lynch - Face 2 face ft. debby ryan lyrics

Austin:] I've been trying to reach you [Jessie:] You know, I've been working in the ... studio [Austin:] We should write a new ... song [Jessie:] Maybe they'll play it on

Cowboy Junkies - Just want to see lyrics

don't want to be no patch on no quilt (I ... just want to see...) Tear-stained stitching linking memories ... to guilt (I just want to see...) I don't want to be no hair on no wall (I just want to see...) Blood-stained note saying f*** you all (I just want to see what kills me) Tommy,

David Byrne - You & eye lyrics

and I - may kill ourselves You and I - go ... straight to hell Where they have ... than they do up here And you know all the words to the songs ... Yeah - we smoke cigarettes We dance with the

3rd Edge - I dont really want you lyrics

Intro Ad Lib:] Sexy Underground, Egh! ... In and out, up and down In and out, up and down Now I can be that man that you can ... get to do And I see the way you are when I

Foreigner - Face to face lyrics

never talk to one another We just disagree ... I'm the one who runs for cover ... And you turn your back on me They say nothing's gonna last forever But

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - I have to look up just to see hell lyrics

fruit is speechless before our ... sorceries the party has just begun ... Timelapse and dancing and rotting in place, and ... we have reached the high end of low The high end of

Hawkwind - You know you're only dreaming lyrics

more touch and then you'll see World of hidden mystery Visions of you know you're only ... dreamin' Colors change, I stand upright Screaming souls ... in the night Visions of you know you're only dreamin' Chaos

Joe Jackson - You can't get what you want (till you know wh.. lyrics

you start feelin' So lost and lonely Then ... you'll find It's all been in your mind Sometimes you think ... Someone is the one and only Can't you see It could be you and me? But

Jonny Lang - Touch lyrics

I was only just a friend to you All I wanted to do was ... get to know you better Now I wanna give my heart to you ... Tell me do you feel like I do when were together

Justin Guarini - I saw your face lyrics

yeah, mm mmm It was just another day like ... the day before I was walking in the rain with a lonely, ... lonely heart Wudn't looking for a change Wudn't looking for a girl Wudn't looking

Andain - Forget your face lyrics

better... I wanna forget your face I wanna forget your ... face I wanna forget your face I wanna forget your

Coffey Anderson - Seek your face lyrics

who are called by my name, Will humble themselves and pray, ... Seek my face and turn from thier ... ways, I will heal your land anyway, thus said the ... Lord , Chorus: How can I stop from worshiping you How

Pink Cream 69 - See your face lyrics

up in the morning, so blinded by the light That I just ... lie and wait for the night Years of precious moments ... don't add up to a day Now I just feel you drifting away If I see your face again, with

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You are not alone (rapversion) lyrics

you know what I feel And if you feel the same way too ... Just close your eyes You're not alone... C ... mmon! C'mmon! Wave your hands in the air! If I took the time to put you in my

Enuff Z' Nuff - Your hearts no goodbut i love your face lyrics

Heart's No Good... We don't know how to come or go, How to ... break the fall, how to love at all. If love is free ... oh why aren't we? Your heart's no good, But I love your face. Your heart's no good,

Ian Gillan - You make me feel so good lyrics

want to make you feel As if you want to let me make you tonight My head is saying yes ... My body tells me that it would be so nice Nobody ... gonna know about the things we're gonna do Oh baby I

Riya - See your face lyrics

go. If I can make you stay, tell me so ... Don’t leave me. ‘Cause I can’t face this life of misery. You seeYou say ... you cannot live a lie, Or give me all the ‘usual’ lines…

Buzzcocks - You know you can't help it lyrics

know you can't help it when you see that girl You know you can't help undressing her ... You know you can't help eating what she's got You know ... you can't help it, you just can't help it

De/vision - Your hands on my skin lyrics

you know my perverted dreams You know ... what I feel You know what I really want You are the only ... one I could prefer to touch you now But I only want to know One thing at this point

The Faders - You know you should lyrics

re so cool and you know it Cos you know everything I ... m pretty hot and I know it And I know it You should ... be givin' in Cos this ain't rocket science, it's ABC

N-sync - All i want is you this christmas lyrics

Night Where it's warm here by the fire ... Here with you (here with you) I have all that I desire It's been a long year But ... somehow we got by Now it's Christmas Eve And love is

Say Anything - You dont see me right lyrics

and me, we're meant to be but you don't see me right ... I didn't know you could get so low but, you ... made it so that night, two weeks ago. Yo, tell ... me why I get so high when you happen by, my dear

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Your face lyrics

heard a song tonight on the radio Another girl sings about a boy She sees his face in every space, ... every room And I know that if I turn around you won't be

Shannon Labrie - See your face lyrics

don't need a shiny christmas tree I don't need a gift from you to me I just ... need to see your face On Christmas Day I don't need a ... snowy memory I don't need a kiss to get to

Anaal Nathrakh - To spite the face lyrics

available not available not available not ... available not available not

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - You probably couldn't see for the lights but .. lyrics

look sends it coursing through the veins oh how ... the feeling races Back up to their brains to form expressions on there stupid faces ... They don't want to say hello Like I want to say

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - You'll never see my face again lyrics

ry single word has been spoken. It ... s much to late to change your ways. Far too many vows have ... You can't expect a soul to stay. You think that you can

Jeremy Camp - I know you're calling lyrics

broken image is sometimes what i see But the hand ... that made me is the hand that won't leave me ... you always lead me, lead me to your son What i want to know everything you are What i want to see your will for me and i

Gretchen - Know you lyrics

many times I've waited, for you to recognize my ... face But you don't seem to notice I'm alive I want to know you - why do you run? I'd never hurt you - but still

Lemar - Your face lyrics

Chorus] When i'm tired of all the lying Have no ... one to hold on to When the tears are falling ... The sun seems to hide behind the moon Open arms i'm ... calling Nothin will ever replace Though i know

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Turn your face lyrics

Jesy] In my memory, all the small things, like daggers in my mind In my memory, while my head ... bleeds, the words I'll never find And that I always meant to

Silverstein - Your sword vs. my dagger lyrics

m cutting through, you're bleeding ... out And I would tell the truth, but I ... myself Red rushes out, dissect this nerve And I'll stop myself before I reach my

Pepper - Your face lyrics

know I really had to use my sense now I, slam the ... door right in your face Hows it feel, hows it taste And ... look how, you won't dance with me Well has this symbol

Colton Dixon - You are lyrics

I can't find the words To say how much it hurts You ... are the healing in my heart When all that I ... can see Are broken memories You are the light that's in the dark You are the song

Planetshakers - Your name brings healing to me lyrics

doesn’t live here no more Fear doesn’t ... live here no more When Your name was spoken Your name ... brought healing to me Shame doesn’t live here ... no more Shame doesn’t live here no more When Your

Beck - To see that woman of mine lyrics

whiskey in the gas tank, put blood on ... the wheel I got a chaw of tobacco, and I'm down with the ... deal Well, I know that I'm loaded, and I'm out of my mind I got to make it to Texas,

Dave Days - You've been on my mind lyrics

don't know how we happened we just kind ... of did I was being sarcastic and asked for a kiss You've ... been on my mind Waaaoooohhhh You've been ... on my mind Waaaooohhh I don't know what to call us

Doobie Brothers - Song to see you through lyrics

I can't see past a day I know I'm growin' tired and I feel it, yeah And the song that I sing when the notes begin to ring It's hard for my head to ... get into the melody, yeah Day to

Harry Connick Jr. - To see you lyrics

was I supposed to make my entrance How was I to know I had a chance Now ... guy who really thought he had it all My heart was holding up ... the wall so I could dance The last of my

Killing Heidi - Your hands lyrics

magnifies the pieces of her broken life She ... says everything is fine, in her head, in her head She's ... anaesthetised Now she'll go high and ... low Look for a place to go And maybe she'll say to

Jackson Janet - You need me lyrics

a child I missed a lot of love I never had ... And daddy he was distant Never there to hold my ... hand Never bought the things he'd always promise to give me Mother made up for him

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - You need me lyrics

a child I missed a lot of love I never had ... And daddy he was distant Never there to hold my ... hand Never bought the things he'd always promise to give me Mother made up for him

Jacob Latimore - Know you lyrics

wouldn't hold me Wouldn't touch me at all, I do And I'll ... remember cryin She was the one that if we ... cryin with no shoulder to use And I'll remember lies

Lucky Dube - Touch your dreams lyrics

you ever seen a dream walking? Have you ever heard a ... dream talking? You are the master of your dreams If you pull the right ... strings It could be talking to you If you pull the right

Kim Mitchell - Your face or mine lyrics

and outta love like I change my clothes In and ... outta love like pinocchio's nose Never name the names ... in the lovers' test I didn't know this ache was a heart in my

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - You need me lyrics

a child I missed a lot of love I never had ... And daddy he was distant Never there to hold my ... hand Never bought the things he'd always promise to give me Mother made up for him

B. B. King - To know you is to love you lyrics

know you, is to love you, but to know me, is not that ... way you see 'Cause you make me, so ... that my love for you grows intensely When I'm down and

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