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Regina - Minijatura lyrics

san snivaju drugi krive su rijeci, krivi su ljudi Kriv ... sam sam sto imadoh glas jaci od tvog, ououoo... U moj ... svijet svi bi sad htjeli i svi me to vole i svako me zeli

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Dance in the mirror lyrics

wakes up in the morning(morning) Jumps in the shower ... ooh Then rubs on her lotion(lotion) While she's ... wrapped in her towel(towel) Ooh, ooh ... And no music on Watch her dance to

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Dance in the mirror lyrics

wakes up in the morning(morning) Jumps in the shower ... ooh Then rubs on her lotion(lotion) While she's ... wrapped in her towel(towel) Ooh, ooh ... And no music on Watch her dance to

Sophie B. Hawkins - Open up your eyes lyrics

I had the moon in a jar I'd wanna share it with you Or the light of a million stars I'd wanna share it with you The hidden ... knowledge to the way things are I'd love to share

Prince - Controversy lyrics

just can't believe All the things people say, controversy ... Am I black or white? Am I straight or gay? Controversy ... Do I believe in God? Do I believe in me? Controversy,

Moonspell - Mute lyrics

and try to live me backwards then without ... looking behind surviving is somewhat confusing ... although I never mind if only silence could ever talk

Dnce - Naked lyrics

2, 1 2 3 4 I wanna be I got a, I got a 5 star dinner ... for ya I drove a, I drove a, a brand new 'cedes ... for ya Red rover, red rover, I bring them kisses over The vibes were getting insane I'm

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Nude lyrics

and without form, sometimes I feel like this existence is ... trying me, failing me, a thoughtless path ... that’s killing me slowly. There has to be ... from the mundane, to start again, be born again, and dare

Ghinzu - High voltage queen lyrics

was checking out the Ritz hotel, in the middle of a ... Paris afternoon My baby nude, my baby sweet, my baby got a ... perfect ass Electric lips on endless legs, chaotic

Lady Saw - Strip tease lyrics

Intro:] Strip Tease! Lady Saw representin, ... yo I gotta do this bid tonight I gotta dance for these rich dudes Uptown When I reach ... there, I just put down my bags and

Kollektivet - Just standing here lyrics

have a really… A really big secret Ooh, I try to keep it in I try to stay strong ... But it’s too heavy… it's too long ‘Cause I’m ... standing here With my incredibly long penis Just standing

Cocteau Twins - Great spangled fritillary lyrics

does a dashik dozen Ik does a yield gig does Ik ... Mad at them who tease him scrawling And I knew ... deeper darlin Idiom a deus is dos Indeared look he loves it Your elan new sub dearie

G.b.h. - Slut lyrics

wanted you cause of your bust . And now I want a night of lust. Can't wait ... anymore. So take me home you dirty whore. Slut, slut .. ... Dirty bitch I've had too many pints of poison, now I wanna try your

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - Noi lyrics

mente non si spiega Tu chiamalo destino oppure caos Ma ... il cuore non si piega Al desiderio che desidera I sogni ... se ci credi, non sono che realtà in anticipo L'avresti detto ieri, che

Jane's Addiction - Pigs in zen lyrics

s in the mud When he tires Pig's in zen Pig's in ... zen Pig is nude Unashamed Pig's in zen Pig's in zen Talkin bout the ... pig The pig The pig - uh Pa-pa-pa-pa-pig

Colonia - Novi ratovi lyrics

svijet nevin i ist kao proljetni cvijet ... Vjetrovi zla podiu crne zastore Lutke na tronu ... nude igre bez granica Ovaj na svijet je luda ... pozornica Mi smo samo naivna publika Sanjam svijet miran i tih kao leptirov let Vrijeme je zla, cvjetaju crni

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - Degenerate lyrics

the street, naked at night Bent over to show some ... moonlight Pulled out some beer and I gulped it down Nude in a ... gutter is how I was found Thrown in the

Entombed - Albino flogged in black lyrics

Originally performed by Stillborn] 'o you sweet, little six six sixteen I'm the ... saviour of your sisterhood stretched thing, ... held in leash for daddy clench the

Vasco Rossi lyricsVasco Rossi - Voglio andare al mare lyrics

al mare quest'estate voglio proprio andare al mare devo ... riposare quest'estate devo ... anche riposare voglio anche vedere le donne bianche diventare nere nude...

Cat Power - Nude as the news lyrics

still have a flame gun For the ... cute, cute, cute ones And I saw your hand With a loose ... grip On a tight ship I still have a flame gun For the ... cute ones To burn out all your tricks And I saw your hand

Cock Sparrer - The sun says lyrics

the bed We got lovely's nude and tanned We got the wife ... mass murderer And we only paid her ten grand We got ... full of greed "You Scum" is the headline

Ja Rule - Stripping game (skit) lyrics

business started in Africa long time ago long long ... long time ago White man went to Africa and He ... saw these beautiful black women walkin' around ... sagging' Dancing Workin' Livin' in the nude You can see

Matoma - Paradise (feat. kstewart & sean paul) lyrics

[Intro: Sean Paul] Bless them ... when there ain't no stress there You know it go, when we flow Straight ... to the girl don't ya know A lot of ... beautiful ladies in the place tonight I just wanna say, "baby"

Deus - Great american nude lyrics

had this thing about Allistair crawlin', it was like a fascination She had this thing ... about Allistair crawlin', it was like a fascination I ... don't mean to be rude Hey, I wanna I wanna testify hey I

Cocteau Twins - Violaine lyrics

does a dashik dozen Ik does a yield gig does Ik ... Mad at them who tease him scrawling And I knew ... deeper darling Idiom a deus is dos Indeared look he loves it Your elan new sub dearie

Freak Kitchen - A regular guy lyrics

don´t feel a thing when I see a nude Pamela Lee A whopper ... meal with cheese ain´t my cup of tea I´m a sensitive person, please be gentle ... with me ´Cos I believe everything you say and

Kurupt - We can freak it ny remix lyrics

Noreaga:] We can freak it out, wut, we can freak it ... out We can freak it out, wut, we can freak it ... [Verse 1: Noreaga/Kurupt] You gone thug it out, gangsta

Royal Republic - I don't wanna go out lyrics

don’t wanna go out I don’t wanna go out I don’t wanna go to ... the movies Go to the movies, talk too much I don’t wanna go to the Light Saber Going

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Little wonder lyrics

Fat shaky hands Dopey morning Doc, Grumpy gnomes Little ... wonder then, little wonder You little wonder, little wonder ... you Big screen dolls, tits and explosions Sleepytime,

Prince - Hot wit' u with eve lyrics

with U I wanna get hot with U Get U underneath the ... cream and ooh Get U doing things U thought U'd never do ... Make U suck your tongue and say "ooh

Heart Throb Mob - Chance lyrics

I am and what you think of me just might not be the ... same All my life I had to chance and rearrange seems like the best of me always seems to get pushed away Given

Sinéad O'connor - Wake up and make love with me (feat. the bloc.. lyrics

come awake With the gift for womankind You're still ... alseep But the gift don't seem to mind Rise on this occation Halfway up your back Sliding down your body Touching your behind You look so self

Regina - Ti si mi bila naj lyrics

si mi bila u svemu naj, naj, naj I u ... dobru i u zlu I u dobru i u zlu, ooo... Vjerovala ili ... ne, Ti si meni sve Naj naj, naj naj Svi ... mi drugi svoju tamu nude A iz tebe sija vjecni sjaj Zato

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Do right to me baby do unto others lyrics

t wanna judge nobody, don't wanna be judged Don't wanna touch ... nobody, don't wanna be touched Don't wanna hurt ... nobody , don't wanna be hurt Don't wanna treat

K'la - How do i feel (sex room remix) lyrics

Verse 1:] I trace his facial features with my fingers ... And blessed the texture with kisses on the spots at wich ... they linger As he puts pressure on ... my spine until it tingles Conversations turn se**

Mike + The Mechanics - I don't wanna know lyrics

suppose you think I'm crazy I suppose you think I'm mad You will never understand Why I ... m alone, oh I'm alone, but I Such a lot of information ... of useless talk And there is no way to avoid it But I'm

Itchy Poopzkid - Diary lyrics

used to play with my balls but now I play with my dick I'm using both of ... my hands I play until I get sick then I go straight to my ... room and watch my neighbours' two dogs they f***

Armored Saint - Released lyrics

t you waitin' for me to take command ... Well listen Woman I would if I could make me ... stand Don't you Think I Feel so downright low To ... think I'm nude with you And can't even make the

Scarling - The last day i was happy lyrics

m in a perfume heaven With a cement sky I wanna rip ... her head off And I don't know why I wanna think ... of nothing Think I'll drink the sea I wanna feel him

Mickey Avalon - Mr right lyrics

that dude sleepin' with ya girlfriend? Gettin' nude and ... rude in your bed Same dude that your sister like Mickey Avalon, call ... me Mr. Right Who that man in a black Sedan? With two

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - I wanna be loved lyrics

won't you listen, baby, To what I wanna ... say. I'm so crazy about you. I don't wanna play. I wanna be loved, be loved by you. I ... wanna be loved, be loved by you. I wanna be loved, be loved

Ataräxia - Clytaemestra lyrics

tu sarai vecchia, bimba ricorderai quei versi che io recitavo avrai i seni tristi d ... aver cresciuto i figli gli ultimi germogli della tua vita vuota io sarò cosi lungi

Earth Wind And Fire - Wanna be with you lyrics

wanna be with you Wanna be, wanna be, wanna be Be with you Wanna be, wanna be, wanna be Be with you Wanna be, wanna be, wanna be Be with you Wanna be, wanna be Be with you I wanna be with you Yesterday seems like

Grandaddy - Elevate myself lyrics

don't wanna work all night and day on writing songs ... that make the young girls cry Or playing little ... solos on the keyboard so the kids will ask me how and why I just wanna, I just wanna, I

Barbie - Princezny chtějí se smát lyrics

wake up in the morning light The Duchess says &quot ... When you gonna live your life right?" I know she thinks that I'm the fortunate one ... But princess just wanna have fun Oh, princess just wanna have That's all we really

Peter And The Test Tube Babies - One night stand lyrics

many questions in my head, who is this girl in ... my bed ? I don't know her she's someone ... new, got pissed last night but did I screw ? I, I ... don't know her name, I, I won't see her again. She's a

Jazmine Sullivan - Best of me lyrics

can't I, leave him alone? Break the chains ... that trap me in, and let him go Why can't I... just ... break free? Can't explain what kind of hold he has on ... me (I wanna say no) I wanna say No, but all I say is Yes

Dan Croll - Wanna know lyrics

wanna know where you are, I wanna know when you leave your home ... I wanna call in the night and feel your bones around ... mine. I'll hold you safe 'til it's light, hold you safe 'til the summers right. I want you to stand next to me and feel your arms surrounding me. I wanna kn

Gabry Ponte - De musica tonate lyrics

nocte discotecae Donum divinum juvenis Puellae discintae ... adoremus Semper danzantes homini De Musica Tonante... De ... Musica Tonante tam tam tam La

Far East Mention Mannequins - Wannabe lyrics

S.E.X Sex ready to go Turning heads all day Moves like a ... t.o Here she comes just walkin’ wanna wear those shoes ... got that he wants so bad is her sugar that much sweeter

Lloyd - Playboy centerfold lyrics

s a waitress working...at the corner cafe And ... when she takes my order, I can't find my words to say ... But I won't, it's really hard, I try But I ... don't, wanna be like all the other guys So I

Mike Singer - Wanna wanna lyrics

wanna wanna I wanna wanna I wanna wanna put into you I wanna wanna I wanna wanna I wanna wanna ... put into you You look so cool You look so ... sweet I watch you walking down the street ohhh

Gfoty - Don't wanna / let's do it lyrics

first draws Is this your number? The liquid floors I found a number Hold on baby, ... I found a plan There's a queue ... on arrival, an elaborate man Slowly

Kerli - Here and now lyrics

ll help you down 'cause I'm coming to see ya And I don ... t care where we go and I wanna' get lost tonight I wanna' ... bounce to the beat of your breathing I wanna' move to your rythm and celebrate being alive Don't need forever, I wanna' be here and now Let's come

Mandy Moore - I wanna be with you lyrics

try but I can't seem to get myself to think of ... Anything but you Your breath on my face, your warm ... gentle kiss I taste the truth I taste the ... truth You know what I came here for So I won't ask

Outkast - Synthesizer lyrics

s got opinions on the way you're living But see they can't ... fill your shoes Life is made of half illusion (illusion) Forty percent confusion ... (confusion) Whatever's left I'm using to keep myself from

Innerpartysystem - What we will never know lyrics

into the sun to see my face for once all the ... weaknesses. Too tired to lift the arms that hold onto ... the stars. watch me as i sleep. I wanna believe in someone. I wanna believe in

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - Be with you lyrics

t you see the light has changed and nothing ... shadows on the ground And if you listen hard enough you'll ... hear I don't wanna dream of anything that'll ... change all I know Coz I don't wanna live if I don't wanna be with you Com in here I

Pretty Boy Floyd - I wanna be with you lyrics

I was walking out of class The other day ... at school I saw you Don't think I've ever seen you 'Round ... here before You must be new What's your name ... Where are you from? Our conversation's

Millencolin - In a room lyrics

sun is shining and the babes are surfing nude I've got a Bud in my hand ... and I'm relaxing in the sand I smile, they smile as my Bud is getting hot they want me to

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - I want to go home lyrics

I make it out of here alive Will I ever get to see my unborn ... child Will I ever get to live my own dreams Cause this ... hell where I am now just ain't for me If I could just kiss you goodnight...oh I wanna, I wanna go home I just wanna get along with my life I wanna..

Busted - On what you're on lyrics

wanna be on what you're on I wanna be on what you're on I wanna ... be on what you're on I wanna be on what you're on She's ... got a wild heart Born to run, born to

Aloe Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Wanna be with you lyrics

wanna be with you I wanna be with you Yeah, I wanna be ... with you Yeah, I wanna be with you When I wake up in ... the morning I ask myself is there somewhere else that I

Aloe  Blacc lyricsAloe Blacc - Wanna be with you lyrics

wanna be with you I wanna be with you Yeah, I wanna be ... with you Yeah, I wanna be with you When I wake up in ... the morning I ask myself is there somewhere else that I

Jimmy Nevis - Mary wanna lyrics

Verse:] Hey Mary, you look so cool Making all the ... boys wanna get with you Power of seduction with ... every breathe you breath But once you’re in, it’s too late to leave And

Heaven's Basement - Be somebody lyrics

heard of all the same old stories  And I've walked alone, ... the same old avenues  I know the pavement doesn't ... move, so if we leave here Then what we

Marcus & Martinus lyricsMarcus & Martinus - Get to know ya lyrics

look nice You look funny You look different You look wise ... You look lovely You look different, and I like it I wanna get to know ya’ I just wanna

Peace - Lovesick lyrics

don't wanna go to school I don't wanna take the call I ... just wanna be a fool and get lovesick with you I don't wanna move my ... head, lay around and die in bed I don't wanna listen

Simple Plan - I don't wanna be sad lyrics

I don't wanna be sad I don't wanna be sad sad sad no ... more It’s been 28 days Since I’ve seen the sunshine ... Cause I just can't seem to lift this cloud away I

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - All i wanna do is you lyrics

hard eight days a week Most days we ... got no time to speak Feels like I'm chasing after my own life Girl can't you see you're ... my only vice Take the phone off the

Girlicious - Here i am lyrics

you don’t realize what you mean Sometimes grass is ... greener than it seems Sometimes we don’t realize what ... we’re worth Sometimes we fall so hard that we’re

Rock Kills Kid - Don't want to stay lyrics

and try to close my eyes Think how I'm gonna make it ... through with my disguise Somehow, somewhere ... somebody's catching on By the time they figure ... it out, I will be gone I don't wanna stay, I don't wanna go You can't make me know

Katy B - I wanna be lyrics

got a funny feeling in my heart, I really wanna ... tell you I didn't seem to see it at the start but now I wanna tell you I wanna tell you ... but I'm just too worried I thin I got just enough Dutch

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - I do lyrics

wanna be much more like you Your effortlessly graceful scene ... That drips from every pore of you ... Where logic cannot intervene I wanna take a bath ... with you And wash the chaos from my

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - Ordinary morning lyrics

left a man Asleep in the nude My name is my pocket With lipstick and rouge Everything I ... ever wanted, What a lovely pie you baked, Is anybody listening/ Don't the painted birds ever fly away It's just

Coin - I don't wanna dance lyrics

my feet I feel like everybody's watching Watching me cut my teeth Grabbing ... my coat And darling if I'm being honest Honestly I should ... go I let you down I know it I let you down over and

Liam Gallagher lyricsLiam Gallagher - I never wanna be like you lyrics

on, come on Who are you? No one, no one Ain't that ... soon Oh what a bummer If they only knew What I've ... uncovered They'd be swerving you They'd never wanna be like you I never wanna be like you

Reba Mcentire - I wouldn't wanna be you lyrics

don't have a clue You're so far gone He's got you ... dancin' to A siren's song I wouldn't wanna be you right ... now I wouldn't wanna be I wouldn't wanna be you right

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Me too lyrics

s that sexy thing I see over there? That's me, ... Standin' in the mirror What's that icy thing ... hangin' 'round my neck? That's ... Show me some respect,oh I thank God every day That I

Atomic Kitten - Hippy lyrics

don't wanna be what you wanna be I just wanna be what's right for me I don't wanna see ... who you wanna see Because your friends are no good for me ... You say that love's an open door

Samuele Bersani - Bottiglie vuote lyrics

ritrovo è qui ogni sera stessa gente più o meno ... viva C'è una rossa sui 30 anni che fa un segno al ragazzo ... rock si rinchiudono nel bagno per mezz'ora

Ocean Jet - Shades of past lyrics

don't wanna see you in safety and alone I don't wanna be something on my own I don ... t wanna die I just wanna see the end I don't wanna know, ... but I want to understand I don't wanna run in the

Mad Season - I don't wanna be a soldier lyrics

I don't wanna be a soldier mama I don't wanna die ... Well I don't wanna be a sailor mama I don't wanna fly ... Well I don't wanna be a faliure mama I don't wanna cry

Peaches - Peaches lose you lyrics

don't wanna lose you I don't wanna lose you I don ... t wanna lose you I don't wanna lose you How does it ... happen all of a sudden? Finger to button, push it and

Dj Hip Hop - Dont wanna lyrics

you leave me here alone now I don't wanna hear you say ... That you know me that I should be Always doing what you say 'Cause I'm trying get ... today And there's one think I know I don't wanna think

Basshunter - I miss you lyrics

don't wanna feel the way that I do I just wanna be right ... here with you I don't wanna see, see us apart I just wanna ... tell you straight from my heart Hey, I

The Verve lyricsThe Verve - Feel lyrics

darkness cooled my light We move to different sides I poured the guilt right ... over my eyes As I rose to greet the sky I've ... never felt this before See you dead on the floor I can't

Grinspoon - Don't wanna be the one lyrics

m an innocent victim, I'm just like you We end up in ... home units with a brick wall view I can't believe the ... perfect families on my colour TV If I don't

Jordan Pruitt - D.f.m.o. (dance for make out) lyrics

s dark and it's late, and I'm on the prowl, on the prowl ... Throw on my shoes 'cause I'm goin' out, goin' out Anticipatin', my heart is racin', I ... m searchin' for you You've got me chasin' but don't

Naya Rivera - Brave lyrics

can be amazing You can turn a phrase into a ... weapon or a drug You can be the outcast Or be the ... somebody's lack of love Or you can start speaking up Nothing's gonna hurt you the way

Coroner - Status: still thinking lyrics

t wanna know your brother's name Don't wanna ... know your sister's face Don't wanna know your mother's age Don't wanna ... know your father's wage Don't wanna

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Wanna be loved lyrics

they wanna be loved Come on, come on, ... on, come on, come on They wanna be loved Everywhere I go ... Everywhere I be I see lonely hearts and fallen ... leaves Where did those hearts go Do they find their match Or do they drift away It's time to bring

Ancient Ceremony - Choir of immortal queens lyrics

in this Wood full of Fog Raven ... leads me away arriving at the abandoned Place, an ... of all Colours and Beauties in Centre the Statue of a Black ... Goat A Number of Women counting three times four, twelve

Ally Heman - Try lyrics

just wanna trace your fingers I just wanna make you ... laugh I just wanna lose you for a second and watch you ... come right back I just wanna bite your lip Can you tell I

Sara Bareilles - I wanna be like me lyrics

What if I wanna be the one who Never looks like anybody? What if I wanna ... Goes her own way? Would you still believe in someone like ... me? What if I wanna be the one who Doesn't

The 4-skins - I don't wanna die lyrics

dont wanna die in world war 3. i dont wanna ... take one for the team. i dont wanna hear that 4 minute ... warning. i just wanna have brekky when i get up in

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Do it again lyrics

you ever found anything better than working you'd ... want to do it again like flying a plane or nude body surfing you'd want to do it again ... that casanova he had it right he'd just do it again he

Discoballs - Teen age dilemma lyrics

wanna I wanna I wanna be I gonna I gonna Try try try I ... wanna I wanna I wanna be Ready to celebrate ... I wanna I wanna wanna be in I wanna I wanna wanna be

Say Hi - Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh lyrics

s pushing 5 6 In her saucony kicks She got lips like a sofa And she's ... out on soda And the devil was a girl And she wore a ... yellow tee It would be a spitting image But it's ok with

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